BTS react to you body rolling

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Jin: It was a lazy afternoon. Jin made lunch and he called out for you, but you didn’t reply. Wondering what you’re doing, his feet lead him to your room. When he walks into your room, he finds you jamming to some sensual and slow music that was blasting through the speaker. When the beat starts to getting slower and the mood changes to a sexy atmosphere, you start to roll your chest at a slow pace, according to the beat of the song. Then you start to really getting into the song, showing a sensual expression that gradually grew throughout the song. Jin just stood there at the door way, staring at you with awe without a sound. He has never seen this side of you. He gulps at the sight of you. But little did he know, you knew he was standing there.

“Jagi … what are you doing?” 

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Rap Mon: The two of you are at a huge party. The moment you walk through the door, the music blasts so loudly into your ears you felt your whole body was vibrating. People around were grooving to the music with their hands slowly waving in the air and hips moving side to side. Rap Mon decided to go look for some alcohol for the both of you. With him gone for a moment, you slowly squeeze through the crowd and reached the dance floor. The pumping pop song ended and a more R&B and seductive song came on. Your first instinct is to dance. After-all, you’re at a party. You close your eyes, letting the music flow into your head as you sway your hips and butt side to side. Once the chorus came on, you start to body roll, starting from your upper body to lower. As the song goes on, you continue to dance. You felt a hand grasps on your wrist. You open your eyes and turn to looks who is was. Rap Mon. He pulls you desperately and leads you to a dark hallway. He pushes you against the cold wall. His eyes filled with lust and hunger. Then you felt his lips crash into yours.  

“Babe… don’t tease me.”

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Suga: You got a text from him. The text indicated that he finally finished the song he has been working on for months now. You told him numerous times to take a rest, but you know that little stubborn head of his is determined to make the song perfect. You glance at the text he sent you, he seems excited and he wants to you to go his studio to listen to it. When you arrive to his studio, he greets you with his gummy smile. He excitedly opens up the song and hands you a headphone. The music starts and you were amazed. Months of hard work, you have to say this was one of the best songs he produced. The jazzy and R&B vibe got you slightly excited. You bob you head up and down at the beats. Then you initial reaction hits you, you starts to body roll. The vibe the song was giving had you going crazy, you couldn’t help but body roll. After the song finish, you turn to look at Suga and was about to complement him. All you saw was a pair of lustful eyes staring at yours.

“Glad to know you like it babe.”

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Jhope: You joined him in the practice room late at night. You guys tried to spend as much time as possible since he was going on tour soon. He asked you to visit him in the practice room to hang out. When you arrived, you witnessed him doing robotic movements while the EDM music is basting from the bluetooth speakers. You sat on one of the chairs, observing your talented boyfriend while he practice. Song after song, you sat there looking at him. Then, your favorite song to jam to came on. Without realization you jumped onto your feet and start dancing along with Jhope. When he saw you dancing, he started laughing at how dorky and cute you are. This was the song you’ve always danced to whenever it came on and you didn’t care what others think. The chorus came on and the two of you shared a knowing glance and body rolled in unison. 

“We would kill it if we performed this.”

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Jimin: The two of you have been dating for a while, and the public knows. They have been surprisingly supportive of the relationship. He was broadcasting live on the V app, so you remained silent in the other side of the room. He was talking about how the other members are doing, talking about the tour, and reading the comments. Since he loves his fans so much, he likes to show his favorite songs at the moment so he can share it with everyone. However, the song he chose to play was sort of. .sexy. The vocals was seductive and dripping in butter. Everything about the song got your mind thinking dirty. Jimin looked at you and smiled, hinting at something. He flicked his tongue slowly across his lips. Then he winked at the camera. He as doing it to entertain his fans, but you knew it was meant for you, too. You knew he was challenging you, but you were competitive as heck. You body rolled along with the music and swayed your hips. You squatted down with your knees apart, showing him that you’re not backing down. He looked at you with lustful eyes and ended the broadcast quickly. 

“Sorry guys, I need to go because (Y/N) got in some trouble.”

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Taehyung: You were snuggled next to Taehyung on the couch, browsing on Youtube. Your boyfriend, Taehyung, was scrolling through his script. He has been stressed out lately because he was filming a drama. You found a song that you really liked and you even learned the choreography, too. You looked up at Taehyung, that’s when an idea came in your head. You got up from your spot and played the song. You went to the middle of the living room and took a deep breath. Tae was confused about what you’re doing. Nonetheless, you started dancing the choreography you knew by heart. The dance had some sexy moves and spinning around. You slowly rolled your body along the flow of the music. Every once in a while, you steal a glance at him. He was staring back at you and your body. As the song goes on, your body started to heat up by the fast moves. The song ended so you finished with a big move. You catch your breath and looked at Taehyung. He was staring at you with amusement and surprise. There was not a hint of stress in his features at all. He gave you a warm smile you two cuddled there on the couch.

“You should dance more often.”

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Jungkook: He was having a day off, so he decided to spend time and shop with you. He wanted some new shirts and a pair of shoes. You didn’t need anything but you wanted to accompany him since he has been very busy lately. You guys looked around the mall, glancing at every little things around you. Jungkook found a shoe place so he dragged you into the store. The store was playing some R&B music, which you bobbed you head along with. Jungkook was looking around aimlessly, trying to find a pair that would catch his attention. However, you were actually dancing behind his back while he was still searching. You were in your own little world. When you glanced back at Jungkook, he was still oblivious to what you’re doing. Safe without his knowledge, you kept dancing to the music behind him. Jungkook found a pair of boots and picked it up. He observed it and turned around, catching you body rolling. He widened his eyes and you stopped what you’re doing.

“I’m just going to try these on…”

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