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blackfoxwhitedemon replied to your post “If ever that day comes, like one of them announce marriage, how do you…”

honestly i’m totally looking forward to their marriage announcements, or even just “hey, i’m dating and it’s serious”. i want the boys to be happy and gracefully move on with their lives without feeling like they have to choose keeping the fans happy over living happily with a significant other. there are plenty of artists that are able to do both, and it should be no different for idols

100% agree. personally i would love to see them be able to date more openly, i would love to be able to spazz over their cute girlfriends and their dates and everything. But really, I just want them to be happy. Career is important, but it’s not everything and I don’t want them to wake up one day feeling burned out and incomplete because they’ve sacrificied their private life to please fans. But I have a feeling they know that themselves and they work hard to keep the balance and when they will feel like it, they will shift their attenction ;)

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Gif reaction to their gf casually walking around in extremely cute anime pjs

N is the type to fawn over you and praise you with never ending compliments. His feels would be all over the place and he would have a hard time to get over the cuteness that is you. “What are you wearing!? This amount of cuteness isn’t good for my health! –No, I didn’t say you can change!”

Leo would find you adorable but he’d act as if you were wearing your every day clothes, not giving you any special reaction. Or trying not to. In reality he would have a hard time stopping himself from smiling every time he looked at you. *thinks to himself* “Don’t smile, don’t smile… She’ll find out how much you’re liking this and that’s embarrassing!”

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Ken would be like N, spazzing over your cuteness but at the same time he’d be confused as to why he’s never seen you in that before because that much cute shouldn’t be hidden, especially from the boyfriend! “You’re super cute! And that’s what the problem is, why haven’t you worn that before!?”

Ravi would be a little surprised by your outfit choice and he’d find it both adorable and slightly funny. “That… is a special outfit choice you have there. But I like it.”

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Hongbin is a mixture of Leo and N here. He’d have trouble with his feels but he’d try to hide them as well as he could, telling you that your pajamas are nice as casually as possible. “You look really cute! *ahem* I mean… you look cute.”

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Hyuk would over react. Simple as that, he’d make a scene out of how surprised he is to find you wearing something like that but at the same time he’d tell you just how awesome you are to wear some of those. “Woooooah, what are you wearing!? Those are some amazing pajamas, where did you get those!? I want ones too!”

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