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“I Am Majestic” Bath Ritual

  • Lavender buds
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Lush’s Rose Jam shower gel, inscribing @sigils-in-your-area‘s “I am majestic” sigil
  • Lush’s Brightside bubble bar - SMALL AMOUNT! A little goes a long way!
  • Handful of oats
  • 16oz of almond milk
  • Assorted flowers
  • Half dozen roses - use 3 for petals and toss 3 whole heads in
  • Medium sliced orange
  • Small sliced lemon
  • White candles

Layer ingredients as listed above, running the bath water after you have added the oats. As it fills, feel free to mix in the milk. Be sure to stir the water with your hands as the water rises, gently whispering your intent. You may also light your candles as you wait and be sure to exercise fire safety! 

This bath is one of self care and love. Speak softly and kindly phrases such as “I am powerful” and “I am knowledgeable” when stirring - we want it to be brimming with lovely positivity! Once the tub is full, shut off the water and add your flowers and fruit. 

Whilst in the tub, visualize any negative thoughts or energies being washed away. Deeply inhale the lovely fruity, floral scents around you. Think of yourself as royalty! You deserve this luxurious soak!

Remain in the tub for as little or long as you see fit. I stayed in until the water got chilly!

After your soak, be sure to drain the tub carefully - little bits like lavender buds and oats can clog your bath. 

And that’s it, loves! You took a bath worthy of the majestic creature you are!

Note: You may use as many or as little of these ingredients as you like, or substitute if need be - whatever you need to make YOU feel great!

Releasing Spell

Hi there! I decided to post this because it’s been extremely helpful for me, and I’m sure it will be for everyone else too!! It’s a super easy spell I love to do.

This spell can get rid of your doubts or can get rid of a negative situation.


  • Piece of paper. Lined or printer is fine.
  • Black pen or marker.
  • The elements, be safe with them.


First, write down every single doubt you have on that piece of paper, or instead, write down the situation you want to get out of.

If you’re using fire,


If you’re using water,


If you’re using the earth,


If you’re using air,


That’s it.

For fire, burn it and rid of the ashes. For water, soak it until the words are unreadable then flush it down the toilet. Earth, bury it. Air, rip it up on a windy day and throw it into the wind.

Using the elements will allow the negativity to detach from you.

Do this as many times as you need to, and let me know how it works for you, I love feedback!

~ Eris

Tips for Witches in College

A lot of witches I have met throughout the years are in college, including me! While our magickal studies are important, it is also important to maintain your academic performance. Think of it this way; the less you stress over school (because you’re on top of things), the more you can focus on magick! 

Here are some tips: 

  • Use different colored pens/font colors to match the meaning behind the subject or just use purple for intelligence!
  • Wear purple to exams!
  • Make a sigil for a successful day in classes and in tests
  • Appeal to gods who are associated with wisdom or intelligence (I appeal to Athena)
  • Keep an intelligence or memory charm/sachet in your bag
  • Ground and center yourself when you get stressed. 
  • Brew a tea as well to calm yourself
  • Do affirmations regularly (”I will pass this test”, “I will understand this concept” etc.)
  • Create a bubble/circle around your study area to ward off bad energy, distractions, and incorrect information
  • Do the same for around you and your desk during an exam!

Guardian Candles (an original spell)

This is a candle for you to light whenever you are worried for someone. When lit, it will send them positive energy, protection, or whatever your intent behind it states.


  • a candle
  • healing oil of your choice
  • incense


  1. Take a candle that reminds you of the person you want it to represent. It can be anything from their favorite color to one they chose themselves.
  2. Light your incense. Let the scent fill you with calmness as you channel your intent into the candle. Take your oil (I use lavender or chamomile) and anoint the candle by tracing the first letter of their name onto the wax with the pointer finger of your dominant hand. Keep an image of the person in your mind. This oil will provide them with healing. 
  3. Hold the candle over the smoke from your incense, turning it a few times to cover it completely. This will help to bless the candle, the smoke acting as a shroud around the person it represents, to protect them from negative energy. While doing this, recite the incantation:

“Candle guide them,

Goddess guard them

Keep them in your sights.

Spirits lift them

Ancients teach them

Surround them with your light.”

(not my gif)

A Spell To Help Someone Flower

Everyone has potential, but not all of us are comfortable reaching it. Sometimes situations stop us, sometimes it’s other people, and sometimes, it’s yourself. If you can’t see the potential that you hold, how can you let it shine through? This spell can be used on either you or someone else, to help them reach their potential, to “flower”. Wait and watch this spell blossom! 

What you’ll need: 

  • Rose water
  • Dried Jasmine Blossom (preferred, but not required! Pre-packaged tea works just fine!
  • Honey
  • Taglock 
  • Dirt
  • Seeds (optional)

Take your rosewater and bring it to a boil. Put your jasmine in a cup and pour the rose water over it– If you have a blossom, you can watch “bloom” with the water as the tea brews. Take this time to put your intent into the mixture. Imagine your target becoming all that they can be, overcoming the odds and pushing through like a sprout in the spring. Visualize their abilities/desired trait growing, up and up and up, until finally a blossom peeks out at the top. Then, as you add in the honey and stir clockwise, feel the flower bloom. The honey is used to attract good things to your target, like bees to your new flower. 

As a final step, solidify the association between the spell and your target by pouring some (if not all) over your taglock. Your taglock should then be buried (not necessarily outside if you don’t want– putting it in a container is fine! The dirt is the important part.) This is you ‘planting’ the spell. If you want to put seeds in and watch it literally grow, go for it! Sometimes a little real-world action helps solidify intent, especially in the long run. Just make sure to take good care of your plant! 

If the spell is for yourself, feel free to drink any of the mixture that you’ve not poured over the taglock. 

Appreciation for Tumblr Witches

Honestly, i love tumblr witches. We tend to get a lot of hate from other more traditional witches, family witches, and older witches (Although obviously not all and most are very kind and helpful) for being too liberal with the craft. But honestly, i love tumblr witches and how validating the community is. I love how spells i see always have warnings for allergies, pets, and general advice. I love seeing simplified posts for spoonie witches, new witches, and closet witches. I love masterposts made just to help those wandering and lost, those who dont know where to start. I love how tumblr witches respect all witches regardless of path, religion (or lack there of), experience, sexualities, race, gender, etc. I love how tumblr witches seek to make witchcraft something everyone can do, not just a select few. I love tumblr witches; we are real witches.

Dream Message Spell

A while ago, I saw a spell similar to this somewhere on the internet and I could never find it again, but I still remembered it, thankfully. So I thought I’d post it! I’ve used this so many times and it’s been successful 100% of the time.

This spell is to answer questions you have inside of a dream.


  • A blue or black pen
  • A small piece of paper


I. First, write down a question you have on the piece of paper. It can be about anything.

II. Fold the piece of paper and hold it in your hand. You can whisper to yourself out loud or say in your head:

“Oh as I travel into the astral I wish to know [question]. This is my will, so mote it be.”

III. From here, all you have to do is put the piece of paper under your pillow and go right to sleep. You’ll dream of the answer that night!

I hope this was helpful, if anyone has any feedback to give or needs any help with interpreting the dreams they get, feel free to send me an ask!

~ Eris

A Secret Witches Guide to Concealing your craft

Make sure practicing witchcraft in your home does not put you in any imminent danger! 

Drink tea - A mundane thing, make it a daily thing in order to make people less suspicious. Say short incantations while stirring in your honey. 

Keep a small plain notebook to use as your grimoire - Use this to write all your witchy ideas in. 

Find a well concealed hiding place to put all of your witchy stuff - Put anything that you want to keep concealed in here. 

Create a portable altar - One easy enough to take down and hide quickly. Draw an altar in your grimoire for a simple portable altar.

Meditate - Sit somewhere you won’t be disturbed and meditate. You don’t need any special supplies to meditate therefore, it is easy to hide.

Paint your nails to match your intent  

Glamour your Clothes

Braid your hair while say an incantation

Trace sigils around your room - Use your fingers so they remain discreet and charge them with intent.

Glamour a piece of jewelry to wear daily

Keep plants and candles in your room - No one will draw conclusions if these are in your room.

Decorate a shoe box to dedicate to your practice - Put any witchy things you want if you are unable to find a place to hide your stuff. 

Use knot magick when tying your shoes

Cleanse your room and home using intentions

Water your plants with growth spells - Speak to them while doing this in order to help them grow.

Do your casting in a discreet location outside - this way no one can interrupt you when you are in the middle of a ritual.

Use color magick when picking out what you want to wear

Use scented candles - Although lots of candles may raise suspicion, if they are scented they won’t draw much attention.  

Write sigils in lotion - Cover your body in lotion sigils, in a couple minutes they will fade away and not be visible.

Stir counter clockwise - In your baking or your tea to banish negative energy.

Use playing cards instead of tarot cards

Go for hikes - A way to be with nature and not raise any suspicion.

Clean your room - This is the equivalence of cleansing your room.

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

Homemade Anxiety and Comfort Jar

  • Rosemary - success and purification
  • Thyme - cleansing and courage
  • Basil - love and happiness
  • Cedarwood & Clove Oil -  protection and banishing 
  • Bay Leaf - wards against negativity 
  • Lapis Lazuli - relieves stress
  • Cinnamon - prosperity
  • Salt - protection 
  • A Sigil for Happiness (or whatever you want!)

Layer however you like and seal with light blue or white wax! Bless accordingly.

Blessed Be! ☆

Favorite little Got7 things:
๐Ÿ’— Valentine’s Day Spells ๐Ÿ’—

💖 for feeling beautiful 💖

💕 for confessing 💕

💘 love spells 💘

💞 for past loves 💞

🖤 for unwanted approaches: 🖤

💔 for broken hearts 💔

How To Send Dreams ๐Ÿ’ค

This post explains how to send a dream to another person. I’ve done this before many times and it’s always worked for me. I’m not here to boss anyone around, but it’s best to get permission to do it first. If not, that’s on you.

  • Read this post I made about energy work. (x) You’re going to want a little experience with energy work if you want to do this, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Print out a picture or pull up a picture on your phone of the person you wish to send the dream to.
  • Create a ball of energy in your hand. Infuse the ball of energy with images or words by thinking it, then imagining the thought or word going down your arm from your head, into the ball of energy.
  • Slowly push the ball of energy into the picture while imagining that you are in front of that person and physically putting it into their head. Do your best to feel yourself doing it.

Feel free to send me an ask on how it works for you or if you have any questions! :)

~ Eris
"you dont need tools for witchcraft"

i know tons witches, espcially on tumblr, always say this but a lot of times it dosnt seem true. those same blogs posting about “not needing tools” (myself included) reblog photos of sparkiling crystals and decorated altars. in comparison, our own practice can seem inadequate. but remeber that witchcraft is an old practice, and while over centuries this practice has grown and changed, the basis of the craft is old as fuck. the mothers of our practice most likely didn’t have access to a houndred different crystals, the entire whole foods spice rack, and dozens of specialized tools. the mothers of our craft were creative and worked with what was locally available, not $30 organic vanilla beans flown in from mesoamerica (unless that just so happened to be where they lived). the mothers of our craft were nifty and clever, and knew how to make everything out of anything. so, while beautiful, shimmering, lovely items are always nice -and can make us /feel/ witchy- our witch moms founded this practice without them.

Why I love Zelo.

  • Junhong’s always so eager to learn, He’s ambitious, inspired and hard working. He’s completely open to try new things, practices his English so much for us, and has truly delevoped into an all rounded individual.
  • Unlike most people his age, Our boy went through immense ordeals. He matured fast, but he still holds on to that child in him. Leave him around B.A.P to be babied and how much ever he may fight it, he loves it.
  • Not only can this boy rap and dance and sing and write, there’s uniqueness and individuality in everything he does. He puts so much character into his music and artistic expression.
  • He has all these little performance nuances that just enhance everything he does. A personal favourite of mine is the habit of putting his free hand behind his back while rapping.
  • Oh god, he’s kind. His heart is overflowing with love. He loves his hyungs, he loves his fans, he loves his adorable dog. He’s always softspoken, but doesn’t shy away from getting mischievous too.
  • Nobody can speak against his stage presence and his general aura. This tall boy’s got it all and he knows how to use it. He’s trying to be proud of his imperfections too and I love that.
  • Great, I’m emotional, I’m just going to end this by saying I love Junhong, I love everything he is and everything he stands for. I love his eyes, his blinking, his dimples, his cute lil teeth, his (jacked) arms, his mile long legs. I love his kindness, his creativity, his urge to succeed and how much he loves us.

Pretty old but i rediscovered that today!!

spells for back to school โœ๏ธ
No More Nightmares Sachet
  • Black Candle
  • Black or pink salt
  • Black thread
  • Paper
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Iron
  • Salt water

I like using sigils, so I made a sigil that reads ‘I do not have nightmares’. Burn it using the black candle. Add ashes to your sachet as well as your salt, rosemary, and thyme. Place the piece of iron (like a nail) right on in there. Bless with salt water for some extra protection. Tie up the sachet with your thread.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws don’t like when they have to do more than they think they do, so when they see the Gryffindors waving around their wands more than necessary, they just get tired for them.