lmao I can’t believe this guy!! mascherano is such a goof ball!! first accidentally spazzing and slamming into Lucas !!! now accidentally fisting cristiano’s shirt and dragging him down!!! omg!!! haha!!! such an accident prone individual!!!

just did this kpop quiz thing that fefe( @biiloved​ ) linked me and my list is quite spot on.

  1. chanyeol // no surprise. he’s literal fam-love status for me now. like that’s the highest level you can unlock in my heart
  2. mino // you guys would be surprise how much I actually love mino ((I have lowkey spazzed my other two biases mino+jimin for the past few years. a little bit too lowkey you probably don’t even know I like them))
  3. jimin (i am not the proudest of my feels here) // luhan (he’s the soulmate I never met HAHAAS but forreal) // jackson (the best friend I want in my life) // jaejoong (first hubby/ult bias) // sehun (he will always be my spirit animal)  // top (bc top) // mark (??? I had a phase. mostly markson though)