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“The truth of it is that every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation, so make your words count.” –Taylor Swift

don’t 👏 call 👏 yourself 👏 a 👏 taylor 👏 swift 👏 fan 👏 if 👏 you 👏 haven’t 👏 used 👏 a 👏 speak 👏 now 👏 deluxe 👏 edition 👏 cd 👏 like 👏 a 👏 throwing 👏 star 👏 to 👏 decapitate 👏 someone 👏 who 👏 dared 👏 to👏 call 👏 her 👏 untalented 👏

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Do you own any merch, if so, what?

ahhh of course!! i’ve got many t-shirts, the 1989 blanket (i desperately want the speak now one!), jumpers, pillows, cards (speak now and 1989 era), perfumes, fearless and speak now tour dvd’s, cd’s, what came in the 1989 tour b-stage packages and calendars!! i wish i had more but international shipping has stopped me quite a few times hahah xx

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Thank You, Taylor Swift (T.Swizzle pt. 2)


 A/N: I didn’t quite know how to do this so I hope this is good enough!! <3 <3

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  • person: oh my gosh Taylor Swift can't sing.
  • me: *shoves the Speak Now World Tour Live CD, Riptide Cover and the Pop Goes Live 4 version of Shake it Off.*
  • person: She's still dumb all she writes about is boys.
  • me: *glares and shoves Clean, Bad Blood, Tied Together With a Smile, and The Best Day down their throats*
  • person: well she's such a bitch
  • me: *shows Taylor interacting with her fans, giving them wonderful advice, and sending gifts and being a wonderful person in general*
  • person: oh..i didn't really...
  • me:
  • person:
  • me: fuckin fight me.

taylorswift:  “two years gives you enough time to grow and to change, and to, you know, change your priorities. change where you live, change your hair, change what you believe in, change who you hang out with, what’s influencing you, what’s inspiring you.”

Taylor! you have been following me since January and you have liked a few of my stuff but I want you to know me a little because I know you but yeah!

my name is Megan I live in Auckland New Zealand, I study at the National School of Tourism hoping to become an international flight attendant or work in club med or something that includes travelling the world!

I first heard your song when my godmother came over with your fearless cd and I fell in love with Love Story because I had a crush on this guy and I dreamed he would feel the same so I listened to that song on repeat all night. then I kinda forgot about your music until my friend hayley came over with your cd speak now and we listened to it all night and it was so magical! I wasn’t as big as a fan as I am now but then a year later my friend Mel came over and we listened to Speak Now (the song) all night and danced around my room to it and that’s when I decided to buy your CDs and that’s when I became a swiftie!

my best friend Sophie and I were known as the crazy taylor swift fans in high school and now that we have graduated from high school, with my course that I’m doing I’m still known as that girl but my class have accepted it and they play your music for me but they know all the words to your songs not only from 1989 but from fearless and it surprised me because I’m use to being teased over being a fan but now I have a group of friends who encourage and love me even more for it which is amazing! I honestly love you Taylor for all that you do for everyone! You are the best role model I could ask for I honestly admire and respect you! When I have kids I also want to name my daughter Taylor after you!

You have taught me a lot of things like protecting my happiness and being kind to people so they never feel on the outside also you gave me the strength to save myself and become to person I am today! I was 13 when I became a fan and I’m 18 now, I have spent five years by your side and I plan on spending my whole life by your side.

in December Sophie and I are flying over to Brisbane to see you on the fifth for 1989 world tour and we are meeting up with another swiftie Sophia from New Zealand also Rachel and Laura who live in Brisbane! We also are meeting up with some of the Queensland Swifties which you know, Lauren and heaps more which is exciting because they all are so lovely and you are the reason for this wonderful friendship! ❤️

love you Taylor,

Megan 😊❤️