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Headcanon: The #2 thing Viktor loves about Hasetsu (#1 being Yuuri, obvs) is that No One In Hasetsu Gives A Fuck. He could walk around wearing his Team Russia jacket with all his medals and accolades and introduce himself as Viktor Nikiforov, Figure Skating Legend, and everyone's just "Oh hi, Yuuri's boyfriend! How are you today?"

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anyway i’ve said this multiple times at a loud yell before but like! hasetsu is so good! for!! victor!!! nobody gives a fuck that the glory of russia rests on his shoulders! he’s just yuri-kun’s weirdass foreign boyfriend who can drink pretty okay! nobody cares he’s famous! people will lie to keep the paparazzi off his ass! he makes friends with dogs and eats weird squid ink ramen! if yuri-kun has to marry a foreigner, they hope it’s Vicchan, who is unreasonably interested in gatchas and remembers dog names. he’s such a nice boy. his accent is so terrible, but he tries so hard. 

Some talk of it as an unreasonable thing to fright persons to heaven, but I think it is a reasonable thing to endeavor to fright persons away from hell. They stand upon its brink, and are just ready to fall into it, and are senseless of their danger. Is it not a reasonable thing to fright a person out of a house of fire? Or is it not the duty of a parent to warn their child running toward the edge of a cliff?
—  Jonathan Edwards
I am so sick of this milk toast, white feminist, skinny privileged having bitch, acting like she is the feminist icon of our god damn generation. When really all she does is play the victim, and act like everyone is attacking her when she’s the problem. She’s the one attacking other women and bringing them down for their “differences,” which are very valid differences like race and size, and she just doesn’t understand. I just want to punch her.
—  my friend, speaking the Lord’s gospel
Never Be Tired of Speaking of Christ

Do you ever try to do good to others? If you do, remember to tell them about Christ.

Tell the young, tell the poor, tell the aged, tell the ignorant, tell the sick, tell the dying – tell them all about Christ. Tell them of His power, and tell them of His love; tell them of His doings, and tell them of His feelings; tell them what He has done for the chief of sinners; tell them what He is willing to do until the last day of time; tell it to them over and over again. Never be tired of speaking of Christ. Say to them broadly and fully, freely and unconditionally, unreservedly and undoubtingly, ‘Come unto Christ, as the penitent thief did; come unto Christ, and you shall be saved.’

~ J.C. Ryle

EEEK… it’s scary how many pastors today care more about being “relevant” and “cool with the culture” than being biblical and unwavering in the truth. Brothers and sisters, please be careful. The same gospel that was preached by Paul the Apostle is the same gospel we are to hold true to today. If the Bible has become “irrelevant” due to the time in which we live, please check your heart. Truth does not change. There are so many celebrities who will boast about their pastors, and these are people who care more about their appearance and reputation than speaking the truth of the gospel. There are so many young pastors today who care more about getting followers on their instagram, or church attendance, than bringing people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Just be careful! And always always ALWAYS seek out biblical truth. If what your pastor is preaching does not line up with the Word… run!

Reveling in Richonne

#92: The Matriarch (7x16)

Grimes 2.0 is a beautiful thing. And this deleted scene is a perfect example of that. The way I see it, this scene really happened it just wasn’t shown so we still gotta break it down lol. 😋

I would like to have a little chat tho with whoever made the decision that this scene should be cut, just to kindly ask…

Lol not even from a Richonner perspective but just from a story perspective, I feel like this needed to be kept in. Like it was a must and had it aired it would have made the other beats hit so much harder. I can think of five main reasons why this scene was important to have.

One; it’s been forever since we’ve seen Rick and Carl have a legit conversation. And this show is kind of mainly their story. Also to know they had a conversation about the likelihood of something like the arm thing happening again would have really made it even more heartrending when we later see the two of them in an even worse situation than just losing an arm.

Two; It would have given even more meaning to the fact that Carl was the G to act first and start shooting when Sasha was revealed to be a walker, cuz it would have let us know he took action partly because earlier his mom reminded him to only envision winning.

Three; When Michonne was on the losing end of that fight and was trying to say “We win” it would have been even more emotional if we knew she was trying to apply her own motivational words from earlier.

Four; When Rick sees Michonne “fall”, it was already so emotional of course, but to know their day had started on such a hopeful note would have added even more impact to this moment.

And five; if this deleted scene had been included it would have made the moment when the three of them end the episode reunited even more special, cuz we would have saw how Grimes 2.0 started and ended the day, and that Michonne’s words were true because they came close to losing but they put everything into winning and survived and are now all together again.

This is the Grimes family. They’re the characters at the heart of this story so we needed this scene. But on a positive note, at least the scene was made at all, and it seems like it’ll be included in an aired re-run soon so…

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So the scene starts with Carl and Rick as Carl mentions that it’s weird not having Judith with them. It’s a sweet moment and I love when Rick says she’s with family because one; it reminds you that the characters really do see TF as TF. And two; you know if Rick sees some of their original members as family then he def sees Michonne as his wife. 😊

Rick asks if Carl knows what to do if they show up and like the true G he is, Carl says, “Give them what they want one last time.” and you can tell Rick is taking in, in this moment, what a little warrior he’s raised.

He walks over and kisses Carl on the head and tells Carl he loves him and Carl says “I love you too, Dad.” It’s super sweet and I love when Carl’s good side and wildn side find a balance like this. 😋

And then as Rick walks away he grabs his hatchet and Carl takes note. I feel like this was a good reminder of the PTSD that must come with everything these characters have experienced. 

Like as strong as they are, they’re still human and understandably a little emotionally damaged and shaken so seeing the hatchets triggers Carl to recall that traumatic lineup day.

He asks his dad, “Would you have done it? Cut off my arm?” And y'all I know I already said it but…

We needed this scene. Like this is another reason it would have been nice to have, cuz any reminder that these characters remember and are dealing with past stuff they experienced is necessary to fleshing out and making the characters more real. But I digress. I promise. 😂

As Carl asks this pretty big question, we see the Queen enter the room. Rick clearly isn’t sure exactly how to answer this tough question so he gives an honest answer saying, “I don’t know”.

Carl’s question seems to have caught Rick off guard a bit and it reminds me of like when kids ask their parent some super deep introspective question that the parent knows they don’t have an answer to.

Carl then asks, “Could you do it now? Cuz it could happen again.” Which is an even tougher question but also legit. It’s so sad to see that Carl has obviously been thinking about this and probably trying to muster the courage to accept that he could be put directly in harms way again.

Like little Homie has a killer instinct for real cuz the way he says this line you can tell he’s ready to take it if it happens again and he wants to make sure his dad is ready for it too.

Now y'all, this is an extremely tough position for any parent to be in and Rick understandably looks a little stuck on how to answer. What can you say to that? Lucky for Rick, what you can say to that is nothing because your Queen will step in with the literal perfect response. 😋

I said it before and I’ll say it again…Michonne always be knowing what to say. 👏🏽👌🏽💯

I love that she steps in. Like I think about 7x5 where she watched Carl and Rick try and communicate and there she assessed the situation and felt like that was something for just the two of them to discuss but here she steps in cuz she knows Rick needs some help. And we get to see how Richonne tag teams even when it comes to parenting. 

First, she tells Carl to stop and then Carl reiterates that it could happen again. But Michonne calmly says, “No. Not again.” as she proceeds to give yet another one of her uplifting and empowering speeches. You know the ones where you walk away feeling like you have a new lease on life and can do anything? Yeah this was one of those. 🙌🏾😋

Like the whole time I watched I was like this…

Cuz Homegirl was speaking gospel truths to both her boys and all of us. 😋

She tells Carl she doesn’t want him to talk about it or think about it, cuz she knows he must have been thinking about this for a while now. It’s such a golden mom moment. 👌🏽

And then I love the next cut of the scene with her talking and Rick watching her. Like Homeboy has all eyes on her as he’s clearly taking in her every word.

She reminds Carl, “We weren’t ready for them then. We are now.” It feels full circle to hear her say this cuz it’s them verbally acknowledging that they jumped the gun when they first came at Negan and now they’ve learned from that.

She goes on to say “And there’s nothing left but beating them. But winning this.” It’s such a good winners attitude. And it really is how you have to look at it. Like you can’t go into something convinced you’ll fail, you have to be cautious but also see winning as your only option.

And then she says, “Making them regret they ever crossed us, just before they die.” I was like dang, Michonne is playing no games rn. 👏🏽 The Saviors done did messed up coming for her family cuz Homegirl’s ready and she’s been ready for some payback.

And then my favorite part of this is when she tells Carl, “Don’t fantasize about failing. Put everything into winning. And we’ll make it real.”

First, this is another example of Michonne’s lines giving us real life lessons. The reason Michonne is the baddest chick in the game really is because her motto is to put everything into winning. She envisions winning and so that’s why she wins.

I love that she shares this mindset that she’s had for a long time with Carl. It’s like she’s passing it down to him.

And I love the use of “fantasize” cuz the definition is to “day dream about something desired” and no one desires to fail, but when you linger on it and assume failure is going to happen it’s like you want it to happen. 

So I love that she says it that way cuz it’s saying don’t glorify failing to make it some big supernatural thing that can’t be overcome. It can be overcome if you put all of your energy into winning, and don’t use even a little of that crucial energy towards negative thinking. As Drake says, “The power of the mind is not a joke” 😂 and Michonne knows that.

In real life this applies too, cuz the way we think dictates everything else around us. Michonne has prospered not just cuz she’s a warrior but because she’s fought to really focus and hone in how she thinks and remain positive and open.

And I love that she says, “And we’ll make it real” cuz you just believe it when she says that. It’s like how when she nodded at Rick during the lineup and even tho their situation didn’t change one bit I just felt like they’re going to be okay. And here it just feels like they’re going to be okay, things might get rough but they’re going to be okay.

I love how reassuring and confident she is when she says they’ll make it real. Like there’s two parts to how they win. First, each person has to internally and individually envision winning. And then second; together they will make what they envisioned happen and be reality. 

It’s saying that yes you have to think positive but you also can’t do this alone. Like this was Michonne saying, “We got this because we got this and we’re in it together.” 👌🏽 

And then Carl says, “Okay.” and I love that even though he doesn’t have some big response to her words, you know that he is really letting those words resonate. Like he truly believes her.

And her words will totally play a huge part in why he puts everything into winning and is the first G to start shooting at the Saviors when Sasha so admirably and heartbreakingly gives them a distraction.

Now Carl’s reaction to this powerful speech was pretty subtle. You know who’s reaction was not subtle? That’s right, our homeboy, Rick. 😂 Gotta love him lol.

Like I love that Rick can’t help but visibly show how much this moment means to him and how inspired he was.

Michonne was talking to and trying to motivate Carl in this scene but her words very clearly reverberated and spoke a ton of life into Rick. Like once again he got his life from Michonne and it shows. 😊

He says a very proud and enthusiastic, “Okay” as he smiles knowing that he is #blessed that this is his woman. I love how much they feel like a mom and dad in this scene. 

Rick so clealry feels on top of the world that not only was Michonne able to really communicate with Carl and help him see a stronger more positive approach to their situation, but also that she’s so confident that they can do this and win this fight. If she believes it then he believes it. 😊

I know it had to just feel so refreshing for him to see that his son now has a mother figure and he has a wife and she is strong and wise and confident and she can rally them and hold them together. It’s so true what was said about her being the matriarch. It’s solid facts. 😋

And then! Michonne walks over to Carl and kisses his head in the same way Rick did at the beginning of this scene to really emphasize how she’s become his parent. ☺️

And this moment is so great cuz it just lets you know that after Richonne went canon, Michonne and Carl interact like a mom and son even more now. (Hopefully we get some great Grimes 2.0 moments in season 8 🙏🏽)

Also this moment is meaningful cuz they’re all about to head out of the house and start this fight, so it’s her giving a sweet goodbye to Carl as well.

It’s super cute too cuz Carl’s so grown now and it just makes you think back in the “Clear” days when he was just a little kid and he and Michonne were just building this friendship. 

Like in “Clear”, Carl told Michonne how she doesn’t know him or his dad and now she’s literally the matriarch of their family. We’ve come so far, y'all. 😭

And I love that Rick watches this moment between Michonne and Carl and you know he feels so grateful to have them both and for the strong relationship Michonne and Carl have. Like he feels so whole with his family alive and functioning like a well-oiled machine.

So Rick says okay and Michonne says okay and y'all know I love any scene where they both say okay. 😋 And then she walks over to her man, as they stand almost perfectly symmetrical, and she says, “So lets go get our army”. 👑

I love how casual she says this. Like the Saviors ain’t no thang to this woman, y’all. And she says “our army” cuz she knows, what we all know, and that’s that Richonne is the leader of the pack. 👑

And then Rick smiles because Michonne can make him smile like no other, and he nods and it just looks like he’s nodding at his queen. Like I think in this moment Rick is thinking whatever the Georgia cowboy version of “Yass, queen!” is. 😂

And then I love that Michonne walks away knowing she’s just completely motivated not one but two Grimes boys all at the same dang time. Like she’s the first to leave cuz she really does lead these men and I adore that.

As she heads out, Rick stays looking down as he needs a moment to regroup and thank God for giving him the woman of his dreams lol. Like you can just tell he’s thinking he’s the luckiest man in the world and that he feels so much more confident going into this fight now because he’s fighting along side her. 😊

I’m telling you Rick legit looks at Michonne like, “I am going to marry this woman. She’s already my wife but I’m going to marry her for real at some point” (or at least that’s what I hope he does 🙏😋🏽)

I love that Rick cannot hide how much he loves this woman. And not only does he not know how to hide it, he doesn’t want to either. 😋

Cuz then Rick looks over at Carl looking like the proudest happiest man in the world. Low key, to me, I was like, “Rick, Carl’s still just your son, bruh.” It reminded me of 6x11 when Rick was talking about Michonne like Carl was just his guy friend lol. 

Cuz while yes Rick’s look in this scene felt like just a happy and motivated look it also felt like a “Carl, do you see that I have the baddest chick in the game? Like do you see how great my wife is?” type of look too. 😂

But I love it cuz Rick’s just overcome with happiness and motivation and whipped-ness and it’s super sweet. Even the way Carl smiles back I know he’s probably like “I know she’s great, dad, but you’re looking real whipped right about now” lol.

So to conclude this post that ended up being way longer than I expected, 🙈 I really adored this heavenly Grimes 2.0 scene that happened but just wasn’t aired lol. 😉

It was so good and important and gave us insight into their loving family dynamic. 

It reminded us that Carl still has a lot of respect for Michonne, Rick is still beyond whipped for Michonne, and Michonne is truly like the glue in this family and the best matriarch they could ever ask for. 👌🏽👸🏾😊

In this world so filled with problems, so constantly threatened by dark and evil challenges, you can and must rise above mediocrity, above indifference. You can become involved and speak with a strong voice for that which is right.
—  Gordon B. Hinckley