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not sure if anyone’s asked for this yet, but can you please write wedding day headcanons for the bros and their s/o? mostly how they’d be during the ceremony and then reception shenanigans. thanks. :)

Here’s some fluff for these headcanons! Featuring a blind Iggy, because…because.

Noctis is just so happy. When he sees you walking down the aisle, he tears up a little bit, but doesn’t actually cry. He’s smiling so wide, and his face actually hurts from smiling so much. His hands are a little clammy, because there are so many people at the wedding, which is also televised to the rest of the kingdom. He doesn’t mind though, because all he can see is you. He doesn’t write his vows, he just speaks from his heart. They end up being perfect, and he gently squeezes your hands in his as you visibly try to quell your emotions. When you kiss, the crowd cheers.

During the reception, he doesn’t really want to leave the head table, he just wants to sit beside you with his hand on your thigh. He loves being able to show you off on your wedding day, but part of him also wishes he could have a more private wedding with just the two of you and his friends. He’s pretty quiet during the actual reception for this reason, but you can tell he’s still enjoying himself because he’s laughing more than usual. He kisses you on the cheek a lot and whispers in your ear how much he loves you throughout the whole night.

When you walk down the aisle, Prompto is a blubbering mess. He can’t stop crying, laughing through his tears as Ignis hands him a tissue when he tries to wipe his face on his sleeve. You’re crying too, because seeing him cry always makes you cry, even though it’s a happy occasion. You two laugh through your vows, and his are so beautiful that he has you crying even more. The kiss is enthusiastic, and Prompto cups your face with his hands before leaning in.

During the reception, he’s holding your hand the entire time. He loves talking to people, and he’s practically bouncing with excitement when he greets the guests. He takes you in his arms and you dance together to fun, silly pop songs. When you cut the cake, you put a dab of icing on Prompto’s nose and he retaliates by trying to kiss you, nuzzling his nose in your face. That moment makes the cutest wedding photo.

When Gladio first sees you, he’s stunned. He’s speechless as you approach him, only snapping out of it when the preacher says his name. Normally so confident, he stutters though his vows, having to take deep breaths to calm himself down. You can see the paper trembling in his large hands as he reads them off, because he didn’t trust himself to remember them off the top of his head. He wanted them to be perfect for you, and they are. He dips you low when he kisses you, and the crowd cheers.

At the reception, Gladio knocks back a few beers. He knows better than to get drunk, but he’s tipsy enough that he gets bold with his hands on your hips, and on your ass. You swat his hands away when you notice that the older people at the wedding are staring, and he asks for kisses as a trade. As much as you’d like to keep the PDA to a minimum, the other guys keep tapping their utensils against their champagne flutes, and the clinking continues to get louder until you and Gladio share a kiss. This happens repeatedly throughout the night.

When you walk down the aisle towards Ignis, he can’t see you, but you take hold of his hand so he knows you’re there. He runs his fingers across your knuckles and smiles at you, reciting perfectly practiced vows. You see a tear slip out of his right eye as you read yours, but he hastily wipes it away. The kiss you share is sweet but brief, as Ignis is still shy about showing affection in front of that many people.

The food at the reception is obviously amazing because Ignis was in charge of catering. He came up with his own recipes that the cooks all followed exactly, and it was perfect. A slow song comes on and you bring him with you to the dance floor. His hands run along the soft fabric adorning your skin, and he whispers in your ear that he wishes he could see you on your special day. You describe everything to him—what you’re wearing, what the banquet hall looks like, what the centre pieces look like. He smiles and kisses you, almost shyly, and tells you that just being there with you, officially being married, makes it the perfect day.

Mom doesn’t wish to see you [Part 5](Bruce Wayne imagine)

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Requested: Yes
Request:   Could you do another part for “Mom doesn’t wish to see you"🙏🙏
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys, and the aftermath.
Word count: 497
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

You and Bruce were cuddling on your couch, the place was completely silent, only the cars driving outside could be heard in the place you learned to call home. It was one of your favorite ways to spend the little down time you had.

Bruce was running his fingers through your hair, as your thoughts chewed away at you. They had been for the last few days, making you feel more than doubtful. Bruce had noticed the moment he stepped into the apartment, but you just shrugged it off, so he didn’t pay it much mind.

But now you were nearly unresponsive to his touch, all his words went in from one ear and out the other. It was killing him not knowing what was keeping your mind off ease.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asks, earning an immediate shrug from you. “No, I know something’s wrong, please tell me,” he tried again.
How do I know you won’t do it again?” You finally ask, voice a mere whisper.
“What?” He asks back, he knew what you were talking about, but wanted you to confirm that he got it right.

“How do I know you won’t cheat on me again?” You whisper again.
“Y/n I love you, I know what I did was horrible, but I never want to hurt you, I want us to work, not only for our sake, but the kids sake, God, for Alfred’s sake,” He explains, guilt rippling through every pore of his body, seeing how doubtful it had made you.
“You said something similar when we first got married, and now look where we are,” you sign sadly, a single tear sliding down your cheek.

“I know I made one of the biggest mistakes I ever have made, and I’m so sorry, but this time will be different. I promise on the name of my parents,” he says, placing a sad, sorrowful kiss on the back of your neck, wanting to make this all better and easier for you. Even though you couldn’t see him, you knew he was speaking from his heart, you heard the belief in himself in his voice and you decided it was best not to poke the bear with a stick. Settling on the hope that he stays true to his word, a small uncertainty remaining, only for time to heal, leaving behind a large ever burning scar.

That night, when he got back to the manor after patrol, he couldn’t shake the guilty on his mind. His mind racing, making him feel worse as minutes ticked by, tossing and turning in his bed. But he was aware that he deserved it, all he wanted to do was make this better.

So that’s how he found himself in the cave punching a punching bag as hard as he possibly could, imagining it to be himself. Alfred lurking in the shadows of the cave knew it was going to be a tough next couple of days for everyone.

If anyone is interested in maybe being tagged in future parts, feel free to reach out, that goes for any of my imagines.


With love,

Grant Gustin, interview

You weren’t together at Valentines

Moving on from business to gossip, the interviewer turned the focus over to the recently popular topic of Hollywood: your relationship with Grant Gustin.
“So Grant, yesterday was Valentines Day, with your lovely Y/N out of town, how did it go?”

At the mention of your name, Grant went from his famous grin to a more serious look. His eyes became a bit distant, as if he was mentally watching you from miles away.
“No, I… it was very difficult for me, yeah… This is probably the hardest part of this incredible work I get to do,” he tried to make up a little smile, but it was hard, because he was speaking from his heart. “I miss her… I really do…” Grant finished his sentence.

“Wow, this was so emotional…!” The interviewer fanned her eyes with her hands, in an attempt to not let her make up run, but with a little laugh, she managed to get the interview on a happier tone – though, through the rest of the day, the only thing Grant could think about was your daily FaceTime-call at 8 PM.

A/N: Sorry this was a bit shitty guys, but the reason I’m updating on this lovely Wednesday night (at least it’s night for me:/), is because I feel slightly guilty for not posting in what… two weeks? ATM I’m very ill, and in addition to that I had to ask my teachers to extend some deadlines for my homework, but I’ll try my best to update again this Sunday (with a long-ish imagine, perhaps?) Hope you had a very happy valentines yesterday:**

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Can you write something, headcannons/scenario your choice, about Ardyn killing Gladio's s/o. Does he do it in full view or all assassin like?

Oh snap. Alrighty, let’s get some headcanons going!

  • Gladio would watch his love collapse in front of him. An attack happened from a distance, and no one saw it coming until it was too late. They were gone, and it takes a moment for it to really register what’s happened.
  • The boys look up, and there stands Ardyn with a very smug, very satisfied grin. He’s lowered the team’s numbers and weakened their hearts.
  • Ardyn killing this person was deliberate and meant to be seen. He wanted to really ruffle their feathers and bring chaos to what was once their order. Although, partially, it was just for fun. They looked so helpless falling to the ground like that, and Ardyn rather liked it.
  • Gladio’s S/O was just as important to the group as the original four, and this hits everyone hard. It didn’t matter that they joined the team a little later; it was where they belonged. Noct is angry, Ignis is stunned, and Prompto wants to cry. But Gladio…
  • Gladio is blinded with unbridled rage. He rushes in with his sword, swinging and screaming as if he’s gone primal. Ardyn laughs and dodges the attacks while the others aren’t entirely sure what to do. Do they step in? Watch over their fallen friend’s body? Get ready to provide backup? There were too many thoughts going through their heads to make a decision in this short of a time.
  • Ardyn escapes, and Gladio shouts for him to get back here. He wants to rip the chancellor to shreds until there’s nothing left of him. Everything he sees is red, and he can only hear the sound of his own unruly heartbeat.
  • The boys keep their distance for a moment. Gladio is incredibly far gone in his own mind, and they need a bit of time if they’re going to reach him again. In the meantime, Ignis picks up Gladio’s S/O and examines them. It happened so fast… and none of them could stop it.
  • Noctis is the one to approach Gladio first. He swings, but Noct is able to miss his attack. He’s not sure what kind of words he can use to make this any easier, so he just speaks from his heart in the best way that he can.
  • Prompto is the next to talk to him. He speaks words of empathy and is trying to push back the tears he had only just stopped. Gladio is starting to come back to them. From a distance, Ignis speaks. Gladio lifts his gaze and sees his beloved in Ignis’s arms, still lifeless, still gone…
  • Gladio approaches without a word and kneels before the two of them. He takes his love from Ignis’s arms and stares quietly at them. He asks to be alone. The boys respect his wish and give him space.
  • None of this makes sense. There was no reason for their death to come now, and so meaninglessly. Whatever game Ardyn was playing, Gladio had had enough of it. He holds his S/O close and leans his forehead against theirs, gritting his teeth as he sobs quietly. This death would be answered for.

I hope this was good enough, friendo~!

Samons Proposal

- Cute little monkey is a nervous wreck.

- Has a Heirloom ring that he got from his family to propose with.

- Tries to plan out what he wants to say when he is suppose to be doing paperwork.

- His S/O would come to visit him and he would have a heart attack and rip the paper into little pieces.

- Once they left he realized he didn’t remember a thing he wrote down.

- Both of them work late and by the time they are done it is dark out. They are at the front of building 5 looking up at the stars.

- Decides the time is right and tries to think of romantic things to say.

- Ends up just speaking from his heart and saying how much he loved them.

- When his S/O says yes he pulls them into a hug.

- Totally not because he doesn’t want them to see him crying.

Wedding Series || Jack

Masterpost found here

Word count - 951

Summary - The one where Jack gets married.


To everyone’s surprise, Jack was the first of the boys to get married. Sure, he did his share of sleeping around, but then he met you. Once he met you, he knew that you were the one he had been searching for. He always said that was why he spent so much time hopping from girl to girl- he was just waiting around for you. It always made you roll your eyes when he said that, but you smiled too knowing that you were the one who would get to spend the rest of your life with him.

He had to make sure everything about your wedding was perfect because in his eyes, you deserved the world. You would never forget the look in Jack’s eyes when he saw you walk down the aisle. You had your insecurities about your body and your looks, but Jack, eyeing you up and down with the biggest smile you had ever seen, made them all go away. When Jack looked at you, it was usually a look of lust. This was something else entirely. This was a look of pure and honest love. For once, he wasn’t thinking about undressing you. He was thinking about how beautiful you looked right then and there, and how lucky he was to be able to call you his for the rest of his life.

He looked equally as handsome. His grey tuxedo and pale blue tie brought out the shining blue in his eyes. His smile stretched the widest you had ever seen and his hair- of course- was perfect. When you got to the end of the aisle, your dad handed you off to Jack, giving him a hug and saying something in his ear that you couldn’t hear. Jack gave your dad a sincere nod and a thank you, then took your hand and walked you up to the alter.

Part of the way Jack wanted to make this day perfect was by writing his own vows. You agreed to do the same, even though the idea of speaking words straight from your heart in front of such a large group made you a little anxious. He assured you that you didn’t have to do it if you really didn’t want to, but you could tell it was important to him, so you agreed. When the priest asked you to recite them, you took the piece of paper from your maid of honor. Your hands were shaking. “Hey,” Jack whispered. He was quiet so no one would hear him but you. “It’s just me. That’s all.”

With a newfound wave of confidence, you took a deep breath to recite your vows. “Jack,” you said, your voice still a little shaky, “You always say that you were lucky to find me, but I don’t think you realize that I was a whole lot luckier. Neither of us are the same people now that we were when we first met. I might’ve changed you, but you changed me too. And for the better. You make me feel more confident and sure of myself no matter what situation I’m in. Even pouring out my heart to you right now in front of everybody. You know I hate public speaking but for some reason, I feel completely calm. Like, when I’m standing here with you, I could take on the whole world. From the first day we met, you have been able to cheer me up when I’m down or console me when I need a friend, because that’s what you are. You’re my best friend. I’m vow to love you forever and ever and to not only be your wife, but to always be your best friend.”

The priest smiled at you, then nodded for Jack recite what he had written out for you. He surprised you when he did not pull out a piece of paper from his pocket. No, he would be speaking strictly from the heart.

“(Y/N),” he began, his voice strong. “I thought that what I said up here had to be perfect. I wrote out these vows as many times as I scrapped them. I thought everything had to be poetic and perfect, but that’s not me, that’s not us. We’re not perfect. We’re a complete mess. The truth is, I don’t know anything about love,” he laughed and you did too. “All I know is that I have never felt the same way I feel about you about anyone else, and I never will again. I know that your laugh sounds better than any of Conor’s songs.” This made everyone laugh and Conor, Jack’s best man, slap his brother’s arm. Jack ignored him and continued. “I know that I could get lost in your eyes for days trying to discover what damn color they are. I know that when I wake up and you’re not next to me, I miss you. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life knowing you and holding you and loving you and being the best version of myself I can be because of you. I don’t know anything about love, but I know I love you. So, I vow to be yours and only yours for the rest of my life and beyond, because I don’t want to be me without you.”

That was the Jack you knew. The Jack you knew said whatever words came to his mind, even if swearing was slightly inappropriate given the situation. The Jack you knew was honest and real and loved you in ways you still couldn’t even understand. The good thing was, you had the rest of your life to figure them all out.

Seventeen Reaction: How they would describe you to other members

Request: How Woozi, Wonwoo, Joshua and S.Coups would describe you to other members?

A/N: @allotherusernamesweretaken3578 hello lovely! I hope that this is what you wanted and isn’t too general, thank you for your request, like I said you’re stunning! 


Originally posted by scoupstv

It was clear for all of the members that Seungcheol was absolutely smitten with you, there was something about you that turned him all squishy and he couldn’t stop bragging to his members about how special you were. ‘Guys! Have you seen Y/N’s new instagram picture? Look at her hair… it’s so shiny… and her eyes? Wow…’ Just like that he had become surrounded by the members, half to see the picture and half to poke and jab at their leader for becoming such a mushy boyfriend.


Originally posted by jihanlife

As soon as you left after having dinner with Josh and the boys, Joshua would flop on the sofa staring at the ceiling. ‘You see what I mean though guys? She’s perfect… funny, beautiful, sweet, how on earth does she see me?’ ‘Josh, you’ve been dating for 6 months, she’s into you dude’ Vernon would chime in, swatting him on the head leaving Joshua smiling and blushing to himself. The boys would simply roll their eyes, leaving Josh in his little fantasy world.


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I don’t think Woozi would be as sentimental as the other two, or at least he wouldn’t say it as much but that didn’t mean anything. When he came back from a date with you and Jeonghan asked him how it went he couldn’t help but gush a little: ‘honestly hyung how did I get so lucky? She’s got the most beautiful smile and she’s just so much fun to be around, I think I could be doing anything with her and I’d be having fun, y’know?’ Maybe that’s when he realised he was in deep.


Originally posted by wonyeols

I think whenever Wonwoo would talk about you to the guys, he would be solemnly speaking from his heart. He admired you so hugely that he could only say kind things, from your looks, to your personality, to the way your smile lit up an entire room. The only way he could truly explain how he felt to the other members was that you were ‘like a missing piece of a puzzle he had found and now everything’s just a little clearer and taking shape.’

A/N: a) This is so cheesy asdfghjk also I’m sorry this isn’t gender neutral as I usually try and make them but it was just a little tricky with the request so my sincerest apologies for that my lovelies <3 


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

Smooth - Johnny [4]

You wanted to think he was joking but the look on his face said otherwise. His expression was serious, but the underlying emotion in his face was apparent. He genuinely seemed like he was speaking from his heart. You honestly didn’t know whether you should believe him or not… everything he was saying just seemed so… out of character, so unlike him. A/N: Sorry there’s no smut yet lol. I’ve decided to make this series 6 parts and the smut will be in well part 6. But anyways, here’s part 4, enjoy!

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3          Pt 5   Pt 6

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Part 4 - He’s Alright

Genre: Fluff, Subtle Angst

Rating PG

(slight language, suggestive content)

Word Count: 2,434

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Request (one line prompts) #2

Request: #62 “Just shut up and kiss me”, 59 “Why are you looking at me like that?”, 49 “Well this is awkward”, 44 “ will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there is nothing you can do to change that?” , 26 “Just do it!”  with Markiplier

I’m super digging these one line prompt things dudes. this one is for @boner-hugs I hope y’all like it!

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Headcanons for Prompto and Gladio helping their s/o get through a panic attack ? Also hello ! I wish you the best of luck with this new blog :3

Yo! Yo! Yo! Congratulations on being lucky ask number one! *intensely plays ‘price is right’ music*

Anywho, thank you for the ask anon! Thanks for the luck! I’m gonna put it to best use here! I hope that this does ya well.

Prompto Argnetum:

  • When he first witnessed his S/O having a panic attack he was unsure of what to do. Ergo meaning that he was running around like a chicken with its head cut off and was most likely making things worse for his S/O.
  • As Prompto grew to understand the nature of panic attacks - he would do what he thought was best for his S/O at the time.
  • His ways of comforting and helping his S/O in getting through panic attacks varies. Most times he would hold his S/O’s hand and gently brush his thumb over it in repetitive motions - waiting for the initial panic to settle.
  • Sometimes the occasional small talk would escape his lips in an attempt to bring his S/O ‘away from panic-land and back down to earth’ as he thought of it as
  • He would always have the internal urge to hug the life out of his S/O and wrap them in blankets. However, as past experience serves, this is not the best course of action to take.
  • Prompto would still ask if he could though - every damn time.  
  • If they said yes - he would hug the life out of them. A hand on their back drawing S/O close whilst the other lightly brushing through their hair as he whispered the sweetest nothings he knew of.

Gladiolus Amicitia:

  • He would really try to understand why his S/O would feel this way, he really would. However, the only emotional well of experience he has at his disposal at moments like these is his own. And if it ever were to take physical shape - one would immediately notice the barren nature of it.
  • The only thing he knows how to do when the walls seem to be closing in is to move forward- something he would try to get his S/O to do. 
  • Realizing that this may not be the best thing to do, Gladio would be constantly trying new approaches when anxiety reared its unwelcome head
  • Most of his tactics lie somewhere within the verbal category - whether it be talking about the recent headlines or speaking from the bottom of his heart about how much he values S/O - speaking to them seems to work best than just about anything else.
  • If his S/O allows it, he plays with their hair while he talks to them. His fingers would brush through their hair with the most care to have ever been taken on the entire face of the damn earth. Even if his S/O’s hair was incredibly short, he couldn’t help but lightly tug at the strands and massage their scalp.
  • If he deemed that the situation was in need of terrible poetry - he would goddamn deliver. Watch him try to recite Robert Frost’s ‘Fire and Ice’ only to say ‘fuck it’ in the second stanza and make up an ending. It’s something entertaining to reflect on when all is said and done. 

Idk if everyone is aware of Kiawe’s backstory BUT HOLY FUCK LEMME TELL U ABT KIAWE

•he doesn’t really have any friends other than the player character (sun/moon)
•he’s always been a bit of a lonely child
•he wants to study abroad to be a professional dancer
•he has a part time job at the supermarket to save up for studying abroad but he gets fired
•he tells the player character about his dream and apologizes essentially for just speaking from his heart

Kiawe must be protected ok I love him


Happy Birthday Philly

Dan sat on his bed, impatiently looking at the clock every ten seconds to check the time. It was currently 11:40pm and there were only 20 minutes left until Phil’s 30th birthday. 

Phil was asleep in their shared bedroom, while Dan sat on his bed mindlessly scrolling through tumblr, looking at the ‘happy birthday phil’ posts that had already started appearing. Beside him sat the cup cake he had bought for Phil, because the other boy had insisted that they did not need a cake. Dan had not told him of his plan (it was meant to be a surprise) but had already warned him that if Dan ate most of it, Phil would only have himself to blame.

Dan looked at the clock again, only 10 minutes were left until the clock struck 12. He got up from his position, his left pocket heavy with Phil’s birthday gift, grabbed the  red velvet cupcake and some candles. He lit the candles, and grabbed the party popper he had kept especially for this very occasion. He walked to their shared bedroom, where Phil lay asleep unaware of Dan’s presence. Dan looked at the time in his phone again, and saw that it was now 11:59pm. He sat on the bed beside Phil, careful to not move too much. Gently placing his hands on the older boy’s shoulders, Dan shook him lightly.

A small groan erupted from the soft pink lips whose taste and feel Dan knew all too well. The room was dark and the only source of light was the candles on the cupcake. Dan shook Phil again and whispered in a soft voice “get up Phil!”. When Phil continued to ignore his labours, Dan promptly decided to take the matter into his own hands. He leaned against the bed, hands right near Phil’s face, and suddenly burst the party popper in his face. Phil woke up with a start and a shrill shriek erupted from his lips.
He quickly got up so that he was sitting on the bed, leaning against the bed frame. Rubbing his eyes in a languid manner now that he had visibly relaxed seeing that Dan was the cause of the noise, he asked in a husky voice, “What is it bear?”. He didn’t sound upset, only a bit tired and worried. He was used to getting woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of Dan’s feet padding against the hall carpet as he paced the hallway at 3am, but Dan rarely woke Phil up on purpose at such an odd time of the night.

“PHILLY!” Dan practically shrieked, his whole body emanating energy and happiness “It’s your birthday!” He finished with a smile, shoving the cake (which had until now been hidden from his view behind Dan’s back) in Phil’s eyesight.

Phil audibly gasped. Sure Dan did this every year and sure Dan was always the first one to wish him and shower him with love and kisses, but he had always saved the cake and presents for the next morning. It must be something special this year Phil thought.

And his guess could not have been more accurate. Of course it was something special. But we’ll get to that later.

“Happy birthday philly” Dan repeated,  a huge smile plastered on his face, as though he was the one who was to receive presents.

Phil’s usual smile was so bright it could grow flowers, Dan had said so himself on many occasions, but the smile Phil gave him now was enough assurance that what he was about to do, what he had been planning to do for almost 3 months, was not a mistake.

Phil blew out the candles, and darkness fell, for neither of these dorks had thought of switching on the light before.
Phil laughed at their stupidity and got up to switch on the light. A gentle touch to the arm stopped him, and Dan got up, slinging his arms around Phil’s waist. The moonlight shone through the window, just enough to illuminate their faces.

Dan slowly leaned in to kiss his boyfriend, and just before their lips met he breathed out a “may I?”. Phil smiled and close the gap between them, his answer clear from his actions. Their lips met in a slow and loving kiss, one that was not rushed or passionate, as if to say “I’m here. I’ll always be here.”
Their tongues danced in beautiful harmony, tasting each other slowly. Dan’s hands found their way to Phil’s hair, and he curled his fingers around the ebony locks at the base of his neck. Phil arms hung losely around Dan’s hips, and he pulled the younger boy closer.

They broke away to breathe, and a crimson blush covered Dan’s soft features. Phil smirked lightly, relishing in the fact that even after 7 years he still had the ability to reduce the brown haired boy to a blushing mess with just a kiss.

He proceeded towards the switch board  (is that what they’re called?)
and turned on the light. The room was instantly illuminated by the florescent  light, and as Phil turned around, he was greeted by a sight the most fortunate people are greeted by only once in their lifetime.

Dan crouched in front of him, a box in  his left hand, open, revealing the ring that lay inside it.

Phil gasped, overcome with so many feelings, he didn’t know what to say. Waves and waves of happiness and excitement crashed over him, and in no time he began to tear up. Before he could say something, Dan spoke up.

“Phil, ever since the day I met you on the train station, I knew you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Hell! I realised it before we even met. You have always been my inspiration, my protector, the love of my life. I was a depressed teenager with zero friends and no future, but you changed all of that Phil. You are the only reason I am where I am today. I’m not going to go into the details of how much you’ve helped me and cared for me because let’s be honest I don’t want to be sitting in this  painful position until 5am.” Dan breathed out a soft chuckle. His voice was quivering, like it always did when he wasn’t sure of what he was doing, or was nervous.
Phil just stood there, frozen, a million thoughts rushing through his mind, and more than half of them were just his brain screaming “YES”. Nevertheless, he let the the younger boy continue his speech- which- from living with him for 5 years, Phil knew was not a prepared speech. The boy was speaking straight from his heart and that was what touched Phil the most.

“I have known you for 7 years, and there isn’t one moment of those seven years that I regret. Sure I joke about regretting everything I do, but the one thing I don’t regret - I will never regret- is messaging you on twitter. Because it got me a beautiful friend, and the best boyfriend.
I love you Phil.  I love you so much. I love your stupid animal facts. I love your warm and welcoming hugs, I love your inability to cook without setting the whole flat on fire- because it gives me a reason to cook for you- I love your smile and your weird raps about Dil. I love loving with you. I love that you are a part of my life. I love EVERYTHING about you Phil. I love the way your tongue pokes out when you laugh. I love your ability to make me feel better about myself. I love you for your beautiful soul and I love your entire existence.

The last year has made me realise how important you are to me and what an integral part of my life you are. I don’t want to spend even a day of my life without you. If you say yes to the question I’m about to ask you, I will be more than happy to spend the rest of my life with you.

So Phillip Michael Lester, will you marry me?” Dan ended his long speech with a breathless sigh as he usually did when he finished something he was nervous about.

Phil said nothing. He stood there for a good 2 minutes just staring at Dan, his eyes glistening with tears and his lower lip quivering. His mind screamed “YES YES YES HOLY HELL YES” But his body seemed to have gone limp.

Finally he found his tongue, and breathed out “yes”.

Dan’s eyes lit up with a twinkle and a smile formed on his lips, one that showed his deep dimples that Phil loved.

“Yes”. Phil said again, in a more confident tone, a huge smile forming on his lips as well.

Dan began to get up from the floor, but before he could stand up straight, Phil jumped onto him, hugging him tight, making them both fall to the ground in a giggling, blushing mess. The ring was still clutched in Dan’s left hand, and Phil turned his gaze to it once, before smiling again and lightly pressing his lips to Dan’s.  They broke apart after a few seconds, their cheeks flushed and breathing ragged.

Dan sat up, sitting across from Phil. He quickly took the ring out of the box, taking Phil’s left hand and quickly slipping the ring on. They just sat there, looking into each others eyes, sharp icy blue mixing with warm, inviting brown.

They didn’t have to say anything more, soft kisses were shared between them, ones that said “I’m here. And now it’s definite that I’ll always be here.”

After a few minutes Phil spoke,“So, you love me huh?” He proceeded to grab the cupcake from the bed, taking a small bite out of it.
“Shut up you spork. I literally say that everyday.” Dan took the cupcake from Phil, stuffing his face with a large bite.
“But still”
Dan giggled, his cheeks tinted pink and chapped lips stretched in a smile.

“How did you decide you were going to do this?” Phil asked gently, nodding towards the ring.
“I’ve wanted to do this for 2 years now, but I was always to scared to ask first. But then I figured… You’re turning thirty, definitely you’d want something permanent right? And if you didn’t want me we wouldn’t be together after 7 years, so I just figured, I should ask you. ”

“Well you proved all the fanfiction writers wrong” Phil chuckled, referring to how most of their fans were certain that Phil would be the one to propose.

“Don’t laugh.” Dan said with a chuckle, ruining the meaning of his statement. “I have been worrying about this for 3 months”

“You really do overthink things” Phil mused.
Dan just shoved him playfully.

Phil looked at his ring again, it felt weird on his finger, but good weird. The weight felt reassuring to him, a physical promise to remind him that what Dan and he had was real. It was a platinum love band, and upon closer inspection one could see the words “this is the most fun I’ve ever had” engraved on it (because Dan was a cheesy little shit)
“You’re so cheesy Dan” Phil exclaimed, referring to the engraved words. He couldn’t help but smile and feel greatful to have such a beautiful man in his life.
“Shut up you love it”, Dan retorted, and before Phil could manage another sassy remark, Dan had smothered him with a kiss.
As they broke away from the kiss, Dan once again repeated, a cheeky grin evident on his face “Happy birthday you spork”
“Thank you for the best birthday gift ever bear. ”
And neither of them regretted the promise they had made to each other on the night of the 30th of January, 2017.

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It’s a small, broken family. But with the three of us, I know we’ll get along just fine. We still have each other.

Wanting to draw younger Hamadas turned into drawing Tadashi heavily struggling after the loss of their parents, since he was old enough to deal with it. He and Cass had to carry the weight on their own for a good while, since Hiro was still too young to understand (and Tadashi just lied, saying “They’re just on vacation, they’ll be back someday”). He vowed to shoulder it for both he and Hiro, so the poor kid wouldn’t have to be troubled by it when he was young. 

Turns out it was Hiro who ended up easing most of the pain though, huh. 


They were under the Bridge of Sighs and Alec had never felt more at peace. Magnus’ hand was in his and they floated along in the gondola, admiring the sunset creating lush and vibrant colors in the Italian sky.

“You haven’t had real pizza until you’ve been to Italy,” Magnus comments briskly as him and Alec gaze out at the city of Venice. “And the gelato was absolutely divine.”

Alec nods, still not looking at Magnus, smiling fondly as he remembered him and Magnus sharing gelato and how Magnus would occasionally feed Alec a spoonful, which was so utterly cheesy but made Alec’s heart soar at Magnus laughing before him and holding his hand across the table.

Magnus had suggested a gondola ride to end the day, his eyes bright and saying it would be “utterly romantic”, wrapping his arms around Alec’s neck and tilting his head to the side a bit, flashing Alec a coy and beaming grin (and, of course, how could Alec say no when Magnus does that?) , so here they were, in a gondola, holding hands, as the gondolier crooned a sweet tune while rowing them through the city.

“Yeah, it was great.” Alec smiles lopsidedly and Magnus snuggles into him, leaning his head on his shoulder. “Today, I mean. All of it. Thank you, Magnus,” Alec turns to look at his boyfriend and his breath audibly hitches. Magnus looks even more gorgeous than he already is with the sunset in the background, wearing gold eyeliner and glitter dusting his cheekbones like stardust and his hair styled with a few streaks of pink in them. His outfit seems to shimmer in the light and he looks ethereal, like an angel from above and Alec’s heart skips a beat because of how  perfect the man before him is and how this man, this beautiful, wonderful, amazing, smart, kind man is holding is hand, is in Italy with him, is the person who takes him out to pizza parlors and buys him gelato, is now leaning his head on his shoulder, looking like an absolute dream,  is his boyfriend, his love, his darling, his angel. His Magnus.

“Alexander?” Magnus’ voice snaps Alec out of his thoughts and he realizes that Magnus has sat up and is looking at him, a concerned expression on his face. “You okay, darling?”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re staring and blushing, dearest.” Magnus points out and Alec’s hands fly to his cheeks as if trying to cover the pink tinge. Magnus chuckles and gently pries Alec’s hands away from his face, holding them in his and intertwining their fingers. “I’m only teasing, Alexander. You sure you’re okay?”

“I just-” Alec tries to find the right words, but then he realizes he doesn’t have to say something poetic, something grand to convey his feelings. So he speaks from the heart, says the honest truth.

“You take my breath away.” He says, in almost a whisper and Magnus blinks a few times, surprised. But then, his lips form a smile that is like a meadow, soft and endearing and beautiful, and Alec’s heart melts.

“Being with you, Alexander, is like breathing; Living without you is impossible.” Magnus says lovingly and before Alec can reply, Magnus takes his face in his and kisses him sweetly and Alec grabs Magnus’ waist and pulls him closer and the kiss is soft and sweet and Magnus tastes like traces of the gelato and caramel because of his lip gloss and the gondolier continues to sing as their lips move over each other’s, Magnus’ hands now in Alec’s hair and Alec’s nose brushing against Magnus’ and they’re laughing now and Alec is trying to say something witty but Magnus keeps kissing him (not that Alec’s complaining) and Magnus has never felt more happy in his entire life and Alec’s head is spinning from the lack of air and because he’s so in love with Magnus and they continue to sail through Venice, a  golden and cotton candy sky adorning their journey like a scene from a fairy tale.

Nursey wins a poetry contest and brings Dex as his plus-one

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“Uh, hey.” Nursey cleared his throat and leaned against the doorjamb that lead into their attic. Dex glanced up from his laptop, raised an eyebrow at him and went back to tapping at his keyboard.

“Hey.” Dex said, his voice crisp in the way that usually meant that he was working on a particularly tough line of code and he didn’t want to be disturbed, Nurse, god, could you fuck off for half a second?

“You got a minute? I want to ask you something.” Nursey crossed the room to sit at his desk chair backwards, legs on either side of the back. He bumped his desk and the coffee can full of pens wobbled, then clattered to the floor. He and Dex both sighed at the sound.

“What do you want, klutz?” Dex asked, lifting his eyes but not his fingers from his laptop. Dex continued to type as he looked Derek in the eye, which was not only, like, totally creepy but also kind of showboating.

“So, I kind of… Won an award? For some poetry. And it’s not really a big deal, but there’s like, a dinner thing in the city for me and some of the other winners.”

Dex finally stopped typing.

“And the invite has a ‘plus one’ spot. So, I mean, I was wondering if…” He trailed off, suddenly certain that this was a stupid idea. He should have asked anyone other than Dex, fuck, what was he thinking?

“If I’d be your plus one?” Dex finished for him, not sounding amused.

“Yeah, pretty much, yeah.”

“When is it?”

“Saturday. This Saturday. I know it’s kind of short notice.”

Dex leaned back in his chair and stretched his arms over his head. When he spoke, it was to the ceiling.

“I’ll go. Do I gotta wear a suit?”

Derek was momentarily stunned into silence, whether at the fact that Dex had actually agreed or the thought of him in a suit, he wasn’t sure.

“Uh, I don’t think it’s that fancy. I mean, probably like, a tie and shit would be fine.”
“Cool. You driving?”

“Yeah,” Nursey said. “And I was thinking we could spend the night at my moms’, if that’s chill. It’ll probably be kind of a late event, and I thought we could drive back Sunday morning.”

Dex shrugged. “Fine by me. Not like I had any plans for this weekend.”

“Great. S’wawesome.”

Dex glanced back at his computer screen, then up at Nursey.

“Yeah. Well, if that’s all…” He said, pointedly resuming his typing. Nursey made a hasty exit, nearly clobbering himself on the low support halfway down the stairs to the second floor. He didn’t know if he was more surprised that Dex had agreed so easily or that he had seemed damn near enthusiastic about it.

“Jesus fuck, Nurse.” Dex hissed, his fingers flexing. “I didn’t know…”
Nursey felt himself frowning and turned to look at his plus one. Even in his head, he didn’t dare use the word ‘date.’ Dex looked uncomfortable, fidgeting with the collar on his shirt and fucking up his tie. Nursey sighed and reached over to straighten it for him, smoothing down the lapels of his jacket that Dex had insisted on bringing, and seemed grateful for now.

Everyone milling about was in formalwear, even the staff sported crisp black waistcoats.

“Didn’t know what?” Nursey frowned.

“I didn’t- You said it was ‘no big deal.’” Dex’s face was flushing steadily dark enough to conceal his freckles, his ears glowing red. Derek had a comical mental image of Dex’s head swelling red then bursting like an irate cartoon.

Nursey looked around, shrugged. “I mean, it’s just a dinner, Dex. There will be some speeches, I’ll read a poem, people will clap politely then we can leave. Okay?”

Without asking him if he wanted any, Nursey snagged two champagne flutes from a passing waitress and handed one to Dex, who held it like he’d never held a piece of stemware in his life before. Which actually, Nursey thought, might be true.

“Dude,” Dex said through his teeth. “This is like, fancy.”

Nursey looked around. It wasn’t the most highbrow event he’d attended, that was sure, but he supposed that maybe this was all a bit much depending on what one was used to.

“Sorry,” he blurted. “I didn’t mean- Like, are you uncomfortable?”

Dex glowered and downed his champagne in one go. Nursey cringed at seeing champagne that probably cost more than a car per case being taken as grimly as a shot of Smirnoff, but he decided not to point it out.

“It’s fine,” Dex said. “It’s just… It’s weird. Not what I was expecting.”

Nursey felt guilty, as if he’d been remiss in warning his friend what the evening might entail. Certainly he’d be doing a lot of networking, hoping to make connections for after graduation, which loomed only months away, but he’d assumed that Dex would just hang out while he did.

“I’m sorry.” He said again, reaching out to squeeze Dex’s forearm. “I didn’t think, that’s my bad.”

Dex shrugged him off, looking around curiously. “It’s fine, dude, don’t apologize. I’m fine.”

Nursey swallowed his concern. Dex was an adult, if he was uncomfortable, he’d say so. He knew that much, at least. With that decided, he put on his sweetest smile and struck up a conversation with the man standing next to them.

The dinner itself was impressive. Trays and platters were brought out, waiters ducked in and out of the tables to refill drinks and trays alike. Nursey kept up animated conversation with the half dozen other people at their table, introducing Dex only briefly as ‘a friend from Samwell.’ The woman to his right was a publishing executive that had given him her card with a wink, telling him to get in contact after graduation.

Dex was quiet, surprisingly so, and sampled everything that came his way with an air of caution, though he appeared to like everything he tried. A literature professor from some prestigious university gave a speech (dry, trying too hard to be funny), a young Chinese woman that had won first place last year gave a speech (witty, actually funny), then several more guests spoke, trying to seem as humble as possible while casually reminding everyone that they were the generous donors that had provided the opulence surrounding them, not to mention the awards for the winners.

Nursey half listened and clapped politely when everyone else did, more focused on watching Dex grapple with stalks of asparagus, or tear his bread into pieces with a ferocity that Dex usually reserved for the ice. Saving that information for later chirping, Derek almost missed when they called his name.

The honorable mention and third place winners had already been recognized, receiving their plaques and shaking hands with several people that Nursey lazily supposed he should give a shit about, seeing as they were the ones that had judged his poetry and found it worthy of second place, but to him, they just looked like a bunch of boring old white people.

Standing too quickly and almost toppling his chair, he made his way through the small round tables until he reached the podium where people had been speaking. The woman in charge gave him a smile that didn’t reach her eyes and stepped aside, gesturing for him to speak into the microphone.

“Uh, good evening, everyone. Thanks so much for coming tonight, we all really appreciate it.” He said, his voice smooth from years of public speaking practice even though his heart was hammering inside his chest. He could feel it when he reached into the pocket of his suit jacket, pulling out a crumpled piece of computer paper.

“It’s my honor to be hear tonight, and a big thanks to the committee for that.” He paused while there was some brief clapping, then ducked his head to smile. “And it’s an honor to have been asked to read a poem of mine here tonight, as well.” He cleared his throat and pushed back his shoulders, looking out into the crowd.

Dex’s eye caught his and he smiled, flushing with pride that Dex was here with him, here to see his accomplishments.

He didn’t need to look at the paper to remember the words, but it helped him feel grounded to hold the age-softened paper in both hands as the words poured out, well rehearsed and melodic.

When he finally fell silent, there was a hush over the crowd before people began to clap. He winced a bit at that- wasn’t that a bit unusual, applauding for poetry? -But when he saw Dex clapping with the rest of them, his face relaxed into a smile and he gave a goofy half-bow. The woman who had been speaking before took back the microphone and announced his prize: a $5,000 check along with his plaque.

Pleased, Nursey took both the plaque and the envelope, shaking hands with and thanking sincerely each of the patrons of the arts that stood off to the side before making his way back to the table, smiling the whole while.

When he got back to the table, Dex’s chair was empty but for Dex’s jacket, which he’d hung up once they sat for dinner. Nursey frowned, setting his awards on the table next to his wine glass and sitting, trying to pay attention as the first place winner was called up, a beautiful girl wearing a hijab that, when she read her poem, the words fell more like music than speech. Nursey was enthralled, almost enthralled enough to forget the empty seat beside him. He clapped as she accepted her awards and posed for pictures, wondering where the hell Dex had gotten off to. Maybe to top up his drink at the bar? Anyway, he ought to have been back by now.

Nursey was craning his neck to look around the dining hall when he felt a tap on his shoulder from the woman on his other side. “I think your friend went to refresh himself in the washroom.” She said in a way that indicated she knew exactly what his poem had been about. He thanked her and stood, as unobtrusively as possible to make his way to the door as the final speech began.

He followed a waitress’s directions to find the absurdly posh bathrooms, pushing his way inside. What sort of bathroom had a set of couches? Honestly.

“Dex,” he said, his voice betraying his belief when he saw the broad expanse of his friend’s back, his arms braced on either side of one sink and his head hanging. His head snapped up and he made eye contact with Nursey in the mirror before turning around.


“Was wondering where you wandered off to. I need to get you one of those bells. Like, for cats.” He chirped weakly, trying not to feel put out that Dex had scampered off to hide in the bathroom during one of the proudest nights of his life.

“Pretty sure those are to scare off birds or some shit.” Dex gestured around with one hand, taking in the cloth towels and antique faucet fixtures. “Whatever. You found me.”

“Right.” Nursey said. “I did. I found you in the bathroom. Why are you in the bathroom?”

Dex looked skittish, then his brows furrowed and his shoulders squared and he didn’t look skittish, no, he looked pissed. Nursey backtracked through the evening, wondering what the hell he had done to incur the wrath of Will Poindexter.

“You- All those people- They think we’re dating!”

Nursey went very quiet. He should have fucking seen this coming.

“They all think that your random ass poem was about me. I even came as your date, hell.” Dex said, spitting the words as if they were bitter on his tongue.

“Oh, because it’s so fucking terrible to-to have people think you’re in love with a guy?” Nursey said, grasping at straws and coming up short. For a reason he didn’t want to examine, what hurt him the most was that Dex seemed so appalled by the idea of being Derek’s date that he’d had to escape to the bathroom to throw a tantrum in peace.

Dex’s eyes narrowed and he threw his arms out wide, as if to take up as much space, make himself look as big as possible. “That’s not the fucking point, Nurse!”

“Then what is?” he asked, his voice calm even though he felt like his entire body was shaking. Dex fixed him with a glare and stormed out of the bathroom without answering.

Nursey took a few moments to splash water on his face and glower at his reflection before following him back to the table, feeling as if his tail was between his legs. When he returned, Dex was firmly in conversation with a woman at their table, all the while dipping his spoon into his chocolate mousse distrustfully.

Derek sulked quietly, accepting handshakes and business cards but unable to
force a smile. Good, he thought. Lardo was always saying he needed to work on his brooding artist face.

After an agonizing half hour, Derek thought he’d done his part and it would be excusable for him to make his escape. He tried for several minutes to catch Dex’s eye, but it became clear that the other was actively avoiding looking at him. He stood with a scowl and placed his hand on Dex’s shoulder, feeling the warmth off his skin bleed through the cotton of his shirt.

“Sorry to steal him away,” Derek said, smiling in apology at the woman Dex had been chatting. “But we’ve got to get back to my moms’.”

She smiled and gave Dex a business card that he slid into the breast pocket of his jacket, pointedly silent as Nursey thanked her for her congratulations on his award again.

“And- Goodness, I just think it’s so brave of you both, coming here with your boyfriend. You could hold hands, you know, you wouldn’t shock anyone. Or, well, anyone you would shock would deserve it.” She stabbed her tart with a fierce look in her eye that was reminiscent of Bitty when someone made fun of Chowder. “I do hope you give me a call, Will.” She added in Dex’s direction, his jaw squared in a way that Derek knew was him biting his tongue so he didn’t say anything that he shouldn’t.

“Yes, thanks, lovely to meet you.” Derek grabbed Dex by the elbow and practically dragged him out of the venue, his plaque under his arm and the envelope containing his check folded up inside of his jacket. Dex jerked his arm away and stepped to the curb, raising an arm in an attempt to hail a cab. Nursey stifled a smile, as Dex was clearly inexperienced, and stepped beside him to hail one properly.

Dex shot him a scathing look when a taxi pulled up to the sidewalk, opening the door and closing it fast so that Nursey had to go around the other side. And still, he didn’t say anything.

Dex had met his moms several times, beginning with family weekend as freshmen. Derek sighed to remember that now, how completely and obviously thrown Dex had been by the sight of two real live lesbians and Shitty’d had to elbow him hard in the ribs to stop him from asking at least two inappropriate questions.

How far he’d come, Nursey thought approvingly as he watched Dex accept a hug from Mom and a cheek kiss from Mama, answering their questions about the dinner politely, accepting Mama’s offer of lemon bars and following her into the kitchen.

Nursey sighed and dropped his bag by the door, listening to the happy chatter from the kitchen and trying not to wish that things could always be this way: three of the people he loved most just a room away. He trailed in after the rest of them, trying to still his heart at the sight of Dex with a dusting of powdered sugar across his upper lip, a lemon bar half eaten in his hand even though he’d been in the kitchen for no more than twenty seconds. Derek smiled, a little helplessly, and his Mom noticed. He noticed her noticing and tried to school the expression off of his face, but it was too late.

“You boys must be tired.” She said.

On the ice, there’s always a split second before impact when you know you’re about to take a nasty check. There’s no time to do anything to stop it, just a moment of panic before being slammed into the boards. Derek’s eyes went wide, knowing what was about to come but unable to do anything to stop it.

“Why don’t you head up to bed? We fixed up Derek’s room for both of you, honey. There’s no need for you to sneak around, not here.”

Dex was still smiling. Her meaning hadn’t sunk in yet. Nursey braced for impact.

“Sneak…?” He began to ask, then his eyes found Nursey’s and his mouth dropped into a scowl. He delicately set down the remainder of the lemon bar and walked out of the room.

Nursey’s moms swiveled to stare at him.

“Oh, no.” Mama said, catching on before he could school his expression into something less wounded. “Oh, Derek, hon.”

“You’re not- Oh. Oh, baby, I’m so sorry, I just- I assumed.” Mom covered her mouth with her hand and looked appropriately horrified. Nursey shoved a hand through his hair and sighed.

“No, no, it’s fine. Don’t be sorry, it’s okay. He’s just… He’s just pissy because everyone at the dinner thought we were, like, a thing too. But, um. We’re not. So.” He became painfully aware of his moms’ gazes on him as he traced his finger through a small puddle near the sink. “I’ll probably take the futon tonight. Don’t worry about setting it up, I know where everything is.”

He pressed a kiss to each of their temples (holy hell, when had he gotten taller than Mom?) and dragged his bag and his sorry ass up the stairs to his old bedroom, the one that Dex had seen when he visited the summer before.

Nursey hesitated outside the door then knocked. He felt ridiculous asking permission into his own bedroom.

“Yeah.” Dex said from behind the door and Nursey cautiously pushed his way inside. Dex was examining the shelf above his bed, the one crammed with knick-knacks that Nursey was too damn sentimental to get rid of. There was a teddy bear his old boyfriend had won him at Coney Island, a baby food jar full of sand from a vacation he’d taken when he was in elementary school, his Samwell acceptance letter, a single orange leaf that he’d held up to Dex’s hair and proclaimed a perfect match their sophomore year.

Dex was quiet, which was unusual of itself.

“Sorry about my moms. They’re just a little nosey. And they assume, like, everyone is queer.” Nursey blurted.

Dex was still quiet.

“And I should have warned you that, you know. People would think you were my… boyfriend.”

Dex laughed, but it was hollow. “Yeah, probably.” He agreed.

Nursey swallowed. “I’m gonna go get set up on the futon.” He said. “Moms want to take us out to breakfast tomorrow, but if you like, want to head right back to school that’s okay too.”

As if he hadn’t heard him, Dex spoke. “I’m so tired of it, Nurse. I’m tired of people thinking we’re together.”
Derek felt a sick swoop of nausea and pressed his lips into a line.

“Okay.” He said dumbly.

“I don’t- It makes me-“ Dex wasn’t looking at him, staring anywhere but where Nursey stood.

“Okay,” he repeated, harsher.

Dex glanced at him.

“I get it. Fine. You don’t want people to think we’re dating. Okay.” He said.


“It’s fine. I get it. I know we’re not dating, you know we’re not dating, I don’t
really see how anyone else’s opinion matters here, but fine! I’ll be sure to walk around holding a sign that says ‘single as fuck and not dating Will Poindexter’!” He realized he was being a drama queen a moment after he flung himself down onto his mattress.

Dex was watching him, looking torn halfway through laughing at him or shouting at him. Nursey groaned into his pillow.

“Just- What the hell, Dex? Why is it such a big goddamn deal?” He asked after several beats of silence. He wanted his voice to be steady, aloof, chill, but instead his question came out soft and uncertain.

He heard rather than saw Dex take a deep breath, then felt the mattress dip as Dex perched on the edge.

“It’s a big deal because we’re not.”

Nursey made an annoyed sound and made to roll over, frustrated with Dex and himself and this whole goddamned conversation.

“I mean,” Dex said, his voice barely audible over the rustle of blankets and creak of bedsprings, “Because I wish we were. And we’re not.”

Nursey froze, his mouth dry and his heart pounding. Slowly, he rolled onto his back to look up at Dex, who was staring very hard at the wall.

There was silence for a bit, as Nursey tried to think of something to say and Dex tried not to bolt.

“I see.” Nursey said finally, then wanted to kick himself. He was a goddamn creative writing major, how the hell had every word in the English language deserted him at this very moment?

Dex let out a slightly manic laugh.

“So. Uh. Okay. Well.” Nursey said.


“Does that mean I get to stay in here tonight?”

Dex’s face flushed and he didn’t look at Nursey, but he ducked his chin in what Nursey assumed was supposed to be a nod.

“Does that… Uh, also mean that you would want to date me?”

Dex looked at him from the corner of his eye.

“Would you want to date me?” Dex asked. Nursey laughed, then realized Dex was being serious. He sat up properly, realizing how difficult it was to have a serious conversation when only one person was laying down.

“Dex- Will.” Nursey said, his eyes bright and earnest. “You can’t be real right now. My moms already thought we were together from how much I talk about you. I brought you a my plus-one.”

Dex scowled, a line appearing between his eyebrows. “Yeah, but the poem-“

“Was one-hundred percent about you. One of my all-time favorite pieces, actually. Wrote the first draft in freshman year, tweaked it a hundred times since.” He tried to sound casual about it.

Dex blinked several times. Nursey held his breath.

“Will you go out with me?” Dex blurted.

“Yeah.” Nursey said, unable to keep from grinning as he reached out to take Dex’s hand. “Yeah, that’d be pretty chill.”

Big Bang Reaction to: You Emotionally Shutting Down When You’re Stressed

n’aww, ty!!!!!!!!!! I hope you like this reaction too! •˘v˘•

T.O.P: gets frustrated & takes it as you not trusting him at first. he goes out one night to relieve his stress, not realizing that you were stressed too. he drinks a little too much & comes home, asking you if you even loved him through drunken slurs. this was what you needed to break down your barrier & seeing you cry sobered him up quickly

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“don’t cry. you shouldn’t be crying. it was my fault for misunderstanding,” he tells you. “I promise to just talk to you from now on. but only if you promise to do the same”

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Taeyang: doesn’t want to push you into something you’re not ready for, but he sits you down one day & speaks from his heart: “I won’t force you to tell me anything but just know that whenever you’re ready, I’m here to listen”

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G-Dragon: chooses to take a more relaxed, playful approach in getting you to open up to him. “jaaaagi ~ why are you acting so boring?? come, have fun with me!”

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Daesung: “why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you? I’ll beat up whoever is annoying you!”

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Seungri: acts like he doesn’t notice how withdrawn you’ve become, partially bc he doesn’t know how to deal with it, and partially bc he doesn’t want to force you into telling him something you’re not ready for. so instead, he silently waits for you to come to him

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Rebound (a fluffy Sebastian Stan drabble)

I really don’t know what I’m doing but here we are, this is my first attempt at writing Seb. 

I will be writing smut about this guy very soon but I needed to get this little thing out of my system first. Writing is therapeutic and all… ;)
This is written for all Hiddlestoners finding comfort in Seb these days (or for everyone finding comfort with a great guy when another guy fucks up.)

This is pure fluff.


‘So, what did he do this time?’ Seb nudged her arm with his elbow to make her look at him.

They were both standing on the balcony of his flat, the background was filled with music, laughter and chatter from the party inside.

She shook her head in a little smile,’ who says this is about him?’

He looked at her and raised his eye brow,’ because I know that look and he is the only one that can make you so sad, this is about him.’

She looked back at him and the forced smile faded from her face.

‘What did he do?’ he asked again in a softer voice.

‘It’s nothing, just…the new blonde of the month, I guess. Tom was supposed to be here but he texted me that he’s stuck at work, except my friend saw him out in the bar with Emilie about an hour ago, so…’

Seb shook his head,’ why do you let him do this to you, Erin?’

‘I don’t know, I honestly don’t.’

He could hear her sadness in her voice as it started to break but there was also anger and frustration there.

‘I hate feeling like this,’ she continued,’ I know I should be angry and dump his ass…but…’

‘You love him,’ he sighed.

‘Despite everything, yes, how stupid is that? I’m a total idiot.’

‘You’re not an idiot, you’re in love.’
‘That’s pretty much the same thing, isn’t it?’

‘Yeah,’ he smiled.

‘Have you ever been so crazy about someone you’d literally do anything for that person? Even if you know in your heart they don’t deserve it and you’d be better off without them?’

‘You have no idea,’ he sighed and then turned to look at her, a little smile on his face. The compassion in his eyes warmed her heart.

‘I just…I want to break free from him, I just don’t know how,’ she continued.

‘I’d hate to sound like a cliche but there’s plenty of fish in the sea.’

‘Sometimes you just want that one particular fish though,’ she answered in a smile.

He shrugged his shoulders,’ Maybe that one particular fish is overrated and you should give other fish a chance too, they might surprise you.’

‘Can we stop talking in metaphors now?’ she laughed and broke eye contact,’ It’s just so hard, where would I even meet other guys?’

He took her hand in his and gave it a little shake, forcing her to look at him again,’ Hi, I’m Seb, nice to meet you, what was your name again?’

For the first time that night her laugh sounded genuine and heartfelt and he could see a little sparkle in her eyes.
He held her hand a little longer until she let go and looked away, staring out in front of her into the dark night. The smile was quickly fading again.

‘You deserve better, Erin,’ he then spoke softly,’ you know that, right?’

‘Don’t we all,’ she sighed and stepped away from him.

‘Where are you going?’

‘You’re having a party inside, no? I think it’s time I mingle,’ she disappeared from the balcony leaving him alone.

He let out a deep sigh when the balcony doors opened again and Sarah, Erin’s friend came out.

‘Is she alright?’ she asked worried.

‘I don’t know,’ he sighed.

She made her way to his side of the balcony,’ So, when are you going to make your move?’

‘Make my move? What? No, that’s not…no,’ he tried to shrug it off by laughing but his own laughter sounded ridiculous in his ears. He knew she could see right through him.

‘That obvious, huh?’ he sighed.
Sarah nodded her head.

‘She doesn’t see me that way, Sarah, it would be pointless, all she has eyes for is him.’
‘Then make her see you,’ she insisted.

‘I wouldn’t know how to,’ he sighed defeated.
‘Oh, come on, I never pictured you for a quitter, Sebastian.’

He looked at her and smiled a little shyly,’ I just think we may be better off as just friends.’
‘Yes, it’s all over your face how badly you want to be just friends with her,’ she teased him.

‘I just don’t want to lose her as a friend,’ he then confessed,’ I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if that happened.’

‘Maybe it’s worth taking a chance, she’s ready for someone new, I know it even if she doesn’t yet. Trust me, women sense these things. She’s ready, if you were ever in with a chance it’s now.’


Erin did her best to mingle with the crowd and she was doing fine until she got another message from her friend at the bar. This time the message was a picture, a sneaky picture of Tom and Emilie enjoying an intimate moment, his mouth was on her neck and his hands clearly disappeared underneath her dress.
Erin’s heart stopped and in her head so did the music and all the friendly people talking to her, there was only anger and disappointment and silence left, and her eyes filling up with tears.

She escaped the crowd and rushed towards the hallway when she bumped into someone on her way to the toilet.

Seb’s face was covered in worry when he saw her tears, and seeing his concern only made her cry more.
‘I’m fine, I just need to get out of here,’ she sobbed, trying to hide her face from a few other people passing them by.
Seb gently took her by the arm and guided her into one of the rooms. She let out a sigh of relief, it was quiet in here and they were alone.

‘Nobody will see you here,’ he reassured her.
‘Thanks,’ she muttered and tried to stop the flow from tears that seemed to keep on coming.

‘What happened?’ he asked.

Lost for words she showed him her phone.

‘Fucking asshole,’ Seb hissed through his teeth,’ I can not fucking believe him, that’s it I don’t care what you say, next time I see him I am kicking his ass!’

The determination and passion in his voice put a smile on her face and suddenly her tears made room for uncontrollable laughter.
‘I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m laughing,’ she covered her mouth, unable to stop now,’ none of this is funny, it’s just so ridiculous.’

‘I mean it,’ Seb insisted and he laughed with her for a few seconds before his smile faded and he took a step closer to look into her eyes,’ I mean it, Erin, if he hurts you one more time I swear to God…’

He didn’t finish his sentence but instead put his arms around her shoulders and held her, she disappeared into his warm hug where the last of her laughter faded and she started crying again.
He pulled her closer and she could feel his hands softly stroking her back and her hair.

She was used to hugging Seb, they had been friends for about 3 years now but it was usually just a quick hug when they greeted each other and that was it, this was a very different kind of hug. He was pressing his entire body against hers and she clung to him, seeking comfort in his arms and finding her calm again in his soothing words.
‘It’ll be okay, I promise,’ he whispered,’ I’m here to take care of you, it’s okay.’

She wiped her tears and broke free from his hug to look at him but he kept his hold on her tight, the look in his eyes confused her.


He brushed the last tears from her cheeks softly while his eyes never left hers, much to her surprise it made her shiver. He stayed quiet, as if he was looking for words he wasn’t able to find so he just said nothing.

‘Seb,’ she spoke again and they were both startled by her phone ringing. When she pulled him out of her pocket Tom’s face lit up the screen,’ I should…I need to take this.’

‘No, you don’t,’ his voice was soft but firm and he took the phone from her hands, to her own surprise she let him,’ You don’t have to go back to him.’

His eyes were now glued to hers and she was confused by her own feelings.

Part of her wanted to answer that phone and hear Tom’s voice, hear his explanation, but another part no longer cared to hear it. That part just wanted Seb to hug her again and keep looking at her the way he was now. His eyes filled with an affection she hadn’t seen from him before and a little smile building on his lips. 

His gorgeous, perfect, and very kissable lips.

She broke eye contact and looked away for a moment while she shook her head in a smile.
This was Seb, her friend, more like a friend of a friend, she didn’t even know him very well at all and she definitely never…
‘What are you thinking?’ he interrupted her thoughts.

‘I’m not sure,’ she hesitated and when she looked into his eyes again he softly leaned his face against hers, encouraging her to speak from her heart,’ I think…I want to try out another fish.’

She put her arms around his neck and waited for him to lean in closer and put his lips on hers in a soft warm kiss. His arms pulled her closer while his tongue carefully searched for hers, deepening the kiss but still keeping it soft and taking his time to explore her mouth. Her heart made a little jump when he smiled into the kiss.

‘I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time,’ he confessed while he let his fingers run across her cheek.

‘Seb, I’m not sure what this is yet,’ she spoke softly,’ I don’t want you to think…’
‘I’m your rebound guy,’ he smiled, it was a confident and carefree smile that put her mind at ease,’ and I am totally fine with that.’

He stared into her eyes again and when his arms pulled her closer she forgot what else she wanted to say and just put her lips on his in another heavenly kiss.