I’m sure by now that most fans of creepypasta (or creepy things in general) have come across the top, black and white photo during their travels across the worldwide web.

At one point, it was associated with “The Russian Sleep Experiment”.  Later it became the classification photo for SCP-957 (from the SCP Foundation–a collection of fictional cases of supposed anomalies collected and contained by a shadowy organization).

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to know just what in the hell this thing really is.  I knew it couldn’t be a person–was it a sculpture, perhaps?

As it turns out, this creature is actually just…a Halloween prop.  Originally sold by a company known as Morbid Enterprises, this not-quite-life-size, animated figure–known as “Spazm”–shakes and giggles maniacally whenever the motion detector located on his chest is tripped.  Some have a much better paint job than others (I am unsure at this time as to whether these nicer ones are customs–the first one below the top photo seems to be an original piece, as it has no sensor, and is much more detailed), while at least one incarnation has glowing, yellow eyes, and still another has an actual fabric straitjacket instead of a molded one.  Here’s a video of one of them in action.  For a little bit of comedy, a Reddit user accidentally snapped a photo of one dressed like a pirate.

For any of you out there that may want your own SCP-957, this prop (despite being several years old, originating from around 2006) can still be found on Amazon.  Be warned, however, that you can be expected to pay at least $100 for this creepy critter (more if you want the molded version).