Imagine walking through New York City with Tom. You’ve just had dinner when you hear the sound of someone playing the piano; the tune leads you down a back alley - a complete dead end apart from a large wooden door, next to a sign that says “knock twice and speak-easy.” He gives it a knock, and when they let you in, Tom takes your hand and leads you inside, where you see a grand piano with a beautiful woman in a flapper costume behind the keys. The entire space is decked out in Victorian glamour, with velvet curtains and plush seats. You can’t believe your luck in finding this hidden gem, and spend the rest of the evening drinking champagne cocktails, dancing to the best jazz of the 1920′s.


This Brewery turned Home is blowing my mind

Octopus, Prohibition, Brown suggested by @copperbadge

So- uh, a lot of you are vibing the 20′s/Prohibition era so going to play around with a few of those….

Little did you know I was actually drawing humans. *dramatic music*. I don’t really draw humans enough so decided coming at them in an interesting way might be useful. Here’s the bouncer, with his eight legged beard. I think he’s the owner’s brother and insists on keeping an eye on his little sis.