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This summer if you have the time off maybe try picking up a completely new language! The challenge lasts for however long your summer break lasts and you;

1) pick a completely new language you’ve never studied before

2) make a realistic goal for what you want to achieve out of this time (e.g. reading a beginning book in your target language, maybe having a short conversation with a native/advanced speaker, finishing a Duolingo tree etc)

3) commit to practicing it for a allotted time everyday (it could be 20 minutes to 2hrs everyday what matters is that you stick w/ it!)

4) immerse yourself in that language; listen to music and podcasts, watch movies and tv in your target language, change your tech to the target language-really surround yourself w/ the language

If you decide to take on this challenge make an intro post describing;

  •  who you are
  •  your target language
  • why you are choosing that language
  • what your goal is
  • how long you have for break/summer
  • tag it with #summer language challenge

Then every week

  • post abt something related to your target language (e.g. good movie you watched, cool words, accomplishments you made, vocab you learned etc)
  • post something in your target language (it can be anything)
  • progress on your goal(s)
  • tag it with #summer language challenge

At the end of your break make a post abt how you did. Hopefully you’ll have exceeded your expectations and gotten a solid foundation in your target language while having a series of posts that document your journey!

hold on to hope, if you got it

Another reunion fic, because of course it is.

Canonverse, 2 months post 4x13, an excuse for me to patch up my heart.

Thanks to @fredweasleying and @mellamymake for being cheerleaders for this fic. <3

3k. [Read on AO3]

Drawing up treaties with the prisoners has been…exhausting. It feels like she’s doing the whole thing over again, except that she’s on the opposite side this time and she manages to get them to talk before exchanging bullets and spears.

So, in retrospect, not as exhausting as the first time around. At most, all she can complain is that it’s a little repetitive.

And she doesn’t have Bellamy by her side, this time. But she tries her best not to think about that.

She still finds time to radio him, most days, an outlet more than anything. Her voice doesn’t break on his name like it did those first few months, and then again at the five year mark.

It’s good for her, she thinks, talking to him. Madi has been a godsend for her sanity—giving her a sense of priority, a schedule, with all her lessons, and most importantly, someone to love—but she is still a kid, and Clarke misses talking to her friends. Misses Bellamy, more than anything. There’s no point denying it.

He was more than a best friend, which sounds overly sentimental to her own ears, but you don’t go through what they did together and not come out of it as each other’s person. So yeah, she misses him like a constant, familiar ache.

Or maybe she misses the person she remembers. Misses what her brain tells her he was. She can hardly trust her memories, now. Can hardly say for sure if he’d looked at her the way she thought he had, six years ago. If he’d really had the persistent aura of warmth that she still imagines.

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Ok. So up until this point I haven’t really participated too much with meta creation simply because I struggle with subtext and I always thought myself too slow to find anything. Anyway I was singing the first part to Eurus’ song today and it occurred to me that the song may or may not have clues for us to find.

“I that am lost, oh who will find me?”

The lost special is the speaker,

“deep down below the old beech tree”

Beech trees are generally symbolic for the written word, so perhaps a link to the original story or something else (?)

“come succour me the east wind blows”

succour means ‘to give aid or assistance to’ so if this could refer to either the lost special itself or John and Sherlock. I favour John (”John Watson definitely in danger”) the threat being the east wind (Mary or Euros depending on your favoured theory)

“sixteen by six brother and under we go.”

This line is what got me. I thought that perhaps sixteen by six couldiI be a date. sixteenth of June. And then I remembered the tweet regarding Fireworks and Guy Fawkes day. Now I’ m an aussie so I have no idea what or when it is. So anyway that added up to nothing (its in November) anyway I did another search 'sixteenth June Sherlock” to see what would come up. Lo and behold the first thing that comes up was John’s blog. The entry you ask?

Fucky??? I thought so too. I’m going to track down the rest of the song see what I can find. I haven’t seen anything like this so far, if you have any thoughts feel free to add them.


me: h-happy birthday darling, blow out the candle on your Daily Ration.

my 6 year old son, heaving from whooping cough and on a crutch because there’s no available doctor for 50 miles to tend to his twisted ankle received from bumping into a paramilitary officer and being thrown across the street: dama.. will i– AHUEGHKAHEHEUGH get to see the sun today…?

me, peeking out the window of the shanty i share with my one child because my husband was drafted into combat against cyber-india because they implemented marginally better military technology than us last month and emperor donald didn’t like it: *sees the factory and coal mining smog still lays a thick blanket of grey across the sky* i’m afraid not sweetheart

local hidden tree speaker: *turning on to begin our national anthem, The Greatest America*

me: it’s time for the daily pledge, could you stand for me honey?

my sickly child, seconds from death: is it– AHAKGEUHUEGH is it alright if i sit, if i just think it, dama?

me: o-of course my love

son: *coughing up blood as the haunting refrain of trumpets in minor key comes to a deafening crescendo*

me, muttering so the Government Regulated Lightbulb Microphone can pick up my voice and my home doesn’t get raided under suspicion of being unpatriotic: and as.. the people love our king…

my son, light fading from his eyes: …d-dama….

me, sobbing: here our f-freedom… always… rings…

Christmas Time Headcanon

~Merry Christmas, sinners!! 


  • He’s got a cup of eggnog, a santa hat, and a scowl for the whole season. 
  • Regardless of his sour mood, he’s the one that stuffed the stockings for everyone. No one knows but S76.
  • Watches the Grinch Who Stole Christmas every year in the lounge. If you come to sit with him, he won’t stop you. (He prefers the company. But he’ll never say it.)
  • This time of year is the most civil he’ll get with S76.

Soldier 76: 

  • He’s the one that snuck all of the gifts downstairs before everyone woke up. 
  • Volunteers at orphanages and helps set up soup kitchen events. It’s not much but it’s what he can do to help others.
  • On Christmas day, he wears a robe and watches everyone unwrap their presents. He’s a proud parent. 


  • Got all of his shopping done ages ago. 
  • He’s got fuzzy christmas socks/slippers he walks around in. 
  • Christmas is one of the times during the year Hanzo can really forgive himself. Maybe it’s something in the air but he feels better. He visits Genji. He speaks more frequently. He sits by a fireplace and just relaxes. 
  • He’s traded his tea in for hot cocoa.


  • Also got his shopping done ages ago. 
  • Christmas is a time for forgiveness and happiness. He lets all of the year’s anger and grudges float away (With Zenyatta’s guidance through it) and just lives. 
  • Participates in group activities more. 
  • Made a Christmas cake. He’s very proud of it. 


  • He’s drunk for the half of the season. 
  • He puts together the artifical christmas trees in the base. Tracer times him to see how fast he can put them together. He gets quicker every year.
  • He’s trying to catch Hanzo under the mistletoe. He’ll get him eventually. it’s only a matter of time. 


  • has an advent calendar that he opens every morning. 
  • loves sitting out in the snow. The gentle fall is soothing and the stillness of the outside world helps with his meditation. 
  • Loves going on sleigh rides with Genji. 


  • Spends the holiday season as close to her mother as she can. 
  • Christmas reminds her of the old days at the base when she was small. The holiday is the same, her family is just bigger now. It’s a happy time of year for her. 
  • Used to paint pinecones to hang on the trees as ornaments. Still does it to this day. 


  • Puts the star on the tree every year. It’s his job. Don’t take it away from him.
  • has a collection of ugly christmas sweaters, one for every day the week before Christmas. 
  • A lot more emotional. Having so many people around to love means twice the bear hugs. He always has a candy cane to give you when you see him during the day.


  • Went Christmas caroling through the base with D.Va, Reinhardt, and Lucio. Threatened to ice anyone who tried to close the door in their faces. (Reaper.)
  • Has a cannon in her arm when it comes to snowball fights. 
  • Makes the best hot cocoa on the base. (The secret is nutmeg.)


  • She makes the most detailed gingerbread house every year. The woman should have been an architect. 
  • Loves to go see the tree lighting and look at window displays. 
  • Volunteers at orphanages with Soldier 76 and does all kinds of other charity work. She thinks of the season as a time to give back. 


  • Can’t wrap a present to save her life. 
  • Decorated the rest of the base in half the time as everyone else. 
  • Volunteers to be an elf for Santa’s village every year. She’s the happiest elf there. All the children love her. 
  • makes sugar cookies for everyone on the base.
  • Walks around the base in a red nose and antlers. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is her favorite song/Christmas movie. 


  • Put light up reindeer on the front lawn of the base.
  • Always ends up with tape stuck to his fur after he finishes wrapping presents.
  • Hand knits everyone’s gifts every year. Some people get mittens. Some people get sweaters. Every year is different.
  • Likes to string popcorn but always ends up eating half of it.


  • Watches The Charlie Brown Christmas special every year. 
  • Reads the others The Night Before Christmas every year. 
  • Huge traditionalist when it comes to the above. 
  • Changes the ornaments on the tree because they’re too close together. 
  • Loves to tell stories to the younger members. During this time of year, she gets the most reminiscent. 


  • Went ice skating with Mei. 
  • Made a Christmas mixtape for the base called “Holiday Hollah.” 
  • He put it on over the loud speakers. 
  • No one knows how to turn it off. 
  • Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree is his favorite christmas song. 
  • Gets dragged along on shopping trips by just about everyone on the base. He’s seen the hells of shopping during Christmas time but he loves walking around with his friends (his family). He always manages to have a good time with them nearby and Christmas jingles in his ears. 


  • She’s taking advantage of the Starbucks Christmas drinks. 
  • Orders all of her presents online. 
  • Camped outside of electronic stores for Black Friday. She’s in the front of the line. Don’t cut her.


  • Eats way too much sugar during the holiday season.
  • Nearly set the oven on fire trying to cook the gingerbread faster. 
  • loves seeing all of the open fires during this time of year. 
  • The cold goes right through him. He gets extra cuddly this time of year. (Roadhog likes it)
  • Loves going sledding. Tries to find the biggest hill he can. his biggest jump was twenty feet in the air. 


  • Just tries to keep Junkrat alive. 
  • It’s a holiday of comfort to Roadhog. He just sits around in thick sweaters and enjoys himself with the others. 
  • Loves the snow. Loves it. It doesn’t snow in Hawaii so snow is the best thing to him. He loves making snow men and there is an army of them outside of the base every year. 


  • She makes the best paper snowflakes.
  • Always gets the scissors to glide over the wrapping paper. Her present’s wrapping look straight out of a magazine. 
  • She gets cold/sick easily during this time of year. She won't leaves the house without ten thousand layers, her gloves, her boots, and earmuffs. 


  • Added vodka to the eggnog without telling anyone. 
  • Makes everyone Christmas cards. He’s a gifted artist. 
  • Always offers his scarf when he’s outside with someone. Won’t take no for an answer. You will be warm.


  • Dresses as Santa every Christmas Day. She’s wears a beard and everything.
  • The cold doesn’t bother her at all. She’ll walk outside in a tank top. (Symmetra is horrified)
  • She is the only person in existence to actually like fruit cake. She’ll eat it every day of the season. (Everyone is horrified)

Widow Maker: 

  • Allergic to poinsettias. It’s a rough time of year for her. 
  • Has a Christmas village that she takes out and arranges every year. It has a working train. She starts the train up every Christmas Day and lets it run all morning.
  • She always gets a card from Reaper. It makes her smile. (She won’t admit it though)
  • Lets Tracer drag her out on Christmas Eve. Every year’s activity is different and some have ended with the two nearly getting arrested. She has pictures.
  • Spends the actual holiday with her cat watching old christmas movies and reading. It makes her happy. 


  • Takes pictures and videos of everyone during the holiday season. 
  • Eventually puts them all in a single movie reel so that everyone can crowd around the couch on Christmas Night and watch how the Christmas season flew by. 
  • has years of these kinds of videos all in a disc album in the lounge of the base. They cherishes them. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, Marissa!!!! SO, I wanna self-study French and I was wondering if you had any resource suggestions/tips?? Thanks so much and have a great day!

Hey love!

Here’s what I use to study outside of the classroom :)

Duolingo: The website is better than the app in my opinion because you can view verb conjugations and grammar tips, but the app is good too if you’re busy and on the go! (Pro tip - If you finish the French tree, do the English tree for French speakers! The vocab is different and instructions in French help immersion)

Mango Languages: An amazing resource!! If you live in the USA, check mango’s website because there is a high chance your library pays for your monthly subscription. Again, there is an app and a website

Some people really like Memrise, but it doesn’t work well for me :(

Check out your library to see if they have any library books about learning French or in French

If they don’t, here is a free download that I used when I was starting out!

Once you get a foothold in French you can change your phone’s operating system to French. I was soooo afraid to do this but it is a great choice and helps more than you think it would! 

With my languages, I like to learn one adjective and one verb a day after you learn how to conjugate them. I practice the one verb in all the tenses I know and try to make sentences using the adjective and the verb in its many forms!

You can watch Netflix movies in French with English subtitles at the beginning to better your listening, and French subtitles for reading later on. Similarly, you can listen to French radio online or read French newspapers

Finally, keeping a journal that you write in every day in French even if it’s just a couple sentences is so helpful! I try not to skip too many days between my language studies. 

I hope this helps! If you want to practice French with me, shoot me a message I would love to chat even if it’s basics :) If you need more resources lemme know!

Ozark Charmbook - To Lay Spirits

Laying spirits is an interesting tradition used to bind certain malicious forces to a spot or into a certain object so that the healer can manipulate or dispel those forces. There are lots of techniques to do this. Below is a charm that uses what I call “drawing out” to remove the power of the spirit (in the form of the blood) from three (power number) places in the spirit’s body. This charm calls out the teeth, lungs, and heart. I’ve seen other combinations used, like head, heart, and belly, but in most cases it’s always in threes.

The charm also uses an “iron band” which in this case (and in the cases where I’ve actually heard this charm used) this is more of a metaphorical band, but harkens back to much older techniques to lay spirits that would use a physical iron band or iron nails, in the work. There are similar charms that call for the speaker to drive nails into a tree, or into the ground, during key points in the recitation as a way to symbolically (or physically) fix a spirit to a certain spot.

Ye persons look upon me for a moment till I draw three blood drops from you, which ye have forfeited. The first I draw from your teeth, the other from your lung, the third I draw from your heart’s own main; with this I take your hosts away and ye shall stand till I remove from ye the iron band. +++

Three times spoken.

Found in the Albertus Magnus

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Could you please do "Wait, don’t pull away… Not yet." with Jungkook ?

Wait, don’t pull away… Not yet

pairing: jeongguk x reader
wordcount: 691

A/N: thank you for requesting dear ! and i need to stop writing at 2 am

Originally posted by jeonggukk

There is always a certain magic that comes with summer nights - maybe it’s the warmth of the day still held in the atmosphere, leaving behind just the slightest chill when forgetting the jacket you didn’t need during the scorching heat of the lighter hours, or maybe it’s the sound of chirping crickets and laughter of friends as you light up bonfires that twinkle in their eyes and in your mind, it’s as bright as the stars littering the blackened sky. 

With the jokes flowing easy in between as the liquor and drinks down your throats, those night are all too much like hazy memories that feel like home, the epitome of careless youth, with music diffused by the cackling of cheap speakers hooked to someone’s phone and the hard wood of tree trunks used for seats digging into flesh, smoke curling into the air and disappearing into nothing but the smell that clings to clothes and hairs.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you take prompts but if yes, I'd love a ff about the first Bellarke kiss. I hope that we get it in s4. How do you think that could happen?

Even though I’m answering this 7 months late…YES, I do take prompts. Lmao I’m so goddamn sorry. I just could not think of a way to write this for the life of me.

Also, this is actually NOT how I think a S4 Bellarke kiss will go down. However, I do think it will be…happy, if you know what I mean. I have yet to see one of Clarke’s first kisses be a happy thing. So, happy is kind of what this tried to be.

Like Petrol Soaked Paper and Fireworks (She Burns)


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Words: 3874

The apocalypse isn’t as bad as Bellamy thought it would be.

Sure, the rain hasn’t turned black yet and the only cancerous lesion they’ve come across is Jaha on his soapbox, but just knowing The End is neigh should be enough to dampen moods, at the very least.

Which it has. Plenty of Arkadians have thrown their hands in the air and called it quits; they drink themselves into stupors, start brawls for the smallest reasons, spend entire days crying inconsolably into the dirt.

It’s fair to say the news is devastating to pretty much everyone.

But truthfully? Since the moment Bellamy hit the ground, everyday has felt like his last one. Somehow, against all odds, it never has been. So this? The end of the world? It’s not the end of the world. This is nothing new. It’s just another fucking obstacle that needs to be overcome so his people can move on and get lives already.

Bellamy means that in the nicest way possible. Really.

Some people, however, have heeded his advice prematurely. They’ve chosen to avoid jumping the hurdles to salvation and skipped straight to the victory party. Or maybe it’s a pity party. Bellamy isn’t sure what to call it when you’ve given up on survival and decided to simply…live. Is that what losing hope is? Accepting your fate and embracing every punch life throws your way with a bloody smile on your face?

Bellamy understands the appeal, sure. Plenty of times he’s wanted to just end the fight, let the universe have its way with him. “Go with the flow,” Octavia would call it. The notion reminds Bellamy of a boy, on his knees, begging a vision to kill him; of a girl, under a tree, not letting him surrender.

Bellamy never considered defeat until that night. He hasn’t ever since. The fight is ingrained in him like a bullet. It wakes him up in the morning and sets him moving, working, never contemplating otherwise.

They say as long as there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes it feels a will is all Bellamy has anymore. But he firmly believes that you can only have a will when you have hope to fuel its fire. For Bellamy, Hope happens to be sitting right in front of him, hanging onto his hand, the warmth of her cheek pressed firm against his knuckles.

The apocalypse isn’t great. It’s not horrifically mortifying yet, either. What’s worse right now, for Bellamy, is seeing Clarke Griffin sagging against him, her spirit wavering along the fine line between anger and despair.

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summary of smtm5 ep7

- Kush reminding One he’s in YG 24/7
- “show me the friendship”
- #gun has screentime bless up
- “hi donutman” #stopflowsik2k16
- andwae andwae andwae
- did superbee fry his hair tbh what is that
- flowsik’s neck veins
- xitsuh’s face expressions express my life
- myundo breaking up with boi b
- dok2′s bitch face
- did superbee just call- smh.
- 1 dab = 1 reblog
- show me the money more like show me the hairstyles
- cjamm accepting his death
- simon d’s pringle speakers
- xitsuh & one are sitting in at tree K I S S I N G
- let’s just crown bewhy the winner why are we still continuing
- exploding nerves
- your heart will explode too okay I cried 4 times by now
- G2 HOW
- unexpected