…And thats how Dave’s speakeasy was created.

This one has been laying around since last winter. I tried my best to save picture 1 + 2 + 3 from terrible 2k15 style

Thanks for those who came up with ideas for the name of Dave’s Speakeasy! I love my followers! 

Death Ave., NYC

It’s not a street name, it’s a restaurant…

The full name of the place is “Death Ave. Brewing Company”, which is quite misleading actually, as they neither brew nor sell their own beer or specialize in craft beer. And no one there seemed to be able to tell us why they call themselves a “brewing company”, even though they claim to have a “speakeasy brewery” somewhere on the premises. Weird.

What Death Ave. is is a restaurant with “Hellenic inspired cuisine”, aka modern Greek food. I found the menu a mixed bag, really, but a few dishes impressed me enough to post about them. Here’s a look…

This was a winner… their Squid Ink Martini!

Yes, that’s real squid ink in the drink, mixed with Singani63 gin, Agave, lime juice and sweet vermouth. Sweet and savory, more than just a stunt drink! Death Ave. does have a wonderful, creative cocktail program that’s definitely worth exploring further. As for our food…

Their fried pickles were a highlight for me…

As were their Chicken Souvlaki Tacos…

And although I’m usually not a big fan of fries with truffle oil, they added Greek Kefalotiri cheese and fresh oregano which really spiced up these perfectly fried potatoes…

While it sounded then looked great, their slow braised “8 Hour Octopus” was a bit of a disappointment, arriving cold and mushy…

Their homemade Loukanika sausage sliders were serviceable but uninspired…

And while their eggplant tapenade and tzatziki where quite good, the hummus/scordalia spread on the right was thick as glue…

However, the accompanying pita chips were wonderful…

I’ll definitely be hitting up Death Ave. again, as there were other dishes on the menu that intrigued me, and the bites I did enjoy won out over the kitchen’s few stumbling blocks. They also have a 2000 square foot outdoor garden I want to check out once it gets warmer. But I’m most anxious to see if they start living up to their name and begin brewing their own beer!


315 10th Ave.

NY, NY 10001



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Oh! 15 and 3 for "Heart Black as Night"

15:What did you learn from writing this fic?

  • good question, especially for this one! i think i have two things: one, i learned a lot about the set up of NY at the time. i had done 20s/speakeasy research prior to this (for my own personal interests and bc i wrote a speakeasy fic in another fandom), but this one was different bc i tried to incorporate some of the characters’ heritage, like stiles being from little poland. so i researched a lot abt how new york was set up. plus, when i was trying to figure out where derek would live and where the theater/speakeasy would be, i had to do some research about where speakeasies and night life were concentrated, where ppl with new money would live, etc. that was interesting. i also did a lot of research about the time period, trying to get as much historically accurate as i could!
  • i think i learned a bit about writing, too. it’s plot heavy, a lot more plot heavy than most of my fics. that was a learning experience for me bc i hadn’t done it often. i also used the other characters a lot, instead of making it so much sterek. i always try to include the other characters (it’s pretty easy to learn who my faves are lol :P) but i had a lot of fun writing all those characters and giving them their own stories outside of stiles and derek
  • i also learned i hate posting in chapters. i reallllllly hate it. lol
3:What’s your favorite line of narration?
  • ahh i actually have an answer without having to think or skim. i have two. not a line per se, but a passage (i’m cheating, i’m sorry :3)

He felt like a god. The moment held so much possibility, so much more than Stiles had ever expected from his life. This was better than dancing in the Sour Wolf, better than having a stranger intimately touch him.

This was total abandon; this was total freedom.

The lights of Fifth Avenue reflected off the hood of the car, the street lights illuminating their bodies before they were bathed again in darkness. At the hour, the city seemed quiet, its doors and windows shut up for the night as they drove through its streets like trespassers. They were the life in the city at that moment, and as Stiles looked into the night sky, he knew this was as good as his life was ever going to be.

And my favorite singular line is:

But when the music ended, when the lights shut off, when the makeup was wiped away and the fancy clothes were draped over the back of a chair, the only thing they were left with was silence and an overwhelming sense of emptiness.

The Singing Fool Movie (1928)

➤➤ Click Here to Play Full Movie Online

➼ The Singing Fool Movie Storyline:
After years of hopeful struggle, Al Stone (Jolson) is on his way. “I’m Sittin’ on Top of the World”, he sings to an appreciative speakeasy crowd. But, as Al discovers, getting there is one thing. Staying there is another. Singing waiter Stone gets his huge break on a magical night when his song wows a big-time producer and a gold-digging showgirl he fancies. Broadway success and marriage follow, but sure enough, hard times are on the way. Al’s fickle wife abandons him, taking the beloved son he calls Sonny Boy with her. Heartbroken, Al becomes a devastated loner until friends from the speakeasy that launched his career rescue him from a life on the streets. Soon, Al is back in lights. But another crisis awaits: Sonny Boy is in the hospital and dying….

➼ Movie Details :
Release Date : 1928-09-18
Casts : Agnes Franey, Josephine Dunn, Reed Howes, Edward Martindel, Davey Lee, Arthur Housman, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Helen Lynch, Al Jolson, Betty Bronson
Duration : 0 minutes

The year is 1924 and the prohibition is in full swing. The entire country has been dried up for nearly five years and in desperate need of a stiff drink. And for those with business minds and uneasy morals it’s an easy payday. New York City detective, Bellamy Blake, has been assigned to dive head first into the spinning world of speakeasies, excess, and black market booze. Going undercover is the break he’s been waiting for and taking down this crime family could make him a household name.

His plan was fool proof, and then Clarke Griffin sauntered into that parlor. [ AO3 ]


TJ is more than just another speakeasy—it always has been.

Speakeasy by Suzey Ingold, available Feb. 18th 2016 and available for pre-order now.

In the height of the Prohibition era in Manhattan, recent Yale graduate Heath Johnson falls for Art, the proprietor of a unique speakeasy where men are free to explore their sexuality. When Art’s sanctuary is raided, Heath is forced to choose between love and the structured life his parents planned for him.

With thanks to Hannah Whitcombe and Eric Tharmathurai.
Music: Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon (under Attribution Licence)

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Downtown Speakeasy’s

We started our night with one of my housemates amazing mixology creations before heading downtown.

The Varnish

Both a restaurant and a bar the Varnish looks awesome. A return to old Hollywood decadence I felt like I was in a Madmen times.

However when we arrived at the actual speakeasy part of the bar we were told there was a 20-30 minute waitlist. Being under somewhat of a time limit we hung out at the overcrowded front boar getting fab drinks (I got the 30s special of the night) but having to put up with a trashy crowd. We did get photographed for the as examples of a return to old hollywood glamour for the website though. Score


The Edison

Once downtown LA’s first private power plant this impressive space  has been redesigned by Andrew Meteran to combine elements of the industrial gothic and art nouveau. The night we went (saturday) we had to pay a $10 cover as there had been a burlesque show. We were dressed accordingly but due to the dress code men were dressed in a variety of suits while women were in trashy tight garb.  We traipsed around watching the george meliere’s films project onto the wall (<3), drinking absinthe from tiny bottles served by fairies in carts and making friends with bartenders and bouncers (the bouncer loved my voice so much he promised to let us skip the queue next time we entered). Perhaps next time I’ll dress less vampish but still a fun eve.


The 1920's

So I go to a performing arts high school, and I’m in acting. What I really wanna do, is a play about the 1920’s, about someone runnin’ a Speakeasy, the girls, the danger, the hot city boys that ain’t shy when they like ya. ^.~
Obviously we all know that the 1920’s weren’t as good as they were believed to be but I like that time period. I’ve never had a big part but I’d give my all to be something in that show~


I Consume: Bars and Club’s of the Week

Due to the heat and the fact that I should be getting down to my Masters thesis I have had the my most low key week yet in La La land. Still been to a few though:

Roger Room

Me and my cocktail swigging partner in crime reunited once again for the Roger Room. Knowing all the bartenders in town my friend ensured we were treated like queens as we sipped our expertly made beverages. Another of the Speakeasy variety I was pleased.

Blind Barber

Walk through a Barber Shop and enter a hidden speakeasy in Culver City. I had the Sweeny Todd of course being my O so macabre self.

Here’s how they define themselves:

The Blind Barber is a return to the “Roaring Twenties”. Defined by the explosion of culture and its break from tradition, the “Roaring Twenties” was a movement in creativity. The Blind Barber hopes to revive this very movement while redefining modern manhood. The concept goes well beyond cuts, shaves and cocktails within a barbershop and lounge, but rather expands into all realms of the modern gentleman: Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Grooming and others.

We hope to create an identity that will cultivate personalities; a brand and place where creatives come to be inspired as well as inspire others.

After this I was super lucky that my lovely new friend gave me a mini tour of Culver City, a part of LA I had let to chart and showed me USC’s campus replete with fancy fraternity’s and sorority’s (something I am fascinated by not being a native) before we had an absinthe tinged nightcap at Thirsty Crow (my fave).



This evening was a near fail for me. I was supposed to hit the Echo for a free gig but I passed out at home, arriving to find the tickets were sold out. Luckily my second plan had been to go celebrate my friends birthday. The club had the typical trashy  minidress wearing fake titted Hollyweird crowd, the perk being it had awesome vines crawling over the walls and Mstrkrft were playing. The negative aspect was this meant the line was super long and there was a price-alicious cover, the pro is I made friends in the line and unintentionally saw MSTRKRFT.


“I shall have to mix you a Hanky Panky when we return to the city,” Art comments, and Heath gives him a soft kick until he relents and laughs. “All right, you’ve got me. The only kind of Hanky Panky worth preparing for you can be done here just as well.”

Hanky Panky


✧ 2 shots gin
✧ 2 shots sweet vermouth
✧ a few dashes of orange bitters
½ shot fresh orange juice
✧ orange peel twist to garnish

Shake the gin, vermouth, orange bitters, and orange juice over ice and serve into a martini glass. Garnish with a twist of orange peel.

Speakeasy is out February 18th and is currently available for pre-order from the IP Web Store.

Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin

If you’re reading this, it means I’m not back yet. But don’t worry about me, Jean. I’ll be okay. Don’t worry. Don’t come looking for me. And whatever you do, don’t call the coppers.

The year is 1924, and editor-in-chief Marco Bodt has gone missing, last seen at a speakeasy in the heart of Boston. When Jean takes it upon himself to investigate, his search finds him at the door of Mikasa Ackerman—the sweet-talking lounge singer at the speakeasy by night, and cold-hearted boss of the formidable Ackerman Family by day. But help from the Family comes at a cost, and the more time Jean spends with crime and the city, the more secrets he keeps from his family and friends at home, and the more he starts to think that Marco was never exactly who Jean thought he was.


If you’re reading this, it means I’m not back yet. But don’t worry about me, Jean. I’ll be okay. Don’t worry. Don’t come looking for me. And whatever you do, don’t call the coppers.

That was all Marco wrote, aside from his name and an I love you that Jean knew all too well. Even if, somehow, it felt like it had been written ages ago.

In hindsight Jean should have known, before he found the note on the kitchen table, that Marco had never come home last night. When he first woke up, the bed was empty, felt empty, unused. It was like that sometimes, because Marco was always the first to leave his apartment and the last to turn in, even when Jean took the bus down from Lexington for the weekend. Jean liked to joke, sometimes, that Marco was always thirsty for something. Adventure. Justice. The perfect story. He didn’t know what it was exactly, just that Marco had always wanted that ever since they were kids.

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