speaker of the trees

theres a certain comfort thats comes from running through forests of pixel trees and hearing the ocean through tiny speakers
and from talking to animals that water flowers.
that no matter what happens in the real world, there’s always a wolf with something new to say, or a deer that’s been holding onto a present for you while you were gone.
and although this whole tiny world can be reduced to ones and zeros
it’s a home that you can always come back to no matter what,
where you’ll always be needed and loved.
and that’s why i’ll always love animal crossing.

December 18th

The Right Tree

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5 years ago:

Aelin knew she was pissing Rowan off. It was part of the reason she was taking so long. It was fun to push his buttons sometimes. Okay, most of the times. 

And this was one of those times.

Stopping in the middle of a giant patch of trees, Aelin looked one of the trees up and down. Cheery Christmas music played over the speakers of the tree farm as Aelin reached out. She gently touched a branch of the tree before stepping back, her nose wrinkled.

“Not this one,” She declared, moving on.

“Aelin,” She could hear the frustration rolling off of Rowan as he followed behind her. “We’ve been here for over an hour already.”

“It’s not my fault we have yet to find the perfect tree.” Aelin simply shrugged as she shoved her gloved hands into her coat pockets. She started to smirk when she heard Rowan sigh frustratedly. She could imagine him pinching the bridge of his nose to calm himself down.

You haven’t found the perfect tree.” Rowan pointed out.

“Oh, stop grumbling,” Aelin waved a hand at him. “We’ll find the right one soon enough.”

Rowan was silent for a few moments after that. Aelin stopped and looked at a few more trees, before deciding they were no good and moving on.

“You weren’t this picky last year when it came to a Christmas tree.” Rowan pointed out. He walked beside her now, as they turned down another row of trees.

“That’s because we were in a crappy apartment last year,” She said. “And we just used a fake one.”

“And we aren’t using a fake one this year because…?”

“Because,” Aelin gave Rowan a pointed look. “I like real ones. You can’t tell me you don’t like real Christmas trees.”

Rowan shrugged. “We never had a real one. Always a fake one.”

“All the more reason to find the perfect real one.” Aelin smiled brightly as she took his hand. However, she let go a few minutes later with a gasp, running over to a tree she spotted.

It was a beautiful tree. About eight and a half feet tall. It was high enough off the ground but not too high. The branches were full and strong, but not stiff enough to break off under the weight of lights and decorations. It was perfect.

Aelin smiled brightly as she spun around to face Rowan.

“What do you think?”

Rowan walked towards the tree, hands in his pockets. Aelin watched as he looked it up and down before facing her.

“It seems like a good tree,” He said with a smile. “But I’m guessing you already have your mind made up on this one.”

Aelin nodded as she took out her phone.

“Stand in front of it.” She told him as she stepped back, opening the camera app.

“Why?” Rowan raised an eyebrow.

“Because I’m going to take a picture,” Aelin started simply. “Of you next to your first real tree.”

Rowan just shook his head and started to make his way towards Aelin, but she stopped him.

“I’m serious. I got a photo album yesterday, when me and the girls were at the mall. I’m going to take all the pictures we’ve taken so far this year and put them in it. An album of our first Christmas in the house.” Aelin explained to him. “My mom use to make photo albums all the time. Especially around the holidays. So I want to give it a shot.”

Rowan watched her in silence for a few moments. Aelin raised her eyebrows, silently telling him to go stand by the damn tree.

With a sigh, Rowan took a few steps backwards so he was in front of the tree. With his hands in his pockets, he smiled at the camera as Aelin took the picture.

Once the photo was taking, Rowan took the tag off the tree and they started to make their way to the main entrance.

“You know,” Aelin snuggled into Rowan’s side, his arm around her shoulders. “This is just step one.”

Rowan looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. “Step one?”

“Mhmm,” Aelin nodded, smiling up at him. “Now we need to go find the perfect ornaments. And they have to all match the tree shirt I got.”

Rowan didn’t even try to hid his groan as Aelin laughed at him.


“Badly Lit Christmas Tree” - coming tomorrow, December 19th

summary of smtm5 ep7

- Kush reminding One he’s in YG 24/7
- “show me the friendship”
- #gun has screentime bless up
- “hi donutman” #stopflowsik2k16
- andwae andwae andwae
- did superbee fry his hair tbh what is that
- flowsik’s neck veins
- xitsuh’s face expressions express my life
- myundo breaking up with boi b
- dok2′s bitch face
- did superbee just call- smh.
- 1 dab = 1 reblog
- show me the money more like show me the hairstyles
- cjamm accepting his death
- simon d’s pringle speakers
- xitsuh & one are sitting in at tree K I S S I N G
- let’s just crown bewhy the winner why are we still continuing
- exploding nerves
- your heart will explode too okay I cried 4 times by now
- G2 HOW
- unexpected

Yes?” She was used to the sound of footsteps approaching her ward, the Heart Tree. But a voice had called out something that appeared to be a question, although she was too lost in her train of thought to understand what they had said. Lilith brushed back the long blond hair that felt past her ears, still not bothering to move and find the speaker with her eyes. “If it’s a question about the tree’s history, go consult a dusty old book.” 

We have decided on names! Thanks for all your suggestions!

From left to right, you can see Mamzel (for French speakers: bastardized mademoiselle), Trees (afraid only Flemish are gonna get that one) and Querty (thanks @theblindtorpedo and @aphotic-sea)!

The other two kids have arrived too! Behold Kastaar (another Flemish word, I fear) and Potato (I did not need to circumvent my father’s restrictions, @lefthandsuzukimethod, since the Flemish word for potato is patat - in practice we call her patatje :D)

@babygoatsandfriends, thanks for boosting! ^^

World Tree in Slavic mythology 

A fairly typical cosmological concept among speakers of Indo-European languages, that of the World Tree, is also present in Slavic mythology. It is either an oak tree, or some sort of pine tree. The mythological symbol of the World Tree was a very strong one, and survived throughout the Slavic folklore for many centuries after Christianisation. Three levels of the universe were located on the tree. Its crown represented the sky, the realm of heavenly deities and celestial bodies, while the trunk was the realm of mortals. They were sometimes combined together in opposition to the roots of the tree, which represented the underworld, the realm of the dead.
The pattern of three realms situated vertically on the axis mundi of the World Tree parallels the horizontal, geographical organization of the world. The world of gods and mortals was situated in the center of the earth, encircled by a sea, across which lay the land of the dead, to where birds would fly every winter and return from in spring. In many folkloric accounts, the concepts of going across the sea (idit) versus coming from across the sea (dolazit) are equated with dying versus returning to life. This echoes an ancient mythological concept that the afterlife is reached by crossing over a body of water. Additionally, on the horizontal axis, the world was also split; in this case by four cardinal points, representing the four wind directions (north, east, south, west). These two divisions of the world, into three realms on the vertical axis and into four points on the horizontal, were quite important in mythology; they can be interpreted in statues of Slavic gods, particularly those of the three-headed Triglav and the four-headed Svantevit.

Tis the Season for Christmas Pajamas || closed

Finally the day had come and Sasuga was dressed in her brand new set of Christmas pajamas. It zipper was zipped up almost to her neck on the green onesie with large red spots. She was rather proud of the form fitting outfit, though it was not something she would dream of trying to actually sleep in. She knew that most of her guest wouldn’t show up in their pajamas, but that didn’t matter so long as they showed.

She glanced around and made sure everything was perfect. The apartment was decorated in bright lights and wonderful green plants, with the help of her new favorite flower shop. Christmas music played softly in the background, the speakers hidden somewhere behind the tree, and on the counter were various drinks and snacks and sweets for whatever the taste bubs craved. Now was the hard part….waiting…

She didn’t have to go through this long, however as soon the buzzer was going off and she hit the button without a second thought or even asking who it was this time. A little giggle of excitement and she was unlocking her front door so that whichever guest showed first, could come right in. Of course there was a mistletoe hanging just inside the door and Sasuga moved just to the side of it just in case it wasn’t somebody who wanted a kiss….A thought later and she had a scarf around her large ears and darted into her room to pull a skirt on over the onesie…Most everybody knew she had a tail…and rather large ears…but still…

23.01.16 | day 23/100

did all of my productive stuff tonight because i did nothing earlier today lmao


  • Duolingo: finished strengthening the whole EN -> IT speakers tree! (except for the flirting skill, that doesn’t rlly count tho lmao). also strengthened Feelings and the Politics skills on the IT -> EN speakers. 
  • Memrise: learned 15 words in the Intermediate Italian tree.
  • CSS: wrote about a page of notes about CSS. 
  • Greek: found a small list of some Greek tv shows to watch :D. not rlly productive but at least i found something.

Okay toad patrol comic concept panther cap and earth star now spend their time during the new tadpole season in the forest guiding late born toadlets to the fairy ring every year. Earth star and beauty stem are married and beauty steam is an accomplished witch/doctor/medicine toad/what have you and she spends the season in the forest collecting the rare herbs and components that grow there to create new medicines and whatnot back in toad hallow where furfoot is the new leader. One year in the last group theres a little toad girl who’s also a thunder tree speaker but unlike panther cap who only hears them in whispers they’re really loud for her, and its not just the thunder trees speaking, its the whole forest, its every plant and tree and she says theyre all saying something is wrong something is wrong and telling her to go somewhere else, so panther cap leaves the rest of the group with earth star to get to the fairy ring and panther cap takes the new tree speaker to where theyre urging her to go and when they get there its utter forest devastation. Theres condos moving in and theyre bringing the whole place down. So panther cap is like oh shit and he grabs the tree speaker and they have to go warn furfoot and co only when they get there earthstar and the toadlets are already there because the theres a big construction worker bootprint over the mushrooms of the fairy circle and it isnt working now

Cue adventures; hire me

17.03.16 | day 77/100

i have quite a few things to do for school, so i might not post as much until then. :> but thanks to all the new people that have followed me recently.


  • Reading: finished reading ‘The Anatomy of Type’.
  • School: finished the typeface assignment I’ve been doing over the past week or so aaa. c:
  • Duolingo: strengthened two skills in my IT -> EN speakers tree.