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Accessibility at Hogwarts

OKAY so we’ve seem some posts circulating that Hogwarts isn’t accessible. Now architecturally speaking, so right… that moving staircase. BUT hear us out. IT IS A SCHOOL OF MAGIC.

If they can invent a flying car, by golly they can have a flying chair, or something! Right? RIGHT???? WE WILL ASK J.K. ROWLING HERSELF on Twitter to figure it out once and for all. Thiis is a matter of GRAVE importance to us as Wizard-wannabe-disabled-muggles.

Stay tuned.

So reading theory is great and all but hey yknow what we should all do I’ll tell ya

Learning technical/manual skills to be used in service to practical revolutionary causes.

Whether it be learning skills in negotiating, educating, public speaking, community organizing, engineering, architecture, technology, intelligence gathering, carpentry, strategy+tactics planning, legal rights learning, fundraising, environmental science, medical stuff–the world is your oyster.

A modern revolution shouldnt just be focused on armed struggle. Therefore, modern revolutionists shouldnt spend all of their time studying to just be militant commanders. We need to make use of the technology we’re given, expand their uses, and empower the people (using a vast variety of means and skills in collaboration and harmony) so they can help forge our collective liberation.

In a simple phrase, turn yourselves into a swiss army knife, not just an ak-47 or a molotov.

so, in accidental imitation of jake peralta i say coolcoolcoolnodoubt with a concerning degree of frequency. my roommate, who has never watched b99 picked it up from me. then the entire architecture department picked it up from her.

so now long story short the entire 200 person architecture department speaks like jake peralta and no one but me knows why. THIS IS WHAT WORLD DOMINATION FEELS LIKE

Those “naturescaped” houses with, like a tree growing through the living room are fun and all, but then I see posts like “YES, THIS IS HOW HUMANITY IS MEANT TO LIVE” and I’m like: I live in a region that goes down to minus fifty at night in winter and gets blanketed with huge swarms of biting, disease-bearing insects in summer, and you want me to put a hole in my roof? On purpose? Quite frankly, Nature can get bent - she and I are not on speaking terms.


“There’s no question that Brutalism looks exceedingly cool. But its deeper appeal is moral. In the words of Reyner Banham, it was an attempt to create an architectural ethic, rather than an aesthetic. When the Smithsons called their work Brutalist or part of a New Brutalism, the brutality to which they referred had less to do with materials and more to do with honesty: an uncompromising desire to tell it like it is, architecturally speaking. The Modern movement in architecture had supposedly been predicated on truthfulness in materials and forms, as well. But as a dreary stroll down Park Avenue will remind you, Modernism swiftly became a gutless orthodoxy, its high ideals devolving into the rote features of the International Style, a repetitive and predictable series of gestures (curtain walls or ribbon windows, recessed plinths, decorative piloti, windswept plazas, ornamental lawns and flat shimmering pools).” -  BRUTALISM IS BACK

“Here at the radio station it’s contract negotiation season with the station management again! That’s always an interesting time. Now, obviously, I’m not allowed to go into details, but negotiation is tricky when you’re never allowed to glimpse what you’re negotiating with. Station management stays inside their office at all times, only communicating with us through sealed envelopes that are spat out from under the door like a sunflower shell through teeth. Then, in order to respond, you just kind of shout at the closed door and hope that management hears. Sometimes you can see movements through the frosted glass, large shaped shifting around, strange tendrils whipping through the air. Architecturally speaking, the apparent size of management’s office does not physically make sense given the size of the building, but it’s hard to say really, as no one has ever seen the actual office. Only its translucence.”

Remembering (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Prompt:  “ Good morning! Can I request a shot of Bucky Barnes x reader? I love the stories that explore his recovery from his days as the winter soldier and perhaps meeting reader is a part of that? Thank you :)”

(Whoo! This one was long. But very fun to write! Hope y’all enjoy!)


Bucky trudged through the streets of Bucharest, staring at the street vendors and passersby with a blank expression that showed only that he was tired. God, he was tired. It was a tiredness that sank down into his bones and soul, shaking him from the inside out. His body was beaten and bruised, but he’d grown used to that feeling. No, the real source of his pain was his twisted, abused mind. Even after the several-hours-long flight into Romania, he couldn’t truly process what had just happened, what he’d discovered about himself. He’d tried to make sense of it, but now, as he made his way to the only safehouse he’d truly feel safe in, he shoved all these thoughts to the side, focusing only on moving one foot in front of the other.

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anonymous asked:

I love your fanfics! Could you write us a Percabeth in New Rome please please please?? And I wouldn't say no to more Solangelo :)

WHY NOT BOTH IN ONE???? okay it’s mostly solangelo but

“Well?”  Nico sputtered.  “What’s it say?”

His fiancé’s eyes were flying across the scans, triple-checking the results.  Nico heaved an aggravated sigh, lowering himself off the medicine cabinet and pacing the room.  

Reyna had called them up a few months ago- the previous New Rome doctor had finally retired, and offered the position to the just-graduated Will Solace. 

Soon enough, he and Nico had packed their bags and left New York for the sunny skies of California.  It’d been harder to leave than Nico had anticipated.  He never realized just how much he loved the city and Camp Half Blood until he was faced with departure.  But the move had gone without a hitch.  Will’s office was going great- everyone loved him.  Nico was back with his sister, and all their friends.  Percy, Annabeth, Jason, and Piper had stayed here after college at New Rome University.  And of course, Reyna and Frank were here with open arms.  

The past few months had been…crazy perfect.  Their new apartment was nestled right in the heart of New Rome, with a great view of the sprawling golden hills and sparkling Pacific waters.  And in a freaky coincidence, he and Will had both proposed to each other at the same exact moment.

Annabeth had even offered Nico a job heading the interior design division of her successful architecture firm.  

Speaking of Annabeth…

Nico snapped his fingers wildly in front of Will’s face.  “It isn’t that hard.  It’s either yes or no!”

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Mount Horu Entrance

My first assignement back in may 2014 when I joined MoonStudios was to polish up Mount Horu. Mount Horu was still in a pretty rough spot in most places and was still under construction. The scenes alignement was 100% different the first time I saw it. The way the levels are organized now was a good decision made back then, it was a weird maze before.
The first task was to envision and create a new entrance for Horu. The old one we had was too small and un-epic for Thomas, it had to be more grand and worthy of the last part of a game.

This was the first thing I painted for MoonStudios and I kinda overdid it a bit. But at least I had a good idea of what its supposed to look like afterwards. It took me 2 or 3 days with some iterations to paint. It was my first concept and I didn’t know that it is enough to really make a small sketch and then go into the editor and flesh it out there. But it also helped quite a lot to paint so much, because I thus had a good start for new assets. Horu hadn’t had any architecture to speak of, so I had to paint a lot of that anyways. A lot of what has been painted for this section was later used in all scenes of Mount Horu. Here is an assetsheet for all assets I painted.

Assetcreation and -integration was really straight forward. All graphics are *.png and were painted  in Photoshop and saved into their respective folders. Unity loaded them automatically and a double click brought them into the gameworld. Refresh colliders and you were good to go for testing.
The entrance scene wasn’t completely blank, but I was supposed to find a different solution and I could kinda do what I wanted. Gamedesign told me to not make it boring and have a few jump sections in there, but apart from that, this wasn’t a gameplay focused section.

The door had to be able to be opened, so I also made a concept for a small sequence there. David put it in game and – well, see it ingame. Here is only a small screenshot from it opening. I think it was Max who added some more flames to it. I like it!