Oh right, i forgot i had this doodle of Aqua and Jasmine from my and ironic–laughter‘s Neo!Speakeasy AU… I was gonna toss this out… but I thought this was too neat to toss out. 

So yeah. Aqua and Jasmine out on a stroll together… maybe talking about kissing guys… or girls… or just talking about stealing illegal stuff. Enjoy.

Steven Universe human 1920s au where Rose owns a speakeasy and the other crystal gems help her run it and make deals with alcohol distributors. Rose meets Greg during one of his street performances and has him play in her bar, they fall in love and she dies giving birth to Steven. Pearl as unofficial co-owner of the speakeasy was slated to get ownership should Rose die, but Greg’s name was put on the deed of the store that the bar is hidden underneath when he and Rose got married, so it legally belongs to him. But Greg doesn’t know shit about underground alcohol distributing so the gems just run the place anyway, and also raise Steven and teach him everything they know about the business so he can take over one day

Peridot and Jasper are cops, Yellow Diamond/the Diamond Authority are the police commissioner(s), Lapis is new to the force but secretly frequents Rose’s bar

anonymous asked:

Does your Rumbelle bistro have a super secret Anyelle menu?

“Who told you that? Who knows that?”

Alright, fine, I’ll squeal. After hours, the Rumbelle Bistro becomes the ‘Anyelle Speakeasy.’ Don’t mind the bouncer with his rusty box cutter and dreadlocks; he only looks fierce. Just knock three times on the back door, and when the little peekhole slides open and the bloke with the half-assed Russian accent asks you, “What are you most looking forward to this year, neznakomets?” whisper the secret password:

“The Legend of Barney Thomson.”

for those of us who are sick of living in a world devoid of nic cage-inspired lip glosses, our prayers have been answered! “nic cage churning butter one crisp thanksgiving morn” and “nic cage doing the charleston in a bustling speakeasy” are two shades i feel good about putting on my lips 💄 @shirocosmetics


Fancast meme: Firefly → 1 of 8 alternate universe premises

1920s - “So, what are we doing?” “Crime!”

After fighting in the trenches of the Great War, Malcolm Reynolds and Zoe Washburne open a restaurant in Manhattan. Serenity’s a bit dingy and a lot disreputable-looking, but it is a front for a speakeasy and other not-so-legal enterprises. Jayne Cobb’s intimidatin’ person makes public relations a breeze, and no one on the East Coast is half the getaway driver Hoban “Wash” Washburne is. Kaylee Frye’s young, but she’s a genius when comes to keeping Serenity running. Good thing too, no one else has a clue how restaurants and speakeasies work. Inara Serra lends the operation some respectability. Can’t be too bad a place if you’ve got a talented jazz singer, right? Things get a little complicated when the Tam siblings come crashing through with the Bureau of Investigation hot on their heels. Simon gave up a glittering surgical career to break River out of a fancy government-funded boarding school upstate. He says they were messing with her mind. Whether or not that’s true, she’s definitely a bit in the way of Zelda Fitzgerald. It’s a heap of trouble, but the crew doesn’t have to explain gunshot wounds to nosy nurses anymore. For some reason, Derrial Book’s hanging around, and he knows an awful lot about shady folk and their ways for a pastor. Not much they can do about that: the guy’s a real help. Still, it ain’t easy. Plans never go smooth and it’s a bit too easy to catch a bullet between the eyes, especially when everyone in town thinks you’re a man of honor in a den of thieves. But at the end of the day, after they’ve outrun cops and outgunned competition, they still got Serenity. It ain’t much, but it’s enough.


Secret doors and passageways are awesome. Architect Alberto Caiola designed a speakeasy in Shanghai, China that’s accessed via a vintage Coca-Cola vending machine inside an unassuming sandwich shop. We hope there’s a secret knock involved too.

The street-facing sandwich shop is called the Press and the secret cocktail lounge is called The Flask. Instead of getting up to get a soda, one opens the soda machine like a door, which leads you down a narrow passageway an into a stylish bar and lounge full of dark wooden fixtures holding all manner of whiskey bottle and jars, leather seating and ultramodern LED lighting.

Click here to learn more about Flask & The Press.

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I Wanna Love That Man - an electroswing mix

For falling in love with bad boys. For glasses of whiskey at the speakeasy. For hot jazz and hotter nights. 
Inspired by the game Speakeasy Tonight by Voltage Entertainment USA.

1. That Man - Caro Emerald | 2. Bad Boy Good Man - TAPE FIVE | 3. Make My Day - Waldeck | 4. Big Bad Handsome Man - Imelda May | 5. Bei Mir Bist Du Scheen - Ilhama Feat. Dj Ogb | 6. Dirty Laundry - Bitter:Sweet | 7. The Flapper’s Delight - TAPE FIVE ft. Yuliet Topaz | 8. Gangsterlove - Alice Francis | 9. Gingerbread Man - Dirty Honkers | 10. Anything You Want (Not That) - Belleruche | 11. Absolutely Me - Caro Emerald | 12. Swingfood Mood - TAPE FIVE | 13. Out Of My Mind - Jamie Berry