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"Ah! You are Oak, the pokémon professor, are you not? It is a honour to meet you, sir! Your radio show, I must say that I enjoy listening to it whenever I can. It is a good way to practice the language, hah! Say, are there any more episodes being released soon? I fear that so may have missed a number of them, lately, due to travels."


 Admittedly, its not the direction he expects the conversation to go, but even as his cheeks bloom with warmth, he finds himself pleasantly surprised.  “It’s always a nice to meet a fan – and I must say, your Kantonese is very impressive! Are my podcasts really to credit…?” 

He laughs, not unkindly; then seemingly muses to himself for a moment, wrinkles creasing at the corners of his eyes. Overjoyed is an understatement - who would have thought that his pokémon lectures would benefit the language-learning communities?

“Yes! I believe the next Podcast will be released by the end of the month, but if you’re looking for previously-aired sessions, they’re archived online.”

me and my sister get our eyebrows done by the same girl and i went today and immediately when i sat down the girl was like “me and justine were talking about our taylor swift obsession and she told me she follows you??” and i was like yeah!!! on tumblr!! and she thought it was the coolest shit and we were talking about ts6 and what we thought was gonna happen and she asked what my favorite album was and i said speak now and she was like yeah!!!! its so good!!!!! anyway it was nice

Someone asked me: “What’s your favorite Taylor Swift’s album?”

Taylor’s five albums from ‘Taylor Swift’ to ‘1989′ has their own strengths, but I think my most favorite of all is ‘Speak Now’. 1989 may be the strongest era, but Speak Now is definitely the most powerful album.

Speak Now doesn’t just sing about love or heartbreaks or reminiscing memories or having a crush on someone like a typical Taylor Swift song would, it speaks almost for everything. It speaks about love, about heartbreaks, about breaking up with someone who thinks you’re a game, an apology for somebody you’ve hurt, a song for being bullied, being told of mischievous things, a song for your family, for your daydreams and hopes of a happy ending, and many, many more.

Also, all of Speak Now songs also has something to do with ‘speaking’.

First of all, Speak Now has the fandom song, or the song for Taylor’s fans (Long Live). This song wants Taylor for us to promise that when we’ll have our children someday, let‘s tell and speak to them how Taylor hope they would shine, like how our bond and love for Taylor did.

Speak Now also has songs that speak about the early signs of love: being wonder struck for someone that you want to speak to then not to fall in love with someone else but you (Enchanted), and how you cannot gather up all of your courage to speak to the person you love even when you’re just meters apart (The Story Of Us).  And that (Sparks Fly) tells us that love doesn’t need speaking or explanations, you’d just feel the sparks fly. And when it’s late in the evening and you’re speaking quietly on the phone so that you wouldn’t be caught in (Our Song).

(Mine) also tells us about how love is perfect, but the people in them would never be, that two people in love can face problems like misunderstandings and how you should speak to them to fix that problems, and (Ours) talk about how people would speak harsh things but love will always be the solution, because what’s yours will be yours. And that when your (Superman) flies away, you should always never forget to speak ‘I love you’ to them. And when you love him/her, you should (Speak Now) because maybe later is too late.

(Dear John) also tells us how you should speak for yourself when you fell that your love was just a game for somebody. While (Back To December) tells how we should speak for an apology when we know we made things go wrong. And when the fragile line you’re walking on break, his/her memories haunt you and  you’d speak ‘Don’t leave me like this’ in (Haunted). How you wanted someone to come back but they say and speak ‘It’s not that easy.’ in (If This Was A Movie). And how you cannot manage to speak to him/her that’s why you’d just watch his/her life in pictures just the way you use to watch him/her sleep in (Last Kiss).

When someone speak awful things to pull you down and blame you things you didn’t do when you’re just (Innocent), something’s wrong. And also something’s wrong when people speak (Mean) things to you because everyone has the possibility to someday live on a bigger city. And when the time comes when you do (Better Than Revenge), the time when your speaking turn into doing, you’d just watch how the tables turn.

And when you speak to life how you want the time when you don’t mind deeper things in life, and you just wished you should (Never Grow Up).

‘Speak Now’ is an amazing album, every song talks about different things, Speak Now can touch almost everything in your life on a spiritual level.

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Okay I would just like to say that all my favorite TS songs are from Speak Now, the album TS wrote all by herself, with the very notable exceptions of AYHTDWS, All Too Well, State of Grace, Holy Ground, Wildest Dreams, and YBWM

thank u so much


“And they’re all standing around me singing, ‘Happy Birthday to you’…” 🌸

It’s my birthday today and i’m officially 21 which scares me a lot but in terms of @taylorswift album time periods I am still in my Speak Now era which is my favorite era so everything’s going to be okay.

Life just sucks when all you know is the bottom
It’s not your choice, there’s no escaping it
Get up and run as far as you can
Head to higher ground while there’s a chance to live

Don’t run away, run away, runaway
Don’t run away, run away, runaway (Run!)
Up on the mountain I see down below
It’s easy to lose yourself I know
Can’t hear what you’re shouting, I’m deaf to your show
It’s easy to lose your self control
Everybody gets high, everybody gets low
Life can be such overdose
Up on the mountain I see down below
It’s easy to lose yourself I know in the in between

Life’s so dark when everyday is a struggle
why go out and see the world on fire
Don’t let your mindset become what controls you
Speak right now and make the choice to grow


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Matsubros favorite memes?

Now you’re speaking my language 

~Mod Jyushi

Osomatsu is all about lenny faces. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

Karamatsu is into the “vintage” memes, like success kid, awkward penguin, etc.

Choromatsu likes frog memes; Pepe, Kermit memes, “it’s Wednesday my dudes”, and the such.

Ichimatsu loves lolcat memes and all memes related to cats. Need I say more?

Jyushimatsu doesn’t have a favorite meme, he doesn’t know what they are??? But if he did know what they were, he’d like doge and the cinnamon roll memes.

Todomatsu likes cute, relatable, and minion memes. Imagine a Facebook mom.

Speak now or forever hold your peace’, the words said by preachers at the end of wedding ceremonies all over the world, right before the vows. It’s a last chance for protest, a moment that makes everyone’s heart race, and a moment I’ve always been strangely fascinated by. So many fantasize about bursting into a church, saying what they’d kept inside for years like in the movies. In real life, it rarely happens.

Real life is a funny thing, you know. In real life, saying the right thing at the right moment is beyond crucial. So crucial, in fact, that most of us start to hesitate, for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But lately what I’ve began to fear more than that is letting the moment pass without saying anything.

I think most of us fear reaching the end of our life, and looking back regretting the moments we didn’t speak up. When we didn’t say ‘I love you’. When we should’ve said 'I’m sorry’. When we didn’t stand up for ourselves or someone who needed help.

These songs are made up of words I didn’t say when the moment was right is front of me. These songs are open letters. Each is written with a specific person in mind, telling them what I meant to tell them in person. To the beautiful boy whose heart I broke in December. To my first love who I never thought would be my first heartbreak. To my band. To a mean man I used to be afraid of. To someone who made my world very dark for a while. To a girl who stole something of mine. To someone I forgive for what he said in front of the whole world.

Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.

What you say might be too much for some people. Maybe it will come out all wrong and you’ll stutter and you’ll walk away embarrased, wincing as you play it all back in your head. But I think the words you stop yourself from saying are the ones that will haunt you the longest.

So say it to them. Or say it to yourself in the mirror. Say it in a letter you’ll never send or in a book millions might read someday. I think you deserve to look back on your life without a chorus of resounding voices saying 'I could’ve, but it’s too late now.’

There is a time for silence. There is a time waiting your turn. But if you know how you feel, and you so clearly know what you need to say, you’ll know it.

I don’t think you should wait. I think you should speak now


PS: To all the boys who inspired this album, you should’ve known. ;)


Taylor Swift Speak Now Prologue 

One of my favorite things ever

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imagine miraculous ladybug pacific rim au?


I’m gonna admit that I had a hard time with this one, mostly because there’s so much that I can do in the Pacific Rim universe that it’s astounding. I did try to stick more to the movie, because the movie is awesome and I love it a lot

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