Late last year I was invited to work with one of my art directors, Tom O’Quinn, on some illustrations for a promotional .GIF for the Society of Publication Designers. The SPD has covered and honored the work of so many amazing art directors, designers, illustrators and their subsequent publications – it really is a big, beautiful, beating heart in the print and digital media industries.

Tom was one of the first art directors who noticed me and my work. He hired me for my first set of editorial illustrations after my premier in OUT Magazine and we’ve been making some of my favorite illustrations together since. I am eternally grateful to and for him!

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Warum magst du die grünen nicht? Also ich hab 0 plan was die machen..

1. Die machen einen auf Flüchtlinge sind willkommen und stimmen bei jeder Asylrechtsverschärfung zu.

2. Stimmen sie ebenso für jeden Bundeswehreinsatz zu.

3. Sie haben für TTIP und CETA zugestimmt.

4. Als es darum ging, ob 2 Politiker von den Linken ihre Immunität verlieren sollten weil sie Nazis geblockt haben, haben auch die Grünen in großer Mehrheit zugestimmt.

Die Grünen sind nicht mehr als eine verlogene Dreckspartei, wenn man die Grünen wählt kann man auch gleich die SPD wählen.

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Wahlspruch auf einem Plakat der SPD:" Wir brauchen mehr Polizeibeamte." Und man denkt sich nur so, klar noch mehr Marionetten des Staates, warum auch nicht.

Die SPD war mal eine Partei der Arbeiter, eine Partei des kleinen Mannes, heute sind es einfach nur Kapitalistische Idioten. Sozialdemokratisch ist die SPD schon lange nicht mehr.

[Image description: A scan of a photo of me at 11 years old. I am standing in the kitchen of our house and facing the camera. I am neither smiling nor frowning and my arms hang by my sides. I am wearing a loose pink t-shirt, eyeglasses with ovular frames, and my shoulder length hair is messy with bedhead.]

This is a photo of little Amythest, the morning after my 11th birthday. I’m doing my thing where I kind of tilt my chin back and look at stuff out of the bottom of my eyes. I also am holding my arms by my sides because I never knew what to do with my limbs (actually I still don’t know).

I think that’s the longest my hair has ever been. I always get fed up with it and cut it, for sensory reasons mostly but also because of executive dysfunction, even when it’s only chin length. Now I just keep it short.


U think u relate to a personality disorder specific post? Of course u do! It’s part of everyone’s personality to be moody sometimes, to want to be with those u love, to maybe drink too much occasionally, to have an off day.
But the point of pd posts is that it is a /disorder/ !! And it affects everything(!) we do. We’re so intensely ‘moody’ it’s hard to function well, we need constant, unending reassurance of things like ‘is what I’m doing okay/does this person still care for me even tho they’ve said they do just half an hour ago’, we self destruct to the point it takes over what we’re doing such as drinking too much every single time we drink, we can go months feeling nothing and basically being a walking robot. So, u merely relate to the superficial meaning of a simplified concept, we identify with and live it.

Children With Sensory Processing Disorder Have Altered Pathways for Brain Connectivity

Researchers at UC San Francisco have found that boys and girls with sensory processing disorder (SPD) have altered pathways for brain connectivity when compared to typically developing children, and the difference predicts challenges with auditory and tactile processing.

The research is in Frontiers in Neuroanatomy. (full open access)

On the topic of sensory friendly moisturisers, I have recently fallen in love with Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey body lotion. It does have a strong scent, but I am an olfactory stimmer, so I adore being able to smell lovely things. 

The thing that made me fall in love with this moisturiser is that, unlike every other moistursier I’ve tried, this one absorbs immediately into your skin. I’m not left feeling slimy and icky and gross. It’s thicker and creamier than other lotions, so you also don’t need to use a lot for it to go a long way as well.

It does leave a very, very slight tackiness on your skin, but that soon fades. The smell is difficult to describe, kind of powdery sweet, but that fades soon too.

I also have keratosis pilaris on my arms, and this one does an amazing job of reducing it, keeping it from looking red and purple.

So, if you’re okay with scents but hate icky, slimy moistursiers, I recommend trying out this one!

American link | UK link | Australian link | Canadian link | Japanese link

Liesel, Mod.


i just want to say a big big big thank you to everyone who shared, supported and donated!
Im in tears right now, i am so grateful-
I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated as i start to pursue my diagnosis >:-)
One again, thank you- i honestly never imagined i would get even halfway let alone actually meet my goal.