speak nicely


Daze the Daisy   ❁Cannot speak   ❁Very Cute   ❁Squeaks to communicate  ❁Can roam free around the garden peacefully  ❁Needs lots and lots of sun  ❁Lot of water 

Fly the Venus Fly Trap  ❋Carnivorous  ❋Do not allow him to roam free  ❋Likes to be carried around with you in a bucket  ❋Steals food off your plate and items that it can reach  ❋Clings and grabs at you  ❋Will eat other bitties and possibly small pets  

Bud the Rose  ❀Friendly to everyone  ❀Gets jealous if he doesn’t get enough attention  ❀Likes sunlight  ❀Wants you to take him with you when you go out  ❀Safe to allow outside to roam  ❀Speaks softly and has nice manners

Pan the Pansy  ✾Nervous  ✾Cracks a lot of jokes  ✾Witty  ✾Self conscious flower  ✾Likes lots of watering  ✾Needs company a lot of the time  ✾Gets bored easily  ✾Loves TV  ✾Comes in many many colours

I’ve just learnt a valuable lesson:

Never get ProMarker ink on your skin because it really doesn’t wanna come off, even if you scrub it x_x

I bought a set of ProMarkers around a week ago and have finally tried them out today - but now I’ve got blue streaks on a finger and a green blob on my thumb (why no, of course I wasn’t drawing Lapidot ;p). They’re really nice to work with but I’ve started off simple because they were quite expensive and are kinda scary lol.

Even though it’s finished now, I’ll be posting the picture on Lapidot Tuesday~

anonymous asked:

fav blogs that ship jikook? or multiship? :o

oh god i had to go through my entire following page bc basically all the blogs i follow ship jikook akdjdsj #1 jikook trash speaking, nice to meet u
these are the ones that when i see the url ‘jikook’ is the first thing that pops in my mind
@arihanagrande, @bkayl, @drpuffles, @dyegu, @heyhosam, @jihyped, @jikook-love, @jikookiejar, @jimintensify, @mintsugakookies, @neongguk, @satellite-jeon, @stanningjiminie, @sugutie, @tanktoptiger, @yahjiminie and @yourpinkpill
i probably forgot many ppl bc im terrible at this, but all the blogs here are lvl 100 jikook trash with a+ content, i guarantee u


So as you may know the last few days I’ve been sending as many writers kind messages to encourage them and remind them how talented and special they are. This happened because I was sick of seeing so many people thinking it’s okay to send hateful and hurtful anonymous messages to fanfiction writers.

Writing fanfiction is hard. It’s hard to get characterizations right and there is always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with what you write. People will always be there to hate your story, to tell you that it sucks or that you didn’t write the character the way they imagine them to be. It’s tough but we do it because we enjoy it and it’s fun for us! 

Of course there are many people sending writers wonderful messages and that always makes fanfic writers feel like they are doing something worthwhile. But unfortunately people also send writers horrible messages, because they are able to and have easy access to do this.

So I would like to start a movement, the #bekindtowriters movement. This movement is for all fandoms, please spread this to all fanfic writers! This is all I ask:

  • Send your favourite fanfiction writers (on anonymous or not) something kind. Tell them you love them, tell them you loved a certain piece they wrote or anything just be nice
  • Leave comments on a fic that you enjoy and say that you enjoy it. 
  • Writers you are also encouraged to send kind messages to your fellow writers to encourage them! 
  • If you do receive some love from someone, tag it with the hashtag #bekindtowriters 
  • Just spread love and happiness to everyone who do really lovely things and don’t deserve to be attacked. 
  • If hateful or hurtful messages are sent to your inbox delete them

Please spread this. I am trying to spread kindness to as many people as I can but I can’t do this alone. Help me wipe out the hateful people and start to be kind to everyone. Build up the community you are in and care for them. 

Peter speaking the truth
  • Rest of the pack: *states that they're in Scott's pack*
  • Peter: I'm not in the pack, but no one likes a Nazi.
  • Me: Look at you Peter being relevant af. Speak the truth, my friend. Maybe you're not so bad after all.......nah, I still don't really like you, but you just helped yourself right there.