speak now world tour book


So I went for a trip to the US and I bought some extra stuff to give away.

This is an international giveaway and some extra stuff will be add if this post gets a big amount of notes.

You can message me if you have any question!

1- you must be following me (@prettay-tay)
2-you must like or reblog this post at least once
3- I could add more stuff to this giveaway if this gets many notes and also add a second place.
4-the winner will be announced the fist week of July.
5- you can be from any country. If you win, you win.

• Taylor swift (deluxe edition)

• Fearless (platinum edition)

• Speak now (world tour live)

• Taylor swift book (by Andrew Vaughan)

• shake it off (single cd)

• 1989 (deluxe edition)

EXTRA information
#The prices that I might add won’t be revealed until this post reaches the amount of notes.
#The CDs have never been played but they don’t have the plastics on because my country don’t let us enter some stuff.
#contact me if you have any doubt.

Lots of love.
Stay beautiful.
Good luck!