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Do you know anything about this Meto leaving the band thing?

Oh my gosh, this is pissing me off so hard. (Not your question, the rumors)

I was sent the link for that Tanuki crap this morning by a friendly person (♡ hi there (^_^) ), and oh my God, so many lies in one post. Unbelievable. And ridiculous.
For those who don’t know: It seems, there are rumors about Meto leaving the band. People said, MiA and Koichi and basically everyone hated Meto so bad, they wanted him to leave the band now. Especially MiA was told to always hate Meto so much, he always would want him to leave the band as soon as possible. Others said, he is suffering after-effects of his accident, but that was more a by-the-way-speculation.

What a bullshit! Oh my gosh.
First of all, no one ever mentioned they would kick someone out of the band. On the contrary, everyone was even very concerned about Meto and his condition and all. Especially MiA by the way. Tsuzuku was talking just yesterday about performing Live again as 4 (!) people soon and how he’s looking forward to it.
Furthermore. If Meto would leave the band, I hope these rumor speaders know that the band would fall apart immediately. Without a drummer, no band. And MEJIBRAY would never be looking for a new member. And if the band happened to fall apart, Tsuzuku would be dead by tomorrow. This much is sure. That’s why he would never risk the band to fall apart ever. Even if they would all hate each other so much, which I greatly doubt, they would not go so far as to kick someone out of the band.
And if that’s not proof enough - They announced so much about the postponed tour already, how the fans should look forward to the 4 members reunited. They will be having such a cramped schedule soon, there will be really no time for crap like that.

Sorry for being so angry, I just hate it when people spread such obviously false rumors and worry the fans.
No one should be stating such things when there is no evidence at all. We can only know if something’s happening if we hear it from the members themselves. As long as they don’t, these are all just bad rumors for me.
I hope I could answer your question though. Thank you for asking, I was thinking about stating on that matter anyways~