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Reasons to learn languages

◆ it’s fun

◆ it is courteous to know a language before you travel to the origin of the language (and can help you in situations that can be dangerous)

◆ watching foreign movies without subtitles!

◆ because you can call yourself a polyglot if you learn more than one!

◆ it looks good on your résumé!!!

◆ a lot of languages actually sound very beautiful

◆ you can pretend you don’t speak your native language if creepy/annoying/weird people talk to you

◆ you can curse at people in another language and sound awesome as fuck doing it

◆ you can communicate with new and awesome people!

◆ because learning languages is epic!

Dance Practise With Ten

Sorry this took a while I have lots of exams at the moment. I hope you like it, more reactions coming soon - Em xx

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Dance Practise with Ten

“Ten, you know I’m nowhere near as good at dancing as you.” You whined as Ten dragged you by the hand into the dance studio. He turned on the lights and went to find some music.

“I need someone to practise with and all my members have disappeared somewhere, probably to do 127 stuff. Please practise with me!” He pleaded with you, he had already set the speakers up so you knew he wouldn’t take no as an answer.

“Fine, only because we are such great friends,” You relented. Ten turned the music on and you started with some simple stuff to get warmed up. You weren’t a terrible dancer but Ten was so much better than you it was almost embarrassing.

He moved so effortlessly so you knitted your eyebrows together, focusing all your energy on trying to copy the shapes he was making with his body.

It was quite difficult and after an hour or so of intense dancing you started to get tired. You stopped for a second going to get your water. Ten carried on practising the same song over and over. You watched him silently. He was so good looking, you liked him. A lot, more than a lot if you were being honest.

But you doubted he would ever reciprocate your feelings for him. After a few minutes, you joined him again. You practised together for a while, not speaking but it wasn’t uncomfortable silence. It technically wasn’t silence at all as the music was playing but it wasn’t awkward. You were both comfortable just practising together.

You had almost finished one of your last run-throughs off the song when you accidently lost your balance and tripped falling over.

You had hit the ground quite hard but there were no immediately strong pains so you knew you would be fine.

“y/n!” Ten called running over to you. He knelt on one knee and helped you sit up.

“Are you okay?” He asked checking your arms for scratches or cuts. You nodded. When his hands touched your arms, you could feel small sparks course through your body even if he was just checking for injuries.

He helped you up and walked you over to some chairs on the other side of the room.

“I’m sorry I made you practise with me, I know you didn’t want to and now you hurt yourself I feel bad.” Ten said looking at the floor. You laughed slightly.

“Ten I’m not hurt at all, and I had fun today practising with you.” Ten looked up to you.

“Really!” he exclaimed before realising he sounded a bit too happy at this and then calmed down trying to be a bit more relaxed about it.

“I mean sure, cool, whatever.” You rolled your eyes he was so silly“But you are sure your fine, I know you said, but… I just… uh… I just wanna know you’re okay that’s all,” You got up and went to sit down next to him where he was sitting on the floor.

“I’m good Ten, I promise.” You said smiling. It was cute that he was worried about you. It made your heart flutter. Maybe he did feel the same as you. No that was stupid. Ten was just a nice guy, that’s all.

“y/n” He said getting up to go to the music player, “I have this new choreo I made, can you tell me what you think. Ahh but try to be nice, you are the first person I have showed.” He said biting his cheek.

He switched the song on and began to dance. It was hands down one of the most impressive things you had ever seen. It looked so difficult and yet it was so beautiful and the fact Ten had made it himself just made it one million times better.

He finished his dance at switched of the music. His chest heaved in and out from exertion. You were stunned by what you had just witnessed. You stood up and clapped as if it had been a show.

“So what did ya think,” He said nervously, walking over to you. You smiled.

“It was so great Ten, you looked so beautiful dancing there,” You told him. “I have never seen someone do something that has made such an impression on me it was great.” He broke out into a grin.

“This moment is so great I could kiss you!” He said before quickly bringing his hand over his mouth and turning bright red. You were so taken aback you almost fell over. You were utterly convinced you had heard him wrong.

“Oh no… I didn’t mean to tell you like this… why I am so stupid ahhh.” You moved closer to him curiously, but still not quite convinced this whole situation was real. Oh well better make this dream good if it was in fact a dream.

“Tell me what?” You asked.

“Ilikeyoualotandiwastoscaredtotellyoubecauseyouarereallyniceandprettyandgreatandididntwantyoutorejectme,” He blurted out. You gave him a confused look.

“I didn’t understand a single thing you just said Ten,”

“I didn’t mean to tell you like this I had a whole plan but… well here goes nothing. I like you y/n, a lot, well more than a lot if we’re being honest. I was scared to tell you before because you are really nice and pretty and I didn’t want to face being rejected. But I suppose I had to face it someday. It’s a shame because today had been so great.” He said frowning and looking at his shoes.

You didn’t say anything. You were too busy trying to stop yourself from doing a happy dance. Ten looked sad and started to walk away. You ran over once you noticed and grabbed his arm.

“Why on earth would I ever reject you. I have literally liked you for months Ten. I have been waiting for a day like this for ages. I still don’t believe this is actually happening. Can you pinch me?”

“I can’t pinch you because that would hurt and I would never hurt you on purpose… but to prove it’s real I can do this.”

He moved his wrist from your grasp and reached up to push a strand of hair out of your face before leaning closer to you.

He pressed his lips against yours softly and put both of his hands so they were cupping your face. He moved his lips slowly over yours gently but passionately. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

“I don’t know about you y/n, but that is the most real thing I have ever felt.

Charlie spent the rest of the day unpacking her things, keeping the door open since her room was a bit warm. She decided some music would help make the unpacking more bearable and started playing it on her phone that was connected to the speakers she had set up. The girl was in the mood for a little Panic! At the Disco and started playing a song on their recent album. As the music played, she started dancing and singing along. Charlie was so lost in the music she didn’t realize someone was standing at the door watching and immediately stopped dancing. She quickly paused the music as a sheepish smile spreads across her lips. “Uh how long have you been standing there?”


The Hobbit Appendices GIFs

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“My classes were cancelled but of course no one made an announcement until after I walked my ass all the way to the building and sat down in the lecture hall.” Kodi complained as he walked up the stairs of his frat house and into the kitchen. He powered on his bluetooth speaker and set the volume to max before pulling out the list of task from off the fridge. “Make lunch for the house. These fucking boys eat like horses. God.” He sighed.

alskjdfs i love soleil so much, it’s a shame she doesn’t S support with f!kamui, because i would marry her in a HEARTBEAT ~ ヽ(o♡o)/

but sorry for taking so long to do this request ! the third path for fe:if came out yesterday, so of course I scrambled to buy it immediately…then stayed up until 3am helping various non-japanese speakers set up their network ids and whatnot ; u ;
also, i take it upon myself to familiarize myself with the personalities of each characters before i draw them, so I read…a lot of support stuff (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

fun fact: ophelia and soleil’s default hair shade in amie // my room is the EXACT same color ! so i tinted ophelia’s brown in this piece, to make it stand out more

I have no interest in being the best or the prettiest
I never want anyone’s craving or their eyes on me
I want to be grotesquely beautiful
I want to be so fearfully and truly beautiful
that no one can see me
I need to feel the sun on my skin without being on edge
On the edge of teeth and sheets hung like flags
over me, over the fragments of time to be told and like bugs
It calls over the speakers and sets me on gaslight, never
satisfied, don’t face me like a challenge

Don’t forget the times I shook next to your ear
and pulled to help you see I needed to be held down
I never wanted to make you believe I was good for you
I never want to be the reason you drag your feet

I need to know I’m not just here to look nice
and act accordingly, like a mirror to
this masculine contesting
I want to be so real my edges start blurring
It’s easy to think the light is wholly good and
to break yourself open to gain more self but who is it?
Who’s really doing the talking? Is it really a gain?
Am I only loving in this way to meet some standard?
It’s easy to take and give and take, there’s
always a way around, never through

I cant live to look and serve and be seen
I am here to give a message that I don’t know how to
convey with this body yet and the only song I
know how to sing is in skin, with teeth
For a laugh

—  like a scar
#52: An Introvert’s Networking Strategy: Lists 1.6

1. Don’t arrive too early: Let others fill up the room . You’re still there to attempt to network. When checking in, make sure name tag is affixed perfectly (don’t rush) and can be read easily on your shirt or jacket. Make it easy for people to approach.

2. Survey the room: Identify where the bar is; where is the food; is there a speaker set-up with chairs; where are the majority of people standing. Take this all in for use later.

3. Food and Bar: Avoid the food. Food can get sloppy. If you must eat, nothing with a sauce. I personally suggest going directly to the bar but only order water. If you’re socially anxious 1-3 drinks isn’t going to make it better. Additionally, alcohol is a vasodilator, and you will sweat (more) if you’re already nervous.

4. Eyeball the perimeter: The extroverts will be “all in” at the center of the room. It might be tough to insert yourself there. Introverts will be on the perimeter. Find someone standing alone and introduce yourself. Since you initiated, you have the power. You can ask what do you do and how did you land there? You are now networking.

5. Speaker and seat selection: Most networking events will include a speaker and an area to sit. Earlier when you eyeballed the room you should have taken note of the seating arrangement. Find a seat on the aisle and near the back. But not the back row. The back row always has chatty ingrates who will talk through the speaker’s presentation. Find a seat a couple of rows from the back, on the aisle and has a clear pathway to the exit.

In the midst of the ball the music suddenly died down, and a familiar voice, that of one of their hosts, Saionji Hiyoko, was heard through the speakers that were set up all over the mansion.

     “May I have your attention please? Would everyone gather in the garden, it is time to announce the winners of the Couples Raffle!”

A small giggle could be heard over the speakers.

     “It’s going to be so exciting to see who will win! And hilarious to see the losers’ faces… I-I mean as the co-host of this event I am of course grateful for everyone that participated!! So, ugh, just hurry over here!”

Once everyone made their way over to the garden, they could see Hiyoko stand there with a mic in her hand, and an envelope between her index and middle finger. She had a mischievous grin on her face, because she had someone else’s fate in her hands. And it never failed to make her smug…

     “Our lucky winners are…”

Well-manicured fingers opened up the envelope, her eyes on the audience as she unfolded the paper…

A grimace appeared on her face, like she didn’t understand what she was reading.

      “Uh… The winners are… Shinguuji Korekiyo and Enoshima Junko, apparently. You can… come up to the gazebo, and you shall receive your prize, in the form of a painting of your time here together.”

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German artist Markus Reugels specializes in high-speed and macro photography. By isolating the basslines from techno tracks, Markus captured these incredible (and brief) moments of explosive colour. He accomplishes this feat by the following methodology:

1. Uses water and paint and places it in the middle of a balloon that is stretched over a speaker
2. Cuts basslines from techno tracks and sets up speaker facing upwards
3. Uses a microphone that is connected to his StopShop unit that triggers his camera/flash to take a shot when sound is heard
4. Take a ton of shots and constantly experiment with different sounds and colours

Markus insists his photographs are not created with Photoshop and that all tones and contrasts are naturally processed. His entire photostream on Flickr:


How BTS would wake you up

requested by anon


He would be the early bird and get up to prepare everything for breakfast. If he’s extra sweet that day he would bring the breakfast, consisting of pancakes, orange juice and a bowl of fruit salad, to your bed with a tray and would enjoy starting the day with you calmly eating the food he especially prepared for you.


Normally you are the one who wakes up earlier and most of the time you would accidentally wake him up. One day he decided to be the one to wake you up by annoying you with loud music and he might even get out a guitar *flashback to his interruption in one of namjoon’s vlogs*. He would do it to teach you a valuable lesson: to never wake him up again.


You woke up one morning and usually you would already hear Namjoon in the living room with the music sounding from the speakers he had set up. But instead, when you turned around you saw with his arm holding up his head, simply looking at you with his loving eyes. 

“Is my darling awake?”


You didn’t sleep well one night and when you woke up early in the morning you turned around to see him already awake and working on his laptop at the desk. When he saw you looking extremely tired he quickly slides into the bed next to you and throws an arm around your waist, lovingly kissing your forehead.

“Go back to sleep, jagi.”


This ball of fluff would be really romantic and would wake you with his voice. When he notices your eyes slowly opening he would start softly singing into your ear. He would love to see your smile taking shape and the more you would wake up the louder he would sing.


Tae would be really childlike and cheesy, saying sweet things to wake you up. He would plant kisses all over your face and would cuddle you until you reassured him you would stand up so the two of you could eat breakfast together.


You would be woken up by his giggling coming from the room next to where you’re sleeping. He would come to you to see whether you’re already awake and would tease you by saying that he took several pictures, all of them where you apparently look rather ungraceful. Later though you catch him on his phone and see that he set one of those “ungraceful” pictures as his background.

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“A hundred acres on the mansion, I dab in the latest fashion, bitches need to call casting,” Aleena sang along to the Migos tune playing from the speakers set up throughout the house as she made her way through the small crowds of cousins, friends and faces she’d never seen a day in her life. A part of her was starting to regret agreeing to the party but at this point, all she could do was sip from her red solo cup and take a pull from one of the blunts she had on her for emergencies. “I need more hennessey and jose cuervo.” 

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number 7 with bucky would be awesome!

Joining two in one! The song mentioned is Still in Love by JAHKOY.

2. Making-out to music + 7. Moving in together + Bucky

Warnings: Make-out sessions?

Dropping your last box on the floor, you groaned tiredly and plopped yourself down on the new-still-covered-with-plastic couch.

Though you could feel your muscles aching with all the boxes you had to lift, the soft song playing from the small speaker you had set up (for motivation, as you’d said to Bucky earlier) brought a weird sense of comfort to your chest now that everything was nearly done.

You were finally in your own little place, small but cozy as you’d always dreamed and with Bucky, of all people.

It had been a long journey for both of you – him as he tried to overcome the terrors of his past, and you as you tried to break through his walls – but now everything felt worth it and you’d gladly do all over again if it’d lead you right there to that moment.

Closing your eyes and letting yourself melt into the plushness of the seat, you dumbly smiled to yourself when you heard his heavy steps into the place again. It didn’t take long until the last box was on the floor and he was walking towards you, his frame hovering above your lazy form as he placed his hands on each side of you.

“When did we get this much stuff?” You asked in amusement once he settled himself on top of you, your arms wrapping his neck as he buried his face against yours. “I don’t remember having this much of books and CDs. This is probably all yours.”

Your words immediately brought a reaction out of him, a scoff escaping from his lips as he propped himself up in his elbows and glanced at you rather disbelieved.

“All mine? All those boxes were in your room, dollface.” He protested in mocked indignation and you couldn’t help but laugh, pouting your lips playfully until he shook his head dismissively with a light chuckle. “Don’t give me that pretty face, you know this is all yours.”

“Such a boyfriend you are.” You grumbled under your breath, tightening your arms around his neck and pulling him closer to you so your lips are meeting the shell of his ear. “You’re supposed to have my back and agree with all I say, remember?”

Bucky just laughed quietly, pulling back from you again as he raised a hand to cup your cheek, his thumb tenderly brushing your jaw and your lower lip as you looked up at him through your eyelashes.

“Are you sayin’ I don’t have your back?” He playfully narrowed his eyes and you shrugged, watching his face break into a smirk as he pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Tell you what, I’ll gladly agree with you if you propose celebratory sex right now.”

At your playful punch to his back and roll of eyes, Bucky just chuckled and turned you around on top of him, his lips pressed against yours as he tightly wrapped his arms around your waist with his hands sliding into the back pockets of your jeans shorts.

You couldn’t help but grin against his mouth once his fingers squeezed your ass, hands soon going up again and lifting your shirt on the way until you were pulling off the fabric for good. Just as you threw the fabric on the floor, your playlist came up with another song, instantly making you sit up with a grin as you started to teasingly move your hips over his to the catchy beat.

I remember when you lit me up with your touch, the fire within me,” You cheekily sang at him, leaning down until your lips were brushing against him to then continue the song. “When I’m feeling empty you fill me up right up, baby, you fill me right up–

Before you could keep up with the song, Bucky’s hand was deep into your hair and his lips were crashing urgently with yours, a low groan escaping from his lips as you kept moving your hips.

With almost zero pauses for breathing, soon the song was over and he was pulling back with a grin curving up his swollen lips.

“Couch sex?”

That you reciprocated right away.

“Couch sex.”

DnD Adventures: The Party animal

So an angry mob of six people are about to attack our base everyone else is setting up traps. What am I doing you may ask? I’m getting the party started by setting up speakers and streamers right at the entrance. So like the true party animal (and green poison dragon) I am I set up party balloons full of poison next to the speakers. Long story short the party was so awesome half the mob died just trying to walk in. Shouldn’t of popped the balloons that’s a party foul dude! @mikefroze @raspberry-satan

So, in my marching band (idk if other bands do this) the director has a mic and speaker system set up so he doesn’t have to yell across the field all day. Well, we were running a drill today and the step off wasn’t together, so the director tried to say “that was a funky step off” but the mic cut out right in the middle of the work “funky” so the whole band and staff heard him say “that was a fuckey step off” and everyone laughed their asses off

One Night Stand

Here you go lovelies! A little Niall smut for ya! As much as I love Harry, Niall just does things to me ;) sorry if there are any typos…I typed most of this on my phone. Enjoy! .xx -M
The music blares loudly through the speakers set in every corner of the club. My head thumps from the noise and alcohol as I down another shot of tequila in an attempt to completely forget about how life is completely fucking me over.

My best friend sits next to me, pounding shots with me. I’m currently wearing her silver party dress which is slightly smaller on me than I’m totally comfortable with, but it hugs me in all the right places, accentuating my tall figure. Usually I wouldn’t be so showy, but it’s time to try something different because my current way of living - safe and modest, is doing me no good.

I had hoped to watch movies and eat ice cream with Y/BF/N after my recent breakup, but she was determined to get me out and partying, so here I am. I feel like my body is tingling with the vibrations of the music as Y/BF/N and I walk onto the dancefloor. I stumble there, alcohol and sky high heels ruining any ounce of coordination I might have. In my clumsiness, I bump quite violently into an average height blonde guy.

“Woah there, sweetheart,” he drawls, accent surprising me in my drunkenness. “You alrigh’?”

“‘M fine,” I slur, holding onto his shoulder to steady myself.

“I gotcha,” he comforts, his hands going to my hips.

Finally I take a second look at his face, recognition slowly forming in my foggy mind.

“Heyyy, I know you,” I say, reaching out to touch his face, alcohol destroying my inhibitions. “You’re Niall,” I stutter, forcing back a hiccup.

“Yes I am. And who are you, lovely?” he asks.

“‘M Y/N,” I say, my eyes going towards his neck, where his Adam’s apple moves mesmerizingly as he talks.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” he smiles.

“‘M not beautiful!” I scoff, rolling my eyes dramatically.

“You’re very beautiful, and very drunk,” he laughs, his hands helping move my hips back and forth, dancing with him.

I put my hands on his shoulders, my vision slightly blurry. “True,” I laugh.

“Let’s just dance a bit while you burn it off, alright?” he says, pulling me slightly closer.

“Okay,” I say without a thought.

I press my tall body against him, his hips moving against mine, making me forget all about the breakup. Niall’s hands slide to my ass and I wrap my arms around his shoulders, breathing in his musky scent of alcohol and sweat. We dance together to the beat of the music and I can feel his hot breath on my ear as he breathes hard. I nuzzle my face into his neck, breathing him in and getting lost in him. As the song fades out, and an equally raunchy one begins, I turn my body around in his arms, his hands remaining low on my hips. I look up to see the somewhat blurred shape of Y/BF/N’s body pressed against some random guy, making out with him sloppily, and I feel much less guilty about leaving her.

I press my ass firmly against the front of Niall’s tight jeans, feeling his hips work against me and wondering not so innocently what that might feel like with less clothing between us. His hand leaves my hip for a moment as he grazes his fingers along the top of my back and shoulders, moving my dark hair to one side and exposing my tanned skin. His hand is back on my hip squeezing lightly as he grazes his lips across my exposed skin and begins to suck a hickey into the crevice between my shoulder and neck. The feeling of his lips, tongue, and teeth on me drives me wild and I push my ass harder against him, feeling his stiff cock through his jeans. I hear a little moan escape his lips, the vibrations moving through my skin and I feel a wetness form between my legs.

I am so out of my element, not used to dancing so seductively with a man I just met, but the alcohol calms my nerves and allows me to enjoy the moment he pulls my earlobe into his mouth , sucking gently, hot breath sending tingles down my spine.

At that moment, I abandon all my caution and spin around in his arms once again, this time to press my lips to his. Our mouths work together hungrily, hands squeezing at every bit of flesh we can get a hold of. I suck on his bottom lip, looking up into his blue eyes, dark in the dim club lighting and shaded by temptation. When he buries his rough fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck, kissing me hard, it takes everything I have not to wrap my legs around his waist and fuck him right there on the dancefloor.

We bump and grind our bodies together, kissing harshly as his hands explore my clothed body. I taste the alcohol on his lips, but it mingles with the taste of my own and I feel like I don’t need another drink, but can simply get drunk off of him.

He pulls away for a second, brows furrowing, “You okay with this?” he worries, somehow sensing my innocence.

“I want you,” I breathe against his mouth and he nods in response, his calloused hand gripping mine.

He pulls me from the dancefloor and I stumble behind him, heels hindering my speed. He slides into an empty booth, pulling me in after him and I practically end up on his lap. A bartender comes over, asking if there’s anything we need, and Niall orders us two waters, presumably to sober up a bit.

He places a hand on my bare upper thigh, lips moving to kiss and suck the skin of my neck. I sit there somewhat awkwardly, one of my hands wrapped in his as he gives me shivers and causes a familiar tingle in my lower region.

I turn my face towards his, rubbing my nose against his, our breaths mingling as anticipation builds. I bury one of my hands in the short hairs at the nape of his neck before I press our lips together. This kiss is deep and urgent as we nibble each other’s lips, tongues exploring mouths. I’m turned so my chest presses against his and our legs are tangled below the table. All worry about excessive PDA has slipped my mind and has been replaced with his taste.

When we finally pull away, we are both breathing hard, the intensity of the sexual tension between us is palpable. I notice that sometime during our kissing session, the waiter brought us water. I reach out to chug mine, the cool liquid clearing my brain slightly. It’s a good thing I can hold my liquor because after as many shots as I’ve had, I could be an absolute mess, but there is still a chance for recovery.

After Niall finishes his water, he looks at me with those bright blue eyes, which focus a bit better than they did before. “You want to go back to mine, love?” his accent and drunkenness make the words drawl out slowly, which is good because I probably wouldn’t have believed him had he spoken quickly.

My mind races with thoughts of what is surely to come and I nod before I can change my mind. I pull my phone out of my bag to text Y/BF/N and let her know I’m going home with Niall Fucking Horan, and that I love her before I slide out of the booth, Niall doing the same and I can feel his breath on my neck as he stands behind me. He places his hands on my hips, helping guide me through the maze of people between us and the exit.

We finally get out of the club, the cool night air feels wonderful against my hot skin. Niall hails a cab, opening the door for me and I slide in quickly, his hands on me again immediately after he closes the door. He mumbles an address to the taxi driver, but I am too overwhelmed by his closeness to listen. As we wind through the streets, Niall’s hands explore my body, squeezing my hips, caressing my thighs, grazing my breasts. It’s as if every nerve ending in my body is on fire, whether that’s because of Niall or the alcohol, I can’t tell. I find my hands gripping his broad shoulders, clutching his biceps and gently touching his abs through his thin t-shirt as his mouth leaves mark after mark along my neck.

Before I know it, the taxi is pulling into the driveway of a hotel and around the back. Niall pays the man quickly and hops out of the car, pulling me along. We enter through a back door and quickly find an elevator. The moment the doors close, Niall has me pinned against the wall, my hands held above my head as he grinds his hips into me and accosts my neck and chest with kisses and small bites. My breath heaves in my chest, arousal consuming me to the core.

“So beautiful, Y/N,” Niall whispers against my skin in between kisses. He grazes his teeth along my jaw as the elevator dings. Niall wraps his arms around my waist. “Jump,” he whispers and I do as he says, wrapping my legs around his waist.

He carries me down the hallway, somehow opening the door with me still in his arms. Before I know it, the door is closed again and I am pinned against it, Niall’s hot breath on my skin, teeth causing the most delicious pain as my veins carry fire all through my body. My dress has collected around my hips, lace panties on full display. The denim of his jeans causes a rough friction against me, but the sensation is wildly pleasurable. I run my fingers through his hair, gripping tightly as I let out a moan. His lips have found my sweet spot, just below my ear, and the fire in my veins contrasts with the chill along my skin. I am putty in his arms.

“Niall…” I sigh, “I need you.”

Without a word, he pulls me from the door and carries me to the bedroom. He plops me onto the bed, following behind me and immediately burying his face between my breasts. I toss my head back as he licks and kisses the skin there, the wet heat of his mouth driving me wild. His hands glide up my legs, like feathers. the gentle touch sears my skin and before I know it, he’s hooked his fingers in my panties and has pulled them down to my ankles. I kick them off quickly and sit up to pull my dress over my head as swiftly as possible. Having not worn a bra, I now lay in front of him, fully exposed. His blue eyes light up with hunger and a cheeky grin forms on his face.

“Stunning,” he mutters, shaking his head a bit before quickly and unabashedly burying his head between my legs.

I let out a yelp of surprise and I can feel the vibrations of his chuckle throughout every nerve. Once the initial shock wears off, I grip his hair, holding him against me. I get lost in the kitten licks, nibbles, and urgent kisses he places along my heat. One hand holdsdown my hips as I try to buck up into him while the other plays at my clit, rough thumb rubbing little circles agaisnt me. I let out a guttural moan, thoroughly enjoying his ministrations.

“That’s my girl,” I feel him moan into my folds as he increases the pace with both his tongue and his thumb. One of my hands stays rooted in his hair while the other clenches the sheets in an attempt to release some of the tension building in my body. My moans become fast and breathy as heat coils in the pit of my stomach and my pussy becomes more and more sensitive.

“Niall,” I say in one quick breath, my fingers tightening in his hair.

He gets the point and speeds up his pace, pushing his tongue deeper inside of me. With one last lick I’m sent into orgasmic oblivion and he continues harshly pulling me through my orgasm, tasting every drop of my release.

“Such a sweet pussy,” he moans, leaving a quick peck on my outer lips before he trails his tongue up my body.

His hot tongue burns my skin and sends goosebumps over my body. He glances up at me, a smile in his eyes when he reaches my chest and sucks a nipple into his mouth. He nibbles and sucks at it as I continue to breath hard, body overwhelmed with pleasure. After a few more moments of coming down from my orgasm, I realize that Niall is still completely clothed. I push him off of my body and climb on top of him. I push his shirt up his torso and he wiggles it off of his arms as I leave a trail of kisses down his chest and stomach. I graze my hand over his crotch, feeling how his cock is pressed against the fabric, begging for release. With a smirk, I begin unbuttoning his jeans, going achingly slow.

“C’mon, Y/N, please,” he groans and I can’t help but giggle as I undo the rest of his fly and reach into his boxers pulling out his cock. The tip is bright pink and I can feel the blood pumping through his shaft as I hold his base. I kitten lick his tip, tasting salt as I tease him.

Without hesitation, I take his cock into my mouth, sucking deeply and swirling my tongue around his neglected tip. I use my hand to stroke his base, maintaining a slow speed and sucking hard. Niall breathes hard, his hands gripping the sheets beside his hips and knuckles turning white. I struggle to take him deeper into my mouth, gag reflex being triggered slightly but I fight it back in my attempt to please him. He bucks his hips up, pushing me too far and causing me to choke a bit, and I pull off quickly to get air.

“Shit, I’m sorry love, it just feels so damn good! Come here,” he says quickly.

I crawl up towards him and lay beside him. He brushes hair out of my face gently before kissing my lips. His hand rests on my hip and pushes so that I roll flat on my back. He follows, crawling between my legs and peppering kisses on my neck and chest as he grinds his hips down into me. He cock slides between my folds rubbing up against my entrance and clit and becoming covered in my wetness.

“So wet,” Niall growls into my ear and I whimper in response nodding my head vigorously hoping he’ll take it as a hint and finally enter me. “You ready babe?”

“Fuck yes! Please, Niall, I need you,” I whine, squirming beneath him.

He nods once and grabs a condom off of his nightstand, tearing it with his teeth and throwing the wrapper on the floor, rolling it on like a pro. His brows furrow in concentration as he lifts himself with one hand and adjusts himself with his other. I can feel his tip settle at my entrance and take a deep breath in preparation. He pulls his hand from his cock and places two fingers beneath my chin, lifting my eyes to his blue ones, staring at me as he pushes himself inside me in one fluid motion. His cock is average length, but quite thick and I flinch a bit at the discomfort.

“You alrigh’, love?” He asks, concerned.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good,” I nod. “You’re just quite a bit bigger than my ex,” I smile.

He smirks at that and pulls out gently, only to push himself back in slowly, helping my walls adjust.


“Much,” I smile.

With that, Niall stops holding back and begins to pump into me deep and hard. The moans erupt from my throat uncontrollably and his expression is a mix of concentration, pleasure, and a little cocky smirk. I wrap my arms around his shoulders pulling him close and running my nails up and down his back. I feel his chest heaving against mine and his small grunts are whispered into my ear. I attach my lips to the crevice between his neck and shoulder, tasting his salty sweat as I attempt to muffle my moans by giving him a hickey. Moans, grunts, and the sound of skin on skin are the only things I hear as my body fills with fire and tension builds in my core. I can feel his cock massage every inch of my inner walls and his pelvic bone pushes into my clit the deeper he goes and I am practically screaming with pleasure.

I can feel myself nearing my climax and I bury my hand in Niall’s hair, the other I place on his muscular ass, helping push him deeper inside of me. Before I know it, I am coming as he continues to pound into me and his name tumbles from my lips.

“Fuck,” he moans. “So tight, Y/N. Such a perfect pussy,” he groans as my walls clench around him, pulsating in my orgasm. After a moment, my euphoria calms, replaced by a warm glow of pleasure throughout my whole body. I push against Niall’s chest, pushing him onto his back so that I can be on top.

His eyes light up with surprise as I grind my hips into him, running my hands up and down his chest.

“Now it’s your turn,” I say, my voice deep with seduction.

I grab Niall’s hands and place them on my hips. He smirks, giving them a light squeeze. I put my hands on either side of his head and lean down, beginning to bounce on his cock while my boobs bounce in his face. He looks up at me, Awe evident in his sea blue eyes and I can’t help the wave of empowerment that washes over me. My ex never looked at me like that. With a smile I work harder and harder on his cock until my ass is slapping down on his thighs and we’re both moaning uninhibitedly.

He throws his head back, the column of his neck just begging for kisses. His mouth is open in immense pleasure, his hair a blonde halo around his angelic face. I lean in, sucking his earlobe into my mouth while I grind my hips down at a new angle causing him to push against my back wall.

“Come for me, Niall,” I moan into his ear, clenching around him in encouragement.

He lets out a deep moan, squeezing my hips tightly to hold me in place as he fills the condom. After a moment he thrusts up into me twice more before pulling out. My pussy clenches around the nothingness, wanting more but also completely satisfied at the same time. Niall pulls the condom off expertly, tying it and throwing it into the wastebin next to his bed before collapsing down next to me. He wraps an arm around me, pulling me close and I lay my head on his chest. Our breathing goes from hot and heavy to slow and calm quickly and within moments I hear Niall snoring above me. I smile and nuzzle further into his chest before drifting off to sleep.


I wake up the next morning in an empty bed, my head pounding uncontrollably but every second of last night burned into my memory. I stumble into Niall’s bathroom to rinse my face and mouth before searching for him.

I enter the kitchen and Niall is there, in his blue plaid boxers, scrambling eggs.

“Good mornin’, love,” he smiles, bringing me a glass or water and two Tylenol. “Have a seat.”

I sit down at the table, head in my hand, and watch Niall cook me breakfast. This may have started out as nothing but a rebound, but it might just be much more.