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I just finished Liam's Quest 2.0 and. Wow. WOW. The "my friend" bit got me SOBBING

same here buddy. Liam’s always so overwhelming, heartwarmingly honest and that was just. true friendship is trapping your friends in a D&D game so you can tell them how much they mean to you in a speak-n-spell voice in front of a few thousand strangers

i had the funniest dream

I was at a family gathering - big house, lots of people of all ages, food everywhere - and Rhett was there. I’d come with the express purpose of flirting with him, but as soon as I saw he’d brought Jessie, I started flirting with her. And she flirted back. We were both idiots, making eyes over the potato salad and trading leers across the picnic table while everyone was like WE CAN SEE YOU. So I decide to post to Tumblr (that’s normal right?) but instead of a phone I pull out my old netbook and try to be sly. Rhett’s like HEY WAT R U DOING and keeps trying to look, so I start going around to different places trying to compose my post. I’m trying to type like “omg you guys I’m in love with Jessie and she’s flirting with me what do I do she smells good”, meanwhile the device keeps changing from my netbook to a flip phone to a Palm Pilot to like idk a Speak N Spell or something. And Rhett keeps appearing trying to look over my shoulder, at one point he comes up behind me and puts his hand on my ass like hey gurl can i see and I’m like no go away i’m trying 2 seduce ur wife on the internet.

I never did get to finish the post.

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You win this round, McLaughlin.


confession: i love “joke” utaus despite knowing shit all about vocaloid and this speak n’ spell one is GREAT and i want more of it

What if E.T. AU with carapaces as the aliens and they scattered to the spots with the four kids.

WV is nonverbal due to past experiences so he uses a Speak-N-Spell to communicate with John and his Dad. He is incredibly rude and John teaches him manners and also about human life, but he has to keep WV inside the house all the time because ALIEN.

Rose trying to be at least somewhat civilized with WQ even though Mom is running scientific tests with her all the time. Not invasive ones, just things to understand more about where she is from and what she is and what she does.

AR landing right on top of Dave and Bro’s house and eventually everyone in the apartment complex comes to accept that those Strider brothers have a family visitor who is an extreme furry roleplay enthusiast and that’s why AR is wearing a fursuit the whole time. Eventually AR gathers up all of Dave’s things and hauls the boy up and out of the abusive household he’s in and he just runs the fuck away with Dave to live with WV and John instead. Without taking off the fursuit.

PM landing on Jade’s island results in very little actually changing, Jade just treats PM like a regular guest instead.

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Prompt- I would like for Feral Matty to be hopped up on Red Bull. Non-stop questions, touching things, & dangling upside down & just poor "WTF IS MY LIFE" Foggy when Matt doesn't sleep for 3 days!

“I made a huge mistake,” Foggy said, rubbing his face and trying not to groan.

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Message from artificial intelligence.. by Michael Cordedda
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“Help.” speak n spell in the dark with a long exposure! thought it looked pretty cool :)

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can you give me lessons in french im taking it in a month and i know nothing but with your help i could be fluent in two days flat

OUI MONSIEUR français c’est EASY!!! you just have to er…’ow u say uh..stick the EIFFEL TOWER up your HON HON HON oui??? and when ze peoples ask vou if vou likes croissant, say OUI OUI OUI and SHOVE 983284 PETITE BAGUETTES DOWN ZE THROAT

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AU meta question: if the New Directions kids (both past and present) were toys in a Toy Story-esque universe, what toys would each of them be?

  • Rachel: Tamagotchi
  • Artie: AUTOBOT
  • Kurt: Rainbow-colored Beanie Baby
  • Tina: Matryoshka doll
  • Finn: Rex
  • Puck: G.I. Joe
  • Quinn: American Girl doll
  • Santana: Bratz
  • Brittany: A Barbie with many different outfits and callings in life, thus completing the Unholy Trinity
  • Jesse: Terrifying bobble-head
  • Mike: Slinky
  • Matt: One of those wind-up toys that proceeds in a straight line
  • Sam: Furby
  • Lauren: Troll doll
  • Blaine: A well-dressed teddy bear (IMAGINE THE TEDDY BEAR PICNIC IN THE SUBSTITUTE)
  • Rory: Speak ‘n’ Spell
  • Sugar: Squeaky toy ala Wheezy the sad penguin
  • Teen Jesus: Figurine in a Nativity set / The Jesus on the Christmas tree
  • Unique: That musical box princess Sarah owns in Labyrinth
  • Marley: Polly Pocket (no one likes Polly Pocket, but WHAT DID POLLY POCKET EVER DO TO YOU?)
  • Jake: Tickle Me Elmo
  • Ryder: Lego man
  • Kitty: Hello Kitty
  • Roderick: THIS VTech toy
  • Jane: Amiibo figurine
  • Mason: Raggedy Andy
  • Madison: Raggedy Anne