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The way u draw Germany makes him look like a rich white dad who bbqs and golfs on the weekends. That is to say I love it!

If Ludwig were a suburban white dad then yes that would be him. I’m glad you love it. uwu 

He’s the type to wear polos and khakis with birkies and socks, too, and have a nice watch no matter the outfit. This is the best dad song tbh.))

Hmm, on Fallon, Margot was talking about learning to hold her breath under water and said she “had to be fighting under water”

Since Harley seems to be unconscious when Batman is carrying her, I assume she tries to fight him off under water until she either passes out or Batman knocks her out lol

他ロンパ詰め by ▽namu | Pixiv ID 7621

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A few hours ago, after a show at Casa Del Popollo in Montreal, I walked outside to witness a young black man (early-mid 20s) being detained by five police officers; his feet were handcuffs, as were his hands, and an officer had his right knee on this man’s (handcuffed) arms, to apply pressure and keep him on the road, his face on the pavement, where he lay for close to twenty minutes while they waited for an ambulance to come.

While I witnessed this, as nobody was giving me answers from the people around me, I began to talk to the police—who refused to speak to me in English—about what had happened to this young man, why he was detained on the street (face down) why his legs and arms were handcuffed and whether or not he had been read his rights. And, if they weren’t arresting him, what exactly were they doing with them?? The officer only answered me in French and explained that the man had been showing signs of “agitation, ”was talking about God, advocacy—and Black Lives Matter, but that he had also “disrupted a bus,” hence his detainment… on the road, by five police officers, plenty more were around the perimeter. Six cop cars in total. Think about that.
At this point I was the only person questioning, challenging, talking to this police officers, while a host of people watched, videotaped but remained silent. Even when I was talking to an officer and he said I was too close to him (I told him my rights as a witness, my democratic privilege, yet he seemed unconcerned) and he pushed me back three steps, with his hands, while I told him to not touch me. At no point was I aggressive—but merely stern. I reminded him that he has no right to touch, to which he remained silent, and continued touching me. 

Lots of white people ask me how they can be better allies, fuck, everyone wants to know how to be a better ally—here’s the thing: speak up. Talk back. Ask why. Demand answers. Don’t just watch, or videotape, or say nothing. There shouldn’t be just one person questioning the police, it’s our democratic right as citizens to be curious, and to never settle for such hypocrisy; they want full dedication under the law, yet do nothing to enforce those laws, morals, into their daily practices with citizens. I am enraged. 

This isn’t right. I almost guarantee that if this man had’ve been white this mistreatment would not have been ignited nor enforced. This is abhorrent. I am disgusted. I am saddened. I am upset with the passerbys and those who didn’t support this man, but merely watched, or those who don’t understand the absolute injustice of this act and the pathetic way in which it was handled. This was indecent. This was disgusting. I shouldn’t have to hear somebody say it’s a “hard time to be a cop”—ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? WHO ARE DYING UNDER THE HANDS OF COPS? Ask yourself that question! Who? If you’re saying nothing, doing nothing, guess what—you’re being compliant to this injustice.  

The reality is that white people think that black people, people of color make this shit up—and even when they see shit like this with their own two eyes they’re still not convinced, it’s still not enough to invest their time, or energy on to. THINK ABOUT THAT. And by the way—all you fucking white bros that tell me Canada isn’t racist—need I explain that this happened in Canada. I am fucking done.
Do better. Be better. Fight for injustice.

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What about the bromance between hunk and Keith? Or Allura and Hunk?

I’ll go with Hunk and Keith this go around because there’s a lot more source material. I could speculate on Allura and Hunk, but yeah, here we go. 

(Voltron Spoilers Ahead)

While Hunk and Keith don’t have a ton of interaction, what they do have is important. 

As early as the second episode, Hunk is shown to be extremely affectionate, and though Keith later states he’s ‘not much of a hugger’, he doesn’t lash out or get aggressive or even shy away when Hunk hugs him.  

(This is the face of someone who doesn’t get enough hugs)

I think this may have been where Keith began to consider the team itself as a possible ‘found family’, as he doesn’t bristle at these comments. If anything, Keith’s response is fond, and he doesn’t move to quickly disengage from contact. (I mean, who would? Hunk seems to be an excellent hugger.) He looks genuinely happy here.

Hunk is one of those people that others are simply comfortable to be around, even someone as prickly as Keith. 

At the party in the castle, Hunk makes Keith laugh, something we don’t see at any other point in the series. This is right after Keith spews Nunvil everywhere, which could have easily been used against him, even in a ‘playful’ way, but instead:

Hunk screams, ‘my eyes’ making Keith think for a split second that something is wrong (that is definitely an ‘oh crap, what did I do?’ look on his face) before proceeding to goof off, creating this frankly precious scene afterwards.

While the princess may not approve of her Paladins goofing off in the face of the coming danger, I think it’s very good for Keith to have someone to take the edge off of things. 

Even though Hunk is best friends with Lance, and has likely heard plenty of barbs against Keith due to the whole ‘rivalry’ thing, he never teases Keith for his actions or lack of understanding.

We make a big joke about Keith not ‘getting’ the Voltron cheer, and whether there is any intentional trolling of Lance going on or not, Hunk sides with Keith in the interaction. Thanks to Hunk, Keith fits in with the two of them. This is opposed to an alternate scenario I can easily think of, in which someone (perhaps not Hunk, because I can’t see him being like this) scoffs at Keith’s reaction to Lance’s cheer or even laughs at Keith for any number of responses. It would be so easy to push him to the edge of their friend group, to exclude him or make him feel just the wrong side of unwanted, but none of this happens. 

Also, look at them, being all concerned about Lance’s possible impending death. I could pretty much assure you that Keith wouldn’t be there right then if someone (Hunk) weren’t actively including him (words from a fellow introvert).

I would like to point out that despite their friendship, these two are very different, perhaps more so than Lance and Keith, and yet have none of the toxicity. 

Where Hunk tries to comfort and encourage the Balmerans, Keith expresses doubt and a more pessimistic outlook of the situation. Perhaps we should label it ‘realistic,’ considering how bad things actually were. He doesn’t say Hunk’s approach is stupid, just that he’s not sure he believes it.

When Hunk pets the Balmera in relief and affection, all of the others think he’s being a bit odd, but when Keith questions him, he’s completely undeterred. Even if Keith thinks he’s being a dork, there’s no aggression to their interaction, and the scene just highlights Hunk’s good and kind-hearted nature. 

Another clear opposition is in their responses to conflict. Hunk is ready to run for safety with the Arusians, while Keith immediately is raring to fight, and isn’t afraid to drag a man twice his size along with him. (Also, what kind of upper body strength? Hunk is not helping him here.) 

A scene I found particularly amusing is this one:

Keith has absolutely no room to tell someone else to calm down, yet he does. It’s a flip of their usual dynamic, where Keith is the one that needs tempering. I wonder how much of Hunk Keith is mirroring here (though he does immediately recommend going in shooting, while I doubt Hunk would.)

A final thing I’d like to point out is that the relationship between Hunk and Keith is very important to Hunk, and he assumes it is to Keith as well. When Keith is being uncharacteristically ‘cold’, making a decision with his head rather than impulsively, Hunk calls him out on it. Not only does he call him on it, but he determines that, in order to make Keith think right again, asking him if he’d ‘leave (Hunk) behind’ would work. 

It may be an outgrowth of his own way of approaching things, like how Hunk avidly fought to help Shay, despite things cropping up in the way of that, but Hunk makes it very personal. Hunk believes that while Keith may be ready to leave Allura behind in this moment, that he and Keith are close enough that emotionally things would be different if it were him. He also sounds like he’d be hurt quite a bit if Keith were to say he’d leave him too. 

All in all, even though it’s not focused in on, it’s pretty clear that Keith and Hunk have grown close since they met during Shiro’s rescue. Hunk’s warm, open personality contributes heavily to this, and I believe Keith finds a bit of social safety when he’s with Hunk. It’s easy and okay to have fun and relax at the expense of no one, and Hunk makes it simple to do, even in the presence of someone he’s normally bickering constantly with. 

Hunk fulfills his mandate as the emotional support for Voltron in his interactions with Keith, and Keith in turn may help drag Hunk out of his cautious shell (or join him on days he doesn’t feel like interacting with some of the more excitable members of the group.) I absolutely love their dynamic.

終里さん中心詰め by ▽namu | Pixiv ID 7621

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Call-out post.


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Thank you, Megan.

okay so im going to get straight to the point, my younger brother literally used aprox. 1,000$ for video game loot boxes (cs:go/overwatch) without telling anyone. normally, nobody would care since it’s his money, but it’s not. he took and used my mother’s credit and debit cards for his own selfish needs.

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「Learn Japanese with Anime」 “Now that I’m the strongest, there’s no need for me to go to school”  (Handa-kun #03. - Anime Line of the Day)

Vocabulary List:
最強 (さいきょう/saikyou) - strongest
学校 (がっこう/gakkou) - school
必要 (ひつよう/hitsuyou) - need, necessity
馴れ合う (なれあう/nareau) - to make friends with, to get along well with
警察 (けいさつ/keisatsu) - police
世話  (せわ/sewa) - care

Saikyou no otoko ni natta ore ga gakkou ni iku hitsuyou nante nee daro
“Now that I’m the strongest man alive, there’s no need for me to go to school.”

Ima sara nareau tsumori wa nee. Keisatsu nimo nandoka sewa ni natterushi na
“It’s not like I intend to start making friends with people now. I’ve been put into police custody a number of times already after all.”

✧¸¸.•*¨*• •*¨*•.¸¸✧

Interested in learning Japanese by watching anime? Check out more Anime Vocabulary here to learn new words and grammar in Japanese through various anime series!

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Just putting it out there. My honest impression of the relationship between Keith and Shiro from the first episode? Keith loves him in the Agape sense. Just completely unconditional love. And actually, in kind Shiro has a mix of Agape and Storge for Keith.

For those who aren’t aware of the four types of love, here’s a brief summary:

Storge: Empathy / Familial, an affection based on familiarity and understanding.

Philia: Friend / Sibling, based on common values, interests or activities.

Eros: Erotic, being in love or infatuation. Typically sexual or physical.

Agape: Unconditional, considered the greatest of the four loves, remains unchanged in spite of changing circumstances.

I totally agree with you anon, though with shipper goggles on, Keith expressing a touch of eros isn’t out of the question. However, there is no doubt about the familiarity between these two, which I’ve gone into detail on in another post. Despite Shiro having been gone for so long, Keith, the lone-wolf standoff-ish ‘I’m not much of a hugger’, approaches Shiro in the way he does:

There’s pretty blatant adoration/protectiveness coming from Keith, all the way through the final episode, which is mirrored and reciprocated by Shiro.

Please @ DreamWorks, just tell me why/how they know each other.


Alright, so money is really tight right now for my family. Our portable air conditioner (which we use to keep the room we live in cool/habitable) cannot work now that the outlet it’s plugged into needs to be replaced. And with temperatures reaching the 100′s here in California, we really can’t be living without it. My mom isn’t sure when she’s going to get paid next, and since we won’t be able to get out to somewhere with air conditioning until that money comes in, we’re stuck suffering a home.

Even when she does get paid, we won’t have enough money to pay for an electrician, which would cost us $160 minimum and most likely reach the $200′s or $300′s. My financial aid for school won’t kick in until August 16 or 17, maybe even later, so I can’t even consider getting an electrician until that happens. And with my mom going back to work (she was put on unpaid leave these past two months) and me going to school, that means my sister has to stay home by herself. This forces her to put up with the heat while we’re gone and that really worries me.

On top of that, my credit card is overdrawn and the payment is late (I owe around $100+ dollars to my bank for that credit card) and my debit card is about $300 overdrawn as well. I literally have no money to my name and can’t even pay that off until my financial aid comes through. 

I’d really hoped I would never have to make this kind of post, but at this point, I’m desperate. If anyone out there can donate any amount of money, even if it’s just $1, I’d really appreciate it. That can go towards food, getting us out of the house to somewhere with air conditioning, or even be put towards the money we need for the electrician, that way we can fix the outlet and have our air conditioner running again. 

I am also a writer, so I can offer writing commissions if you’d like something in exchange for your donation! This is how the commissions would work:


  • 1-500 Words (One-Shot): $3
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  • I will not write incest, dub/non-con, scat/watersports, or vore. 
  • I strongly suggest you supply me with a prompt and be very specific with that prompt, that way I write you the fic exactly the way you want it. 
  • If you don’t have a prompt, you can simply tell me to write whatever I want and I’ll just cook something up in my head. When I post it on AO3, I’ll give you a shout-out and make it perfectly clear that this was written for you specifically. 

My fandoms are primarily RWBY and Overwatch, but I need cash so badly that I’d even be willing to write for a fandom I’m not familiar with. In that case, I’d just learn up on the show, movie, game, etc. that you’d like written for. For example, if you wanted a Voltron fanfic, I’d probably watch the entire first season and then write your fanfic after I did so, that way you were getting the best quality fanfic possible.

You can check out my AO3 (jinxedit) to see my quality of work. If you choose to commission me, just keep in mind that I probably won’t be able to get all of them done lickity-split (i.e the day after you tell me you want a commission). For the 2,000+ fics, those might take some time, especially if I have multiple people commissioning me. But I promise you that I will get to every single commission.

If you’re commissioning me, please message me before sending money to my Paypal so we can work out the details beforehand. If you’re not looking for a commission and just want to donate, feel free to send any amount of money to my Paypal @ ashlynn.armendariz@gmail.com

To anyone who commissions me or donates, thank you in advance. You have no idea how much this means to me and I am grateful for any little help I can get. And if you don’t have the money to commission/donate (which I completely understand) please consider reblogging this to signal boost!