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This summer if you have the time off maybe try picking up a completely new language! The challenge lasts for however long your summer break lasts and you;

1) pick a completely new language you’ve never studied before

2) make a realistic goal for what you want to achieve out of this time (e.g. reading a beginning book in your target language, maybe having a short conversation with a native/advanced speaker, finishing a Duolingo tree etc)

3) commit to practicing it for a allotted time everyday (it could be 20 minutes to 2hrs everyday what matters is that you stick w/ it!)

4) immerse yourself in that language; listen to music and podcasts, watch movies and tv in your target language, change your tech to the target language-really surround yourself w/ the language

If you decide to take on this challenge make an intro post describing;

  •  who you are
  •  your target language
  • why you are choosing that language
  • what your goal is
  • how long you have for break/summer
  • tag it with #summer language challenge

Then every week

  • post abt something related to your target language (e.g. good movie you watched, cool words, accomplishments you made, vocab you learned etc)
  • post something in your target language (it can be anything)
  • progress on your goal(s)
  • tag it with #summer language challenge

At the end of your break make a post abt how you did. Hopefully you’ll have exceeded your expectations and gotten a solid foundation in your target language while having a series of posts that document your journey!

I imagine Elsewhere treating Taken students much as the American Navy speaks of the 52 submarines lost in WWII as being not sunk, but on “Eternal Patrol”, and always, sadly, waiting for the ships to return even though they know they won’t.


The bell tolls five times. All of the activities pause. Classes stop. The cafeteria falls quiet. Some students choose to stand, others kneel or sit. No one speaks.

The speakers crack to life, rarely used but twice a year. They were from an era when the world trembled not at the magic of Fae but the fear of nuclear fire of man. Now they serve a better role, if a sad one.

“Good morning, Elsewhere. There are currently two-hundred and seventeen students listed as Indefinitely Tardy. As winter break is approaching, all Indefinitely Tardy students are forgiven their tardiness and welcomed back to class. Your fellow students miss you.”

Seconds stretch and ache in the silence that follows. There’s a keenly painful moment of impossible hope in those few held breaths afterwards. Maybe this year, but no one really believes it. The bell tolls again, and life on Elsewhere resumes, if a bit solemn for the rest of the day.

Sometimes someone comes back to class. Sometimes they disappeared that year- sometimes they disappeared years ago. But they’re welcomed home. And every year, Elsewhere speakers crack to life, echoing over campus and the edge of The Trees, welcoming its wayward students home.


*Wayhaught on a picnic date, sitting on a park bench*

*First Move (Wayhaught 2x06 background music) starts playing*

Waverly: “Aw Nicole you set up a speaker? That’s so romantic!”

Nicole: “What?! I thought that was you!”


Nicole: *Looks around* “Ah I see. Act natural and keep talking to me.”

Waverly: “Baby what? What do you mean-”

Nicole: *Suddenly chucks apple she was eating at a tree*

Waverly: “What the hell-”

Wynonna: *Yelps and falls out of tree; speaker crashes down too*


hold on to hope, if you got it

Another reunion fic, because of course it is.

Canonverse, 2 months post 4x13, an excuse for me to patch up my heart.

Thanks to @fredweasleying and @mellamymake for being cheerleaders for this fic. <3

3k. [Read on AO3]

Drawing up treaties with the prisoners has been…exhausting. It feels like she’s doing the whole thing over again, except that she’s on the opposite side this time and she manages to get them to talk before exchanging bullets and spears.

So, in retrospect, not as exhausting as the first time around. At most, all she can complain is that it’s a little repetitive.

And she doesn’t have Bellamy by her side, this time. But she tries her best not to think about that.

She still finds time to radio him, most days, an outlet more than anything. Her voice doesn’t break on his name like it did those first few months, and then again at the five year mark.

It’s good for her, she thinks, talking to him. Madi has been a godsend for her sanity—giving her a sense of priority, a schedule, with all her lessons, and most importantly, someone to love—but she is still a kid, and Clarke misses talking to her friends. Misses Bellamy, more than anything. There’s no point denying it.

He was more than a best friend, which sounds overly sentimental to her own ears, but you don’t go through what they did together and not come out of it as each other’s person. So yeah, she misses him like a constant, familiar ache.

Or maybe she misses the person she remembers. Misses what her brain tells her he was. She can hardly trust her memories, now. Can hardly say for sure if he’d looked at her the way she thought he had, six years ago. If he’d really had the persistent aura of warmth that she still imagines.

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Cabin//pt. 4

(The outfit in this takes place in this part and this is the only pic that I actually found that is more on the high quality end)

Genre: Fluff, Smut, friend!au

Warning: Graphic smut. I mean it’s a smut buddy, what do ya expect?

Authors Note: AHHHH!!!! IM SORRY THIS IS COMING OUT SO LATEE. Tumblr had deleted this entire post so I had to rewrite the whole thing and it was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. SMUT. So we’ve finally arrived in nasty town, eh? I am so proud of this chapter because I feel like I really love the balance of cuteness and sexy time, and this is completely my version of romance, I think this kind of stuff is more romantic and cute than like a fancy dinner ya know? Ha ha anyway, thank you for understanding that I’m a full time student and sometimes it’s really hard for me to write. Thank you guys for being so patient ENJOY, CABIN PART 4.

Pt: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

“Yeah yeah Mom don’t worry, he’s gotten a lot friendlier.”

Your mom had decided to spend the rest of the day around the cabin so she could drive back to the lodge at around 7:30.

Baekhyun woke up from his “nap” about an hour after your mom got to the cabin. Turns out he had actually fallen asleep and walked out into the living room where you and your mom were sitting with bed hair and the sexiest raspy voice you’ve ever heard in your entire goddamn life.

You all just laid around the whole day, skipping through Netflix and going back to reading Fahrenheit 451 while also trying to stay as far away from Baekhyun as you could so you wouldn’t be tempted while your mom was here.


“Well everything looks good here.” Your mom says while giving you a hug, “I’ll be back on Friday okay?”

You hug her back, “We’ll be okay, go have fun at the retreat.”

She gives you a kiss on your forehead, “Okay sweetie, you be good.” She looks up and waves to Baekhyun who is currently on the couch shoving a handful of goldfish into his mouth, “bye Baekhyun.” He gives her a smile and a wave back before she’s out the door and you can see the headlight of her car driving down the street.

Now it’s just you and Baekhyun alone. Again.

You hear his deep chuckle behind you, “well that was close.”

You turn around and laugh too, “I know, if she had come back two minutes before.” You make your way to the couch and sit, sprawling your legs across Baekhyun’s lap while he takes in another handful of goldfish.

“Did she suspect anything?” His hand lays on your knee, sending a chill throughout your body.

“Not even a little bit, when she got here she thought we still hated each other.” You reach over to take some goldfish for yourself.


As you open your eyes you see Baekhyun looking down at you with a sleepish grin.

You take a sharp inhale in and close your eyes for a loud yawn, “good morning.”

Baekhyun returns your ‘good morning’ and unwraps his limbs from around you to stretch.

You two had spent the rest of the evening watching the Avengers until about 1:30am when you decided it was time to sleep. You nestled yourself into Baekhyun’s chest, and just when you were about to fall asleep you felt his lips graze yours. When you looked at him he just had a smile on his face and reached down to plant a warm kiss onto your lips. “Goodnight.”

“What do you want for breakfast?” you asked through another deep yawn.

He runs a hand through his messy hair, “I don’t know, what sounds good?”

“Mmmm, bacon sounds good.” [pun intended]

“Agreed, aaaaaaaannnd… pancakes?” He gives you puppy dog eyes

You smile, “yes and pancakes, would you like to make them?”

He smiles and jumps up from the bed, racing to the kitchen to bless your taste buds with his pancakes.

After brushing your teeth, you enter the kitchen to hear Junk Of the Heart by the Kooks blasting through the kitchen, Baekhyun at the stove happily dancing and singing along. You really weren’t lying when you were sleep talking yesterday, his voice is so lovely.


“What do you want to do today?” You ask, shoveling the last piece of pancake into your mouth.

Baekhyun smiles, also cleaning his plate. “We can go exploring today? You know, go find a cool tree, maybe some cool rocks.” He giggles before rising from the table to put his dish in the sink.

“You know, I think that’s a wonderful idea. I need a couple new cool rocks.”

He looks at the clock on the stove, “Well it’s 8:30, do you wanna go at 9:00?”

You nod and stand, discarding your plate in the sink so you could go get ready.

You take a nice shower and dry off, Baekhyun stepping into the shower just after you.

You decide to wear a pink summer dress that goes down to your knees with little buttons down the front, taking a white scarf to tie around your head as a headband before pairing it with white vans

“You ready?”

You turn around to see Baekhyun wearing a red plaid shirt with suspenders, black skinny jeans and a black top hat that matches his dark locks perfectly.

“Yeah, um,” You go and pick up your yellow Fjallraven Kanken backpack, “What should we bring? Like snacks? Maybe a weapon of some sort?” You walk over to the small window seat where your books are displayed, picking up               Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire for yourself.

“My Dad left me a pocket knife,” he walks over to his suitcase and pulls a small black knife out of the front pocket, flipping the knife out to show you, “and there’s a hammer in the tool box that you could put in your bag?” He flips the knife back in and tucks it in his back pocket for safe keeping.

You nod and walk down the hallway, Baekhyun following behind you. You turn into the kitchen, “You go get the hammer and I’ll pack us some snacks.”

You rummage through the cabinets; your mom had gone grocery shopping while she was here, thank god. You put various snacks in little plastic baggies, along with a couple waters and some bottles of lemonade you found in the back of the fridge.

Baekhyun reappears with a small hammer, “OH oh! Pack me some animal crackers will ya?” He hands you the hammer to put into your backpack.

“Already did,” you laugh “You ready?”


You shove one last apple and your speaker in your bag and head out the door.
You stop once you’re outside, “Which way? We could go into the forest, or around the lake?” You point in each direction for emphasis.

“We’ve explored around the lake a million times, lets go in there.” Baekhyun starts heading into the sea of trees, you following close behind

You two walk for about twenty minutes, mentally marking trees and other things so you could easily find your way back. The forest floor was littered with orange and yellow autumn leaves, crunching beneath your feet as you and Baekhyun were talking about the beauty of it all.

“Look at that tree.” Baekhyun says, pointing to a lone oak tree just off the trail. “Do you wanna go hang out on it?” He’s already walking towards it.

The tree was beautiful. The leaves were all a mixture of yellows and oranges, it’s branches hanging both low and high. The tree looked older than anyone could count.

You climbed up the tree by its branches, taking a seat about 9ft in the air, Baekhyun sitting on a branch a little higher and to the left. You reach into your bag and take out a bag of animal crackers, reaching up to hand them to Baekhyun. He gives you a small thanks and you pull out your Harry Potter book and start to read silently to yourself, enjoying the sounds of the forest.

“What are you reading?” Baekhyun smiles down at you from his branch.

You look up, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” You reach into your backpack, which was now hanging from a separate branch, and pull out your speaker.

“Ah, gimme.” Baekhyun reaches down as your hand him the speaker. He takes his phone from his back pocket and connects it. Soon you hear Treehouse by Conan Gray start playing lightly, “read to me young grasshopper, fill my ears with this Harry Potter you speak of.” He tries his best to imitate an old man voice and you giggle. You pick up your book and start reading aloud only stopping to answer Baekhyun’s questions and comments [‘Wait what how old is he?’, ‘Well what the hell does he expect if he’s the chosen one’, ‘I don’t like that guy Cedric, he kind of seems like an ass’, ‘Wait wait wait, she just said he’s 12, I thought he was 14?’, etc.] You had read to him for a while, not even knowing or caring what time it was, both of you just laughing and making fun of things and coming up with various scenarios if you two had gone to Hogwarts.  He laughs, “Jongin and Sehun would totally be the twins. Oh! oh and Chanyeol is Ron, I’m Harry and you’re Hermione.” You laugh about how enthusiastic he’s become about Harry Potter. “I think Kyungsoo would be Draco, and Junmyeon would be Dumbledore.” he continues, still laughing at himself. You grab the apple you packed in your bag and take a bite. I Know a Place also by Conan Gray is playing softly in the background of you two talking.

You keep reading for a while, both occasionally taking swigs from your bottles of lemonade and taking a bite from your apple as Baekhyun peels an orange. You stopped reading when Harry Style’s Sweet Creature started playing on the speaker. With legs crossed and backs resting up against the tree, both closed your eyes and hummed to the tune of the song. 

“This has become one of my favorite places so fast.” You hear Baekhyun say.

You open your eyes and look up at him, “me too. I could sit here for forever.”

You sit in silence as the rest of the song passes, still staying quiet as            
What a Wonderful World X Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Renee Dominique passes as well; just taking in the sweet smell and scenery of the forest from both of your branches. Looking up, you can see a pool of tree tops and the clouds slowly pass you by.

“It’s 1:30pm already.” Baekhyun announces.

You look at him, shocked. “What? Already?”

“Should we go back to the cabin? Or do you want to explore some more?” He asks, climbing down the tree branch by branch.

You contemplate, “It’s up to you. I mean we could go back to the cabin to make lunch?”

“That sounds nice.” He brushes off the back of his jeans.

You take your backpack and put it your book and bottle of lemonade in it before putting it on. You climb down the tree, Baekhyun grabbing your waist to lift you down when you come into his reach.

“I love this tree.” You say while brushing off your dress.

“Me too, I hope we can find it again.” He looks at the tree with such adoration.

You take off your backpack and unzip it, “I have an idea.” Taking out the hammer, you wedge the flat end into part of the tree, stripping it of the bark. It takes a minute, but soon there’s a patch of bare wood in front of you. “Give me the knife.” Baekhyun reaches into his back pocket and hands it to you, flipping the blade out so you could carve into the tree.

[The first initial of your name]’s And B’s Cool Tree.

You step back, satisfied. Baekhyun takes the knife from your hand. You see him carve something below both of your initials, seeing when he steps back that he had carved the Deathly Hallows. “There, perfect.” He whispers under his breath. You stand admiring it for a while before reaching to untie the scarf from around your head, wrapping it around one of the low hanging branches and tying it into a knot. You smile “There. Now it’s perfect.”

You make your way back to the cabin, shoulder to shoulder with Baekhyun the entire way, laughing and talking about random things.

You walk into the cabin, setting your bag down on one of stools to the kitchen island. “What should we eat for lunch?” You open the fridge contemplating.

“Y/n.” Baekhyun says behind you.

You turn around and gasp at how close he is to you. He steps forward, his chest pressing up against yours. He cups your face and brings his lips down to yours as you place your hands on his chest. His lips tasted like lemonade and you wanted more. He placed his hands at your hips and licked your bottom lip, deepening the kiss. You welcomed him into your mouth, his tongue tasting even more like lemonade. He backed you up till you were against the fridge, your hands threading through his hair. The kiss began to get heated quickly. He tapped your thigh as a sign to jump up and wrap your legs around his waist. He presses into you, grinding and leaving open mouthed kisses down your jaw.

“Baekhyun” you moan, feeling him getting harder and harder. “Bedroom.”

He starts to carry you down the hallway until you reached your shared room, setting you down on the bed. His lips suck on the sweet spot below your ear, your breath hitching in your throat. You tug town his suspenders and untuck his shirt, undoing the buttons with excited hands. You push his shirt off, your hands immediately roam his toned body, biting your lip. Baekhyun’s hands start unzipping your dress in the back. You stand, the dress pooling at your feet. The dress had built in cups so you had decided earlier to not wear a bra, Baekhyun’s eyes scanning your bare chest. “Shit.” He whispers to himself before pulling you to him, his lips on your collarbone. His lips travel lower, taking your left nipple into his mouth, sucking and moving his tongue in circles before taking the other into his mouth and doing the same.

“Baek.” You arch into him and he pushes you back until you’re laying on the bed.

You start to scoot upwards Baekhyun climbing up your body, spreading your legs to let him in between as he attacks your lips with his.

You reach down to unbutton his jeans, pushing them down his legs before he sits up and removes them all the way, throwing them somewhere in the room. You palm his length through his boxers, feeling him groan into mouth. His fingers start playing with the hem of your panties to ask permission, you lift your hips to give him access. He discards them and running his hands up and down the inside of your thighs. A long finger starts to trail up and down your core, feeling how wet you are.

“Are you sure?” He looks into your eyes.

You nod, “Baekhyun please,” You grip him harder. He sighs and closes his eyes at the pleasure. Letting you finally pull his boxers down, revealing his cock that you had gloriously seen a couple days ago.

You run your thumb over the tip, spreading his precum as enters a finger into you, making you gasp followed by a breathy moan.

You wrap your hand around him, pumping him at the same slow pace before he adds another finger, his thumb circling your clit. “God. Baekhyun.” You throw your head back, closing your eyes.

“Fuck baby.” He groans into your neck, beginning to slowly thrust into your hand.

You push his hand away from you so you could grind on his cock, “Baekhyun please.“ 

That’s when he finally positions himself at your entrance, his tip trailing up and down you, spreading your wetness onto him.

He guides his tip into you, “Fuck you’re so fucking tight.” He hisses, bringing his lips down to yours. You close your eyes at the stretch. “Wait fuck. You aren’t a virgin are you?” He looks at you in panic.

You smile at his wide-eyed expression, “No, this is my third.” you say while you run your hands up and down his arms, feeling how they flex under your touch.

He nods and kisses you again, stopping before entering you inch by inch. Once he’s fully in he pauses kisses your forehead, “Tell me when okay?” You wait a couple seconds before lifting your hips up to signal him to move.

He pulls almost all the way out before sinking back into you slowly. He does this a couple more times, each time becoming more and more pleasurable.

You place one hand on his shoulder, the other in his dark hair. “Faster.” He slowly picks up his speed, thrusting into you until you become a moaning mess.

He lifts your left leg and wraps it around his waist, hitting you deeper than you could ever imagine. “FUCK BAEKHYUN RIGHT THERE” You scream, digging your nails into his shoulders as he brings you to total ecstasy. Sweat and sex filling the room.

“You’re so fucking wet.” Baekhyun moans, his eyes shut tight. He opens his eyes and looks down between your two bodies, shamelessly watching himself leave and enter you in a fast pace, reaching down to rub circles into your clit, drawing gasps from your aching throat.

“I-I fuck, Baek I’m gonna,” You breathed out. He rubbed your clit harder, angling his hips to meet your spot perfectly. You scream his name as your high washes over you, his lips sucking at your neck, all while continuing his ministrations.

As you come down from your orgasm, Baekhyun sits back into a sitting position, lifting you into his lap, “Are you okay baby? Can you keep going?” His voice is deep and raspy, sending tingles straight down to your center.You kiss his neck and nod, guiding him back into you.

You start to bounce on his lap, his hands wrapped around your waist to lift you up and down, your own hooked around his neck. His head is thrown back, mouth slightly parted, letting out the most gorgeous groans and small moans as you bounce on top of him. You feel your head spinning when he starts to thrust upwards into you at a fast pace.

The only sound in the room is the sound of skin on skin and loud moans; both bodies glowing in a sheet of sweat and pure bliss.

His fingers dig into your sides, “Fuck- baby- I don’t have- a condom on.” Moaning and sighing in between each word.

“It’s okay I’m.. I’m on birthco… birth control.” You choke out, reassuringly looking him in the eyes.

“Baekhyun I’m gonna cum again.” You whine, pulling his hair.

“Cum.” He demands, thrusting into you even harder

You throw your head back and cum for the second time, your body dropping into him, legs shaking. Holding you up by the waist, his eyebrows furrow with concentration, thrusts becoming sloppy and moans more high pitched.

He thrusts a few more times, his face buried into your neck; a mixture of moans and your name leave his lips as he cums.

Baekhyun lays back, pulling you with him. “Shit.” he says, breathless.

“Shit.” You retaliate, equally as breathless. You roll off of him so you’re laying next to him.

“Are you okay?” His arms wrap around you.

You laugh, “I’m more than okay right now.”

“Good,” he laughs back. “Me too. Come on, lets go shower.” He picks you up bridal style and carries you into the bathroom.

Once you two are in the shower, you wet your hair and reach for the shampoo bottle. Baekhyun slaps your hand away. “I wanna wash your hair.” HIs smile bright. 

They really weren’t lying when they said the after sex glow is a thing, Baekhyun is radiating.

He pours a puddle of shampoo onto your head and uses his long fingers to massage it into your hair. You close your eyes at the feeling.

“So,” He says, fingers still massaging your head. “What house do you think you’d be in if you were at Hogwarts?”

You chuckle at his spontaneous question. “Gryffindor.”

“Hmm why?” He tilts your head back so the water can run through your hair.

“Every quiz I’ve ever taken has always said I would be in Gryffindor, and I feel more connected to that house than the rest.” You grab his shoulders, almost losing your balance. “What about you?”

“Me too. And I’m Harry Potter remember, so I’d be in Gryffindor anyway.” He spreads a glob of conditioner over your head.

“You dork.”

You sit on one of the kitchen island stools, wet hair dripping down your back as you wait for Baekhyun to make you both Spaghettios. You watch as he empties both cans into two bowls and puts one in the microwave, doing the same with the other.

“So..” He turns around to face you, “Are you really in love with me?”


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DAI companions react to someone calling child Lavellan a knife-ear

Cassandra: Her response is immediate and instinctual– she has never been one to check herself when the correct action is clear. It will be a miracle if the stranger escapes without a broken jaw, but no matter their injury she immediately hauls them up to make vicious eye contact.

“Another word and I will silence you for good. The Inquisitor is saving the world and you will show them respect.”

Solas: It’s certainly not the first time he’s heard that insult or variations of the theme, and when it is directed at him he has no problem ignoring it. But when the bile is spit at the young Herald his reaction is decidedly different. Clearly the stranger is not expecting an elven mage to Fadewalk to stand before them, but the minute he is there it’s too late to run. The staff’s head is rested almost gently on their chest, though Solas’s voice is hard.

“No one here would expect this child to defend themselves to you, for there is no shame in their heritage. The only shame here is what you bring onto yourself– and the shame that I- as a far more dangerous knife ear- can not make you pay for those words.”

Varric: The whirl of Bianca’s gears come so fast at the end of the sentence that is almost cuts the words, and the no longer confident speaker finds themselves pinned to the wall behind them– and looking down the barrell at another bolt and a very unhappy rogue.

“Care to repeat that, friend? Actually, don’t bother– this story doesn’t end well for you.”

Sera: Like Varric she has an arrow out of her quiver and on the string in a heart beat, but there is no joke in her tone as the tip of the arrow tickles the speaker’s nose. 

“Give me a reason, friggin’…friggin’…arsebicuit. Say one more word about the little Herald that isn’t ‘hanks your worshipness’ and I’ll turn you into another squishy one and have you sayin’ what.”

Vivienne: The ice is called quickly to hand, but unlike with the Marquis there is no chance of mercy. She takes their chin in her hand for just a moment, angry disdain in her voice, and then gives a mockingly sad sigh.

“Such a shame to waste good mana on someone as foolish as you, but at least it removes the problem from our Inquisitor’s day.”


His sword makes a hiss that is almost as angry as it’s owner, and the would-be Warden has no issue with resting the tip of the blade on the speaker’s collarbone– and applying a bit of pressure.

“The Inquisitor is taking on problems no child should ever face, and saving the bloody world for people like you. But they are a better person than I am– I’m going to give you a chance to run.” The sword drops, and he drags them close to just a moment. “I suggest you take it.”

Iron Bull: The force behind the blow that follows those words would level small trees, but the qunari gives the speaker no time to recover before he is lifting them off their feet and at eye level with him.

“Bad idea, friend. This world would be all demons without the Inquisitor. I don’t like demons– prefer to meet them with an axe. Don’t much like you either. Trying to make yourself look big by attaking the imereki– big mistake. But maybe you just don’t understand how serious it is– come sit down with me and my boys, and we’ll explain it better.”

Dorian: His disapointed sigh is mocking and dramatic, but the anger is his face and the wave of his hand is very real. He speaks no words, and as the speaker screams in the sudden grasp of Horror they are not needed. But when the spell finally passes the ‘Vint leans down to meet the now terrified eyes.

“Do not ever try to frighten the Inqusitor. Scaring children is the purview of the big bad magister– and I’ll be happy to demonstrate again.”


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– Mod Fereldone

outline for “a playground proposal” … doubt I’ll write it but here’s what I was thinking 

  • the engagement happened in april, and craig doesn’t want tweek to panic about their marriage, and knows it needs to be soon
  • so he comes up with the perfect plan, it’ll be set us as a “end of school” picnic in may, “hosted” by token, but it’ll actually be their wedding- craig doesn’t want tweek knowing about it at all…
  • he buys them mood ring wedding bands and tricia hides them so there’s a 0% chance of tweek finding them beforehand
  • only token and jimmy know all of the details about craig’s plan (clyde can’t keep secrets)… wendy knows about it, but she’s sworn to secrecy
  • tweek was extremely excited for picnic when he heard about it (he loves late spring) and wanted to bake a cake for it… which craig thought was funny given the context 
  • it was held on a beautiful sunny saturday at stark’s pond, everyone was playing around… the gals were making daisy and dandelion flower crowns (wendy had offered to make them for the grooms), and tweek was having fun too
  • shortly after the picnic started, craig told clyde to run to his house and get stripe- and that tricia had something else for clyde to take, and then to meet him back by the willow tree… clyde was confused but went anyways 
    • when he got to craig’s house, tricia answered the door dressed in her sunday’s best, handed over stripe, the pillow, and the rings. while she went back into the kitchen to grab the basket with flower pedals she had prepped (craig had no clue about this but if she wasn’t the damn flower girl she was going to scream), clyde was trying to piece everything together 
      • it took him a thick minute but once he connected the dots he almost fell over 
  • meanwhile, tweek was now sunbathing with all of the gals, and attempting to make a flower crown himself… he was failing, miserably… so the gals gave him one of their flower crowns and decided that they should all make bouquets instead, so tweek started making his own with random wildflowers around the park 
    • red ran over and gave craig one of the crowns, who decided to wear one too, cause romance… plus since he wasn’t wearing a hat he felt weird and wanted to wear something on his head…
  • at the same time, craig was making sure everything was perfect. 
    • jimmy was going to ordain the wedding… which he was ready for…
      • he had almost forgot about the bible to make it look official and managed to snag the first book he saw on the way out of his house, which happened to be his mom’s copy of “fifty shades of grey” on the coffee table … it’ll do.  
      • token was all set to go, and had placed bluetooth speakers in the trunk of the weeping willow tree they were going to get married under, and had a playlist of light classical music ready to go… it’ll set the mood! 
      • clyde and tricia showed up and tricia got an earful from craig… but meh, she was his sister, and did bring flower pedals, so he lets her sprinkle them around the tree where tweek would see when he arrived
      • clyde was still too shocked to do anything and just got behind craig with stripe in his hands (stripe had a pillow tied to his back with the rings neatly tucked in) 
      • when everyone calmed down enough token sent a text to wendy… “ready.”
  • wendy was with tweek, still looking for flowers, when she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket… “hmm, I don’t think we’re going to find anymore… should we go find craig so you can show him?”
    • of course, tweek thought… so they started to walk around and look for craig… wendy seemed to know where she was going though, so he just followed her down by the pond
  • tweek heard the light classical music before he saw anything… “what the hell?” he started following the sound, which seemed to be coming from his and craig’s favorite weeping willow (it overlooked the pond and it felt magical) 
  • that’s when he saw craig in a matching flower crown... and jimmy to his right… holding a book out… and clyde behind him to the left, holding stripe? and token? and trixie? in a dress? what the hell was going on?
    • “craig? what’s happening?” he whispered. craig just smiled, “want to get married honey?” married… marriage… married to craig… today? now? oh jesus he wasn’t prepared for this… Wendy just lightly shoved him forward, and he walked through the willow branches with his bouquet in hand. ah, the bouquet was planned the whole time, wasn’t it?
  • jimmy cleared his throat and started the service, and while he spoke, tweek noticed a shimmer in craig’s eyes… was he crying? he’d never seen craig cry, let alone from happiness… he doesn’t think he’s ever been so flattered… he made craig cry? they were both crying from happiness… 
    • they both felt like they were on autopilot the entire time… when the vows came, they didn’t need to say anything more than “I love you”, because they knew the raw love that radiated off of them was worth a thousand words.
  • when it was time for the rings, clyde brought stripe to them… and when tweek saw the little pillow on his back he choked and cried harder… he could taste the salt from his tears in his smile
    • craig’s never felt prouder than when he slipped the mood ring band on tweek’s finger and when tweek slipped a matching one on his own finger 
  • unknown to them, since they were so absorbed in their wedding, everyone around them was practically in tears too (clyde was full on crying)
    • stan and kyle heard all of the crying from a distance away, walked up to wendy by the tree… and stan blurted “did the guinea pig die?”… wendy smacked him and called him a dumbass… kyle just groaned in dread when he realized they were getting married because this only meant that they were going to get sappier…  
  • tweek and craig barely registered when jimmy finally stuttered out “you may now kiss the husband!” and tweek grabbed craig’s head and pulled him down so fast that craig’s flower crown fell off… it was technically their first kiss but like hell they were going to let anyone know of that 
  • afterwards they had a great feast with all of the picnic food, clyde was the one to catch the bouquet, and tweek and craig had never felt so happy

me: h-happy birthday darling, blow out the candle on your Daily Ration.

my 6 year old son, heaving from whooping cough and on a crutch because there’s no available doctor for 50 miles to tend to his twisted ankle received from bumping into a paramilitary officer and being thrown across the street: dama.. will i– AHUEGHKAHEHEUGH get to see the sun today…?

me, peeking out the window of the shanty i share with my one child because my husband was drafted into combat against cyber-india because they implemented marginally better military technology than us last month and emperor donald didn’t like it: *sees the factory and coal mining smog still lays a thick blanket of grey across the sky* i’m afraid not sweetheart

local hidden tree speaker: *turning on to begin our national anthem, The Greatest America*

me: it’s time for the daily pledge, could you stand for me honey?

my sickly child, seconds from death: is it– AHAKGEUHUEGH is it alright if i sit, if i just think it, dama?

me: o-of course my love

son: *coughing up blood as the haunting refrain of trumpets in minor key comes to a deafening crescendo*

me, muttering so the Government Regulated Lightbulb Microphone can pick up my voice and my home doesn’t get raided under suspicion of being unpatriotic: and as.. the people love our king…

my son, light fading from his eyes: …d-dama….

me, sobbing: here our f-freedom… always… rings…

Christmas Time Headcanon

~Merry Christmas, sinners!! 


  • He’s got a cup of eggnog, a santa hat, and a scowl for the whole season. 
  • Regardless of his sour mood, he’s the one that stuffed the stockings for everyone. No one knows but S76.
  • Watches the Grinch Who Stole Christmas every year in the lounge. If you come to sit with him, he won’t stop you. (He prefers the company. But he’ll never say it.)
  • This time of year is the most civil he’ll get with S76.

Soldier 76: 

  • He’s the one that snuck all of the gifts downstairs before everyone woke up. 
  • Volunteers at orphanages and helps set up soup kitchen events. It’s not much but it’s what he can do to help others.
  • On Christmas day, he wears a robe and watches everyone unwrap their presents. He’s a proud parent. 


  • Got all of his shopping done ages ago. 
  • He’s got fuzzy christmas socks/slippers he walks around in. 
  • Christmas is one of the times during the year Hanzo can really forgive himself. Maybe it’s something in the air but he feels better. He visits Genji. He speaks more frequently. He sits by a fireplace and just relaxes. 
  • He’s traded his tea in for hot cocoa.


  • Also got his shopping done ages ago. 
  • Christmas is a time for forgiveness and happiness. He lets all of the year’s anger and grudges float away (With Zenyatta’s guidance through it) and just lives. 
  • Participates in group activities more. 
  • Made a Christmas cake. He’s very proud of it. 


  • He’s drunk for the half of the season. 
  • He puts together the artifical christmas trees in the base. Tracer times him to see how fast he can put them together. He gets quicker every year.
  • He’s trying to catch Hanzo under the mistletoe. He’ll get him eventually. it’s only a matter of time. 


  • has an advent calendar that he opens every morning. 
  • loves sitting out in the snow. The gentle fall is soothing and the stillness of the outside world helps with his meditation. 
  • Loves going on sleigh rides with Genji. 


  • Spends the holiday season as close to her mother as she can. 
  • Christmas reminds her of the old days at the base when she was small. The holiday is the same, her family is just bigger now. It’s a happy time of year for her. 
  • Used to paint pinecones to hang on the trees as ornaments. Still does it to this day. 


  • Puts the star on the tree every year. It’s his job. Don’t take it away from him.
  • has a collection of ugly christmas sweaters, one for every day the week before Christmas. 
  • A lot more emotional. Having so many people around to love means twice the bear hugs. He always has a candy cane to give you when you see him during the day.


  • Went Christmas caroling through the base with D.Va, Reinhardt, and Lucio. Threatened to ice anyone who tried to close the door in their faces. (Reaper.)
  • Has a cannon in her arm when it comes to snowball fights. 
  • Makes the best hot cocoa on the base. (The secret is nutmeg.)


  • She makes the most detailed gingerbread house every year. The woman should have been an architect. 
  • Loves to go see the tree lighting and look at window displays. 
  • Volunteers at orphanages with Soldier 76 and does all kinds of other charity work. She thinks of the season as a time to give back. 


  • Can’t wrap a present to save her life. 
  • Decorated the rest of the base in half the time as everyone else. 
  • Volunteers to be an elf for Santa’s village every year. She’s the happiest elf there. All the children love her. 
  • makes sugar cookies for everyone on the base.
  • Walks around the base in a red nose and antlers. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is her favorite song/Christmas movie. 


  • Put light up reindeer on the front lawn of the base.
  • Always ends up with tape stuck to his fur after he finishes wrapping presents.
  • Hand knits everyone’s gifts every year. Some people get mittens. Some people get sweaters. Every year is different.
  • Likes to string popcorn but always ends up eating half of it.


  • Watches The Charlie Brown Christmas special every year. 
  • Reads the others The Night Before Christmas every year. 
  • Huge traditionalist when it comes to the above. 
  • Changes the ornaments on the tree because they’re too close together. 
  • Loves to tell stories to the younger members. During this time of year, she gets the most reminiscent. 


  • Went ice skating with Mei. 
  • Made a Christmas mixtape for the base called “Holiday Hollah.” 
  • He put it on over the loud speakers. 
  • No one knows how to turn it off. 
  • Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree is his favorite christmas song. 
  • Gets dragged along on shopping trips by just about everyone on the base. He’s seen the hells of shopping during Christmas time but he loves walking around with his friends (his family). He always manages to have a good time with them nearby and Christmas jingles in his ears. 


  • She’s taking advantage of the Starbucks Christmas drinks. 
  • Orders all of her presents online. 
  • Camped outside of electronic stores for Black Friday. She’s in the front of the line. Don’t cut her.


  • Eats way too much sugar during the holiday season.
  • Nearly set the oven on fire trying to cook the gingerbread faster. 
  • loves seeing all of the open fires during this time of year. 
  • The cold goes right through him. He gets extra cuddly this time of year. (Roadhog likes it)
  • Loves going sledding. Tries to find the biggest hill he can. his biggest jump was twenty feet in the air. 


  • Just tries to keep Junkrat alive. 
  • It’s a holiday of comfort to Roadhog. He just sits around in thick sweaters and enjoys himself with the others. 
  • Loves the snow. Loves it. It doesn’t snow in Hawaii so snow is the best thing to him. He loves making snow men and there is an army of them outside of the base every year. 


  • She makes the best paper snowflakes.
  • Always gets the scissors to glide over the wrapping paper. Her present’s wrapping look straight out of a magazine. 
  • She gets cold/sick easily during this time of year. She won't leaves the house without ten thousand layers, her gloves, her boots, and earmuffs. 


  • Added vodka to the eggnog without telling anyone. 
  • Makes everyone Christmas cards. He’s a gifted artist. 
  • Always offers his scarf when he’s outside with someone. Won’t take no for an answer. You will be warm.


  • Dresses as Santa every Christmas Day. She’s wears a beard and everything.
  • The cold doesn’t bother her at all. She’ll walk outside in a tank top. (Symmetra is horrified)
  • She is the only person in existence to actually like fruit cake. She’ll eat it every day of the season. (Everyone is horrified)

Widow Maker: 

  • Allergic to poinsettias. It’s a rough time of year for her. 
  • Has a Christmas village that she takes out and arranges every year. It has a working train. She starts the train up every Christmas Day and lets it run all morning.
  • She always gets a card from Reaper. It makes her smile. (She won’t admit it though)
  • Lets Tracer drag her out on Christmas Eve. Every year’s activity is different and some have ended with the two nearly getting arrested. She has pictures.
  • Spends the actual holiday with her cat watching old christmas movies and reading. It makes her happy. 


  • Takes pictures and videos of everyone during the holiday season. 
  • Eventually puts them all in a single movie reel so that everyone can crowd around the couch on Christmas Night and watch how the Christmas season flew by. 
  • has years of these kinds of videos all in a disc album in the lounge of the base. They cherishes them. 
A Year Later: Robert

It’s me again, with ya Dream Daddy fanfiction. I can’t be stopped. 

Robert x Dadsona

light cursing, reference to alcohol abuse and depression

3483  words

It’s a warm night. Probably the warmest yet, this year. But, then again, it’s only just now really getting into summer.

“Damien’s hanging out in the graveyard again.”

I look over at Robert who’s peering down at the city through his binoculars. I smirk at him a little even though I know he can’t see me.

“You are so obsessed with him, lately.”

“I think he’s a vampire. 99% certain.” He scans the city some more. Not totally sure what he’s looking for, but he’ll tell me when he finds it.

“I’ll just text Mary. ‘Hey. Is your brother a vampire?’”

“She’s a vampire, too, obviously. Undead siblings wandering the night, seducing young men. Taking them back to their lair where they feed on them for sustenance, draining their body dry. Then they bathe in their blood and offer them up as sacrifices to their dark lord.”

“Wouldn’t they need to bathe in their victim’s blood before draining them dry?”

“How dare you expect internal consistency in my conspiracy theories.” Robert lowers his binoculars. “What did you manage to come up with?”

I turn my hands out to show him my shapely hunk of wood. It’s still pretty chunky and malformed, but it actually resembles a panda.

“Adorable,” he says flatly. He pulls a flask from inside his jacket and takes a big ol’ gulp. It’s not booze. Soda, probably. Maybe sweet tea.

At first he just started cutting back, and was doing a pretty good job of stopping after one or two glasses. The smoking began falling off, too, soon after. Then he started taking anti-depressants, and he took the recommendations not to drink while on them very seriously. There are still bad days where he’ll feed the dog and water his plant like usual but forget to eat himself. They’re becoming less and less though, and every day things are a little better. A little easier. A little more manageable. I’m very proud of where he’s brought himself.

“I talked to Val. She said Amanda’s doing really well at that summer job she got her. Like a fish to water.”

“Yeah. I was a little nervous about letting her go live in the big city, but Val offering her extra room helped. That was really nice of them.”

“Desiree’s coming with her when she brings Amanda back.” Robert looks down at his thumb as it fiddles with the knob that changes the focus of the lenses.

“This’ll be the first time you’ve mey her, right?”


The sounds of the night creep in and around us, settling into place. He brings the binoculars back up to his eyes. After a minute, he hits me in the arm a little.

“Roll out. The mission is a go.” He hops down out of the tailgate of the truck and heads to the driver’s side.

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