Even the sun goes down
Heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie
And sometimes “y”
Nothin’ is for sure
Nothin’ is for certain
Nothin’ lasts forever
But until they close the curtain
It’s him & I

The name is Big Boi Daddy Fat Sax
the nigga that like them Cadillacs
I stay down with these streets
‘cause these streets is where my folks at
Better know that some say we pro-black boy we professional
we missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional
Get off the testicles & the nut sacks
you bust a rhyme we bust back
Get get back for real niggas that’s out here tryin’ to spit facts
You hear dat can’t come near dat maybe you need to quit
because Aquemini is Aquarius & Gemini runnin’ shit like this
Yea yea yea yea

My mind warps and bends floats the wind count to ten
meet the twin Andre Ben. welcome to the lion’s den
original skin many men comprehend
I extend myself so you go out & tell a friend
Sin all depends on what you believing in
Faith is what you make it that’s the hardest shit since MC Ren
Alien can blend right on in wit’ yo’ kin
look again ‘cause I swear I spot one every now & then
It’s happenin’ again wish I could tell you when
Andre this is Andre y’all just gon’ have to make amends


I didn’t go to the West Indian parade this year, so I want to share photos I took at the parade a whole five years ago, in 2010.  My culture is so rich and deep in its history and accomplishments.  No matter the violence, we find a way to come together each year and celebrate our islands and heritages.  Big up all my Caribbean folk!


DOWNLOAD: Bassnectar - Mixtape 13 – 06.30.15

01 Bassnectar & Levitate - Chasing Heaven
02 The Naked and Famous - No Way (Bassnectar Remix)
03 Point Point - Double Oreo (San Holo x Bassnectar Remix)
04 Bassnectar - Into the Sun
05 Bassnectar - Loco Ono (Bassnectar & Stylust Beats Remix)
06 Bassnectar - Speakerbox feat. Lafa Taylor
07 Bassnectar & Louis Futon - Sideways feat. Zion I
08 Bassnectar & G Jones - The Mystery Spot
09 David Heartbreak - Rose Colored Bass (Bassnectar Remix)
10 Twisted Tools Interlude ;)
11 Bassnectar & Gnar Gnar - Generate
12 Psymbionic & Of The Trees - One Thing feat. Cristina Soto (Bassnectar Remix
13 Bassnectar & Luzcid - Science Fiction
14 Bassnectar - Blow [2015 Version]
15 Wintergatan - Sommarfågel (Bassnectar Remix)
16 Dorfex Bos - Dorfex Bos (Bassnectar Remix) [2015 Version]
17 Bassnectar & Sayr - Breathing [2015 Version]
18 Bassnectar & Kang - Dubuasca [2015 Version]
19 Bassnectar & Sayr - Enter the Chamber [2015 Version]

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