i feel like people don’t get that you can be extroverted AND have social anxiety or that people always share that they are socially anxious like anxiety can have no visible external symptoms but you can feel like you’re gonna die on the inside some people don’t want the whole world to know for reasons or just don’t feel the need to mention it every five seconds y'all sound stupid

Powdered Kelpie Hair

As prompted by the amazing and lovely dragonessofthelights, I’m making up spells similar to my fire salts that can be used on their own, or as ingredients within another spell; only based off wand cores from Harry Potter.

I’m going with Kelpie Hair for the first one because I enjoy it. Kelpie Hair was a wand core commonly used by Gervaise Ollivander, Garrick Ollivander’s father. If you’re looking at the HP universe, kelpie hair doesn’t have much use to it, or many special properties. It was used because it was a common and easily attainable ingredient. Looking at mythology relating to kelpies though, especially staying within the HP universe, kelpies are water creatures and shapeshifters. So kelpie hair may lend itself to adaptation and easy use. Kelpie’s are pretty viscous though, so it could also be used very effectively for spells that are a on the offensive, rather than defensive. 

Let’s take a look at what I’d use to make kelpie hair. Since you aren’t going to produce a strand of hair, I decided to go with “powdered kelpie hair.”

  • Dried seaweed
  • Dried Willow leaves or bark
  • Chalk 

Seaweed is pretty well associated with water energy, and throughout different cultures around the world has been associated with summoning up the energies and entities associated with water. This includes summoning water spirits and storms. I specifically picked seaweed though because I LOVE the representations of kelpies with seaweed either in their hair, or as their hair. It’s a pretty traditional representation, and one that vastly influences my concept of a kelpie when I picture them.

Willow is associated with the life-death cycle, as well as change. considering that kelpies are associated strongly with death, and known shapeshifters, I thought this appropriate.

Chalk, the stone that was originally used (and for some brands still is used) to make the same little white chalk sticks we write on school boards with, is a sedimentary rock made of thousands of tiny, single celled coccolithophores and their calcite shells. This means chalk is essentially super soft fossilized bone material. That can give it some pretty strong ties to time, death, strength, and growth.

  • I’d combine all ingredients and crush or grind them. Pestle and Mortar, or a spice grinder would work well. Personally, I’d use this for spells involving change, or spells built on a desire to protect something to the point where you aren’t afraid of destroying something else. It could also just be used as a representation of water in an altar place.

don’t picture murphy finding a puppy and getting annoyed at how the thing follows him everywhere, and is constantly happy; but he slowly starts getting more tolerant with him. making a collar out of sticks and leaves, teaching him to fetch, naming him ‘killer’ (murphy thinks it’s fucking funny), pouring all his love into the dog in a way he never could with a person.