Yall imagine Lance slowly realizing that Matt is taking over his place. At first it was with Shiro and Pidge, he over heard them say “wow you might just be out next sharp shooter with that aim you got there.” At first he ignores it and thinks that they both just missed Matt and know that he’s the team’s sharpshooter. Right? Then it was Keith he knew that him and Keith didn’t have the best of relationships but he hoped that Keith at least counted him as a close friend because he was practically family to Lance. He noticed during they invited Matt to a practice training simulation. He heard Keith talking with Matt while they were taking a break. “Wow your really good, you’re even better than Lance and he’s been a paladin for quite sometime. If you guys had a fight you’d probably win!” He knew that Keith didn’t mean that but it still hurt him, he knew that he wasn’t the best when it came to hand to hand combat he was better when it was long-distance. That was the day Lance realized that maybe he should also work hard and become better hand to hand combat. Then it was Allura and Coran, they quickly took a liking to the green paladins brother and often watched him interact they were becoming very secretive and we’re always looking at Lance with judgemental and sorry eyes and he had no idea why until one night. He was up late like always his insomnia preventing him to sleep so he figured he might as well practice on his hand to hand combat skills. On the way there he usually stops at the kitchen to get a water bottle or at least what they thought was a water bottle. He stopped when he heard and oran speaking in hushed voices in the kitchen he was about to leave them to their own private business until he heard them mention his name. “ -Lance. We don’t know what will happen. We don’t even know how the blue lion will react! Coran they have the most powerful bond out of the whole team. Quiznak! We know that if Matt joins the team then that means that we can-” He stopped listening after that he quickly left tears were forming but he quickly wiped them away because he knew that crying solves nothing. He went to the training deck and worked out his worries,sadness, and his anger. He didn’t stop until Hunk stopped the sequence. “Hey Lance go take a shower and go get some sleep alright. I don’t know how long you’ve been in here but go take a rest.” “your right hunk thanks for being here for m-” “-also i just wanna practice with matt he’s so cool he’s teaching me how to get better at hand to hand combat and were going to cook together! Isn’t that so exciting Lance wow i’m so excited-” By that time Lance had already ran off reality hitting him hard and that was when lance realised that he was no longer the 7th wheel. That was when he realised that he wasn’t even apart of this wheel anymore he had fallen off bored of the ship and no one had let go of the wheel to come get him. Lance had become more closed off and was always in his room unless it was for training or bonding exercises. He was waiting counting the days and it finally came he thought he could do this but knew deep inside him that he wasn’t prepared at all for this. It was right after dinner when Allura approached him. At first he was surprised because these couple of days he was the one who started intereactactions with the others but the surprises quickly faded and he realized that today was the day he’s thrown off the team. He was surprised that it last them this long to kick him off the team. Allura looked very uncomfortable so he decided he would be the first one to start this conversation “What did you want to tell me?” “This isn’t easy to say but i have to do what’s best for the team” “I trust you Allura. Do what you gotta do after all you’re the one who started this adventure i guess you can also be the one to finish ot am i right?” he laughed weakly. He saw a look of shock come from Allura and the gazes of everyone on him. “Matt will be the new blue paladin. He is good at piloting, is resources and knows how to shoot and fight. He will be a great asset to Voltron. While you were..” “..just a fill in until someone better comes along yeah i understand.After all i’m just a seventh wheel or now an eighth wheel since we have Matt.” He smiled at her masking his pain and feelings just like always. He looked at her again and said “ so when do I leave?” “She looked at him in surprise clearly not expecting him to be this calm. “I umm what?” She told him clearly dumbfounded. “I noticed that you we were getting closer to our galaxy and was getting ready because I knew this was going to happy so I was honestly just waiting for you guys to tell me. If I’m honest I’ve been knowing for quite some time.” “I umm we- yes indeed we will get there in 4 hours of your human time” “Okay then if no one minds I would like to spend my last couple of hours with blue please that’s the only wish I have.” “Yes please do as you wish with your last ricks here on the ship” They all watched him go a heavy feeling in there heart and with tears in there eyes. “Allura when we talked we didn’t mean this quick what happens to slow but steady!?” Whisper-shouted pudge “In times like this it’s best to rip the bandaid young paladins.” Said Coran in his authority voice. “Should we check up on him? Or do we just let him go?” “I agree with hunk what can we do as the leader we can’t let his last hours be like this can we?” “I have been so busy I don’t even know how he’s been I don’t even know if he’s eaten I’d been to caught up- oh no what if hates me I can’t can I please talk to him.” “I’m sorry hunk but this goes for all of us we should respect lances wishes but we can watch him from the cameras?” They all fled to the front of the castle where they all could watch the cameras. There they saw Lance walking to his room and then coming out with a suitcase and a green ribbon. From there they saw him walk to the hangers and expected the worse.

Lance had a feeling they were probably watching him to make sure he didn’t break down but was quickly reminded that no one has been paying attention to him these two weeks. He walked to his room got his suitcase filled with memories and a green ribbon or the sleeve to his favorite green jacket. He walked to the hanger where blue was. These past week she has been a peaceful humming sound for when he cries which is most nights. “Hey girl” his voice cracking as he goes to sit down in front of her with his head resting against her mouth. Oh god it hasn’t even been a minute and he’s already about to break down. “I need you to listen okay, I’m leaving I’ve finally been kicked off the team so you know what that means” he says while whipping the tears off his checks. The blue lion humming soft but with a hint of anger still listening. “I’m sorry I’m okay just let me calm down.” She hummed softly as he took a deep breath. “Since I’ve been kicked off that means I have to leave you and wait before you do anything please listen to me. I know we just met but I love you you’ve been there with me through many battles mentally and physically and your always calming me down when I get to worked up and I don’t know if I mean a lot to you but I hope I do because right your all I have. I want you to treat Matt good okay because he’s been through a lot and he’s better than me. I’m returning to earth which means you won’t be inside my head which means you won’t be able to feel me anymore so please don’t panic okay. Here’s a piece of my favorite jacket for my favorite girl.” As he got up to tie his jacket that was he realized that blue was whimpering he was so caught up on not crying that he didn’t realize that blue herself had started crying. He dropped to his knees and hugged her as he broke down. Blue telling him to fly away with her but he knew he couldn’t, he knew the consequence and broke down even more. After a couple of minutes he backed up and sat down in front of her agin ready to speack again. Blue was still unstable and was making sounds that sounded if she was crying that broaght the other lions closer to them. They all knew how powerful Lance and blues relationship was and even felt sorrow for Lance leaving. “ h-hey g-girl don’t cry come on if you cry I’ll c-cry m-m-more p-please b-blue” He waited for her as more tears spilled to his checks but he felt more calmed down now. Only when her cries turned into whimpers is when he continued. “Hey I have to do what’s best for voltron and if this is the best then I have to leave okay I love you blue and please cooperate with the other lions when it comes to forming voltron okay and please cooperate with Matt. I’m leaving now because it’s been 3 hours and a half okay and I don’t want to face anyone else. As you know I hate goodbyes but I always know who to say goodbye to when the time comes for one.”
The other paladins abd alteans watched from the “living room” of the castle full out crying trying to overcome the power to go and hug the blue paladin. The paladins all feel guilty and angry about the situation and can feel their lions grief but deep down inside they know this is for the best. Pidge was was tugged deep into a hug with hunk when they both saw Lance cry. Hunk had only seen Lance cry this hard when his abuelita died but this, this he decided was the worst feeling.


-edit; hey I just wanted to say that I was inspired by @langsty-mc-langstface post that was called seventh wheel-
Okay, but have I ever told anyone about this Urban Fantasystuck AU I have?

·         Megidos- ghosts or mediums, there are technically two AUs because of that

·         Nitrams- Reverse Minotaurs/Bull Centaurs

·         Captors- Naga People

·         Vantases- Vampires

·         Leijons- Cat People

·         Maryams- Vampires

·         Pyropes- Dragon People

·         Serkets- Spider People

·         Zahhaks- Centaurs

·         Makaras- Incubi

·         Amporas- Sea-Centered Storm Spirits

·         Pexies- Mermaids

But it’s my personal favorite type of Urban fantasy, which means:

·         All the species are intermingled and living together and magic is as common as technology

·         There are completely new cultures and the cities themselves are alive with magic and wildlife and have personalities of their own

·         The citizens take care of their cities by cleaning them up and not littering and decorating them with gardens and chalk drawings and the out-of-control forces of nature creeping in, there’s ivy on every building

·         The cities in turn take care of them, buildings sheltering people on the sidewalk from the rain and roads swallowing up would-be criminals

·         You walk down the street and a deer walks beside you, unafraid and content, it’s hooves clicking against the pavement

·         Squirrels and rabbits hop from mini-clearing-alley to mini-clearing alley, disappearing into the tall green grass and strong trees as the sound from a brook washes over you

·         A selkie plays in the fountain in the town square, and children of all ages and species jump in with her to escape the summer heat

·         Peddlers are standing in booths in the city market, selling jewelry and clothing and blankets and other suck homemade things, enchanted with protection spells and glamours and things

·         Cat lovers put charms on their kitty’s collar to keep her safe as she roams the city and also keeps her from activating anyone’s allergies so she get pets from anyone she wants

·         Clubs for magic at schools!! Magic Boy/Girl Scouts! To be an Eagle Scout or get the Girl Scout Gold Award you must have at least one alchemy merit badge and one or more of the four Elemental Merit badges

·         A little girl gardening with her dad learns that if she concentrates really hard she can make the plants grow faster and thats how her family find out they have some wood nymph in them

·         PTA meetings with all manner of species there to make sure their kids are learning all about everyone correctly

·         Parents teach their children that it’s okay to have a crush on someone even if they’re not the same species as you, it’s perfectly okay and natural and okay and yes Jackson, even if he’s a boy werewolf and you’re a boy vampire

·         The school lunch lady is a witch who makes healthy and delicious lunches

·         The school security is a pack of baby griffins

·         You are required two years of magical study; if you scare an A in both, have a recommendation from a teacher, and passed the AP exam, you can take a remedial –mancy study

·         Every sport must allow magical beings to participate, to a point. Water nymphs and merfolk have their own swim teams. Centaurs have their own track league

·         Schools and workplaces must have an indoor garden for plant people to rest in

·         Speacking of workplaces, there are specific jobs and activities and such created to help magical beings with special needs

·         There are blood drives for vampires

·         There are places for summoning spirits so you can speak to loved ones or study for a history exam/project. The public library has a heavily charmed, dark back corner where you can summon any ghost who gave up their body for public use (volunteer sacrifices, donated to science, organ donors, ingridiants for rare spells) and decided to stay in the library to continue to help people. After seven p.m. the ghosts can use the library for themselves and walk around freely

·         Hotels where people help incubi and succubi feed off of their sexual energy and these hotels are clean and cozy and have all manner, both magical and mundane, of protections against STDs and pregnancy and sexual assault

·         Incubi and succubi often work at health clinics

·         Devil/Demon lawyers

·         With the good, however, also comes the bad

·         People get addicted to all kinds of magic and magical herbs, which in too high an amount can have effects never intended

·         With all kinds of species comes all kinds of racism and specism that people have to conquer and get over

·         People use their powers and magic for ill intent; mind control in particular gains a bad reputation

The best part of this AU is that it doesn’t even have to be a Homestuck AU it can stand on its own and I really love it okay

all the thanks to @creative-classpect for helping me flesh it out more with the world building and also figuring out a species for the Amporas

Are you sure

AN: I finally wrote one for T'Challa, I tried to make this the best I can. I hope that you guys enjoy this. Love ya.

T'Challa x reader

As the seconds passed with both of their breaths hitched waiting for each other, Y/N was standing there wringing her hands as she stared at the man she loved infront of her, then there was T'Challa was there on one knee with a ring in his hands. The Y/N speaked, “Are you sure?”


He kneeled there, confused as after he laid out his feelings for the one he loved to have her ask ‘Are you sure’. Then she continued, “Are you sure jou want me? You are a king after all, and then that would make me a queen. And how would your kingdom react? I’m just the assistant to the Avengers, and that is a big step. But are you dure you want me to be your wife?”

He stood up and took her hands in his, “Yes I am. I love you with everything I have. You have my heart. And I know it is alot to take in, but you would make a fabulous queen. It will be a lot of hard work but you could help so much. I don’t know how everyone will react but I am sure of you. I love you. So would you marry me?”

She took a deep breath in as she tried to relax her body, she then nodded. “I will marry you. I love you too.”

He put the ring on her finger, he then pulled her in for a kiss. As they parted a smile couldn’t leave either of their faces even though Y/N was still worried about her being a good enough queen to the people and how they would react.

The wedding was simply that was united by a judge, even though Tony tried to throw a big one but neither T'Challa or Y/N wanted that. It was time to go to Wakada, and Y/N was nervous to say the least.

As they got off of the plane photographs were taken, once the car was started to drive Y/N took a deep breath. Soon her husband took her hand in his and then went to say, “Every step of the way I will be with you. The first public announcement isn’t till tomorrow. And you will be introduced to the country.”


As the announcement came, it was alright but not everyone was pleased that Y/N was the queen. But there was few who was happy about it as they saw that it could be good. She got up to speack at the announcement, “I know that some of you are not happy about me becoming queen, but I am willing to do everything to learn how to become one.”

As she left to go back to the palace, she had a plan to try and find anything to help her along this path. “What is going on in your head, my love?”

“Kinda hoping that everything will turn out the way its suppose too.”

As they reached the palace ahe went to look for anything that will help. But came up empty handed, but then as she was walking to go to bed someone came up to her. It was Shuri, T'Challa’s sister. “A good way to get on the good side of the public is to do the walk that every woman does around the city.”

“Why do they do that?”

“Back before technology and tje wilderness worked so well, the women of the group would walk the primiter of where they stayed for protection. And when the city was built the continue to do that. It will show that you are willing to do anything to protect everyone.”

“Thank you for telling me. So what did you think when your brother married me?”

“I was shocked to be honest, but I figured when you try to keep peace between the Avengers you will do what is right for the nation.”

“I will do my best, how is Mr. Rogers and the rest of the team?”

“Resting for now, they have moved to somewhere different so no one will look here. And the winter soilder is still under cryo. The enemy did a good job, but the people on his case are doing the best they can.”

As Y/N’s room came in view, she thanked Shuri for all of her help. Then it caught her off gaurd when her sister in law gave her a hug. After they bid each ofther goodnight she went into her room and got ready for bed. Once she laid down as quiet and easy as she could so she didn’t wake T'Challa.

“I thought you would never come to bed.”

“I was just trying to find a couple things.”

“Did you find it?”

“Yes, with the help of your sister. But I think you need to get some rest, you’re going to be busy.”

“I just want to hold on to my wife.”

As Y/N moved closer too him, she was wrapped into his arms. As sleep took over the both of them, there was a content for both of them.


Y/N got dressed to do the walk with the women, as she was finishing getting ready she felt a pair of arms wrapped around her waist. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I need to show them that I have what it takes. I can’t be so worried about this. I married you, and that made me queen so I have to figure this out. I’ll be back later on. So be careful alright?”

“Of course.”

At the start of the walk every went on and a few people saw Y/N and walked with her. As the day went by alot of people actually enjoyed her company and as it came to the end evwryone was having fun. As Y/N was about to walk to the palace, someone she walked with from the start, “Aren’t you going to stay for the feast?”

“Oh, only if you guys want me too.”

“Of course.”

When Y/N finally got back to the palace, the kingdom knew that Y/N would be a good queen, if not a great one.

Even the light shield from the elegant planes of his face. With good reason. Beautiful, but near-unreadable. He’d be the one to look out forthe knife in the dark.[…]

“This is Azriel—my spymaster.”

[…] “Relax, Az—no fighting tonight. We promised Rhys.” The lurking shadows vanished entirely as Azriel’s head dipped a bit—his night-dark hair sliding over his handsome face as if to shield him from that mercilessly beautiful grin

[…]Across from me, a cocoon of silence seemed to pulse around Azriel, even as the others dug into their food. I again peered at that oval of blue stone on his gauntlet as he sipped from his glass of wine. Azriel noted the look, swift as it had been—as I had a feeling he’d been noticing and cataloging all of my movements, words, and breaths. He held up his hands, the back to me so both jewels were on full display. “They’re called Siphons. They concentrate and focus our power in battle.”

[…]Shadowsinger. Yes—the title, whatever it meant, seemed to fit.

[…]that voice like darkness given sound […]

[…]They fell quiet again, Azriel’s gaze now considering. He hadn’t told his story. Did it ever come up? Or did they never discuss those burns on his hands? And what did the shadows whisper to him—did they speack in a language at all?

[…]Azriel’s body was warm and hard, though those brutalized hands were considerate as he gripped me. No shadows trailed us, as if he’d left them in Velaris.

[…]I wandered if Rhys’s spymaster often got his information through stone-cold manners as much as stealth and shadows.

[…]You get used  to the warding, he’d told me erlier. How often did he have to remind himself to use such words?                                                                 Did “we” and “our” and “us” taste as foreign on his tongue as they did on mine?

[…]People often made the mistake of assuming Cassian was the wilder one; the one who couldn’t be tamed. […] There was an icy rage in Azriel I had never been able to thaw. In the centuries I’d known him he’d said little about his life, those years in his father’s keep, locked in darkness. Perhaps the shadowsinger gift had come to him then, perhaps he’d taught himself the language of shadows and wind and stone.

[…]But it was from Azriel that Keir cringed. From the sight of Truth-Teller.   One day, I realized, Azriel would use that blade on Mor’s father. And take a long, long while to carve him up.

[…] Azriel’s head lifted from where he was sprawled in his own blood, eyes full of rage and pain as he snarled at the king, “Don’t you touch her.” Mor looked at Azriel and there was real fear there. Fear and something else. She didn’t stop moving until she again kneeled beside him and pressed a heand to his wound. Azriel hissed but covered her bloody fingers with his own.

Let me know, my dear friend, if what we were speacking of last night and the night Before last will be Complied with. In Consequence of what was said By the General I was set at liberty to speak fully to G who was charm’d with the Beauty and propriety of the thing. I am fully, fully of opinion that we would be very wrong Not to go (at least Conditionnally) upon that plan which perhaps will be as easy as any thing else; we may even say: il est beau même d’en tomber.

Adieu; write me upon what Scale, that I may prepare my troop; to morrow we must carry your private affair; show me your letter Before you give it.


To Alexander Hamilton from Marquis de Lafayette, 22 November 1780

Il est beau même d'en tomber translates to: It is beautiful even to fall According to Founders online, when Lafayette is speaking of Hamilton’s ‘private affair’ he is referring to H’s desire to obtain a command in attack.


How you could have come to love the cruel man in front of you, you didn’t know. The only thing you knew was that you did.

Ramsay wasn’t a good person by far and he deserved everything that came back to him. That knowledge however did not help to lessen the pain you felt in your heart when you saw him bound to a chair, bloody and beaten up. Your chest felt tight and your breathing became heavy like all the sorrows of the world rested upon your shoulders. In that moment you felt like they really did. It had been a long time since you felt this miserable, a terrible feeling gnawing inside you that spread through your whole body and left you a nervous wrack.

„Y/N.“ Ramsay spoke when he saw you, looking at you with hopeful eyes that only added to your own misery. You knew what he probably thought but you didn’t come here to help him. You wouldn’t set him free. The only reason you came was to say goodbye no matter how much it pained you.

There would never be peace in the North as long as Ramsay was alive. You were aware of that as much as everyone else. Personal feelings had no place here and they did not matter. Winning a war was never easy and you already had lost enough people. It would end and if Ramsay’s death was the price to reunite your home you would pay it without hesitation.

„I can’t let you go.“ You whisper and shake your head, your voice already beginning to crack.

„Of course you can there’s no one else here…Y/N I love you.“

„I don’t think you do but that doesn’t stop me from loving you.“ You try to hold your tears back and speack again, „Ramsay you’d never stop. I know you, if I let you go all of this will happen again and next time it could be my family sitting in that chair. I will not let that happen.“

„You can’t kill me.“ His voice rises and he starts to yell, realizing you meant what you just said.

You turn around and start to walk away, „No I can’t but they will.“ You say as his hounds stride closer to him and you hear his screams ringing in your ears. A sound you’d never forget.

tessamitcha  asked:

So, how was your trip :3 ? You're coming back today, right ?

Yeah, I left Germany yesterday and I’m slowly coming back to my home… I had a wonderful time there with… gosh, amazing friends… and that’s why I’m really sad to come back :’>
(Plus, people are speacking french ! It’s not funny ! Augh ! I want to hear beautiful german and being lost again cause I can’t understand a word !!)

I’m happy Edouard send it to me this picture today cause i always speack about it …
I saw that one yearsss ago in a market in berlin
Mario &Yvonne .
I think it’s from late 90,’s early 2000 , i don’t really know !!!
It was a big poster , i remember i was there with Rafel and it was a sunday after a long night .
I was completely blowned away when i saw it …
Changing all my ideas about a body and tattooing
How it can be powerful and personal !!!
Then crazy life , years after i was working with them in berlin
One morning Mario was burning some incense and i saw from closer his top , it was a massive marquisian piece but all the rest of the skin was filled up with Sak Yant !! He tolded me all the stories behind it
I was amazed how insane was his conception of his own body ….
I really think if i do what i do today it cause that day
It was something really strange on two tones like a black & grey but way more interesting cause different values inside …
So i started that day to understand the concept of layers
I never saw mario again after this week but it was an amazing meeting
Yvonne now is the wife of someone i know & really like ! Mr X …
Power & stories of life …
Blut & Eisen , Berlin , GERMANY !!!!
Guy Le Tatooer


‘‘Sherlock! What the-’‘

You weren’t sure what you’d expected when you walked towards the bathroom, but you surely hadn’t expected this. In all homestly, you just wanted to brush your teeth and hair so that you would look presetable for the outside world, instead of looking like you had just watched a whole season of your favourite show (Which, in fact, you had, but that was not the point). But instead of a toothbrush, you were greeted with something you hadn’t thought you would ever see: Sherlock Holmes walking out of the bathroom, shirtless, with only a white towel wrapped around his waist.

You felt your cheeks heat up as you let your eyes slide over his body, which was still warm and wet from the shower he had taken just a few minutes ago. Sherlock’s eyes followed you in amusement as you were desperately trying to search for words.

‘‘I-eh…I just-eh…Toothbrush…-’‘

‘‘You seem to have forgotten how to speack proper English,’‘ Sherlock stated, but you did hear a slightly teasing tone, which made you smile a little.
Finally, you finally managed to look up into his eyes instead of looking at his fit body, and you flashed him an apologizing smile while doing so.

‘‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you like that, not now you’re…-’’

You waved your hand up and down his body to finish your sentence, and a content smile made it way onto the detective’s face.

‘‘Am I making you uncomfortable, (Y/n)?’‘ He suddenly asked in a low voice, which caused a pleasant shiver to go down your spine. Your cheeks heated up again as you manage to stutter:

‘‘What? No! I’m completely fine here, nothing to worry about…’’

You mentally facepalmed at your own words. You had been living with Sherlock and his blogger John for about half a year now, but still hadn’t manage to control your crush on the consulting detective. It was both a blessing and a curse to share an apartment with him, but now this situation was leaving you speechless.

What you didn’t expect though, was for Sherlock to take a step forward so that the two of you were merely centimeters apart. His face was very close to yours now, and you could even feel his breath on your face. You swallowed as his eyes flicked between your own (e/c) ones and your lips, feeling you heartbeat speed up. Was he about to kiss you?

Sherlock leaned in a bit more, his mouth now being right next to your ear.

‘‘That’s good. I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me, now would I?’‘ He whipsered in a low voice as you shivered again, while closing your eyes. But then you felt a flash of wind flow past you as Sherlock took a step back with a teasing glare in his eyes, mixed with something that looked like…lust?

And as fast as he had appeared, he walked away again, leaving you behind as a stuttering and blushing mess.

‘That tease!’ You thought, as you ran a hand through your hair. He knew exactly what he was doing to you, and you weren’t sure if you liked his way of playing this game or not. Oh well, at least you had seen him shirtless. And that fact surely made your day a hundred percent better already.

(Gifs not mine)

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(Cocktail anon) virgin mojito is my favourite non-alcoholic drink :D One last question before I hit the hay: do you speak any language other than English and do you want to learn a new one?

sorry! :D i fell asleep! yeah i speak my first language german! so only german and english. i had french for 6 years in school. but believe me all i got left is bonjour et Ça va? ou je suis Pat!

After school i tried spanish. But its the same like french. Hola, ¿qué tal? Mi nombre es Pat.

Oh and for my last class trip i had to learn italian. Ciao! Mi chiamo Pat. Come stai? Spero che tu stia bene.

So no :D i only speack german and english. I’m not good with learning languages, im too lazy. but if i could learn them over night without doing anything i would pick: italian, russian and japanese :D

Contrary to popular belief, terrorists do not attack western countries only. They also attack Arab countries, because terrorists do not care if you’re a muslim or not, if you speack English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Japanese or whatever, they are fanatics that have no religion and that should not be considered human beings. 

Today in Tunisia, 4 terrorists attacked innocent people at the Bardo museum in Tunis, our capital. A little note here that Bardo museum is the equivalent of The Louvre, but in Tunisia. Smaller, and not as rich in content sure, but just as important to us Tunisians. 

100 people were hold hostages, 19 were killed and 24 others were injured. 19 people were killed; 17 non-Tunisian tourists and 2 natives. So far, I haven’t heard anyone but very few foreign channels talk about this incident. Sure, Tunisia isn’t a huge country, but I thought terrorism was an international enemy, and that we were supposed to talk about it publicly each time it strikes to show just how cruel these animal were.

Everyone talked about the events of Charlie Hebo in France, and the hostages in that coffee shop in Sydney, so why are they ignoring this incident? A bomb went off inside a museum, 19 people died and 24 are still being treated in emergency rooms, so how is this less important of an attack?

But do you know what is the worst part of this? Tunisia is a country whose economy depends largely on tourism. And what happens when 7 tourists get killed and dozens more get held hostages for hours straight? Tourists do not come anymore and that’s really a shame because just yersterday, I’ve been to a place in Tunisia that I didn’t even know existed before and it is of such natural beauty that I could do nothing but stare in amazement for hours.

Terrorism has no nationality and no religion, so let’s please stop trying to give it one.

Justin Bieber Imagine for Sara :)

You were with your friends on the beach. It was a hot and beautiful day. You’re lying with your black and white bikini on your towel and bask yourself . You have your eyes closed, and suddenly you feel that someone lays down next to you. You open your eyes and discover Justin . Your ex . “Hey Sara ,” he said softly, smiling at me. “ Justin what do you want? ” , You ask him annoyed. You hade a big huge fight with Justin. Thats why you broke up with him 1 month ago . “I wanted to talk to you …” “ Justin , we both have nothing more to talk about. , It ’s over ,” you say. You don’t want to see or to speack with Justin. “ Sara wait. W - where are you going now? ” Justin asks sad and confused “ Away from you ” , you answer and pack your things. Justin laughs sarcastically . “Are you seriously , why are you running away from your problems ? ” Justin asks . “My problems ? I have no problems Justin ,” you say angry and walk away . You don’t want to tell your friends that you going home now. You decide to write a message to them afterwards. It was already quite dark when you were on the way home . You are getting cold . There was nobody on the street just you all alone. Suddenly you hear footsteps behind you. You get nervous and hasten your pace. The steps are getting closer and louder . You get a huge fear and begin to sweat to . You wanted to just start running when somebody grabs from behind . “ AAAAAAAAAHHHH ,” you scream but the person you covered his mouth with his hand. You realize that it is a man because he was quite strong and lifts you. You fidget and defend yourself . Your eyes fill with tears . You have a great fear. He wanted to drag you into a car as he makes you fall suddenly . You fall on the cold floor . You turn around and discover another boy . This suggests the guy who wanted to kidnap you . After longer look you realize that it was Justin ! “Justin!” ,you scream but he ignores you . He punches further on the man and doesn’t stop. After a time he lets go of him , and the man lies lifeless on the ground. You get up and runnin ’ on Justin . He hugs you and you’re crying out in his shoulders “ Omg Justin ,” you sob “ Sssshh . Everything is good. Lets get away from here ,” Justin whispers  . You are running fast to Justin’s car, gets in and drives away. The car ride was silent. “Do you want to go with me or your own home ? ” Justin asks quietly . You wonder briefly and answer . “To you” You wanted to be with Justin . After a few minutes you come home to Justin . Your gets out and goes inside . You both take your shoes off and your sneak into his room. “Thank you Justin . I don’t know what happened - ” “ It’s okay, Sara. Of course I’ll save you,” Justin says , stroking you your hair behind your ear . You look in his eyes and remember the good times . Maybe you should both try it again. Like Justin had read your thoughts he kisses you . The Kiss is affectionate and intimate . You grin into the kiss and Justin sighs of relief. After a short time you break the kiss. “I love you Sara ,” “ I love you too Justin ” Justin looks at you surprised but also happy to . “Does that mean we ’re back together ? ” He asks . You laugh and answer him. “Yes”

The Imagine for Sara :) I hope you like it! ♥

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Heeeyaaaaa your biggest fan speacking! I just started drawing in paint tool sai but my coloring sucks, can i know you brushes settings ? Love yaaa

These are my main 4 o;

and ooh, thank you!! love u :*

Exo reaction #61

annimaus19 Thank you so much dear for your requests!

wow! that means a lot to me thank you sweetie <33 I wasn’t sure should i put thise requests (3) in a same post so i decided to put them in different posts because it would be really messy for other readers. Oh you speack finnish!?? come talk to me! it’s so nice to find finnish people here :3

So this is the first (1) requests : Exo reaction when you’re burlesque girl

Baekhyun: I can be burlesque dancer too *shows his sexy moves*

Chanyeol: Ou! can you make a little show for me?

Chen: Oh! So you’re making public shows to other men, but can’t do it in private for me in the bedroom!?

D.o: i want to see the show… *goes to your next concert* ft. Suho hyung

*Concert starts*

Suho: Look at that booty ft. D.o with his icetea

Kai: Lol! i’m the king of burlesque…

Kris: So you’re dancing almost half naked in front of other men? okay…

*few moments later*




Lay: How do you do that move? Can you teach me that?

Luhan: you… burlesque…what?


Tao: If someone touches my women, he will be so dead *hiding while watching your show*

*When you show video from your choreography to Xiumin*

Xiumin: That’s dancing!? *shocked*

Okay i think some of their reactions might be a little different, but hey! I think reactions have to be fun! So deal with it x)

More reactions link below



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Not a translation but I'm trying to figure out if there's a difference between aspergers and autism or if aspergers is part of it or what? I was diagnosed with autism and was always told it was a light autism and I'm confused now.

Aspergers is no longer in the DSM as a diagnosis, although it is still being diagnosed in other countries under a different diagnostic criteria. Some have been diagnosed with aspergers before the change, but once imformed that doesn’t mean they can’t change the way they look at it.

Keep in mind that aspergers literally is autism but with a different name. But the two names are treated differently.

Personally, I dislike the term “aspergers” for multiple reasons.

The term is very much connected to the idea of functioning labels. It’s also treated as a better diagnosis than straight up autism while still being denied resources.

I remember reading that, statistically, young white boys middle class and up are more likely to be diagnosed with aspergers than poc and feminine people.

And there are even cases in which parents would pay for an aspergers diagnosis because to them aspergers is less shameful than the diagnosis Autism. But don’t take my word on this, I don’t have sources and am too tired to look.

Many autistics within the community try to use aspergers to diconnect themselves from more stigmatized and dehumanized autistics but only manage to throw us under the bus. It’s often based on internalized ableism. They will say things like “I have aspergers, it’s like autism except less /that/.”

The diagnosis originates from WW2. During that time autistics were being mass murdered. But a guy named Dr. Aspergers (I can’t remember his first name) saved thousands of Autistics by pretty much saying “Hey look, these autistics are useful and can contribute to our cause. Let’s diagnose them with aspergers and not kill them!”

I used “saved” but keep in mind this guy was still an asshole.

The documents were lost but bits and pieces were found and the diagnosis of aspergers stuck.

I believe this is talked about in the book neurotribe? I think that’s what it’s called? I got the information from The Autistic Brain and I am sure you can find out more by googling aspergers origin.

In summery to what I have written so far, Aspergers was originally based off of functioning labels.

For context; functioning labels like high functioming, mild, low functioning, severe, etc should be avoided when talking about autism.

The labels are used to devide us and don’t say anything about the traits we have and the struggles and abilities each individual autistic has.

Autism is a spectrum which is more like a color wheel we each exist on multiple planes of and which is always fluctuating than it is a linear line between very autistic to almost allistic.

All functioning labels suceed in doing is decide how we shall be silences and mistreated.

Those percieved high functioning are denied accomodations and recources and are told they are not autistic enough to speak about autism.

Those labeled low functioning are dehumanized and forced through abusive therapies while being told they are too autistic to speack about autism.

Some of you may argue that aspergers and Autism disorder had/have two seperate criteria.

Actually, it only has two mild differences and one is based on ableism and the second makes no sence as a seperator.

One “difference” is IQ. So they say those with Aspergers have higher than average IQ but those with Autism Disorder have average or lower.
But IQ is an ableist and classist measurment of intelligence that does not put into account different ways of thinking and communicating.

The second “difference” is that aspergers didn’t have delayed speech. Meaning they started talking at the average age or sooner. Putting aside how very few count that when diagnosing (It’s often ignored), why delayed speech?

Why, out of all the different autistic traits was delayed speech or nonverbal tendencies singled out?
The only reason I could think of was that people connect innability to verbally communicate to low IQ.

I have heard some say that aspergers is more based on the socializing aspect of autism, but I am pretty sure all autistics have the social aspect in some way as it is a big factor in the criteria. I believe there is a seperate diagnosis from autism that is only the social and communicative part of it, but I could be wrong.

So, with this all in mind, some would still say “Okay but couldn’t we just reclaim aspergers?”

I would say yes if all Autistic’s reclaimed it and not just those who are percieved and stuck with the label “high functioning”. I would say yes but then why would you prefer aspergers over autism?

Maybe that’s a thought to dwell on.

Because, most of the time it’s because they have disconnected themselves from many within the autism community. Disconnected themselves from non verbal autistics, autistics denied rights to self advocacy, autistics that society treats as less human.

And I have read too many “I have aspergers. Like autism, but not like /them/” in bios and on other sites too often.

Although, I do believe it’s okay to say you have aspergers for safety reasons. For some, saying they are autistic (even though aspergers is autism) could be dangerous.

It sucks that we have to choose between being treated as less than and younger than we are or being denied needs.