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1 Question for Taylor Swift 13 Times

So @taylorswift performed at in Houston Feb 4th for Super Saturday Night!! One of my best friends Alexis and I were dying to go!! We made this video of us spelling out “Houston?” in 13 different unique, crazy, outrageous, hilarious, creative, and awesome ways! We’re really proud of this video! It took A LOT of work! We did some things that were nerve racking, but it was soo much fun!! Although we didn’t get the exclusive invite we would LOVE for Taylor to see our video!! 

Here’s the 13 different things we did…

1. Used my sisters cat food to spell out Houston and then had her cats eat it!
2. Bought white flowers and put glitter foam letters on them. Then handed them out to strangers at the mall.
3. Made a poster then went Indoor Skydiving at iFly! (It was like in Willy Wonka hahha)
4. Used Red Lipstick to spell out “Houston?” (Like on the Speak Now Cd!)
5. Went to the woods and used leaves to spell out “Houston?”
6. Made a sign of each letter with index cards and held them up at by Lake Michigan in Chicago
7. Used 1989 Polaroids to spell out “Houston?”
8. Went to the AT&T store and spelled out “Houston?” on the devices.
9. Made coffee with whipped cream and spells out “Houston?” with chocolate syrup.
10. Had a MASSIVE BAKING NIGHT! Made 100 football shaped cookies and used them to spell out “Houston?”
11. Got heart shaped balloons and put letters on each one and let them go on the dock by a lake
12. Spelled out “Houston?” on my dogs sweater and he did his begging trick.
13. Spelled out “Houston?” with tealights on my staircase.

i feel like we don’t talk about the speak now live CD like that shit is so fkin cute, you can literally hear the excitement…..and taylor’s covers of bette davis eyes, drops of jupiter and i want you back????? they’re actually next level she sounds like such a princess and her voice is so powerful and beautiful WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT IT MORE

ngl taylor is the only person in my life who hasn’t left.. every time I think I have a best friend, something happens and they end up leaving and then they start spreading hate about me so more ppl leave, till the point where i’m by myself with no one to go to.. except taylor. You have never left. You have always stayed by my side. When times got tough, you were there. When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, you told me I could. When all I wanted to do was give up, you told me to dust my self off and try again… I wish I could give you a hug everyday because I feel like you would give really tight, amazing, warm, welcoming hugs that would just make everything better. I also feel like you would give the most amazing advice. I don’t know how one person can all of a sudden make something better, but you do. No matter what mood i’m in, I know there will always be something I can find that you did, that will help me and for that. I wanna say thank you taylor! you’ve always been my rock and even though you don’t know my name or existence, I know that you care and love me no matter what. I just love you so much Taylor and I hope you know that without you. I honestly don’t think I would be this happy all the time. My school and home life aren’t always the greatest.. things get really tough and it really makes me think about why I’m on the earth and if i should still be here but once I put on one of your songs or an interview. You instantly change my mindset from being negative to being positive. You’ve shown me so many amazing people, who might live on the other side of the world but I know that I can trust them with anything and I know that they will always be there to support me through life. I’m so grateful for the first time I put in my speak now CD and listened to sparks fly, because if I hadn’t of done that. I might no be here writing to you… @taylorswift thank you sunshine for everything xx I love you so much


TODAY IS THIS GORGEOUS AMAZING PERSON’S BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope she’s having THE BEST DAY today! Taylor has been my inspiration since I was 6 and heard FEARLESS on the radio…. The first thing I can remember reaching to grab at a store and wanting to buy is my Speak Now CD when I was 8.
Taylor’s song Love Story was first song I downloaded on my MP3 player I got when I was 9. Taylor’s song Mine was the first song I played on the guitar.
Taylor is the reason I started playing guitar, the reason I started listening to Country Music, the reason I started writing songs….
There was a time that I hated my name cuz it starts with a ‘T’ and now I like that because on Taylor.
On my 15th birthday I woke up to Fifteen and listened to it te whole day and sang it at my school.
And on my 22nd birthday I intend to do the same with 22
I became friends with one of my best friends in a time I was really alone at school because I noticed she was listing to BLANK SPACE on her phone and asked if she liked Taylor… then she said she was a Swifty.: about 3 years later now she’s one of my best friends.
Though I have yet to see her live I feel like I have because of the number of times I’ve watched the tour vids online (yes I know the coreo for Ready for It and Gorgeous)
When Reputation came out I was NOT READY FOR IT!!! I will always miss the old Taylor but she can’t come to the phone right now and it’s alright because her lyrics are better than ever…
In other words: ‘I’m only me when I’m with you’ Taylor, Taylor will never go out of STYLE, taylor is the QUEEN OF MY HEART. She taught me to SHAKE IT OFF, and that it’s alright to have eras and moments.

So thank you Taylor Swift for being my best friend all this time without even knowing it ♥️


Love Tainá💕 (we love you come to Brasil 🇧🇷)