…And thats how Dave’s speakeasy was created.

This one has been laying around since last winter. I tried my best to save picture 1 + 2 + 3 from terrible 2k15 style

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The Singing Fool Movie (1928)

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➼ The Singing Fool Movie Storyline:
After years of hopeful struggle, Al Stone (Jolson) is on his way. “I’m Sittin’ on Top of the World”, he sings to an appreciative speakeasy crowd. But, as Al discovers, getting there is one thing. Staying there is another. Singing waiter Stone gets his huge break on a magical night when his song wows a big-time producer and a gold-digging showgirl he fancies. Broadway success and marriage follow, but sure enough, hard times are on the way. Al’s fickle wife abandons him, taking the beloved son he calls Sonny Boy with her. Heartbroken, Al becomes a devastated loner until friends from the speakeasy that launched his career rescue him from a life on the streets. Soon, Al is back in lights. But another crisis awaits: Sonny Boy is in the hospital and dying….

➼ Movie Details :
Release Date : 1928-09-18
Casts : Agnes Franey, Josephine Dunn, Reed Howes, Edward Martindel, Davey Lee, Arthur Housman, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Helen Lynch, Al Jolson, Betty Bronson
Duration : 0 minutes

The year is 1924 and the prohibition is in full swing. The entire country has been dried up for nearly five years and in desperate need of a stiff drink. And for those with business minds and uneasy morals it’s an easy payday. New York City detective, Bellamy Blake, has been assigned to dive head first into the spinning world of speakeasies, excess, and black market booze. Going undercover is the break he’s been waiting for and taking down this crime family could make him a household name.

His plan was fool proof, and then Clarke Griffin sauntered into that parlor. [ AO3 ]


TJ is more than just another speakeasy—it always has been.

Speakeasy by Suzey Ingold, available Feb. 18th 2016 and available for pre-order now.

In the height of the Prohibition era in Manhattan, recent Yale graduate Heath Johnson falls for Art, the proprietor of a unique speakeasy where men are free to explore their sexuality. When Art’s sanctuary is raided, Heath is forced to choose between love and the structured life his parents planned for him.

With thanks to Hannah Whitcombe and Eric Tharmathurai.
Music: Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon (under Attribution Licence)

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Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin

If you’re reading this, it means I’m not back yet. But don’t worry about me, Jean. I’ll be okay. Don’t worry. Don’t come looking for me. And whatever you do, don’t call the coppers.

The year is 1924, and editor-in-chief Marco Bodt has gone missing, last seen at a speakeasy in the heart of Boston. When Jean takes it upon himself to investigate, his search finds him at the door of Mikasa Ackerman—the sweet-talking lounge singer at the speakeasy by night, and cold-hearted boss of the formidable Ackerman Family by day. But help from the Family comes at a cost, and the more time Jean spends with crime and the city, the more secrets he keeps from his family and friends at home, and the more he starts to think that Marco was never exactly who Jean thought he was.


If you’re reading this, it means I’m not back yet. But don’t worry about me, Jean. I’ll be okay. Don’t worry. Don’t come looking for me. And whatever you do, don’t call the coppers.

That was all Marco wrote, aside from his name and an I love you that Jean knew all too well. Even if, somehow, it felt like it had been written ages ago.

In hindsight Jean should have known, before he found the note on the kitchen table, that Marco had never come home last night. When he first woke up, the bed was empty, felt empty, unused. It was like that sometimes, because Marco was always the first to leave his apartment and the last to turn in, even when Jean took the bus down from Lexington for the weekend. Jean liked to joke, sometimes, that Marco was always thirsty for something. Adventure. Justice. The perfect story. He didn’t know what it was exactly, just that Marco had always wanted that ever since they were kids.

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“I shall have to mix you a Hanky Panky when we return to the city,” Art comments, and Heath gives him a soft kick until he relents and laughs. “All right, you’ve got me. The only kind of Hanky Panky worth preparing for you can be done here just as well.”

Hanky Panky


✧ 2 shots gin
✧ 2 shots sweet vermouth
✧ a few dashes of orange bitters
½ shot fresh orange juice
✧ orange peel twist to garnish

Shake the gin, vermouth, orange bitters, and orange juice over ice and serve into a martini glass. Garnish with a twist of orange peel.

Speakeasy is out February 18th and is currently available for pre-order from the IP Web Store.

LOOK BOOK - 1-in-3


Mesh head: Catwa - Annie

Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara

Feet: Slink

Tattoo: Speakeasy

Shop Look #1! (From Left to right)

Hair: Analog Dog - Sassafras

Turtleneck: Gizza - Urban Princess

Skirt: Ison- Pleated midi skirt

Sandals: Milk Motion - Cross strapped sandals

Clutch: 1992 - Prism Clutch

Shop Look #2!

Hair: Bold & Beauty - Nata

Sweater: Gizza- Urban princess

Pants: BLOKC - Leather joggers

Blazer: COCO - Over shoulder blazer

Bag: E.A.W. - The Amulet bag (N/A)

Shoes: 1992 - Leighton pumps

Shop Look #3!

Hair: Bold & Beauty - Nata

Sweater: Gizza - Urban princess

Skirt: Gizza - Urban princess

Shoes: VALE KOER - Cheville @ Uber January round

Clutch: Chloe - The Ayqa clutch

Sunglasses: Chloe - Theo sunglasses

Poses: R.icielli & Ma Vie

Backgrounds: Rowne (gacha)


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