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the worst part is that oh christ the guy absolutely insists on constantly reminding me that there ARE indeed several reasons why i was always falling-in-my-dumb-face in love with his characterization of 616 tony to begin with like bendis just won’t let me go, it’s a bad taylor swift song

callout post for @francis-bonnefoys-mum

She’s too good??? to pure and wonderful. It’s getting a little out of hand you guys. A very wonderful person who deserves all the great thing in life. Is way too cool for this Earth. 


Dr. King in Milwaukee in 1965 -  Dr. King talks a lot about economic disparity in America and the need to for jobs……and other Social ills.  You don’t get that much from the general legend/socially acceptable representations of Dr. King in the media.  He said a lot more than just, “I Have A Dream…………"