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Soft Songs Whisper Apocalyptic Breakdowns Inside My Ear While No One's Watching

The leaves have fallen
The streets are empty
My feet are cold
My heart’s heavy
Not in a metaphorical way
But my heart literally feels heavy inside of my chest

I wish I was with you
I’m not too sure who ‘you’ is
But I wish I was with you
Laying in bed
With my head on your chest
And your hands through my hair
With warm burgundy blankets
Tossing soft songs back to one another
With a television or radio or smartphone speaker humming
With weather outside
Rain or snow or wind or nothing
I don’t know
I wish I was with you

My bones vibrate inside my flesh
I hear my ancestors scream
I hear cars on the parkway muttering back and forth
I see my future ahead of me
A fuzzy black and white television screen humming incessantly
I see my future ahead of me
But no one could ever know what it really means

Am I worth your devotion
Am I worth your love letters
Am I worth your intelligence
Am I worth your time
Am I worth any time
Does it matter
I don’t know
People tell me, ‘I told you so’
And I avoid those people
People tell me I’m flawed
And I smile

Maybe one day I can be with ‘you’
In a sunny dream
Speckled with daffodils and sentimental perfume
Maybe one day I’ll stop not wanting to exist so flamboyantly
Maybe some day I’ll wake up next to you
Maybe not
But it’s the only thing I have


Trobla Wooden Speaker - TokTok

This wooden speaker from design studio TokTok is made from Slovenian maple and walnut wood, and is compatible with most major smartphone brands. Most impressive is its ability to amplify the sound of your devices WITHOUT the use of any electronic technology. That’s right… it’s a zero-tech speaker that generates better quality sound than competitor portable speakers. 

“We designed and tested multiple prototypes to make our amplifier live up to its name. Trobla is the Slovenian word for horn, and we want to orchestrate the best sound a horn can produce. The secret lies in getting it to come out as smooth as possible from your smartphone through the amp. We used a cone to keep tones sharp and created a special chamber to enhance the stereophony and low frequencies”

You can support the project by visiting their Kickstarter page here.