speak no evil monkeys

The four monkeys

Speak no evil– for you may know what it is, yet you never reveal your inner thoughts about it, nor will you ever be able to.(Urie)

See no evil– for you are blinded by your own desire, the one and only thing you have, and that’s all you may witness.(Mutsuki)

Hear no evil– be kind for all you want, but your compassion and innocence fails you, a lack of comprehension to understand what’s all those noise are. (Saiko)

And finally, do no evil– after all, if you’re just a tool swing by those who are absolutely “justice”, how can any thing “you” are going to do be qualified as evil? (Shirazu)

The Muffled Screams of Kuki Urie

Kuki Urie received a tremendous amount of character development during the past several arcs and despite starting off as a greedy egoist, he has become a favorite for many readers (me included). In this post, requested by our fellow fan @darknachokid, I will look into Urie’s path and his behavioral patterns and his subconscious decisions.

We’ll start with bullet number one! His past and the loss of his father:

We don’t know the absolutely full details to his childhood, apart from the memories we have from recent chapters. However, we can conclude that his family is limited to only him and his dad. Before Mikito Urie’s death Kuki was a happy child that wanted to follow the footsteps of his hero and become an investigator himself. But after his death at the hands of Eto, his world and the perception of it are shattered to pieces. He loses his safe ground and the only things that remain for him to cling to are the passion to become an investigator and the grudge he holds against the Kuroiwa family. They haven’t personally hurt him, but the hole in his heart cannot be filled, so love was replaced with hatred. This will be a pivotal point for his development, as it shows his primal defensive mechanism that will emerge throughout :re - his search for a family(his past life and happiness) in others and when he doesn’t find this closeness, he seeks revenge at the world for making him so miserable.

When Urie was introduced, we see him as a closed, egoistic individual, who ignores the obvious attempts of Haise and the others to get closer. At first this is contradictory to my theory that he searches for family. However, the reason behind it is the fact that he can’t easily trust these people, because after his loss, he doesn’t want to emotionally attach to people, especially in such a dangerous job where you can die at any given moment. And what is more, he seeks promotion and credit in this job, because he blindly believes that reaching his dad’s rank will get him the closeness he needs.

Going on, for now Urie doesn’t have a family and his only true love is the damn promotion. He prosecutes ghouls mainly with the thought of his rank in mind, not caring that much about the “man-eating” part. Fortunately, he does not receive the darn promotion so early in the manga, otherwise he wouldn’t have become such a lovable character. During the Auction Raid arc, he does his best to kill his enemies and become the best soldier on the stage, even by going mad with the release of his Frame 4 kagune. Even after his performance as an excellent investigator, he still doesn’t receive the wanted praise, because of his rival, Takeomi Kuroiwa. Despite not even being a Quinx, he managed to defeat a ghoul by his sheer strength. Takeomi, being a humble individual, congratulates Urie, but he cannot help it but feel empty, because of this loss of reputation.

During the weeks, following the Auction, he gets closer to the other Qs, in a natural way. Sasaki’s investigations of the Rose situation get them closer and he starts working harder for the team. But this isn’t just an unconnected event. It stems from what happened at the Auction - Urie hurt Mutsuki and endangered his life. Urie had expected his team to start treating him like a bad guy, but Mutsuki did not, leading to Urie feeling indebted to him. Afterwards, we see the development of his relationship with Mutsuki and it all became reality because of what happened on the Auction. He now leaves the maniacal desire for a promotion behind and concentrates more on his team. 

All these events lead us to the Tsukiyama Extermination arc. The fact that the hole in his heart has gradually been filled with the sense of being part of the big Qs family made Urie a more caring person - he was concerned about both Saiko and Shirazu during the battle. His teammates have now become this family he craved so much and he finally finds this feeling of belonging somewhere, 

However, Ishida rarely plans a path of happiness for his characters, so it was completely natural for Urie to experience a traumatizing loss in the near future. This arc was where many characters had to choose their future and were put before a crossroad. It was a crucial arc for Urie, Kaneki, Tsukiyama, Ui and so on, as the death of their respective loved ones showed them the mercilessness of this world. Shirazu’s death (and the following stealing of his corpse) proved several things for Urie: despite their strength and their affiliation with the CCG, the Qs are not immortal; that the world often takes away our loved ones when we least expect it; that the future is full of uncertainties. 

During this arc Urie also lost his mentor, Sasaki, who became cold-hearted and had to give up mentoring the Quinx Squad. The full responsibility for the remaining members, plus the 3 new additions from the second batch, is in Urie’s hands. Sasaki really did confront Urie in a rather shocking manner after Shirazu’s death, but he later showed empathy when he asked his ex-underling to save Mutsuki after he was kidnapped by Torso. 

One would expect that after such losses Kuki Urie would withdraw into his shell, just like after his dad’s death, but the truth is that he becomes more responsible for his squad and goes great lengths to save Mutsuki, the person that showed him for the first time that he was wanted. This happens for a reason - he feels morally obliged to take care of his remaining family and this relates to his deep need for a place to call home. This later turns into an almost maniacal obsession with Mutsuki and the Chateau, their previous home. 

Ishida has the habit of introducing characters with flawed mindsets and psychological issues, so he can explain their backstories further in the manga. This is why we actually understand what drives Urie more than 100 chapters after his debut. The thing that I mentioned in the beginning and that was the common thing between all of the relationships he had established - Kuki Urie could not get over the death of his father and kept on trying to find his “family” in the CCG. These attachment issues only brought him sadness and even more loneliness. Ironically, the one to explain to him that the reason behind all of his suffering and losses is his dad’s death was nobody else, but Donato Porpora, the ghoul that Mikito Urie had defeated years ago. 

Unfortunately, when Urie realizes the truth about himself, it is already too late. He has lost Shirazu, Mutsuki (or at least the past Mutsuki) and has left his humanity behind. He slowly comes to the realization that his “family” is destroyed beyond repair. This is when he can reach the point of actual maturity - he figures out that he wants to protect Saiko, one of the only people that has always been by his side, that he does not actually hate the Kuroiwas and that justice is important for him, not just mindlessly killing ghouls. All this leads to his decision to confront Furuta, CCG’s current chief, essentially marking the start of a revolution (if he survives the following several chapters, that is).

The title of this post is “The Muffled Screams of Kuki Urie” for a reason. All his life, Urie was seeking a way to return to his past life, when he had a family. He craves the calmness and happiness that were part of his childhood. As I stated above, his subconsciousness constantly reminds him that he needs to be part of something, so hard that he has become extremely introverted, because if he let out his negative emotions, he would lose his friends (we all know his passive-aggressive comments in brackets when he speaks). This is why he stores it inside himself, until he is driven to madness, which has already happened twice or thrice and may happen very soon as well. This is also why he is associated with the “Speak No Evil” monkey and is often drawn without a mouth.

And one side note, which may actually be more related to Ishida’s writing than with Urie’s issues. It has been a running motif in the manga that every time Urie decides to protect something, he ultimately loses it one way or another. The list is quite painful:

1) Mutsuki has become a psychopath with a murder tendency and has broken all his frames (just like him)

2) Shirazu not only died, but his body was stolen, so he did not even receive the honor of having a real funeral.

3) Once he was reminded to be careful with his frames, he had to face Donato and ultimately lost his humanity, as he can no longer eat human food.

4) When his relations with Sasaki were relatively good (at least he didn’t hate him anymore), Sasaki betrayed the CCG and formed Goat as the One-Eyed King.

5) Just after he forgave Iwao Kuroiwa for letting his father die, they were attacked by Roma Hoito and Kuroiwa will most probably die as a result.

I hope you enjoyed reading and leave us recommendations for future metas!

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Okay so....

Oh hey I’ve seen a post thinking about this but you know the microphone Jack was talking about where the voices sound from a specific place, a binaural microphone, its called, I think. So anyway I was thinking: what if Jack was to do it with Anti and like it would be cool! Actually it would be brilliant! But like by the fact that people have made a posts of having the three monkeys (speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil) and because hear no evil maybe it could be a video with just Antis voice in the background and maybe a few glitches hear and there telling us more of his plan Or maybe it could even be Chase talking to/whoever the precious boy is to Anti Or maybe just both of them talking to each other? Post from @phoenixphi

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The 100 season 5 thought #3:

On one of the first BTS pics for season 5, we saw Chris (Monty), Bob (Bellamy) and Richard (Murphy) imitating the infamous three wise monkeys: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

In the 4x12 script, it becomes evident that the running gag ‘Shut up, Murphy’ is still going, even though it is more amicable now (”Quiet, Murphy.”).

What if Murphy is no longer as impertinent or snarky and sarcastic as we know him, him !shutting up! so to speak, indicated by the gesture? It’s likely that all of them will have become more mature.

And Bob/Bellamy not being able to hear Clarke over the radio as well as the approach of Eligius (considering that they will be the evil ones)?

What if Monty turns a blind eye on things or is oblivious about something that is happening on the Ark ring or among the space delinquents? Or he maybe doesn’t see the evil, again meaning Eligius?


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