speak with your true voice

“She doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she is.”

Request: Could you do an imagine where Y/N is weak (kind of ignored by others for that) and she has a crush on Newt. She decided to be brave and to tell him but while she’s going, she overhear a conversation where Newt, Minho and Thomas are talking and Newt is telling them he doesn’t even like her and Y/N feels hurt. I want fluff after pleaaaase ~ (cliché I know)

A/N: I wasn’t happy with the title when I first posted this and I forgot to do the “keep reading thing” so I edited it a little cause it’s not an imagine from me unless I delete and repost right still not my favorite work of mine, but I hope it’s a little better now, enjoy! 

“Hey, Y/N!” Frypan calls for your attention from a few yards away.

You look up from your work, startled, so used to being forgotten and looked over. You had come up in the box months ago, yet still hadn’t made any real friends or found a place in the Glade where you truly fit in. Hence, why your occupation was a Slopper, the Glade job tied to embarrassment and outcasts. When the boys found out it was a girl in the box, it was clear they’d hoped you’d be some stunning badass who was tougher than half of them, but were only sorely disappointed by your overwhelming averageness.

“Will you do me a favor and bring this to Newt?” he tosses you an object before you can object, and the thing come sailing towards you. You reach out to catch it, but you miscalculate its flight and it crashes in a messy heap at your feet instead. You shoot him an apologetic smile, but you’re relieved to see it’s only Newt’s notepad, and it lay completely unscathed.  

“Yeah, no problem.”

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Your true self does not speak in words or banal phrases. Its voice comes from deep within you, from the substrata of your psyche, from something embedded physically within you. It emanates from your uniqueness, and it communicates through sensations and powerful desires that seem to transcend you. You cannot ultimately understand why you are drawn to certain activities or forms of knowledge. This cannot really be verbalized or explained. It is simply a fact of nature. In following this voice you realize your own potential, and satisfy your deepest longings to create and express your uniqueness. It exists for a purpose, and it is your Life’s Task to bring it to fruition.
—  Robert Greene, Mastery