“Your the chocolate cake and im the frosting!

The ending is pefect

Gaston by TheSpazOutLoud

This year we decided on Disney villains. 

Paul chose Gaston from the Beauty and the Beast. Pants were purchased, along the gloves and shirt that later was altered. The blunderbuss and belt were made and so were the boot covers and the quiver. The wig was also styled by me.

Taken at New York Comic Con 2013


American Horror Story: Coven - Cordelia Foxx by TheSpazOutLoud

Recreating the work they did on Sarah Paulson.

  1. Initial acid burn.
  2. Blinded and healing. 
  3. Minor skin irritation and new eyes. 

I didn’t photoshop my eyes, those are lenses. Funny enough I used my Zombie palette for this one. The primer yellow really helped with the discoloured healing skin.