speak no evil monkeys

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全忍2で配るミニ年賀の絵柄です。 クリスマスも年末年始も原稿詰めで、季節ものやイベントもの全く手を付けられなかったけど、やっと年始っぽい絵描けたよ〜( ˘̥̥̥̥̥ ᵕ ˘̥̥̥̥̥ )親子が三猿してくれたら絶対可愛いと思ったの……

New Year’s greetings! (It’s too late but I wanted to draw this)

2016 Year of the monkey

“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”
(Three wise monkeys )

Saru (Monkey - 2016 zodiac animal)

This cute cake represents the famous three wise monkeys (sanen) which can be found for example in Nikko Tosho-gu shrine.

Mizaru (見ざる) sees no evil, Kikazaru (言わざる) hears no evil and Iwazaru (聞かざる) speaks no evil. Their names are a pun on saru (monkey) and zaru (an old negative form).


3 Wise Monkeys  - See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

Don’t ask me what they’re wearing, i’m not entirely sure myself >.>
I somehow went from listening to Gorillaz to this…. Also playing around more with this black and white/reduced color look… I think I likey
So which evil is your favorite?

(read across the hands first, then the chest)

So, I love my iPhone just as much as the next person, but I’ve always wondered why the hell it was necessary to have 13 different types of train/trolley emojis. I mean, I get that people like to be all picture happy when it comes to conversations with their ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ monkeys, but why so many trains? Also, why is there a bunch that are violent? I’m currently trying to find a way to use the glass of wine one all of the time without looking like a wino and failing miserably.

Three little monkeys named “See no evil,” “Hear no evil,” “Speak no evil.”

Don’t take everything PLL throws at you literally. Marlene plays with words.

On my Why did Marlene choose a pantomime as a clue for Charles” post, someone pointed out that we saw a deaf girl in the Christmas episode.

This means we have a blind girl; a deaf girl; and a mute (Charles the pantomime).

Aria: “I’d rather dance on dead monkeys than attend her stupid ice ball.”
Spencer: “Dead monkeys?”

That Spencer repeated the dead monkeys was of significance.

See no evil; speak no evil; hear no evil.

Prov. Ignore  any  evil  that  you  come  in  contact  with;  be  virtuous  even  though  there  is  evil  around  you.  (Often  represented  by  three  monkeys,  one  of  which  is  covering  his  eyes,  one  his  ears,  and  one  his  mouth.)

This could be Rosewoods motto and the NAT who sees all (and obviously hears all) eliminates the people who “know too much.”
“Maya knew.” Therefore she had to die because she was about to talk about what she knew. I don’t think A killed her. The NAT did. NAT is in control.

The liars break that rule of the three little monkeys constantly and this would give someone like the NAT a reason to hunt them.

This is one way of looking at it.There’s another, though.

 The story of Big A and how Big A became A:

The abused child

Someone was abused as a kid. This is either the story of the person who was abused, or the story of whoever witnessed the abuse but was forced to keep quiet. If they speak the truth they will end up dead.

“Follow me, end up like me.”
“You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you’re always better off with a really good lie.“

If we think of the girls as “A’s” favorite “dolls” and think of “A” as a traumatized kid who uses these “dolls” to express what happened to them, then it is very possible that one of the girls would be behind this. She trusts these “dolls” because they are her best friends.

I made a crack theory a few days ago about how.A has no face because whatever/whoever is behind that mask is what one (or all the girls) fear the most.
Big A is one of the girls. She’s the victim. But to tell her story she would have to take the role of the abuser to show us what happened. This could in a way be seen as a “split personality” in a metaphorical sense.

Keep in mind that nothing is as it seems. And we have various clues that this is a story someone is writing. A true story but with a twist. The girls are characters–“dolls”–put inside the action of the story to show us the truth.

A lot of victim of abuse end up in a mental institution while their abuser is free….This could link to Bethany. Did someone purposefully set fire to her face? Was she too a victim of abuse? Is this why she is now dead?
Bethany was showered with presents… why? To keep her mouth shut?

“You’re my favorite” is a manipulative way into tricking someone to do what you want. You are my favorite because you are keeping our secret. If we keep the Lolita theme  in mind then “You are my favorite little doll/princess…” can also be used by some sick pervert tricking a little girl into thinking whatever he’s doing to her is because he “loves” her. She’s the favorite…UGH!

Anyone else using the girls as dolls but one of the girls themselves would be awfully wrong, IMO. It would be perverted and we wouldn’t be able to feel sorry for someone like Toby, Jason, Wren or Lucas doing this to the girls. Especially a male using them as dolls….at least I wouldn’t feel sorry for them.
The death of Toby’s mother, wouldn’t justify Toby’s (A’s) actions toward these girls. It would be all about revenge in the sickest way and I would not feel sorry for him, no matter how many teddy bear pictures Marlene posts. And why take it out on ALL the girls anyway?
It’s sad that he lost his mother, but a lot of other people do too and they don’t go around doing sick stuff like this. The same goes for any long lost sibling…who we didn’t even know existed up until now.
This isn’t about Lucas or Jason’s gender identity crisis… This would put an awful light on transgender people. What, they go around and kill people in a morbid way just because they were bullied? What kind of message is that?
Also we’ve already covered the being bullied theme with Mona.

This is deeper.
This is supposed to be heartbreakingly beautiful.

One of the girls witnessed abuse and was told to keep quiet…(or brainwashed like Alison was about the two dresses), or one of the girls is a victim of abuse herself.

If “Charles” is someone’s sibling, then one of our girls witnessed Charles’ abuse. He probably is dead.

You may ask: but how does this explain Toby’s mother’s death etc?

If we think of Big A as a vigilante, who wants  for the truth to come out (to dance on dead monkeys as Aria so nicely put it), then all the reveals we have seen so far could have been true reveals.
This would be a plot twist.. Big A is actually on the good side.

Toby is A team but he’s on the good team.

Mona is Original A (the first A team; the first vigilante).

Whoever took the game from Mona wanted Spencer on the team. I always feel like Spencer’s role is the one of us viewers, but also the one with a big secret she just doesn’t remember or doesn’t know about. And someone is trying to protect her from finding out by giving her misleading clues. Just like us viewers…But she still could also be Big A. Spencer’s team against the NAT. How ironic would it be if her own father was the founder of that club?

Ezra is the writer. (I still believe Aria is too in some way and she might be the reason why we have a mess because she is altering the story because she is protecting someone, either she is protecting Spencer or her father. She could even be the one who witnessed the abuse and therefore could be Big A as she is the only one associated with puppets (Pigtunia, seems to play such a big role apparently).
It could also be Alison, though as I explained in this post here.

(This could also be a war between Alison and Aria… Aria who wants to tell the truth (she wants to dance on dead little monkeys than go to Alison’s stupid ice ball), and Alison who wants to continue to keep lying. Can go either way.)

The NAT is the evil team… the one who holds power over the whole town. It’s probably as old as the town itself, and membership passes on from generation to generation..
Rosewood is the town of the three monkeys “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

“Will the circle be unbroken.”
The circle of silence?

If anyone has a different idea for the monkeys, feel free to reblog and add your own interpretation. I’d love to read it.