speakeasy tiger


I know the death of you
‘Cause when you die
There was no justice
For you and I 

Charles Hackney (Mortensen) has always been considered a seductive and sensual man - so it comes as no surprise to his wife, Helen (Blanchett) when one night she opens her bedroom door to find a young - naked - girl laying next to her husband. She believes that the short-lived affair ends there, until she begins to see the student, Allison (Browning), everywhere - from haunting her dreams to even running into her during multiple outings. Helen decides that she must take the reigns into her own hands, and in retaliation, seduces Alexander (Glover), the junior editor of the college newspaper which she oversees. Alexander, infatuated with the older woman, does whatever she asks, and even goes so far as to flirt and woo Allison, suddenly entangling the situation that much more. As each relationship begins to strain, deception and trickery weighing down on all of them, the price starts to rise - ultimately being paid in blood.