“Your hand in marriage, you royal idiot.”
“Allison, please! I’m being proposed to!”

Prince ‘Stiles’ Stilinski, heir to the throne, has not married. Women come from far and wide to ask for his hand, for his father to set them up, but every time, Stiles turns them away. He even turns away a very suitable wife, the Lady Allison, who he has know since he was ten. He does it all against his father’s wishes. He does not want a Queen who will just walk about the castle all day and agree with everything he says. He wants something, someone, different.

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spazmonkeydb asked:

John Winchester

  • How I feel about this character: John is one of my favorite spn characters. he’s so strong and ready for justice to happen. he loves passionately, and he’s the driving force of the series. he’s the reason Sam and Dean are who they are. they’re heroes because of John. NOT everything was perfect, but he loved Mary, he loved Sam and Dean, he had amazing friendships with Bobby and Rufus and Ellen and all those psychics and priests and others who stepped up to help the boys when they needed it. because they were John’s boys. 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Dean, Mary, Bobby, Sam, random side characters 
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: i actually don’t know what this means :S like best friend? Bobby…
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: that he was a great man
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: i wish he would come back one more time. it would wrap up the show a little bit and we’ve seen Mary and Bobby come back a few times now. the writers were saying they’ve wanted him back as well but there’s always scheduling conflicts! 
  • my OTP: fanonly it would be John/Dean but canonly i would have to say John/Mary
  • my cross over ship: oh um….i guess i don’t have one ;__;
  • a headcanon fact: John died doing the absolute best he could do. he went out protecting his family. he sacrificed his life for his wife and children. he’s a hero

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25 Days of Supernatural Ficlets [Day 5]

Title: Is that what humans use mistletoe for?
Author: livxuponxhope
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 556
Warnings: mild language, use of mistletoe
Summary: Sam suspected something was up the moment he walked into the motel room and saw a large Christmas tree covered in lights in the middle of the room. They didn’t do Christmas. The last Christmas they had was before Dean went to Hell. Sam frowned, confusion evident on his face. He shrugged before noticing the box of ornaments on the floor.
Notes: spazmonkeydb on tumblr requested a ficlet in which, “Cas has never had a Christmas, so Dean decided to fix it. Buying decorations, getting the tree, decorating it, sipping cocoa by a fire; all the kind of cliché cute stuff.” So here it is. The ending is a little icky because I was pressed for time. But nonetheless, enjoy.

spazmonkeydb asked:


  • when/ if I started shipping it: i’ve shipped Sastiel for almost 2 years, which is around how long i’ve been watching the show
  • my thoughts: they make sense because they’re simliar. they’re both kind and both misunderstood. they both feel like they don’t deserve anything but they’re also very selfless. Sam used to be aw struck in Castiel’s presence, now he defends him whenever possible. Castiel would do basically anything for Sam.
  • What makes me happy about them: their interactions are usually lighthearted, and when they’re not, it’s usually about defending each other or working together.
  • What makes me sad about them: Sam seems to have lost some of his aw for Cas. i think he’s over the fact that he’s an angel and might actually still feel strange about the whole Leviathan thing and guilty for the crazy wall thing…
  • things I look for in fanfic: praying, dub con, bottom Sam, religious stuff
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: i would obviously be okay with Sam and Dean, and Castiel with Meg, or someone else who loves them
  • My happily ever after for them: Castiel approaching Sam and telling him he’s one of the two most important people in history, that he’s worthy and that he loves him and wants to show him what that means. and Sam actually accepting that and explaining to Castiel that he’s just as important and worthy, and he’s surprised, but they try to start a life together. (honestly i prefer dubcony/rough/aggressive sastiel but i’m trying to picture canon right now heh)
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: Cas tops, but Sam is the big spoon, even when Cas turns in toward him and they sleep facing each other
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: saving people and angels, hunting things…

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spazmonkeydb asked:

fav pairing from HP try to set up their answering machine.

“I don’t know how this muggle shite works, Dean. How are we supposed to this? I’m grabbin’ my wand.” Seamus will never truly understand muggle technology, and why Dean thinks it’s good they use it. What in the hell is an answering machine, really? Why can’t people just send them written post on the small telephone that likes to chirp when Dean posts him he looks dashing every day?

Dean grabs him by the wrist and drags him back, setting a soothing hand on his thigh, “Calm down, I’ve got the instructions. We can do this one thing without magic, I promise.”

“Why do we need this home thing, though? Am I right in sayin’ that it’s not strictly needed?”

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1. Insert a gif/image of your main OTP

2. What’s your favorite season of the year?

Fall, i’m always ready for it

3. Have you ever sent anon-hate?

Never, and i’m not sure if i’ve ever anon’d before :/

4. What superpower do you’d want to have?

Reading someones thoughts when i want to…or helping people make the right decisions

5. DC or Marvel?

DC, i’ve never read a Marvel comic (though i like the heroes)

6. Are you afraid of spiders?

very much so, i scream…

7. Are you a multifandom person? if you are, what’s your main fandom?

right now my main is Supernatural, but i started out in the Glee fandom, on tumblr at least. i had an Avengers blog but i don’t remember my password for that…and i’m trying hard no to make a Hannibal blog…

8. What was your reaction when you first read a fanfiction of your OTP?

i was 12, it was Moulder and Scully from The was a life changing thing…though i think i fantasized about them before reading anything anyway

9. What is your favorite movie so far?

since i was 3 i’ve been saying Labyrinth was my favorite. i think Cloud Atlas has finally topped that.

10. Do you like the hunger games saga? if you like it, what’s your favorite book?

the movie was okay but i haven’t read the books, i don’t plan to.

11. If your favorite character showed up on your doorstep asking for you, what would you do?

ask them if i could help them, ask them if they were okay, ask them if i could kiss them, tell them i’m their personal assistant until i’m not needed anymore.

My Questions:

  1. what is your OT3? if you don’t have one, which would you settle for?
  2. share a personal ghost or UFO story! if you don’t have one, can you share a friends?
  3. describe your dream cake (whether you like cake or not):
  4. first celebrity crush?
  5. list everything you’re wearing right now:
  6. recommend a movie and a TV show to me:
  7. city or countryside?
  8. if you could share a train compartment with 2 people, dead or alive, who would you pick?
  9. would you audition for a reality TV show?
  10. name the last book you read:
  11. what do you think of tumblr?


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spazmonkeydb asked:

Arranged marriage

Undercover in a gay bar
Someone has a baby
Forced to share a bed/fake relationship

Gosh! OK let’s go (I’m gonna answer these all in one message).

1) Arranged marriage I have never read this trope! Because I read mainly slash this would imply to me an AU of some kind so perhaps that’s why.

2) Amnesia: I can definitely see myself being into this. I like SPN stories where the boys have been separated for some reason and then something has happened to one of them and the other is horrified to discover it when they meet up again (lbr I like hurt!Sam especially so for example there’s one set after Free to be You and Me where Dean is in End!verse for months instead of just a day, and when he comes back he finds that something bad has happened to Sam [gen]), so I can see amnesia working in that scenario. OH and I read a really really great Reverse Bang recently called Into Oblivion [NC17 Wincest, be warned] which has Dean slowly losing his memory. (I highly recommend this one!)

3) Undercover in a gay bar: This just makes me think of John and Sherlock on Sherlock’s stag party, haha! I mean this would be fine as a trope I suppose but it’s a bit silly so probably in the context of crack rather than anything serious.

4) Someone has a baby: I basically just read slash so this is the same as MPreg which I already answered here. Oh wait except I’m into the idea of Soulless!Sam getting someone pregnant during his year of screwing around, and having to deal with it some time later: but the best fic I’ve found about that takes the form of this post and its tags. Maybe that is one I would write one day tho.

5) Forced to share a bed/fake relationship: well I suppose the first one is the starting point for many a Wincest fic (esp teencest ‘oh we are on the road living in motels and we are always sharing a bed together’) so I have read approx 1 billion of them! Fake relationship I would class with ‘undercover in a gay bar’ as funny but cracky.

6) Genderswap: I’m not normally into this but I have read a couple of fics that make it work including this one, ‘Not Time’s Fool’ by FayJay [also NC17 Wincest! be warned!], where Dean is cursed and turned into a girl but he is still extremely Dean throughout (it’s told from his POV). (The Sam in it is super sexy so that might be why I like it hahaha!)

(Ask me about fanfic tropes!)

spazmonkeydb asked:


  • I honestly cannot stand One Direction, and don’t find them attractive whatsoever.
  • I’m very easily made jealous.
  • When I talk to that one person in particular, 90% of the whimpers and slight moans I make when I stretch are totally put on, for reasons okay.
  • I pretty much hate all of my friends in real life, they’re all asshats.
  • Homework is fun (heh heh heh, Colette).

spazmonkeydb asked:


omg i reblogged that post and then logged into my other tumblr because i never really get asks omg >_< and i literally know nothing about SOA so i skipped it…

  • Push off a cliff:   Hulk because i know he can just slide down the cliff and it would be cool and cute
  • Frick frack:    Loki because i can’t imagine anyone dirtier <3
  • Marry:    Tony Stark because i need my alone time and he needs his, and he’s rich and hot and if he wanted to sleep with other people i’d would let him (◡‿◡✿)
  • Set on fire:    the helicarrier because why not? …
  • Wrap a blanket around:    the big monster Loki releases into the city at the end…
  • Be roommates with:    Black Widow because i wouldn’t mind cleaning up after her if she wants to cook food for herself and then leave the kitchen. i’d be like, ‘you go Nat i got this!’

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