speak no evil monkeys

Alright everybody! This is going to be a small trial run! :DIf it goes well I’m going to get more stickers (and maybe some postard-sized prints?) of more of my artwork!I got a small amount of these bad boys selling for $5 each.
(they’re 3’‘x4.5’’)
Includes shipping!
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全忍2で配るミニ年賀の絵柄です。 クリスマスも年末年始も原稿詰めで、季節ものやイベントもの全く手を付けられなかったけど、やっと年始っぽい絵描けたよ〜( ˘̥̥̥̥̥ ᵕ ˘̥̥̥̥̥ )親子が三猿してくれたら絶対可愛いと思ったの……

New Year’s greetings! (It’s too late but I wanted to draw this)

2016 Year of the monkey

“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”
(Three wise monkeys )

Saru (Monkey - 2016 zodiac animal)

This cute cake represents the famous three wise monkeys (sanen) which can be found for example in Nikko Tosho-gu shrine.

Mizaru (見ざる) sees no evil, Kikazaru (言わざる) hears no evil and Iwazaru (聞かざる) speaks no evil. Their names are a pun on saru (monkey) and zaru (an old negative form).


3 Wise Monkeys  - See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

Don’t ask me what they’re wearing, i’m not entirely sure myself >.>
I somehow went from listening to Gorillaz to this…. Also playing around more with this black and white/reduced color look… I think I likey
So which evil is your favorite?

(read across the hands first, then the chest)


One of my favorite Persona in Megami Ibunroku Persona is Seimen Kongo also known as Shomen Kongo (青面金剛) and Seishoku Daikongō Yasha. I love how the monkeys were included.

In the Kamakura period, the Koshin cult was popularized and became closely associated with the Tantric deity/Raksasa/Yasha named Seimen Kongo/Shomen Kongo who rules the east.
This link depends on the healing powers of Shomen against various illnesses and demons, against attacks by strange creatures, eye diseases, breathing disorders, and many other ailments. Originally he was said to have been a demon who caused diseases was conquered and re-dedicated himself as a protector against diseases. Shomen first appeared in the Darani Jikkyō 陀羅尼集経 of the mid-7th century AD.

He is depicted as blue skinned with four or six arms, carries a three-pronged vajra (kongousho), a staff (shakujou), a wheel, and a coiled rope. He very often is also depicted with the sun and the moon.

Sometimes there are also two servants , chickens, and of course very often the three monkeys (one keeps the eyes, another the mouth and the last the ears closed – see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil).

Shomen Kongou can be found on paper scrolls, used during Koshin ceremonies on stone monuments or as statues in shrines.

The Koshin cult believed that three worms called Sanshi, (三尸) live in everyone’s body and keep track of the good and the bad deeds of that person. On the night of Koshin, and only when this person sleeps, the worms will leave the body and go to the Heavenly God (Ten-Tei 天帝) to report about this person. Ten-Tei will decide to punish bad behaving people by making them ill, shortening their lives and in severe cases even make an end to it.

Believers stayed awake through the night and gathered before scrolls of Shomen and Sarutahiko to hold a devotional celebration . They also held festivities before carvings of the set of three monkeys, “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil,” mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru 見ざる, 聞かざる,言わざる.
This expression is also a word play since saru (which sounds similar) means monkey in Japanese and mizaru, kikazaru and iwazaru are thus interpreted as their names.

Kaneko was pretty surely also inspired by Star Platinum the Stand of Jotaru Kujo from the third part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders.

anonymous asked:

Don't you think it's interesting now we know the truth about mutsuki it gives deeper meaning to his mask. I mean the mouth was stitch shut as if hiding something that he couldn't speak of or keeping a secret.

Anon, let me tell you one of my favorite things about TG. I love how it’s like a freaking puzzle, like it’s confusing when you don’t know where a puzzle piece fits, but once you fill in a few other spots you get an idea where place it and when you step back you finally see the picture and all the little individual pieces make sense. Sorry for the stupid analogy but fuck it it’s 2am where I am and I will sleep when I’m dead.

Ahhh but look at that beautiful mask which is similar but completely different from Kaneki’s. I just love what you told me about Mutsuki and the sewn shut mouth representing his inability to tell the truth. It’s times like this that I had Uta’s mad people reading skills, but in all seriousness.

I think Mutsuki’s mask is a literal representation of the three wise monkeys which are see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. Because if you notice Mutsuki’s mouth is sticked along with the stitch making a closed eye shape on the eyepatch, as well as it even looks like his ears are covered. I think that it represents Mutsuki’s suppressed memories over the death of his family, and how he didn’t want to accept that he killed them. I also like how the mask is white, because it’s like Mutsuki is only innocent because he suppressed that murderous side of him. That by covering his mouth, ears,and eyes he can remain the pure person that he wants to be.

But, then you compare it to Kaneki’s mask

Kaneki’s mask is black which represents power, death, evil, and all that bad stuff, but unlike Mutsuki he doesn’t hide those things or try to suppress them, because he did those bad things to try to make a good thing like protect others. His mouth is smiling and has a zipper which gives him the option to open his mouth. Kaneki has the ability to talk to others and is very transparent in how he acts, and he does lie but it’s to spare others and not himself. His mask is literally similar is design but opposite in meaning. I think it shows how different Kaneki and Mutsuki are Kaneki comes off as this powerful evil thing but on the inside is really kind and weak, and Mutuski is sweet and kind on the outside but something very dark is inside him.Their mask’s do a perfect job in showing that they are similar in concept but different in the finale result. Ahhh, look at the beautiful foreshadowing that you didn’t notice at the time because how should I have known that this would have happened at the time.

Thank you anon for bringing this to me it was very fun to think about and talk about. Ahh ghoul masks are so interesting don’t you think they are literally summaries of the characters. Sorry if this is a little all over the place, but it’s 2am and I saw your ask and I felt like I drank ten cups of coffee, because I love talking about Tokyo Ghoul, sleep be damned. I hope I was able to expand upon your topic nicely enough, it was such a great topic.

Ultimate Scolex Post

idk if this has been done or whatever but here we go! 

Lets just start off with some pics of them, these pics aren’t proof or anything they’re just cute and we all need to see them again

Ok now lets move onto pictures that could be considered “proof” of some kind:

ok first up we have the infamous b-day kiss, but more about this later

then we have these two snaps taken at practically the same time, notice the lack of shirts.

OK next we have the boys sharing swim shorts which isn’t proof per-se but it is hella cute and sort of proof kind of idk.

And now to the twitter section of this post:


This isn’t proof right, it’s just Alex chilling on a new rug, until you see the next picture… —-v

Alex Goldschmidt is a good friend of theirs.

*cough* Scott Hoying *cough*

Ok the nest one needs a bit more explanation, I don’t have some of the pictures necessary so you’re just gonna have to read it, sorry (if anyone has the pics I’m talking about plz send them to me and I’ll edit the post!

OK so this is Scotts cover of All of Me, found here (If you haven’t listened to is DO IT OMG). So as you can see this was posted on October 29th, which just happens to be Alex’s Birthday. Also notice the caption “For you :)” 

Alex later tweeted that he loved All of Me (idk where that is), but Jake tweeted “I wonder why” followed by the Speak No Evil Monkey emoji. 

Furthermore, this year (I think) for Scotts birthday (I think) Alex gave him Ombré flowers with a card (I think), on the back of the envelope it says “For you :)” (I THINK)

And the last section of this unreasonably long post is VIDEOS

Not Proof, but it’s hella cute

Still not proof (it could be if you thought about it for long enough) 

Slight proof but not really

Slight proof once again



If anything more happens I’ll add it, if anything is wrong tell me and I’ll remove it, if anything is missing tell me and I’ll add it, if there are any typo’s or something tell me, I’m not going to do anything about it but still tell me!