Meet Riitta, our lovely sweatshop lady sewing the Speakerwear in Seinäjoki, Finland.

She has been invaluable in helping us design the Speakerwear so it fits just right.

Riitta has been an entrepreneur for almost three decades and now she’s also working on high fashion collections of Linda Sipilä. She’s also Lassi’s aunt from his mother’s side.


The Mäki-Jouppis and Grommet

Speakerwear is a family affair for Mäki-Jouppis

There’s a couple in Seinäjoki, Finland that handles the manufacturing of our Speakerwear. Lassi’s aunt Riitta sews the Speakerwear and her husband Markus attaches the grommets in his shop.

In the first pic there are the tools used for attaching the grommets.

The grommets are subjected to some ~5 tons of pressure to make them really stick. Markus has obviously designed the stand for the hydraulic press and welded it together himself.

Markus’ shop is a fine example of an atmospheric, untamed and unsterile working environment. We’ll probably post more pics from there later.

The quality of their work is impeccable we must say.