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George W. Bush and Laura W. Bush have adopted a new puppy. The former first couple announced on Facebook that they brought home little “Freddy Bush” last week after visiting an SPCA facility in Dallas. “We already love him, and even our cats Bob and Bernadette are finding Freddy’s charm futile to resist. If you could use a little extra joy in your life, consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group.” ) 

I saw on Facebook that a lot of friends were posting pictures of their dogs for National Dog Day… and since I don’t own a dog and still wanted to get in on the action, I decided to post a picture of our pal Phillip, the most amazing dog I have ever known!  Though not a dog at all, Phillip is the most loyal and loving cat I have ever met - I am thoroughly convinced that he was raised by dogs because he is always around us, eats like a pig, meows constantly, walks on a leash, likes his belly rubbed, plays fetch, greets you at the door and is known to awaken you by licking your nose… the only advantage to a dog is that he poops in a box eliminating the need to scan and scoop the yard 2-4 times a day.  Happy National Dog Day Phillip!

Dear pet parents!

A friendly reminder that more pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Please keep your pets safe and indoors if you can. Pets love to celebrate as well but sometimes the noises and highly populated places aren’t best for your furry friends. So please have a good time and keep yourself safe but make sure to keep an extra eye on your pets this holiday!

Why I’d never adopt a shelter dog again

I was devoted to my dogs, but their constant health issues exhausted me.

Erin Auerbach has written a horribly ill-informed and just plain dangerous article about shelter dogs. I’m too angry to write anything remotely professional about this right now, other than to point out that those purebred dogs she adopted would have also come from breeders.

I implore people in the veterinary and pet community to speak out against this toxic article.

Kitty Sprites! (All Proceeds Go To Arizona Animal Welfare League)
In an attempt to help local animal shelters, I have put together a series of pet sprites for cat enthusiasts. Over 2.5 Million cats are killed each year out on the streets or with euthanasia. In an attempt to help with ‘Kitten Season’ (Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth, flooding animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with homeless litters.) I will be selling sprites of these adorable kitty cats for you to purchase and contribute your part too.

- About the Organization -
The Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) was founded in 1971 by a group of concerned animal lovers. This group was led by Amanda Blake, best known as “Miss Kitty” on the television program, Gunsmoke. Starting out on a small scale, concerned volunteers adopted rescued cats and dogs from foster homes. In the late 1970s, the organization built its first shelter. By the mid 1990s, the AAWL & SPCA began rescuing animals scheduled to be euthanized by the County, and, after rehabilitation, made them available for adoption to the community. Over the past 44 years the organization has grown from adopting a handful of animals each year to a full service animal welfare organization and leader in innovative behavior training, medical care, adoption, education and community outreach programs. Today our shelter has an onsite veterinary clinic, kennels with a separate cattery, a training center and a freestanding infirmary.

In 2005, the Arizona Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) merged into AAWL. The new organization was renamed the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA (AAWL & SPCA).

- How much of the Proceeds go to the Shelter? -

50% and 60% all go to the AAWL. The rest of the amount goes to supplies and shipping. If you would like to keep up to date with donations you can see them all posted on the Facebook (Just Another Level) and Instagram page (@justanotherlevel)

You can find them in the Shop HERE!

okay but people still fail to realize that buying a pure bred dog is the WORST thing you can do, even if you “know the breeder”.
They can have many problems. They do not live nearly as long as mutts. PUPPY MILLS ARE LITERALLY HORRIBLE. Not to mention that you could save a shelter dog’s life by adopting it. Seriously. If you or anyone you know wants to adopt a dog, get one from your local shelter. Everyone deserves a second chance. Give a pup a second chance at a better life.