Jafa Mafia Sound System straight outta Auckland!

“6x Renkus Heinz 18”, 4x rcf 18", 4x Eminence 15", 6x Eminence 10", 2x 2" compression horns, 2 x Cerwin Vega vs150 full range, 2x Altec Lansing 15" full range, Eke Dek 4 way split mono Valve pre amp, 1 x Quest 4k amp, 1x Quest 3k amp, 1x Quest 1k amp, 1x Accuphase P-300 full range amp, 1 x Yamaha P2200 power amp, 1x Crown 3k power amp, and a few other lesser power amps too.“

Free Tekno

Free tekno is the name given to the music predominantly played at free parties in Europe. The spelling of the word tekno is made to deliberately differentiate the musical style from that of techno. The music is fast, normally 170 to 200 bpm and characterised by a pounding repetitive kick drum.


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