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¡Hola! I absolutely love your blog and I use it for almost everything. Thank you for the time you personally take to compose word lists and explain a whole lot of stuff:)💕💕 + I'm planning to do my Spanish GCSEs next year but I started learning Spanish like 2 months ago. Do you have any tips on making this learning process faster? +Where can I watched telenovelas with English subs.(Ps. The telemundo website doesn't work for me)? AGAIN THANK YOUUUUUUUJU💕💕💕💘

Thank you for the lovely message ♡


I think one of the best ways to boost your Spanish is talking with people. Even if you’re a beginner, this will give you a lot of work to do. You will discover what kind of vocabulary, grammar and common phrases you need so you can be more objective on your learning plans. And it will encourage you to keep learning.

Apps to find people:

Make it part of your life. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, spend at least 5 minutes everyday learning, reading, listening, writing or saying something in Spanish. 

Vocabulary is important. You can speak without grammar, but you can’t speak without words. I’m sharing with you vocabulary lists of the most common words in Spanish.

Vocabulary Memrise courses:

Other Memrise courses:

Learn words in context. So I gave you lists of common words and you can find them in SpanishDict or Linguee and see many examples of these words used in phrases.

Another good app to learn Spanish in context is: Clozemaster

Read a lot. This is another way to learn vocabulary in context. Here are some recommendations.

Listen to songs or podcasts. Here are some podcasts for you with transcriptions :)

Ask people. I recommend you HiNative. This is an app where you can ask many kind of things, as translations, meanings, examples and you can even record your voice and ask if it sounds natural. You can also request voice recordings from native speakers. 

If you want to learn fast, I don’t recommend you to stop a lot on grammar things. But I’ll leave you some websites where you can look in grammar quickly. 


It’s hard to find Spanish telenovelas or series with English subtitles. 

But I think you can find some in Netflix. There are some series with English subtitles. 

I found some other websites where you can see TV shows, telenovelas and series in Spanish, but unfortunately they don’t have English subtitles. 

I tried to find more websites, but they either have spam and virus or they’re not available outside the country. 

thinkin about papyrus

okay so i don’t have the screens for this rn but if you lose to papyrus he locks you in the shed right? and he leaves you a little note

if you lose to him twice, the note says something along the lines of “please ask before escaping next time! i was worried sick!”

and he signs it with “slightly bonetrousled, papyrus”

so from this, we can assume that the definition of “bonetrousle” is feeling anxious, worried, or nervous

…so why is his battle theme called that, then?

papyrus is a character who has a lot more to him than meets the eye, and one of the big things is that he puts on an act a lot of the time. remember the Q&A, where it was revealed that he’s never eaten spaghetti, he just makes it because others love it? or how when you call him and undyne in grillby’s, his opinion of grease changes the instant undyne reveals hers? plus, we already know he’s conflicted about trying to capture you in the first place.

he called his battle theme “anxiety” and disguised that with something that sounds silly and cool, and everyone takes it at face value. hm. i wonder where parallels can be drawn there.

also of note is that when you challenge him on the genocide route? his battle is completely, totally silent. an incredibly slowed-down version of bonetrousle plays before the battle, sure, but the moment you enter the battle screen? nothing.

so even in pacifist, he’s sort of nervous- “oh geez i really need to capture the human but they’re so nice but i’ll be popular but they haven’t hurt anyone”

but in genocide? no false confidence, no pretending. he’s 100% positive that he’s going to convince you to change your ways. he’s not bonetrousled at all.


REQUEST: Hi! Can you do one where Harry is upset about his family or anxiety or something and you ask him to let you in? Something fluffy? Thanks!

You’d never seen Harry get angry before.

You’d been dating for about three months now and you’d never heard him raise his voice. Even though he was just about to start promo season for his new single and was about to announce his upcoming album and tour, the man never doubted himself. You could tell that he absolutely loved his work, because he never showed even a flicker of resentment towards any aspect of it—he had the patience of a saint, where you would have lost it by now if you were in his shoes.

But there was a first time for everything.

You were driving over to his flat for an quiet evening together. You’d barely seen one another that entire week prior because of his hectic schedule, and you were looking forward to finally getting him alone. You couldn’t lie, you’d been feeling a tad bit neglected and it had been starting to get to you. You knew that when you agreed to date a rock star boyfriend it wouldn’t come without it’s downsides, but you were starting to feel like you weren’t a priority anymore. Which is why when he called and suggested an evening together, you felt over the moon.

You walked into the apartment without knocking—you’d stopped doing that during the second month—and shrugged off your sweater while you slipped off your shoes.

“Harry!” You called out into his home, walking into the kitchen to set down the bottle of wine that you’d picked up. The two of you had planned to make sangria that night along with dinner—you set your purse down on the counter and exhaled a soft huff at his absence before deciding to go find him.

The first room you checked in was his office, where he spent most of his time lately while he was home. Surely enough, there he was—he was leaning forward onto the desk with his elbows, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. You could see the rise and fall of his shoulders as he breathed, and you were almost afraid to interrupt his silence. Your first instinct was to get annoyed that he was doing work when you were supposed to meet up, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Nothing at Stake - 1

Okay so I’m venturing into uncharted territory here. I saw a post that someone wanted Jughead Smut and I was like, hun I feel u. But how do we get our lil Juggie in that situation, I think I came up with a kind of solution however I have never done any smut. So this is an offering of if you guys like this idea then I will write the smutty stuff that accompanies this piece. Peace out. (P.S: Also this bit is dialogue heavy, I really like writing dialogue, following chapters may not be so speaky(?)) 

[Part 2]

[Part 3]

[Part 4]

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story time: the great pickle heist of 2016

to all of you who wanted another story: you made your bed, and now you’re gonna lie in it.

  • so this story is, from a purely superficial standpoint, about how i stole 40 pounds of pickles from my community college cafeteria today
  • but, on a deeper level
  • a literary level
  • a new yorker review kind of level
  • this story is about the perils and pitfalls of the sacrifices one nineteen year old girl makes to win the approval of authority
  • that’s me
  • I’m the girl
  • the girl who stole 40 pounds of pickles today.
  • so here we go:

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honestly i love that amythest schaber refers to verbal talking as “speaking with {your/their} mouthparts” bc like
it’s a Thing that someone “speaks on a blog”
and i “talk about” things on here

and it means that a nonverbal person can still speak for themself
just because they don’t speak with their mouthparts doesn’t mean they don’t speak

i think that should be a more common thing

imagine we make contact with an alien species that’s like, vastly technologically superior, they could fucking kill us in a single shot if they really wanted to

and this species has never eaten salad before. and we show them salad and they eat it and they’re like holy living fuck this is tasty. and suddenly they’re offering us huge houses with all kind of advanced technological shit and incredible medical care and all the amenities and everything, with the only condition that we keep making salad for them.

and like, salad isn’t even hard to make. grab some plants, dump em in a bowl. it doesn’t have to be fancy salad, they’ll fall all over themselves for the most mediocre salad in the world. we can make so much salad that we’re practically drowning in it, even if we eat some of the salad ourselves. and in exchange we’re protected from danger, we have great living conditions, it’s basically paradise compared to life on earth


one of the things about undertale that still gets me even to this day is the reveal of how alphys set up everything with mettaton prior to his core fight, like. there was so much foreshadowing everywhere, and it’s all so obvious in retrospect. the space behind the wall being like 2 feet wide. the fact that alphys signs the quiz show answers for you- she knew the answers because she prepared them, not because she can immediately calculate that one train question or whatever. the fact that she just HAPPENED to install a JETPACK and a BOMB DEFUSING DEVICE on your CELL PHONE. and idk if i’m just stupid but i would never have guessed that it was all set up if mettaton didn’t explicitly say so. that reveal absolutely floored me because everything made so much sense and i still think about it

CAUGHT OUT; Luke Hemmings Imagine..

Summary: Y/N and Luke have been friends with benefits for a while but what happens when someone catches them out?!

Words; 1.7k 

Message me if you want a Part 2 of this!!

Part 1 

“Hey Y/N” i heard from behind me

i was just getting out of my car when i heard a voice

It was Luke

“Hi Luke” i said back to him

I couldn’t help but think about last night, the way his hands were on me and the feel of his lips..

but i have to remember we are at school..

“I want to show you something after school” he said

Really? Again..

can’t he go without sex for one day?

My leg’s still hurt

“ don’t you have practice?” i asked

I hope he has plans, i don’t think my body can deal with another orgasm..

he smiled and leaned against his truck and said “ I don’t have practice today?”

i could feel my heart beat faster and faster

maybe he just wants to hang out..

Ha Luke hemmings just wants to hang out..that’s a new one

“and what do you want to show me exactly? i’ve already seen your penis?” i smugly said  to him

his smile got bigger and then he said “you will just have to wait and see after school”

and then he was gone

oh my god

i heard the bell go of in school..


I couldn’t help but think of Luke all during break..

i wouldn’t know what you call me and him.. we aren’t exactly friends but we aren’t together

he is sitting with his popular friends.. the footballers and the cheerleaders while i am over here sitting with my girl friends..

i don’t know how it started really..

i was asked to help him study in maths.. of course i denied it but the teacher said he really needed help so i gave in and told her i would do it and before this happened i never really liked Luke, yes hes hot but it’s my friend Hannah who likes him more than me and she couldn’t believe that i got to spend a whole hour after school with him..

It wasn’t until our third study session it happened.

He was pissed of because teachers had been giving him a hard time and he took it out on me which is wasn’t getting away with, i wasn’t the source of his problem and i wasn’t making him my problem

but after he said sorry for the way he talked something changed..

the feeling in the air.. the tension between us and then next thing i remember was our clothes on the ground and Luke pressing me up against the book shelf in the library

that was 3 weeks ago.

we can’t keep away from each other, no matter how hard we try..

our study sessions lead to us in bed or in the back of his car with our clothes off.

nobody knows this.

it wouldn’t matter if someone found out, we are both teenagers having sex there is nothing wrong with that but i’m a private person but i know if my friends found out they wouldn’t be my friends and i will be labelled just another girl on Luke’s list.

When the final bell went i was so happy

i met Hannah by the locker once i got out of my last class

“Did you see Luke today, he looked so hot” she said just as i opened my locker

i rolled my eyes at her, this obsession she has is getting out of hand.

if she likes him so much why can’t she talk to him?

she has nearly every class with him

she is the one person i would hate to find out about me and Luke.

“Did you try to talk to him today?” i asked her

she laughed and said “ Of course i didn’t”

i shook my head at her, she needs to get over this and him

“Oh my god, here he comes” she whispered and then she was silent

i didn’t know what she meant but it didn’t take me long to figure out he was behind me

“Ready for this study session Y/N” i heard Luke say

Hannah had already left, she can’t stand to be any where near him she’s scared in case she says something stupid.. which she probably would

i turned around to look at him, most people had gone home now

so the hall was pretty empty..

“Yes” i repiled with then i closed my locker

i wonder what he want’s to show me

he smirked and then started walking down the hall to the exit

once we got to his car he told me to get in

so it involves us going somewhere…

i got in the car and put my seatbelt on but Luke didn’t start the car just yet

which i found weird

he turned to look at me.. why does he look nervous..

“You know me,Cal and Mickey and Ash have been thinking of starting a band?” he said

i nodded my head and then he continued

“Well we sort have been working on this EP for a while and i want your opinion” Luke said

i was surprised about this

he wants my opinion

i couldn’t help but smile at him

“Okay.. play it” i said to him

he turned his car on and put this CD into the player..

the song started to play and then i heard Cal’s voice

“Back in high school we used to take it slow

Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos

Had a job downtown working the servo

Had me waiting in line couldn’t even let go

‘Cause I never wanna be that guy

Who doesn’t even get a taste

No more having to chase

To win that prize

You’re just a little bit out of my limit

it’s been two years now you haven’t even seen the best of me

And in my mind now I’ve been over this a thousand times

But it’s almost over

Let’s start over

we have been driving for a while”..

(Out of my limit by 5sos)

the song stopped and Luke was quiet

wow i didn’t know he could sing that good and i didn’t know Calum had a voice like that!

they sound so good together

i couldn’t help but feel the butterflys in my stomach

i want to hear it again

“Well…” he said

i looked up at him, he looked nervous

“I loved it” i said to him

he smiled and then he leaned forward and smashed his lips against mine

Our lips pressed together and the kiss started getting deeper, his tounge waited at your lips for permission and i gave it to him.

he pulled me over to his side of the car so you would sit on his lap.

he bit your bottom lip, slipping his tongue into your mouth as he gripped your hips, slowly grinding his hips into yours.

i felt him grow from underneath me so i pulled away

“Luke we are in the school parking lot?” I said to him trying to catch my breath

“I need you” He grinned mischievously before attaching his lips against my neck.

i deep moaned left my mouth and i knew i needed him as well

“Get in the back” Luke said seriously..

i smirked at him and then i climbed into the back, very unlady like

Luke followed behind just as my back pressed against the seat,he smirked as he moved me so i was laying down my head pressed into the door.

it was uncomfortable but when i felt Luke’s lips against my neck it was forgotten about

As you wrapped your arms around his neck,Luke gripped your hips moving you so you were in his lap barely breaking the kiss as he did so.

We broke the kiss off and i pulled his top over his head, my hands moved up his defined torso and onto his shoulders.

he is in such good shape.

You pulled him closer to you, sucking on his neck just above his collar bone, grazing it lightly with your teeth.

I could feel Luke growing even harder against your thigh as he took off your top, throwing it onto the front seat before undoing your jeans.

He pulled them down your legs, leaving kisses on your skin as he did so, before you kicked them off of your ankles.

He took off his own jeans, before doing the same with his boxers.

he is big.

i always forget how big he is..

He moved so i was laying down again,His impressive erection seemed to beg for you as he quickly pulled down your pants, teasing your entrance with the tip of his cock.

“Are you ready baby?” he asked looking into my eyes

I couldn’t be more ready, i’m glad there is no foreplay because i am soaking enough and i need him now.

“Yeah..fuck me please..”

Luke smirked at me and then his lips reconnected with my neck and he started sucking hard..

he pushed my legs apart with his hands and then he broke away from my neck

he leaned over and grabbed his jeans and lifted out a silver foil packet, he opened it with his mouth and then he rolled it on himself

“ ready?” he said smirking at me

i nodded my head

He positioned himself at my entrance and thrusted into me

“Fuck…” i moaned

His thumbs lightly pressed into your hips as his wet kisses moved to your breasts, his thrusts becoming harder as he sucked and kissed all over your chest.

As your fingers tugged at his hair, he groaned, reaching down to rub your clit with his thumb.

“Are you close Y/N?” Luke  asked

i couldn’t speak

i have lost my voice

i nodded my head and he smirked

he thrusted harshily into me and i came.

i came so hard.

“Oh my god..” i moaned arching my back of the seat feeling my orgasm take over my body

“Fuck..i’m gonna cum” Luke said

i felt him fill the condom inside me, i clenched around his cock as he released into me letting my orgasm take over my body

Luke pulled out, i tried not the feel sad with the lose of contact as he sat up..

i couldn’t move, i knew i would be sore for a few days

he leaned back on the seat as my legs draped over his naked ones

“Fuck that was good..” Luke said once he got his breath back

i was about to speak when there was a knock at the window

me and Luke both turned to look to see who it was


It was Hannah and Mrs Brandon the Principal

Let me know that you thought of this Imagine.. 

Message for Part 2!

Thank you