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The Contest - Chapter 7

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 7 continues with the slowest of builds, Lots of dirty talking, Smut to come, Fluff smut for now, Humour, Swearing, Flirting, Sweetness, Sexual tension, Teasing, Groping, Fingering, Language!, Nudity, NSFW, Stilettos, Romanian Vampires, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 5,196 (damn muse)

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A/N: To everyone following along, thanks so much for your patience! The past 2 months have been crazy busy and it’s been hard to find the time to write. Hopefully I can get back on track for a bit :) I got a little carried away with this chapter and had to split it into two parts so another chapter has been added to this fic…you can blame Bucky.

To everyone sending me messages, feedback and requests to be tagged, THANK YOU! You are all so incredibly AWESOME! Tumblr continues to be a bitch with the tags so I’ve done these manually - I hope I haven’t missed anyone! Please send me a note if I’ve left you off by mistake.

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Chapter 7: Face The Music

Walking into the common room, you’re met with the scene of Thor and Tony laying out a spread of snacks and drinks while Steve, Bruce and Bucky set up the equipment for the evening’s entertainment.

Hearing the click of your high heels on the polished floor and a low whistle from Tony, Bucky looks up and immediately freezes at the sight of you.  Eyes widening in stunned surprise as they sweep over every inch of your body, he absentmindedly drops the speaker wire he’s holding in his hands.

Buoyed by his reaction, you toss your hair back and start to make your way towards him, swaying your hips for maximum effect.  While you can’t help but feel sexy as the short hemline of your dress threatens to reveal the lace and garters underneath with every step, it’s the ravenous look in Bucky’s eyes that has the wetness pooling in a rush between your legs.

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 6

****** I did some research on some of the songs for this story so I’m actually doing research now for one shots what has my life become. I hope you all know the extensiveness that has started to go into this craziness you’re all welcome damn.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5



Harry kept his album from you for quite some time. You instantly asked to listen to it, obviously, and after talking with Anne on the phone once you’d broke the news of your engagement to your families, you were shocked to find that Harry had already played it for her. 

“You played it for your mum?” you cried, “What is so wrong about it that you can’t play it for me? What did I do?” you begged.

Harry just watched you fall apart while sitting in that damn yellow seat, smirking as you fumed at him and paced back and forth. 

“How am I supposed to support you and sing along when I haven’t even heard your music?” you whined. You had gotten into his habit of twirling around your engagement ring whenever you were nervous, and Harry joked that if you kept doing that then you were accidentally going to lose it at some point. 

“I want it to be special,” Harry said, standing from the seat and resting his hands on your shoulders, giving you a sincere smile as he used his index finger to lift your chin. “Don’t pout, angel,” he mimicked your pout. “I promise you’ll love it.”

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I will always come back; Rocket Raccoon x Human!Reader

This request came from my Wattpad account and this was my first attempt to write a romantic oneshot featuring our Favorite trash panda Rocket. Now I took inspiration from the newly opened up Disney attraction after watching some of the videos on youtube GOTG: Mission Breakout so the quotes I have in the beginning belong to the ride I give them FULL credit. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this oh and if you want, fill free to listen to Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation when it comes up in the story :) Besides swearing not really any more warnings for you guys.

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“This is all your fault” snarled Gamora.

“Well at least we get a really cool looking sign” stated Peter. Soon golden words came across his glass screen and he whined out, “ahh man they got my name wrong its Star-Lord, dude. Although they do call me the leader. That’s pretty cool”.

“Yes because you led down here into this trap!”

“Hey, I thought the tour sounded fun”

“What name do they call me?” asked Drax. As words appeared across his cage. Peter leaned in and said out loud.

“Ahh Drax the Destroyer”.

“Ha! That is correct”.

“They got his name right”.

“That’s what bothers you!”

“Well sorry, Gamora Daughter of Thanos”. Gamora’s eyed widened as she saw the words across her cage and she shouted in rage.

“I AM NOT THE DAUGHTER OF THANOS!!” She punched her cage which shocked her with such high levels of voltage it light up her entire cage and caused her to shake her hand in pain.

“You’re not supposed to tap the glass” Peter smart-mouthed.


“Hey! Would you two keep it down over there!?” Rocket shouted to both Peter and Gamora.

“I am Groot” stated Bab Groot.

“I know! They’re so inconsiderate”.

“I am Groot”.

“According to that you’re not Groot, you’re a Flora Colossus”.

“I am Groot!”

“Don’t listen to him. You are Groot” stated Rocket.

“Hey you wanna know what they call you Rocket?” asked Peter.

“I know what they call me. Cybernetic, genetically—”

“Pet Rodent!” Drax then let out a boisterous laugh as Rocket exclaimed angrily.


“I thought you’d be more upset about the Rodent”

“Ain’t nothing in the universe like me except me!” The Guardians of the Galaxy had once again found themselves in a serious predicament. Having been tricked by the Collector, they have now become a part of his collection on Knowhere for his profit and gain.

The cages they were in were made especially for them since the Collector had known that Rocket was known for escaping from every imprisonment that he’s even been put in. The wires in each cage were hooked up to his Massive generator which gave each cage unimaginable power and any touch of it would deliver a painful shock throughout their bodies. The cages were also elevated at the center of his collection and even if they were able to escape, they would only end up falling into an abyss thousands of feet.

They continued to argue amongst themselves when Groot exclaimed at them to be quiet then Gamora fell to her knees helplessness saying.

“I’m in hell”. But as she leaned against her cage, she got shocked again which made Drax chuckle. The Guardians knew that unless Rocket could magically get out of his cage and free them, they would forever be at the hands of the Collector and be a freak-show for the rest of their lives.

Or so they thought.

Unbeknownst to the Collector, there was one member of the Guardian’s missing from his collection. And she was currently climbing up the walls of the gantry lift with one of Rocket’s guns wrapped around her back. To a normal person climbing up 40-50ft of wall would seem impossible but to (y/n) (l/n) it was next to nothing for her.

*1st Person POV*

The name is (y/n) (l/n) one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Just to get some of the basic information out of the way I am human but I was taken from my home by black market aliens and taken to the same planet where Rocket and Groot were taken and experimented on. The scientists had given me enhanced strength as well as intelligence like my boyfriend. (Wait what?)

Yeah you heard right. Rocket Raccoon is my boyfriend. After helping them throughout our time together in that hellhole, Rocket helped Groot get some water in his system after finding him dehydrated and just before escaping they helped me when I was being beaten by some of the scientists for sport.

Once I was saved, I escaped with them and the three of us teamed up to drag in any bounties to make as much money as we could and throughout that time Rocket and I began to fall for each other. Of course him being the stubborn ass that he is he didn’t want to admit it but Groot actually played Matchmaker and set us up on a romantic starlight dinner and that’s when the truth finally came out from both of us.

And I’m sure you guys know what happened next after we had made it to Xandar, if not then go do your research.

Anyways, fast forward a few months after we saved the galaxy from Ronan and to make this long story short, Rocket and I had our usual arguments with each other but the last one we had was so bad that I couldn’t even bear to look at him anymore and I walked out on him. Next thing I know, Mantis tells me that the Collector has imprisoned him in his collection and here I am now.

Finally after a long climb, I make it to the Generator’s level and I see the power source just ahead of me. I then decided now would be a good time to make my grand entrance. I take out my boyfriend’s gun and ready it as I stated.

“I live for the simple things, like how much I’m going to enjoy this”. I then pull the trigger and the blast hits the power source which then cuts the entire power off then I wire the speakers and proclaimed.

“Attention K-mart shoppers, this is your savior speaking. Please enjoy our program after this commercial breakout”. I then plugged in Quill’s Walkman and my favorite rocker girl Joan Jett “Bad Reputation” came on as I raced towards the generator then did a superhero burst out of the glass and fell epically down on top of an escaped flying womp rat.

With my friends’ weapons and seeing all the creatures now free along with the Collector’s security drones trying to fire at everything in sight. I took control of my flying womp rat by using some wires that I keep at my hip for emergencies like this, I made sure that when it had open its disgusting mouth the wire went inside his mouth and like a rein I controlled his flight patterns.

“Hey Gamora!” I tossed her, her sword and she freed herself from one of the tentacles of an Abilisk. Then after jumping out of the mouth of a gargoyle-like giant behemoth, Drax punched its face which threw it backwards I called out his name and tossed him his daggers.

“Thank you (y/n)! You are a cunning warrior and I am honored to fight alongside you!”

“No prob, where’s Rocket and Groot?”

“Last I saw them they were with Quill”. I nodded then urged my womp rat onward. Flying a few levels higher, I took notice that Rocket and Quill were overwhelmed by droids as well as the small pestering alien rats.

“Babe!” Rocket turned to me and I tossed him his gun which he caught and readied it before saying.

“Oh—yeah!” He then went crazy firing at the drones. I then leaped off my womp rat and tackled one of the drones and punched my bare hand into its main control and ripped it off then quickly rewired it and used it as my own weapon at any oncoming threat.

“Hey (l/n) you didn’t happen to grab my blasters did you?”

“Here you punk!” I tossed him his blasters and he went nuts with them before asking me.

“You didn’t really think this through did you?”

“Shut up, okay! At least I’m getting you out of here aren’t I?”

“I am Groot!” I then saw a vine tentacle grab Groot and take him towards an enhanced Venus fly-trap.

“Groot!” I took a running start then leaped in the air to try and grab him but I was suddenly grabbed by a three headed snake. Its coils wrapped around me tightly squeezing the life out of me. I could almost hear the sound of my bones cracking that’s when I heard Rocket’s voice say.

“Hey lizard breath! Get your damn coils off'a my girl!” He then fired at the snake’s heads which made them rear back and release me but I ended up falling with no womp rat to get on. But it was then Peter grabbed me and said.

“What would you do without me?”

“Apparently be a pancake”. Peter then took me back towards Rocket.

“What’s the plan now?” Peter asked me.

“We’re going home. Mantis is on the upper level waiting for us with the Milano, get everyone together and meet me up there in a few minutes. I still need to grab some things”.

“I’m coming too!” Rocket exclaimed.

“No you’re going with Peter!”

“You ain’t getting rid of me that easily babe now I’m coming whether you like it or not!” Rocket stated firmly as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Fine but let’s go now before creepy mc-bad-hairdo sends in more of his drones. We’re gonna make some fireworks”. I stated as I ran off. Rocket smirked and stated to Peter before running off after me.

“I love it when she talks explosives”.

“You got issues Rocket!” Peter called out.

Throughout various levels of the facility, we each set up bombs and activated them while I had the detonator. I also went ahead and grabbed Peter’s Walkman since I knew I’d never hear the end of it if that got destroyed, plus I like hearing some of his music. I then met up with the others at the Milano and saw everyone was there except for Rocket.

“Where’s Rocket?” I asked.

“I thought he was with you!” said Peter.

“He was but then he disappeared on me as I was grabbing this for you!” I showed Peter his Walkman and he said.

“Yes! (Y/n) you got my Walkman thanks little sis!” He then went to glomp me in a hug but I sidestepped which made him trip as I scouted the area worriedly. If Rocket didn’t come back in the next 1:45 those bombs will set off anyway even without the detonator.

Suddenly Rocket appeared flying up with his jetpack and he landed right next to me.

“So we outta here or what?”

“Yes. Let us be relieved of this haunting environment” stated Drax. We all then aboard the Milano and Peter took the wheel and we took off and with the detonator, Rocket and I together pushed the button and watched as the Collector’s office blew up in fireworks. Finally we all left Knowhere and left all of that insane mess behind us and set our course for wherever we wanted to go.

“You really came through for us (y/n), thank you” Gamora stated as she placed her hand on my shoulder. I smiled softly and nodded at her. Drax then stood up and very strongly patted my back once and thanked me just like Gamora did. Groot then came up to me and lifted his arms up to me which made me smile softly and pick him up and I held him close to my chest and in turn he yawned cutely and fell asleep.

“But why? Why did you come back?” stated Rocket solemnly. The rest of the Guardians took that statement as their moment to leave. I passed Groot to Gamora and they all left the room leaving Rocket and I to talk alone.

“Because I wanted to”.

“But after that fight, everything I said to you about being a—” I knelt down beside him and kissed his nose before taking his face into my hands.

“Don’t ruin the moment alright?” He softly grinned then I continued, “We fight, that’s what all couples do. Sometimes fights leave to things being said that aren’t really true, and Rocket I was angry at the time but I know you, and I know that everything you said wasn’t true, and you know me enough to know I didn’t mean any of the things I said about you. And no matter how much we fight, or whatever stupid things we may say to each other, I will always come back to you”.

“Same here” he said sincerely as his eyes glistened with tears of love and admiration. “God, when did I get so lucky to find someone like you?”

“I ask myself to same thing every day babe”. We both smiled at each other and as we leaned in for a kiss, it was then the annoying buzzing voice of Quill stated out-loud.

“No mutant baby making in my ship!”

“DAMNIT QUILL MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!” Rocket shouted out. I rolled my eyes and took Rocket in my arms and the two of us just cuddled together for the remainder of the ride.

Cotton Eye Joe vs Noisy A-hole Neighbors.

(warning: long story)

Background: Growing up, I lived with my parents in a three bedroom condo unit on the second floor. There was only three condos in a unit so we had only one apartment above us and one below us. The unit is apart of a few blocks worth of condominiums and it’s like its own little community. All the neighbors know each other and were always around to offer a helping hand. It was an awesome quiet little nook filled with families in what was otherwise a very busy part of a large city. My parents still live there after 25 years since they bought the place when they first immigrated to America.

My parents are for the most part very friendly people, and had good relations with all our neighbors. Below us lived a nice Eastern European family and above us, a large Asian family who despite the sheer amount of people living there, we never heard a peep from them. They were all on friendly terms, but it was very much a situation of ‘I won’t bother you so don’t bother me.’ My entire childhood, there was never any bad blood between any of the neighbors and for the most part everyone just did their own thing and lent a helping hand once in awhile.

As a side note: my father worked in construction since he was a young kid, and building codes are essentially his bread and butter. Within the Department of Buildings and Fire Department in my state, he cultivated a reputation over the past 30 years as being one of the foremost experts in understanding building codes and spotting potential issues on any job site instantly. This is important to remember.

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Love Square Hide and Seek - 16

Clearly I don’t dust around the kitchen speakers nearly as often as I should.  OMG.  I have regrets.

LB: Don’t worry Adrien.  We’ll get you out of there.  Can you breathe all right?
AA: I’m fine, Ladybug.  Just… if you see Chat Noir, maybe send him my way?
LB: Will do!  Hang tight.

MD-C: Shouldn’t we maybe run or something?
CN: Dance off!
MD-C: Is this really how we’re going to defeat this akuma?
CN: It worked against Ronin in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.
MD-C: We remember that film very differently.
CN: Behind the scenes, Princess.

AA: I don’t think that goes there.
LB: Is this your lucky charm, or mine?
AA: Yours, but… I have a friend who’s a DJ and I’ve learned a bit about wiring speakers.  If you do that, you’re just going to create ear-splitting feedback and… oh… you’re a genius, aren’t you.
LB: *giggling* Thank you ever so much.  Now here.  Take these earplugs.

MD-C: Behold Chat.
CN: What am I beholding, Princess?
MD-C: Paris, city of dreams, city of nightmares
CN: … is this another fashion theme?
MD-C: Yup

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if you use several strips of washi tape, you'd be surprised by how much you can hold up. I use them to organise my speaker system wires and whatnot, by taping the wires to the underneath of my desk so they're not hanging everywhere and I use just a few bits of washi tape?? idk you should consider trying it though!

i’ll try it!! thank u for the recommendation lovely 💕

Like a river

“So those little metal circles spin around with a motor, and a beam of light reads them and plays music? That’s awesome.”

“Isn’t it? Muggles are coming up with the neatest things these days. Although,” Hermione huffed just a little as she slung the knapsack of CDs off her shoulder, “this technology is pretty heavy. I don’t even know what Mum put in here, she just seemed to grab handfuls and shove them in. I’m a bit out of the loop on muggle music so I told her anything was fine.”

Ron spread out a blanket and unpacked his knapsack’s contents of food and drinks while she connected the Discman to portable speakers with a tiny wire. The porch light from the Grangers’ home was dim from the crest of the park’s highest hill.

“Ok, I’ve heard of some of these… Celine Dion, Elton John, Boyzone, Garth Brooks? That’s not mum’s usual style.”

“He’s got his face painted like a Quidditch supporter. Let’s give him a go.”

Rollicking music issued from the speakers as Ron and Hermione nibbled and sipped, gradually scooting closer to one another until they were side by side. Hermione tucked herself under Ron’s arm and leaned back a bit.

“You know, all those nights out in nature, and I never really looked up at the stars. I OWLed in astronomy, of course, but that was more where planets and stars are in relation to each other. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten all the constellations and their stories.”

Ron looked down, a bit dumbstruck.

“Something has escaped that steel trap of a mind? I can’t believe it.”

“You spent more time on it in Divination, which I blew off. Do you know them?”

Ron smoothed Hermione’s hair away from his face and gently tucked it between her head and his shoulder. He shifted his shoulders to cradle her head more securely against himself and leaned the both of them back.

“So if we begin with the moon as our central point of reference, note that it’s currently waxing gibbous. We’ll use its tips to help us navigate to constellations. Over to the east from the northernmost tip…”

Ron went on to detail constellations, clusters, and planets, elaborating on particularly significant arrangements as he recalled. The couple gradually laid down on the blanket, Hermione curled into his shoulder all the while. As he went on, a quiet song came on, so he lowered his voice a bit.

“… Then continuing north along that line, there’s the constellation Coma Berenices. It gets its name from the story of an Egyptian queen who cut off her golden locks to pay off on a deal she made with the goddess of love to keep her husband safe during wartime. The goddess was so pleased that the hair was taken up to heaven as a cluster of stars*. I’d have done the same for you, you know, if I could.”

Expecting a bit of a snog for that romantic overture, Ron instead got a small snore as Hermione snuggled against him in her sleep.

“Well, I suppose that’s fine, too. Kind of nice, I’ll keep chatting to keep you asleep for a bit. You’re still sporting huge dark circles. Let me tell you about Orion over here. Fine bloke, and a magnificent todger there below his belt if you follow those couple stars. Fred and George pointed that one out to me years ago, I didn’t learn that at school. I figure Fred would love it if I passed that knowledge on to you. Well. Anyway, continuing north…”

When Ray was told be report to a certain address, he had expected literally anything but a dark, abandoned parkinglot in the middle of nowhere. His phone was in his hand in an instant, already typing out an expletive-filled message to Geoff when the lights overhead that had no business flashing on did. His eyes adjusted to the brightness just as music started playing from speakers wired up somewhere nearby. The cheesiest slow song that he had ever heard began to assault his ears.

He didn’t need to look up to know who standing only a few yards away, the dorkiest of grins gracing his face.

Their earlier conversation replayed in his head where Ray had admitted that no, he had never really had a first slow dance, or really any of the usual Teenage Firsts expeced out of him. “I didn’t have time,” he said, which was code for My youth and any hope of having a normal life died when I was fifteen because I literally lived on the fucking street.

Ray sighed and slid his phone back into his pocket, a hint of a grin playing at his lips. “Ryan, I’m never telling you anything personal about myself agai–is that a fucking corsage, oh my God.”

i wasn’t expecting to post this om g

didilysims replied to your photoset

To be fair, there’s definitely enough room to get around that speaker–not even a wire to trip over! Sims are such drama queens.

Exactly! DJ even went upstairs when I asked her to, so I thought, they’re good, it can stay there.
Then the next day I noticed the upstairs sims were eyeing the ground with a forlorn face, and the halp-routing-issue! thought bubble :D

Realizations of a broken girl

I’ve finally realized a lot of things about my self and my behaviors.

The majority of it comes from a narcisst father.

A little back story: My mother has been through two marriages, the first with a man whom she married to survive as when she went to college her parents basically said “your an adult now you are on your own” and moved to Florida. My mom was from a sheltered small town in northern Michigan so she was shocked and married her first husband her sophomore/junior year of college because it was the only way to survive.

She found the marriage wasn’t working and they had a civil divorce and went out for drinks afterword. It wasn’t a heated horrible issue like most divorces. It was a “this isn’t working we should end” both parties mutually agreeing to end civilly.

My father? He is a complete other story.

In the late 1990’s my mother went to a singles dance she was talked into by a friend. There she met my father. He was charming, handsome, amusing and very good at “wooing” like most narcissists. They dated for about 6-9 months before he proposed and they got engaged. Me? I’m the result of birthday sex a month before the wedding. They were married and 8 months later I popped out on January 12th, 2000 exactly 9 months and 31 years from my mothers birthday.

This is where it all starts.
Living hell with my father

I only have one good memory of him. One. And that is coming home from work when I am about 3. He kisses my mother and we sit down to eat dinner my mom has prepared. I look back on that memory and my mother was probably dying inside. She is very good at hiding her emotions.

My mom had just recently become a Christian and believed divorce would send her to hell. She put up with is verbal, emotional and I suspect sexual abuse for 6 years until our pastor said abuse was seen as an okay reason by the church for divorce. They got divorced when I was 5 1/2

Now I said I have one *good* memory of them together. I have plenty of memories of them together. Screaming, fighting, hair pulling, cowering, a terrified child I was. I have two most vivid memories. First is of him driving up in his new car (a ‘70 el camino) which he had used money my mother had earned working a day care at my home. He took HER money and bought a god damn car. And my mom seeing it and screaming at him. I was inside at the time and I don’t know what they said but I remember seeing it and crying because I was so scared.

The only other memory I have is them screaming at each other in the office room.

All of this traumatized me because I was so young and to see my mother and my father at each others neck yelling is something I will never get out of my head.

I didn’t see my father for 7 months while the custody of me was decided. My mom won the majority of the custody thanks to my priest at the time who backed my mom. I was scheduled to visit my dad every other weekend and holidays. The plan fell through the roof in a few years.

Now that is all just history. You need all of that to understand what I’m going to tell you.

My father is diagnosed narcisstistic personality disorder with a little borderline in there too. Although because of that instead of being a normal human and saying “okay how can I help myself and change?” He projected it onto my mother saying that she had those and that she was a horrible human being. He would emotionally abuse her in their marriage and I suspect sexually (I have no proof other than the way my mom reacts when I bring up sex in their marriage) My father denies all this. Saying “it was fine, I don’t understand why your mother wanted a divorce she seemed… Happy”

Narcissts play the victim card. In situations where YOU are the victim they will explain and twist to make them the victim of it. An example is this May when he took me to a movie and dinner then dumped me at home to go to a bachelor part at a bar “for an hour”. By the time I called my friend to come pick me up it has been over two. Since then I haven’t seen my father except once when he came to my graduation forcefully. He turned that situation into me not willing to see him because of one silly event and not acknowledging the years of emotional abuse I suffered from him and that being the final straw. HE PLAYS THE VICTIM IN THAT. That is what they do.

You might be wondering what I mean by the emotional abuse. Because of it all I can not cry In front of anyone, ask for anything, ask to go anywhere, voice my needs, wake people up, and much more. The instance where I stopped being able to cry in front of anyone? When we were sitting around the bonfire and he was drunk and we were discussing an emotional issue and I started crying. He snapped at me to stop crying and I did because he looked so terrifying like he was going to do something if I didn’t. Why I can’t wake people up in the morning? One morning I jumped on his bed and woke him up when i was 6. He freaked and started yelling at me how I shouldn’t just wake up people and was angry with me the rest of the day. Ask for anything? I asked to go to an artisan market one Saturday. I hadn’t asked for anything in year and I hadnt seen him in a few weeks. He said no and said buying and installing speaker wire in his den was more important. He treated me like I was a burden to him, a duty, a “check box to mark” I was nothing to him. Thus I feel like a burden, like I shouldn’t ever ask for anything because of I do, I’m a burden. All of his abuse and put downs turned me into passive.

I am a strong willed individual. I always have been. But I went from insanely strong, voiceful, uncaring, able to do anything, to scared, socially anxious and a mess. His personality disorder is a special one as in the people around them get treated and the one with the disorder doesn’t. It’s a fucked up disorder and it changed who I am.

All I ask is please don’t throw around the work narcissist. Because stuck up, egotistic ass holes aren’t as distrustful as people who break people, tear families apart and ruin the lives of manny.

That’s a little bit into my story. I might share some more if I reach 2000 followers but that’s a long ways away.

In Sickness and In Health (Part 1 of 2, Miraculous Ladybug)

HOO BOY, a very late Christmas gift to my wonderful parent, @arejayelle​, who has indulged and encouraged by Miraculous Ladybug obsession <3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Chat Noir (ish)
Rating: K+, low Teen
Words: 5179
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Being flattened by one thousand elephants would be better than this.

Being seared by a flame-throwing, spatula-wielding akumatized chef would be better than this.

Hell, being smothered by Chloé in his sleep would be better than this.

“If you’re going to whine so much, you could at least pair it with some cheese,” Plagg sniffs.

The kwami swoops over so that Adrien can see as well as hear his disdain: Plagg crosses his tiny arms and rolls his eyes. In response, Adrien weakly bats him out of the way and reaches for another tissue. The past twelve hours have found him waging war against his fiercest of foes; upon the battlefield of his bed are strewn the crumpled forms of the fallen. Adrien glares at Plagg the best he can as he blows his nose, hard.

“Traitor,” Adrien says, “No sympathy for your best friend and charge.”

When he speaks, it sounds like he’s talking through pudding - he can’t tell if it’s because his nose is so clogged, or if it’s that his ears haven’t stopped ringing, but it’s uncomfortable nonetheless. His whole mouth feels thick, tacky. Breathing through his nose ceased to be an option hours ago, but fortunately Plagg had stopped tossing bits of cheese and paper past his parted lips any time he’s attempted sleep.

Plagg shrugs at his complaint. “It’s hard to be sympathetic when you do dumb stuff. You fully deserve this, you know.”

“I knoooooow,” he moans, flopping over so he can continue grousing into his pillow.

“You’re still going to do it though, aren’t you?”

It hurts to swallow, but Adrien can’t help it. Through the haze of cold medicine and a barely-beaten-back fever he knows the choice he’s made is the right one. That doesn’t make him any less nervous about it.


“And you’re going to drag me along too, huh?” Plagg asks, like he doesn’t already know the answer.

“I can’t do it without Chat Noir.”

“What makes you think I’ll agree, sicky?”

“You love watching me make an idiot out of myself, Plagg.”

“Eh, fair enough.”

He’d love to say it was all her fault, but he knows better.

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Of Dogs and Flowers

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There’s a jogger that goes by Levi’s house every other day. He always brings his dog with him. Levi is not a huge fan of either of them.

Levi pushes aside the curtain, looks out his window, and scowls. That blonde prick is back. Specifically, that blonde prick and his dog are back. Levi knows them well by now: a tall blondie that always goes jogging down his street and brings his dumb dog with him. The street is too far away from Levi’s house for him to see Blondie’s face clearly, but Levi is sure that it looks punchable. And oh, does he ever want to punch this guy.

Dog walkers aren’t anything special in his neighborhood. He lives in a small town, but it’s pretty well populated, and when the weather is nice plenty of people are out and about, even in the suburbs. Plenty of people walk their dogs, probably eager to take advantage of the good weather and work out some of their mutt’s energy. Levi wouldn’t know; he owns a cat.

Blondie is a special case. He shows up almost every other day at around three o’clock and jogs down Rose Avenue, wearing a sweaty t-shirt and a pair of shorts that Levi can—even from a distance—see hugs his ass tightly. He has one of those phone armbands as well as those earbuds with a speaker on the wire, and he is always chattering away into it. A black fanny pack hangs from his hips. A bright red leash is always hooked around his wrist, and trotting alongside him is some stupid purebred. Levi thinks it might be a Labrador. It always has this idiotic look on its face; its lips are always pulled back in a sort of grin, tongue lolling out to the side. Sometimes drool drips from its mouth as it forgets to swallow, eventually turning into foam. Its tail is almost wagging as it walks, held aloft just above its spine. The beast’s fur is nearly the same color as Blondie’s hair, and the way they’re color coordinated somehow irritates Levi even more.

However, nothing about his appearance is what makes Levi utterly loathe him. He can’t even see the specifics from his house, anyway. No, there’s one thing, one single, solitary fact, that makes Levi’s very being burn with anger at the very sight of this man.

His dog pisses on Levi’s garden.

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Who am I to Stand in your Way?



               Derek Hale had been through a lot of shit in his life, and he liked to think that it would be relatively hard to surprise him after everything that he’d been through. His second girlfriend turned out to be a hunter who burnt his family to the ground. His third girlfriend was an evil druid who was practicing sacrifices and evil spells. The next person that he fell in love with got possessed by a thousand year old fox spirit who thrived off of chaos and destruction.

               This is why when he was visiting his pack at Berkley University and he took Lydia out to coffee one evening, he did not expect to catch a scent that reminded him of plaid, research, and swimming pools. Derek immediately looked around the cafe, and in the corner he saw him.

               Stiles looked tangled up in cords and Derek could hear his slightly increased pulse. He didn’t sound panicked, just nervous- like he’d done this before. Beside him there was an electric keyboard and a microphone. A hand clamped onto Derek’s shoulder, and Lydia quickly steered him towards a large plant- she was definitely hiding the alpha from him.

“That’s Stiles.” Derek said, and he could feel his eyebrows pinching together.

               "Astute observation, Derek.“ Lydia said as she waved towards a waiter, who came when she beckoned (Who doesn’t?)  and she ordered. Derek asked for a  black coffee, which made the banshee roll her eyes and announce that he didn’t need to order something that he didn’t like to try to make him seem tough. Lydia ordered a mocha as an afterthought.

"You don’t want him to see us.” Derek pointed out, and Lydia rolled her eyes as she corrected, “I’ve seen him play live before; I don’t want him to see you, or he’ll get nervous and change his set.”

               Derek dwelled on that in silence until their coffees came, and Lydia immediately pushed the extra mocha that she had ordered towards him. Derek opened his mouth to protest, but she simply raised a perfect eyebrow at him and he decided that it wasn’t worth it. She was right, black coffee wasn’t something that he particularly enjoyed.

               The plant was annoying, but Derek could easily look through the leaves and see Stiles. He was talking to a guy around his age. The guy was smiling with soft eyes and his heart on his sleeve. He was obviously in love with Stiles, but, Derek thought to himself, who wouldn’t be?

               The man reached forward to grab at Stiles hands, and Derek listened carefully as the duo spoke, the stranger spoke first, “You’ll be great! You play piano perfectly. You’re beautiful.”

               Stiles shrugged with one shoulder, and his face was getting that splotchy blush that he always used to get. The stranger reached out with both hands and wrapped them around Stiles’ hands, and Stiles stiffened at the action, but the stranger didn’t seem to notice, instead he took a deep breath and said, “I know that you’ve been holding back lately, and I know that you’re mysterious about your friends and nightmares and past, but I want you to know that this is serious to me. I love you, Stiles.”

               An expression similar to Stiles’ face when the Kanima was attacking them in the pool was slapped onto Stiles’ face so fast that not even Derek could keep up with what was going through his mind until the human schooled his expression into blankness and he said without any intonation, “We need to break up.”

“What?” Stiles’ boyfriend’s voice broke, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Go home, Andrew.”

There was a tense moment before Andrew clenched his hands into fists and said, “I’m the nicest guy that you’ll ever meet! I can’t believe that you’re doing this right now- I just told you that I love you!”

               "Maybe I meant it when I told you that I didn’t want anything serious, Andrew. Maybe I meant it when I told you that I wasn’t ready for a relationship. Maybe I don’t want somebody nice.“  Stiles’ voice was a quiet snarl, but it finally seemed like it was enough to make Andrew understand because with one last scathing look, Andrew stormed out of the coffee shop. The whole interaction hadn’t disturbed the peace of the coffee shop one bit.

               Stiles stared after him for a long moment, his expression unreadable, and then he sat down in front of his keyboard and smiled at the crowd, "Hi, my name is Stiles Stilinki, and today I’ll be playing some songs for you.”

               The coffee shop was relatively full, and the room clapped and offered him kind smiles as Stiles grinned back at them, and then the human continued, “My first song is a new original about someone who deserves so much more than they’ve ever had; it’s called Who Am I to Stand in your Way.”

               The crowd applauded again, and Stiles smiled as he waited. After the noise died down his long fingers danced elegantly across the keys.

“Forgive me, I may have said things that aren’t exactly the way that I feel,

I told you I’d be strong, I said that I moved on, but it doesn’t take long to realize,

That I’m not over you.”

               His voice felt like how the milky way looked: celestial, but far off and unattainable.  As Derek listened to the gentle melody, he distantly wondered if this song was the reason that Stiles broke up with Andrew- it made sense that Stiles would break up with him because he wasn’t over somebody.

“But if there is somebody that makes you feel happy,

Tends to your heart in the ways I’ve been lacking

then who am I, who am I to stand in your way?

To stand in your way.

I won’t stand in your way.”

               Derek glanced at Lydia, who was smiling to herself in a very smug way. It wasn’t the expression that he expected to see on her face- he thought that she’d be trying to convince Stiles to get over her, not encourage his age-old crush on her. Even as he thought it, there was a nagging in the back of his mind- he was forgetting something.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I need you to trust me,

If it’s how it must be then I’ll fade away,

When it finally feels true, then you’ll do what you have to,

Cause I’d never blame you, for not choosing me.

But I’m not over you.”

               It didn’t make any sense. Lydia had already said that she was hiding Derek from Stiles line of sight- was that because of the song? Or just because she thought that Stiles wouldn’t feel comfortable with his alpha seeing him perform?

“But if there is somebody that makes you feel happy,

Tends to your heart in the ways I’ve been lacking

then who am I, who am I to stand in your  


that I feel is no longer your burden,

If there is someone that can make you feel perfect,

then who am I, who am i

To stand in your way?

I won’t stand in your way.

I won’t stand in your way. ”

               The atmosphere of the entire coffee shop was caught up in the performance, the air was thick with empathy for the pianist, and Derek swallowed thickly as he realized that Stiles’ eyes were wet with unshed tears.

“Down the road, someone will ask me if I know you.

I’ll pause for a moment, I’ll smile, and say that I used to.


If there is somebody that makes you feel happy,

Tends to your heart in the ways I’ve been lacking

then who am I, who am I to stand in your  


that I feel is no longer your burden,

If there is someone that can make you feel perfect,

then who am I, who am i

To stand in your way?

I won’t stand in your way.

I won’t stand in your way. ”

               The coffee shop erupted with applaus, some of the people even standing to show how much they enjoyed it- Derek was among them. The smile on Lydia’s face made Derek wonder how Kira was a kitsune because the redhead was obviously the trickster of the pack. When he looked back up towards Stiles though, the human had stopped smiling altogether, and was staring directly at Derek as if Derek was one of the monsters that they’d spent all of their time researching back in Beacon Hills.

               The applause died down, and everybody was watching Stiles carefully, but he wasn’t paying attention anymore. The human’s eyes were wide, his face pale, and his fingers were trembling as he tapped them on his thigh one after another. He was counting them like he used to, Derek realized, to see if he was dreaming.

               It wasn’t like Derek never came to visit them in college- hell last time he was visiting he took Scott and Stiles out to see some new superhero movie that Stiles wanted them all to see together. It didn’t make any sense, until finally the crowd turned from Stiles to stare at Derek, who had forgotten to sit down. The crowd watched cautiously for a moment, and then finally a girl in the crowd yelled, “Is that him?”

               Stiles’ heart went into overdrive, and it took Derek a moment to understand what the girl had meant. Is that him? as in, Is that the person who deserves so much more than they’ve ever gotten?  Is that the person that the song is about? Is that the person you haven’t gotten over?

               It felt subconscious, the way that Derek’s foot stepped closer to Stiles, as if he had no control over his motor functions. Stiles’ response was immediate and familiar- he flailed his arms just enough to knock over his microphone stand that hit the floor with a loud crash and one of those brief, horrible audio screeches.

               Stiles had dedicated a song to him- had written a song about him, and apparently had feelings for him. The realization finally broke the spell-like wonder in Derek’s voice, and he stalked forward through the crowd. Stiles made a small yelping sound before Derek growled, “You idiot.”

               He stepped around the keyboard, speakers, and wires to grab Stiles by the collar of his t-shirt and he shoved the human against the wall- it felt like old times. The coffee shop was silent, but he could feel the tension in the place. Derek focused back on Stiles; the human was staring past him, but not at anything in particular, his neck was tilted slightly in submission as a response to Derek, and he smelled like embarrassment and a little bit like arousal, not unlike every other time that the alpha shoved him against a wall.

               "You really think that anybody else could keep me happy? I can’t believe that you had absolutely no intentions of telling me how you felt! What, you think it’s fun for me to go around dating murderers?“ Derek’s voice was anything but romantic, but Stiles didn’t seem to care because his face was spastically trying to settle on an expression.

Finally Stiles managed to yell, "Are you trying to proclaim your love to me or at me?!”

“I don’t know-Both?! Which way will make you listen to me?” the alpha yelled right back.

“Just fucking kiss me, Derek!” Stiles’ hands grabbed onto Derek’s leather jacket and the alpha obeyed quickly and fiercely.

               Their first kiss was everything that they were: angry, apologetic, emotional, a little bit clumsy, and perfect once they calmed down enough to let themselves work together.

By the end of their kiss every single person in the coffee shop was standing and clapping- a standing ovation.

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The Bachelor Party - Steroline Fic

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“Do I have to go?” Stefan pouted at Caroline as she fixed his tie.

“Yes, Stefan, you do.” Caroline rolled her eyes at his adorable puppy face.

Stefan dropped his head to look at her through his lashes, his pout jutting out even more, “I’d rather stay here with you.”

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