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ok anyway, in im3, tony yells NO! right as, and maybe a little bit before, he fails to catch pepper’s hand (like as soon as that whole metal structure tilts), and not after. when rhodey’s falling in cap 3, tony yells NO! way before rhodey hits the ground, but not as soon as rhodey’s shot and starts falling

this makes me think of the im1 novelization: when tony uses the faulty flight power of the mark 1 to boost him out of the terrorist camp, he figures out mid-fall what his trajectory was and what would be the force of his impact against the ground or whatever. similarly, when that SI rocket lands right next to him during the ambush, the first thing he does is to consider the distance between him and the thing and he quickly concludes that he won’t be able to get out of the blast range

so now i’m emotional over tony’s seemingly preemptive cries of NO! in light of this thing where he’s constantly doing the math in his head. so for instance, with pepper, he’s ~relatively chill and reassuring and confident that he’s gonna catch her, up until that rig unexpectedly tilts – and that would be the moment when pepper veers off the trajectory tony had projected for her and he knows he won’t be able to adjust in time, so he starts crying out BEFORE we ever get the shot of him missing pepper’s hand. and then with rhodey in cap 3, he realizes rhodey is going down and goes back for him, and then the point at which he actually cries out would have been the point when the numbers clicked in tony’s head and he realized he wouldn’t be able to get to rhodey before rhodey hit the ground

and i’m in pain because if we’re to go with this, then we have tony grasping his failure before it even happens

If you’re worrying over your NaNo novel
  • The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is only 36,000 words long.
  • The entire Chronicles of Narnia never uses a dialogue tag other than “said”
  • The Hobbit is only 95,000 words (less than double the end NaNo goal)
  • The Philosopher’s stone is only 77,000 words
  • Some absolutely Terrible books that got movies and are considered popular include: 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight, and Divergent.

November Just One Word Book Photo Challenge Day 27: Awareness

This book and its film adaptation are so, so powerful and important. I recommend everyone to watch the film and read the book. 

**Trigger warning as it’s a book about sexual assault. 

This book photo challenge is hosted by just0nemorepage. The photography is mine.

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me, writing: alright i got this word in mind, i’ve never used it before, but the context sounds right, we’re going with it

me, editing: alright time to goggle the word, make sure im not writing something weird

word: was only used the way I did ‘archaically’

me: … how the fuck

when you’re looking for shitposts but see untagged spoilers instead

Kylo Ren didn't activate the lightsaber...

…during his confrontation with Han Solo. They’re shown both holding on to Ren’s lightsaber, as if fighting for control of it, much like struggling with a loaded gun and having it go off.

The simplest possibility was mere accident prompted it to activate the way it did. However, another possibility is that Han was attempting some kind of gambit on Ren and deliberately sacrificed his life in the process. By allowing Kylo Ren to kill him, after Han promised he would do anything to help him, it may create a bond of trust that balking at his request might have destroyed, in addition to leaving Kylo a chance at redemption by taking it out of his hands since Kylo killing Han willingly would have ensured his complete and total allegiance to the Dark Side.

Dovetailing with this is Han’s well-known reputation as a smuggler and a gambler - two professions that require the ability to accurately read people. He goes into the confrontation in all earnestness, but as soon as Kylo Ren shows his face and seemingly goes along with him, Han knows he’s lying. His gambit failed, he is left with no choice but the aforementioned Heroic Sacrifice

In future episodes, we may see Ren having visions or hallucinations, since a Force Ghost is highly unlikely, of his father, Han. It may even act as a Good Angel, Bad Angel scenario, since the actor is confirmed to return in Episode VIII.

 And if they want to reference the knight of the republic games, they could make this a great moment for Han. In the original Kot OR, Malak attempts to have Bastila kill someone she loves, in this case a redeemed Revan, to extinguish the light within her. If Luke happened to tell Han the old Jedi legend of the Prodigal Knight, he would have known about that and possibly sacrificed himself to prevent his son from being able to go through with performing the same kind of atrocity, thus leaving a spark within Ben for Luke and Rey to try to ignite.]]

 ^To the anon that submitted the above: I’m in agreement that Kylo will more than likely suffer from some sort of hallucination in Episode VIII, and that Han’s death served a much greater purpose than simple narrative tension (and Ford’s desire to leave the franchise).

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Do not let someone give you every piece of their heart when you know that you cannot give them the same treatment. You can’t do that and expect the world to not quiver below you. Monsters are made from the people who treat others without a true care. That’s how I knew you’d never let him go, he created a monster in your mind and you allow it to grow.

Do not let someone tell you they love you so completely and happily only to show them a grain of sand in return. Leaf blades and changing colors didn’t feel as heavy as they do now knowing parts of you. An oncoming winter was heavy with mistakes that I’m sure will be made, I will not be sorry about them.

Do not let that person who speaks novels of you say sorry for their feelings. Shut that response down as quickly as you can. You can’t be truly sorry for how you feel for someone, no matter how hard you wish to forget them. You’ll love them, maybe you won’t be in love but you love them. So do not be sorry because they left you when you need support the most. Feel sorry for them, they left behind someone who never gave up on them, who never walked away, and who would have never regretted a moment of their life. Feel sorry for them.

Do not let them drag you down because they are as unstable as they come. It isn’t healthy. Those situations never end well for you. You’ll be hurt and oh will carry those wounds on your heart until you take your dying breath. Their lives matter but not as much as your own should.

Do not ever spend a moment regretting what has happened. You allowed it to happen and now you’ve survived it. You controlled a hurricane and turned it into a tornado. You felt it’s power and made it less, you began to tame the storm. Congratulations are in order. So don’t regret the moments you had. Cherish them for as long as you are able because this world is temporary and so were they.

Just don’t do it.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
EXO As Authors

KIM MINSOEK’s  book Forty Steps To Perky Nips was the winner of the 2010 Changmin Award for Best Workout. His other novels include Speaking Out, and Cute With Abs. He spends most of his time at the gym and searching for his lines in Exo.  

In addition to the internationally acclaimed Listen To My Mix Tapes, PARK CHANYEOL is also the author of the best selling adventure Kyungsoo’s Revenge. Chanyeol lives in Seoul, South Korea, with his fellow band mates, where he spends his time annoying Kyungsoo and laughing at everything. 

OH SEHUN is the New York Times bestselling author of Party Till The Sun Up: A Step From Down, From Noodle To Man, and Never Don’t Mind About A Thing. He spends his summers in Seoul, South Korea, where he drinks his choco bubble tea, and acts like a cat.

Byun Baekhyun’s first book Top 10 Best Eyeliner Tips, was 2012′s New York Times Bestseller. A fellow member of the popular boy band Exo, Baekhyun is also the editor of SM Entertainment’s Take Your Time, and Kim Jongin’s Chicken Tender Love. 

In addition to China’s favorite Work and Work Harder, ZHANG YIXING is also the author of the tearjerker The Promise. Yixing alternates summers between Seoul, South Korea and his homeland in China. He helps warm the nations hearts as they all say, “PLEASE REST”.

KIM JONGIN is the author of several books, including his bestseller Chicken Tender Love and How To Teach Your Dog To Dance. He is a member of the boy band group Exo, but likes to spend his time with his 3 dogs and eating chicken.

KIM JONGDAE’s first book in the 50 Ways To Troll was winner of the 2013 Beagle Award for Popular Choice. His other novels include the WAEEE series and YAAAA. He spends most of his time beating others high notes. 

DO KYUNGSOO is the author of several books, including the bestsellers Play Another Slow Jam, It’s Okay, It’s just Chanyeol, Am I Real or Just A Psychological Episode and Winning An Oscar. Kyungsoo spends his days in South Korea where he eats nachos and runs away from Chanyeol’s Hair dye.  

KIM JUNMYEON is a single father, editor, and author of Divorced with 8 Kids. Junmyeon is also the bestselling author of I’ll Buy Your Love With Cash. He spends most of his time proving to his children he is funny and smiling brighter then our Sun. 

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so like why……are Grownup books so boring. i can think of like 5 books that weren’t in the middle school section of my school’s library that were interesting and both were only in the high school section because they mentioned sex nd were much closer to young adult novels than like adult novels. like they’re so DULL. why do old people like reading things that are DULL

AU where Bahorel and Grantaire are models and one day Bahorel comes home to Grantaire shitting his pants because he’s been offered a job to be the guy on the cover of gay steamy romance novels. Of course, when Grantaire’s been put in a puffy white shirt and had a lot of gel in his hair, Bahorel will concede that he does actually look the part.

Fast forward to a year later, when Cosette finds a bunch of the books in a charity shop and buys them for Enjolras as a joke present. Enjolras laughs because that’s very funny cosette mock my virginity but starts reading them and actually gets super engrossed.

Then in a random coincidence he’s at a bar and wow that bartender looks a hell of a lot like that guy on the cover of those trashy novels he’s been reading

Conspiracy theory: all cat-based children’s/YA books have are oddly similar (Warrior Cat series, Tailchaser’s Song, Ratha series):

1. Have a partially made-up language (the Named, M’an, sunhigh, etc.) 

2. Have at least some characters with compound word names (Fireheart, Thistle-Chaser, Tailchaser) 

3. Involve “Clans” 

4. Have Tolkein-esque mythologies 

5. Giant mounds of dead things??? Is a motif???

6. Involve outside groups called “tribes” (in the WC & RS, they are both controlled by a singular kitty and are far less democratic – not included in TS)

Weirdly enough, Tailchaser and Ratha’s Creature came out only a few years apart.

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