anders: meredith is taking her hatred of mages too far! the templars have way too much power in this city the circle needs to be dissolved

meredith: call out culture is so toxic :\

Clarinet ringtone in E major


😍💕Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes

When you don’t realize music is playing in a store or restaurant until a taylorswift song starts playing, and even then you can’t hear the songs that are playing afterwards, because they’re not Taylor. And then your family is all, I can’t hear anything. And when they finally hear it, they’re all, how tf did you hear that. And you’re all, I love her. And they’re all, yeah whatever. Because they’re tired of hearing you talk about her. And then you’re like, damn this album is so good, I’m gonna listen to it when I get home. And then you can’t wait to get home. Happens every time.


Feather-set’s Travel Protection Satchel


  • Two squares of cloth (I used muslin but an old shirt will work just fine) in red/black/yellow (travel colours) or white if you don’t have the others
  • Sewing needle and thread in red/black/yellow
  • Yarn or string in the colours of the place you will travel to or red/black/yellow for general travel
  • Sea salt, black pepper, or another protection herb/spice
  • Lavender, chamomile, or another anxiety-easing herb/spice (if you get travel anxiety like me) 
  • Dandelion seeds or another floating plant fluff
  • Feathers 
  • Travel protection stones such as citrine
  • Anxiety-easing stones such as blue lace agate (if you get anxiety)
  • Personal taglock such as hair (I used some of my hair), a poppet, or a photo
  • Fig leaves or hooks of some kind (I used earring hooks, which are not shown) (use if you plan to make a return trip home)


  1. Take the cloth squares and sew them together with your thread, attaching three sides but leaving one open. 
  2. Fill the bag with your protection spices, herbs, stones, the dandelion fluff, and your taglock. Imagine yourself traveling safely all the way through. 
  3. Fill the bag with your anti-anxiety spices, herbs, and stones. Imagine yourself being free from anxiety and stress during your travels. 
  4. Add the hooks/fig leaves if you plan to return home. Imagine yourself making it back safe and sound. 
  5. Throw in some feathers if you have extras. 
  6. Tie off the top of the satchel with the coloured yarn, making it nice and tight. Add another little feather or other charm of some sort for a fancy look. 
  7. Hold the bag with you in the days before you leave. when you head out, leave the satchel at your door for your return (or take it with you if you aren’t going to come back). 

Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4) *Sneak Peak*—-

The Scarlet Witch is making her first appearance in ‘Witches Of Moonlightfalls.’ First we shall explore her origins in Eastern Europe, Sokovia as a mysterious Gypsy Witch!