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Taylor Swift // Nashville // David Mead

Taylor Swift songs for LBPQ girls Masterpost

Under the cut is a list of Taylor Swift songs for girls that like girls. It’s divided into three categories: happy songs, sad songs, and songs with he/him/his pronouns that I still read as songs for gay girls. This list does not include unreleased tracks, although I am more than happy to make another list/update this one including them (but it might take some time.)

Before we begin, I’d just like to note that this list has nothing to do with Taylor’s sexuality. I don’t know what it is, and frankly, it’s none of my business. I am not trying to imply anything with this list, such as suggesting she wrote these songs with girls in mind. It’s simply a resource of Taylor Swift songs for WLW like myself.

Finally, this is not the final word on WLW Taylor songs! This is just my personal list, but If you have any suggestions for a song that is not included, drop me a message!

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  • person: oh my gosh Taylor Swift can't sing.
  • me: *shoves the Speak Now World Tour Live CD, Riptide Cover and the Pop Goes Live 4 version of Shake it Off.*
  • person: She's still dumb all she writes about is boys.
  • me: *glares and shoves Clean, Bad Blood, Tied Together With a Smile, and The Best Day down their throats*
  • person: well she's such a bitch
  • me: *shows Taylor interacting with her fans, giving them wonderful advice, and sending gifts and being a wonderful person in general*
  • person: oh..i didn't really...
  • me:
  • person:
  • me: fuckin fight me.

How To Save A Life, Speak Now World Tour. Denver 27/9/11

taylor swift songs without an explicitly male love interest

disclaimer: i’m not saying all of these songs are Especially Gay. i’m just presenting this list of the songs that don’t have he/him pronouns and such without comment. (i did star the ones that are, imlo, Especially Gay.)

please let me know if i missed one!

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