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Robot pt.2 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) is a girl who, due to her genetics, has the power to feel and hear everyone’s thoughts and feelings around her. In return for the surrounding teenagers being unable to control their emotions/thoughts, she decides to act as if her own does not exist. (Y/N) is called a robot by many of her peers but she’s far from emotionless, as a certain Peter Parker discovers at one of Tony Stark’s parties.

A/N: Uploading again lmao i’m just excited for this! Also, slight hint to a Bucky imagine that’s coming up!

Warnings: Some swears somewhere…

Words: 2,234

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A small silence ensued.

“O-oh sorry! I d-didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I just… you should smile more often.” When (y/n) didn’t respond just kept staring at him, Peter decided the to make a run for it from this now awkward moment. When Peter turned to walk away his arm was lightly grabbed. “Where are you going, Mr. Parker?”

“Oh, uh I was just going to leave because I was making you uncomfortable…” Lightly turning him towards her once more, (y/n) spoke with kindness in her voice for the first time in a long nine years.

“No, please. I meant no disrespect by not replying and I did not say you made me uncomfortable, Mr. Parker. I was simply shocked. Plus, we haven’t even ordered drinks.”

“O-oh okay uh…”

The bartender getting their orders of fizzy drink, him getting a coke and her a lemonade. The music and talking continued to thump around them. (Y/n) could see people dancing in different styles Nat and her mother being the most prominent and strange dancers. Her mother was attempting to do some form of belly dance and Nat, her mother’s best friend, was trying to grind on her at the same time.

There were worse dancers around, however, not as bad as Steve and Tony. (Y/n) was sure they didn’t have that move in the 40’s, judging by her uncle Steve’s face. Turning to Peter, (Y/n) saw that he was also people watching and she suddenly remembered their original conversational question that brought them over here.

“I believe you were about to tell me about this Spock character and my relation to him and his…?”

“Vernacular?” Peter smirked, sipping on his coke, (y/n) looked at him awkwardly from the side of her eyes. “…Yes.”

 “Okay so, these films called Star Trek began in-”

 For twenty minutes, Peter explained Star Trek and who Mr. Spock was along with the Vulcans culture. For those twenty minutes, (y/n) listened intently and asked questions. Indeed, she was interested in it and these Vulcans, they seemed to have somewhat similar problems to herself.

 "This is… fascinating"

 "You’re legit Mr. Spock, but female.“ Peter laughed throwing his arms out, ultimately spilling his drink on the lady behind him. Hearing a scream and realising his mistake, Peter began apologising. “Oh, my God, ma’am, I am so sorry!” “-asshole-!” “It was an accident!” The woman and Peter were interrupting each other, him apologising and her screaming at him.

 Having enough of the woman’s screeches, (y/n) decided to finally step in; it was after all an accident. Once the woman caught sight of her eclipsing around Peter and her eyes began to widen in shock; anyone who was anyone at this party knew her relations and ties to the Avengers in addition to her abilities.

 “Is there a dispute here that is of such emergency, that you feel the need to disrupt my hearing with your maddening vociferate?” The woman simply could not keep up with (Y/n), deciding to not say anything and leave quickly, not looking back. Peter’s mouth opened and closed multiple times looking and pointing between (y/n) and the lady. “You didn’t have to do that you know, I could have handled it.”

 “Why because you’re Spider-Man? Yeah, you’re an infant here to these people.” She took a drink and hadn’t seemed to catch Peter’s open mouthed and small hurt look. “Yeah, well we can’t all be as perfect as you (y/n) … And how did you know I was Spider-man?” Finally looking at Peter she could see the little bit of hurt on his face and she wondered why she hadn’t detected it with her powers. (Y/n)’s lips turned down slightly in discomfort.

 “I assure you, Mr. Parker, it was simply a fact I concluded of the behavioural kind, I meant no offense. Also, chances of you, a seventeen-year-old boy, knowing Tony Stark? Not likely.” Peter looked at her in confusion, “I analysed you and your mannerisms during your interaction with the lady… and other times…”

Blushing arising on his cheeks from the reminder. Quickly realising her mistake of mentioning she’d been keeping an eye on him, (y/n) moved on.

“Watch, I’ll show you. Now turn around and stop blushing like a tomato.” He laughed and felt the tension leave his body at her more casual tone. Turning around, he and (y/n) both had one arm on the bar each as they lean their backs against it. She had no shame in pointing at people and her first victim: an elderly lady who was wearing a large feathery hat.

That is Madame Tueclue, pronounced two-clay and never tue-cole, as she so readily reminds me every time I haplessly run into her at events. She’s big in the fashion world but her every being wants to change careers to politics. Right now, she’s thinking about her next unfortunate target to apprehend with her new hobby of political conversation, probably Mr. and Mrs. Abrosh, New York’s mayor and leading lady.” Peter looked over to the balding man who had a very unimpressed woman on his arm.

“The Abrosh’s, though have outwardly good marriage, generally hold hate towards each other. Though the sake of money and careers hold them at each other’s side. Right now, she’s considering approaching that other gentleman who’s being eying her all night and having her tenth… no, eleventh affair. Though let’s be honest Mr. Abrosh has probably been doing the same.”

Peter smiled at her conclusions, “so, what’s your point on all this?” “The fact is Peter, that the foolish and selfish people are steadily easier to read. Plus, their attitudes are just common amongst these people…”

He shook his head still not understanding. (Y/n) shook her head, facing the bar once more and ordering another drink. When the bartender left after giving her drink, (y/n) continuing the clarify.

“The point is Mr. Parker, if you want to be an Avenger, you must be able to do more than, excuse my language, ‘kick someone’s ass’. It’s compromise and it’s knowing that you have more battles than ones involving the physical. These people have been fighting their whole lives in some cases, having grown up in these environments of pure competitiveness and status. AKA. Tony, who often handles a lot of the Avenger’s press work.”

She continued, failing to notice Peter’s discomfort.

“To these people, you have no status or identity here because nobody knows you’re a superhero, unlike the other Avengers whose identities are public. To these people, you are fresh meat to pick and taunt, for lack of another metaphor. Therefore, you appear an infant, stumbling his way through the social classes.”

“I’m waiting for the part where you say that it’s not meant to be offensive…” The frown on his face was apparent as Peter cringed slightly, the tone was cold but he knew it was just her normal self. “It is not offensive Mr. Parker, it’s the truth.”

“Can I ask you a question (y/n)?” Peter said suddenly and somewhat harshly, frustrated at her coldness.

“You just did.”

“-and you just told a joke…” A slight pause of just (y/n) blinking at him. “What’s your deal?”

“My deal, Mr. Parker?”

“Why are you so…distant, refuse to make friends at school? Why use your analysing skills to judge people rather than talking to them?”

What he didn’t know is that these weren’t analysing skills, the facts came directly from the people themselves.

“I assume you refer to my emotionless persona, do you not?”

“Well, yes. I mean you’re seventeen, yet you act like the worlds already destroyed you. That you know all there is to know about everything and everyone.” His slightly angry tone caused (y/n) to feel a bubble of anger stir within her. He didn’t understand, how could he? She might know about his alternate persona, but not everybody knew hers.

“You walk around with this look in your eye, that without even speaking, someone’s offended you. If someone approaches you, you instantly turn them back. You’ve barely talked to me and you’ve already made presumptions-” His tone showed frustration and somewhat hurt.

“But were they true?”

“That’s not the point! What-is-your-deal…?”

Peters’ voice dropped off as he noticed a dangerous look in her eye- even with no expression, he could tell that the small act of kindness she’d show before was now blown n out of the water; he’d overstepped.

“If you must know, not all of us have the luck you do, Parker. Unlike you, I grew up in this environment, I know the stakes. I’ve been in this ‘superhero world’ much longer than you and know every possible outcome, friends aren’t always an option, especially when you have the abilities or have the family I do. I now believe this will be the end of our interactions now and in the future, Mr. Parker. Goodnight.”

Walking away gracefully with a tense figure. Cold, calculated and almost physically threatening anyone that attempts to approach her. (Y/n) hadn’t even realised that what she had been feeling wasn’t the result of someone else’s feelings. They were her own and the boy across her- she hadn’t felt his thoughts or feelings.

Peter stood frozen an incredulous look on his face, the feeling in his chest felt like it was eating him from the inside out. It was like her whole demeanor and speech had paused time. “Shit…" He finally managed, running a hand over his face as he turned back to the bar, hanging his head.

"Oh no, what did you say?” Bucky ruffled his neatly combed hair and Peter swatting him away. After fixing his hair he turned to Bucky, who was leaning over the bar to grab a beer. “I asked her why she was so cold and basically…”

“Why she had no friends?” Peter turned to the man next to him, “You were-” “I was listening.” His mouth in a large smile. “That’s like five levels of invading someone’s personal life!” Peter exclaimed, only to receive a smile in return. “She’s like that with everyone, you’ll just have to learn to get thicker skin and not take it so personally. She doesn’t mean any harm or offense.

"I know I go to school with her…” Peter played with his fingers as Bucky looked back at him while leaning on the bar, beer now in hand. “Then why do you look like she just punched you in the balls and then broke up with you?" Both parties slightly laughed.

"Look (y/n) has been through a lot, personally, and decided that this version of her is best for everyone. I don’t exactly agree but it’s her choice. I can’t even imagine growing up from day one in the center of the fights between good and bad. Especially when she’s like all the Avenger’s kid, she becomes a major target. (Y/n)’s seen a lot of bad things, the fact that she’s how she is some kind of miracle” Sipping on his beer, he saw Peter listening intently.

“W-what happened to her?”

“You see everyone in this room, there’s what, 200 to 250?”

Peter nodded enthusiastically, looking around and seeing some people pulling off quite embarrassing dancing moves. Cringing, Peter faces Bucky and tried to casually lean on the bar like him. Slipping a little, he settles for just sitting on the stool.

“Now, based on her parentage is she had one power what would you think it would be?” Peter thought hard and yet he spoke the first thought to his mind, mentally face palming afterward. “The ability to walk through solid objects?” A loud laugh washed through the air, Bucky clapping Peter on the back. Wiping his eyes after a solid ten minutes, he continued.

“No, but that would be a sight to see. Okay, imagine hearing and feeling every thought and emotion in the room.” Bucky was so casually that Peter wasn’t sure if he was kidding. Looking around Peter could only visualise the many thoughts racing through this room accompanied by bouts of emotion. When Peter caught sight of Mr. Abrosh eyeing a young girl hungrily, he cringed at what thoughts he imagined were going through the oily man’s head.

“Are…are you saying that she can hear and feel all of these people simultaneously?”

Bucky simply tipped his beer in Peters direction as a silent ‘yes’. 

“Is there any way to block it or help her?”

“Easy, keeping your thoughts to yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t ask everyone in the world to do that. As for helping her, what do you think we’ve been trying for nine years. When (y/n)’s first thoughts from others started coming through, she was eight and she thought she was going crazy. Not exactly encouraging, but we tried everything from training her to taking magneto’s head gear and attempting to reverse it somehow. Nothing worked, we just seemed to amplify it.”

Peter let the silence drag on as his thoughts raced. How wrong he’d been to judge her harshly, when she was the only one who could truly see people for how they were. She wasn’t making assumptions at all, as Peter realised, his eyes widening. Peter believed he fucked up so badly that he wasn’t sure there was a way to rectify it; he was sure. Frowning for the millionth time since he arrived at this party, he turned to Bucky.

“How can I-” but Bucky had already left to socialise with Steve and wrap his arms around his girlfriend.

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LIVE without pretending,
LOVE without depending,
LISTEN without defending,
and SPEAK without offending.
That last one is pretty tough because no matter what you say, someone somewhere will be offended. But what we CAN do is NOT be that someone by learning to hear something offensive, and choosing not to be offended. It’s so empowering once you get there, take nothing personally, and keep on keeping on. What other people say about me is none of my business!
—  Unknown