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[BTS] Dating a Latina


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  • He would love to learn more about your culture. 
  • He would learn to speak some of it. 
  • He would low key love to hear you speak Spanish.


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  • Like RM, he would like to learn about your culture so he could be closer to you. 
  • He would learn how to cook traditional dishes. 
  • He would overall be really fascinated.


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  • He would high key love your accent. Sometimes he would tease you about it.
  • But, it would honestly turn him on. 
  • He loves when you speak Spanish. He would try to learn some of the language.


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  • Wouldn’t mind the cultural differences. 
  • He loves when you speak your native language and would even learn some himself. 
  • He would like to learn about your culture. You would even teach him some traditional dances.


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  • He would love to learn some dances, like Hobi. 
  • He would joke around and call you “feisty” all the time. 
  • He would never get bored listening to you speak Spanish.


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  • Loves your accent. 
  • Always tells you he loves you in Spanish. 
  • Loves the food you make.
  • He will even watch telenovelas with you if you ask. 


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  • He would greet you in Spanish when you first met. (After he googled it of course.) 
  • Finds you really beautiful. 
  • In love with your culture.
Vanoss Gmod videos:

- Delirious is in the thumbnail
- Delirious is the first person who talks
- Both at the same time

I want to… how do you say… kiss a girl

Songs that are very Elio x Oliver
  1. All I Want - Kodaline
  2. How Long Will I Love You - Cover by Ellie Goulding
  3. All My Friends - Dermot Kennedy
  4. Everybody’s Son - Cloves
  5. Don’t Forget About Me - Cloves
  6. Holding You - Great Good Fine Okay
  7. The Night We Met - Lord Huron
  8. Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes
  9. I’ll be There - Brighten
  10. I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends
  11. You In January - The Wonder Years
  12. Miserable at Best - Mayday Parade
  13. Swing Life Away - Rise Against
  14. Contrasting Colors - Speak Low If You Speak Love
  15. MFEO Part 1 and 2 - Jack’s Mannequin
  16. Konstantine - Something Corporate
  17. From Afar - Vance Joy
  18. The Louvre - Lorde
  19. Swim - Cape Cub
  20. Stay - Erik Hassle

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When I learned to know BTS, he was one of the members I recognized first. He has this calm, secure, open and warm aura, that makes you feel safe just by looking at him. Namjoon never fails to let fans know that he cares about us and supports us no matter what.

I am the fan that silently supports you through your personal battles and loneliness in life.” x

“Y’all are people who can give someone love and sincerity. Those kind of people can achive anything. I know some talk like you’re naive, too young, but eventually fools change this world. I believe that, so believe in ourselves more. I love you.” x

Namjoon is one of the best idol rappers and I would say he’s also one of the best in the world. He has an amazing talent for writing sincere lyrics, he plays with the words and manipulates them with ease. He wrote most of the lyrics for Spring Day on two days and the lyrics he’s most proud of is Not Today. But honestly, you don’t want to piss off Rap Monster, if you don’t want to be burned into nothing in his next track. No matter if that is his part in Cypher or a solo track like Joke. My favourite from his solo tracks is Do You. With this song he’s encouraging you to be yourself with all your flaws and not letting you change through others or restricted by labels.

“Even if you’re not perfect you’re limited edition”

“Just wear what you want, how you want to.”

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This group, that has come so far and we all love, exists also because of him and he takes the best care of the members since day one. He encourages the others in whatever they do, he never pressures them and he never lets them down when they come to him for help. He truly is the best leader. 

Besides his rapping Namjoon really has beautiful, low and soft vocals and he shows that next to Jungkook with the cover of Fools by Troye Sivan and the song I Know, he wrote for ARMY to express their love for their fans:

Know you love me girl
So that I love you
Know you love me boy
So that I love you
I’ll be by your side, always
Don’t worry ’bout a thing
My love

Over the years he grew even more when it comes to speaking out. He’s never silent about issues of politics and society in his lyrics. He never misses a chance to speak his mind, but he never does it aggressive, never without kindness or respect. He’s a feminist, he supports LGBT and he speaks out of the hearts of many in such a sensitive way.

“I don’t care if you’re red, blue, green, orange, purple, whatever, thank you”

Namjoon loves books, he enjoys going on walks and being alone. He has his own sense for fashion and likes breaking stereotypes. He works hard to make up his lacks when it comes to learn choreography since he’s not as a natural dancer as other members. He has that thing that everything tends to destroy itself around him as soon as he touches it, must be a coincidence, really. He loves cute things and has a dog called Rapmon. Also he’s Bangtans tumblr boy, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had an aesthetic blog around here. Honestly he is painfully handsome and attractive with the best hair, no matter what color, with his dimples and perfect eyebrows and the way he expresses himself and always finds the right words. 

Basically Namjoon is that type of person I would totally love to sit with, over a good coffee, somewhere with a view over water and have a conversation about everything and nothing.

Namjoon’s a wonderful, kind and gentle soul. He makes this world a bit better and he deserves all the love and appreciation.

“Please ARMYs remember what we say. Love myself, love yourself.”

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flowers and sugar

relationship: yugyeom x reader

genre: fluff, tattoo!au

length: 1493

summary: yuygeom is a trainee tattoo artist and is just a little bit in love with a cilent. for @pizzawasabi .

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The first time she had met him, it had been during a tattoo appointment. The huge arching flower design that curved down her waist, her hip and halfway down her thigh was something of a masterpiece, the kind that would take days to finish. She’d prepared for this when she decided that this design was what she wanted above all else, just as she’d done meticulous research to find GOT studios and their fantastically talented artists.

Jaebum ran the place, had been the one to take on the ambitious project she had proposed to him. He seemed genuinely excited at the work going into it. He had sat with her for ages at the beginning going over design details down to the smallest cluster of thorns on a rose’s stem. 

She was grateful for the amount of care he displayed over this, which is why when he asked her if his trainee could sit in and possibly participate in the inking, she hadn’t disagreed. Nothing that Jaebum had shown her so far made her question in judgment on the matter.

She was on her stomach, bare legged and underwear pulled down on one side when Jaebum introduced Yugyeom to her.

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100 reasons to love Hansol
  1. because i tell you so
  2. sm doesn’t appreciate him 
  3. so you should 
  4. he’s such a talented dancer
  5. every time he posts a new dance video on instagram my heart stops for a minute 
  6. like wow such smooth moves 
  7. his hip thrusts 
  8. hahahhahahahahahha im having palpitations just thinking about them 
  9. and he likes to sing along while he’s dancing
  10. the miss you fan cam
  11. and the little bit where he flirts with ten and yuta gets jealous 
  12. his singing voice is so soft and precious and lovely 
  13. even though we only heard it once 
  14. his voice in general
  15. its so low and soothing 
  16. especially when he was speaking satoori in that one promotional video
  17. he doesn’t say much but when he does talk its always a fucking treat
  18. that one time he did a squirtle impression
  19. any of his impressions are a blessing 
  20. and the video of kun teaching him to speak chinese 
  21. he looks very good in denim 
  22. and hoodies 
  23. and green
  24. ji hansol owns the colour green
  25. he’s just a simple weeb
  26. loves anime maybe a bit too much
  27. like find someone who loves you as much as hansol loves naruto
  28. and yusol
  29. he’s a good old yusol shipper 
  30. his reaction when he found out yuta was his secret santa 
  31. his unorganized instagram that keeps me living
  32. even though he doesn’t post consistently 
  33. when he posts old things from rookie era on instagram and leaves us all wondering what the fuck it means
  34. when he went to paris
  35. and became a daily vlogger
  36. his adorable little smile 
  37. even though he covers it a lot 
  38. and when he smiles really wide and his cheeks turn into shiny apples 
  39. his cheeks in general
  40. i wana poke them
  41. and his really soft lips 
  42. like seriously he needs to introduce nct to lip balm cause they are crusty boys
  43. and his adorable cupids bow
  44. and his gorgeous big eyes 
  45. he looks really good in eyeliner
  46. his eyelashes are so long im jealous
  47. and his cute little nose 
  48. his uneven nostrils yes i pay attention to his nostrils. one of them is bigger than the other
  49. and the boy has Good brows
  50. the short brown hair era that was a blessing to us all
  51. his looonnnggg legs 
  52. his butt
  53. no but seriously 
  54. he has a cute butt
  55. he’s really really cute 
  56. and doesn’t even have to try to do aegyo he’s just naturally adorable 
  57. even tough his soul leaves his body when he’s asked to do it
  58. ‘manly man from busan’
  59. when really he’s just a shy boy who wants to be loved 
  60. and he’s low key weird 
  61. the video of him and yongju at karaoke and his inner hype man is exposed 
  62. the rest of nct said he’s the funniest along with yuta and donghyuck 
  63. how he used to interact with fans on twitter 
  64. god the twitter mentions parties were a gift 
  65. he’s high key dumb
  66. and if you don’t believe me remember that time during the smrookies shows when he was meant to take a picture with a fan
  67. and he starting trying to take pictures of the fan
  68. annddd that time he called kun, ten
  69. anddd he forgets choreo seconds after he’s learnt it
  70. annddd the promotional video with taeyong where he kept messing up the pronunciation 
  71. annddd when he did a digimon impression during the rookies shows and everyone was like ‘wtf hansol’
  72. annnddd when he was leaving the hotel in thailand with johnny but forgot something and just left johnny mid sentence and sprinted back 
  73. anyway he’s dumb trust me 
  74. how he is such a good dad to the minis
  75. especially jaemin
  76. ab bros 
  77. like seriously they are so adorable together 
  78. his dogs
  79. how much he loves his dogs 
  80. the fact that he called one of his dogs doggo
  81. and likes to dress them up 
  82. when he choked on a chili in thailand and everyone just laughed at him
  83. was trying to act all tough and it back fired 
  84. when he saved tutorials of how to draw caricatures on his phone so he could draw them on the smrookies posters 
  85. he’s actually too precious
  86. that one time he said he as going to wear a couple jacket to school that says ‘im gay’
  87. i have receipts if you don’t believe me
  88. his cute chubby pics from when he was like 12 
  90. he is a selfie king 
  91. such visuals 
  92. many peace signs 
  93. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
  94. like he needs to stop with the peace signs 
  95. anyway
  96. ji hansol is a mystery 
  97. and causes a lot of pain and tears 
  98. but its all worth it 
  99. cause he deserves so much love 
  100. so please love ji hansol :)

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