pumpkin-spice-witch  asked:

Would it be possible for you to post a master list of all the lgbt characters in lovestruck games? Please?

Sure thing! 

Astoria: Fate’s Kiss

Medusa (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable
Alex Cyprin (they/them, queer) - romanceable
Persephone (she/her, pansexual)
Charybdis (she/her, pansexual)
Chimera Prime (she/her, queer)
Scylla (she/her, lesbian)
Eryn (she/her, lesbian)
Stheno (she/her, bisexual)
Euryale (she/her, lesbian)
Aphrodite (she/her, Goddess Of Love, queer)
Nyela (she/her, bisexual)
Eagle Sanders (he/him, bisexual)
Ladon (he/him, queer)
Robin (they/them)
Josh (he/him, aromantic, asexual)
Astoria Heroine’s Mom (she/her, bisexual, poly)
May Chan (she/her, pansexual)
Megara (she/her, bisexual)

Gangsters in Love

Aurora James (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Skylar Locke (she/her, bisexual)

Amelia Wu (she/her, bisexual)

Castaway! Love’s Adventure

Serena Zhang (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Clyde Hughes (he/him, bisexual) - romanceable

Joaquin Ortega (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Olivia Rossi (she/her, lesbian)

Love & Legends

Iseul Idreis (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Altea Bellerose (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Helena Klein (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable in November 2017

Sophie Lawrence & Solaire Lightwing (she/her, pansexual)

Ryland Goldhart (he/him, bisexual)

Imohn Idreis (they/them, queer)

Ishara Idreis (she/her, pansexual)

Witch Queen (she/her, bisexual)

Mireille Mercier (she/her, lesbian)

Lisette Hallis-Falke (she/her, lesbian)

Heloise Falke (she/her, questioning)

Speakeasy Tonight

Sofia Martinez (she/her, bisexual) - romanceable

Fryderyka aka Freddie (she/her, lesbian)

Evelyn Moy (she/her, lesbian)

Starship Promise

Nova (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Gamma (they/them, queer)

To Love & Protect

Ellis Cooper (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Madison Lane (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Cal Egret (she/her, lesbian)

Kashvi Dabral (she/her, lesbian)

Havenfall is for Lovers

Mackenzie Hunt (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Jordan ‘JD’ Davies (they/them, queer) - romanceable

Razi Nassar (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable


Pride Month 2017

Emily Verma (she/her, lesbian)

Codename Shield (she/her, bisexual)

Halloween 2017

Wendy Li (she/her, lesbian)

Finally, every Lovestruck heroine is bisexual!

We at Lovestruck would like to take a moment to reiterate our support of diversity and inclusiveness, in our community, our stories, and our characters. We will not tolerate any hate-speech or otherwise disrespectful conduct on our pages.

Lovestruck will always remain a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds, and we will strive to represent more and more of our society as we grow. It is our belief that diversity is something to be supported and celebrated, and we are proud to create stories that reflect the rich diversity of the world we live in.

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