speak to me o wise one

Courtesy of the Kelpie: Y

“Back when I was starting to get to know K, I stayed by myself. Though there was always someone else that I would run into. Though, one day I witnessed something that was slightly unnerving. A group of kelpies had taken down a cow, a long horn, it was a smooth coat.

Kelpies aren’t a kind species, they’re very… easy to aggravate. They can and will double cross you. Some will go behind your back to do what they want. Lucky for you I’m not one of those that will. A and I have become close, along with O.  People are right when they say that kelpies are irritating to work with or are beings that don’t wish to communicate with people. Why would they? We get no benefit from it. If someone else called me I’d ignore them. There are always some exceptions. They aren’t always the best companion… unless you bond with them… or make a deal. Though I don’t suggest making a deal with a kelpie. That’s not something wise to do.

Once a man chose to speak with a brunette woman along the road because she needed a ride home. Her hair was wet and tangled with weeds. He didn’t know of the tales of the kelpies nearby. She lured him to the nearest pond and killed him. Simple as that. Kelpies can take from your personal energy source. If they choose to that is. Sometimes we wish for a bride or groom… or to have children with others not of our species. But that’s on rare occasions.

So be careful when you choose to speak to a kelpie, we may be beautiful, we may be tempting, but be careful and be wise. Outsmart the kelpie. And if you choose to seek companionship, offerings are the best way to go… Whether it is knowledge or fresh meat. Once you have us, we’re yours for life… unless something happens. But… I won’t go into that. Are you strong enough to work with a kelpie? Are you brave enough? I hope so. There are many benefits… but that’s only if you’re worthy enough of our time.”

-Y the Kelpie, one of my guardians and teachers