I am currently trying to find a breeder for a standard poodle and  i would love some recommendations of breeders to check out!

things i want in the breeder:

  • able to visit and meet breeder and dogs before committing to a puppy
  • no spay/neuter contract AT LEAST until the bitch has been through a few cycles because it’s bad for their health to spay too early
  • good socialization early on-especially to noise and other animals and cars, dogs raised inside home, etc
  • akc registered
  • no more than 2 litters per year, no more than 2 types of breeds being bred, is a hobby breeder, dogs are showing or involved in a sport or therapy
  • i would also like the option of buying on a contract to leave my bitch available for breeding if she does well (mostly because i’m poor)
  • i know that “you get what you pay for” but some poodle breeders i’ve checked out charge 3k+ and i cant go that high my price range is more along 1000-2000

characteristics i need related to the dogs:

  • low barker
  • intelligence and trainability
  • since i really want an esa, i would like dogs in the lines or from previous litters to have been used as service dogs or therapy animals and done so successfully
  • i prefer reds for color (this is superficial i know but omg)
  • i would love to do some kind of sport- dock diving or obedience or freestyle or whatever so i would love if the parents had preformed well at something like that. it just sounds like fun to be involved in that kind of thing and ik not every dog/line is gonna enjoy something like that so yeah

anyway i hope this gives people kind of an idea of what i’m looking for so yeah. i’m looking at getting a dog within the next 2 years so i want to be able to be on a list and have my application for a pup approved and get a depsoit in and all of that. im on the east coast, usa but i wont stay here, so anywhere is fine as long as i can go visit the breeder and have the dog shipped or picked up.

a quick two things.

I’ve gotten a few asks about donating for kitties that we rescue.

Oh, my. Sure!
I welcome donations and can’t express how thankful I am for your kindness. We usually pay for things out of our own pocket and money is usually a bit tight when surprises happen. But there are times when you just can’t turn down a baby in need.
Any money I receive goes to cat food, meds, vet visits, spay/neuter TNR, and helping people who can’t afford certain things for their kitties (like spay and neutering). It’s really sweet and I’m forever grateful when I receive these kind inquiries. The kitten has been deemed Willow! Name suggested by eastcoastranchu. It’s a wonderful name and suits her. :)
She’s incredibly sweet already. I’ll try to get you an update on her within the next couple days. She’s being treated for fleas and other parasites- after-which I’ll be able to bathe her and get her set up in the house. It will be a short while before she’s ready to be spayed get her proper shots.

Side note:
Bunni’s donation post is floating around again as well! I got a couple asks about donating for her. That’s awesome! thank you!!!! but as that is an older post, she’s already been adopted and is happily living with her new family up north. However, if you’d like to sponsor/ donate for the one of the other six kitties in my foster care- I’m sure they would be just as grateful. :)
Thank you. :) <3

I need someone who lives in the Edmonton area to take care of my cats ASAP. The current caretaker is no longer able to, and I do not wish to have the surrendered. I am able to pay for their monthly care, and have an interview hopefully coming up on Thursday or Friday. If you or someone you know is able, please have them contact me. They have their lisences, they are spayed/neutered, but not declawed.

UPDATE: I have until July 1st to find someone new


It’s kitten season again! That means more vet bills than usual. I rescued these three stinkers over Memorial Day weekend. They were living outside in the country next to a very busy road and being fed hot dogs and gravy by people who didn’t really care what happened to them. They are just a few of the many many kittens my rescue has waiting for shots, microchips, and most importantly, spaying and neutering! We are running a Booster and selling these adorable shirts for $15! Once the campaign ends, the shirts will be printed and shipped directly to your home. Please share, and if you’d like, buy a shirt to help us out! My ask box is open if you have any questions, whether they be about this rescue, this campaign, or just general animal related inquiries. Thanks!

If you’re interested in “adopting” a new cat or kitten please read!

Ok so very long story short, my uncle kicked someone out of his property who he had let live there for a while and she’s disappeared off the face of the earth and left behind 14 kittens and 3 mom cats that had apparently been living in her home. 

These kittens need homes before they’re old enough to reproduce (theyre about 8 weeks now) and my local shelter who does vouchers for stray kitten spaying/neutering doesn’t have any openings until 2 months from now which by then they’ll probably all be pregnant.

This is such a long shot but there’s not anyone on tumblr who would be willing to “adopt” a kitten or adult cat from me for free? I live in the Columbus GA area and I’d be willing to drive an hour or two out of the way to meet someone? There’s 14 kittens and 3 mom cats so if you have a specific color/gender in mind I probably have it. They’re all very friendly and socialized, they just need homes, to be spayed/neutered, and shots desperately.

If anyone could signal boost I’d appreciate it, and if anyone’s interested just let me know and I can get some photos of the kittens or the mom cats for you.

This sweet cuddle bug’s name is Snow, she is a Pitbull/Bulldog mix that is currently up for adoption in the DC/Metro Area. She came from a high-kill shelter, but was rescued by an organization called The Boxer Transfer, and is currently being fostered by my best friend and her family until she finds a home of her own.

I can tell you first hand that Snow is the sweetest girl, around 1-2 years old. She is house trained, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on her vaccinations. 

She has high levels of energy, so if someone is interested in adopting her, they should have a big back yard and be active. She loves people, especially people that play and cuddle with her. She loves to cuddle and take over beds and pretend she is a lapdog too. 

And she really wants her forever home! Here is a link to her petfinder profile anyone is interested.

(I believe you have to live someone on the East Coast in order to be eligible to adopt her, but I’m not sure- you would have to call the organization.)

anonymous asked:

How is your bunny doing?

so like when I adopted her she had a bald patch on her neck/shoulder, no itching no flakes no parasites, and the shelter was like “we think it’s stress or boredom but we’re not sure so ur gonna have to take her to a vet if you adopt her” and like… okay. The adoption fee was only $10 I can afford a vet visit. The shelter didn’t know how old she was or if she was spayed or not and the dude who did the visitation with me was like “tbh I don’t know much about rabbits”

and today she just plunked down next to me and started pulling fur out of her belly and chest

she made a nest in my dirty laundry

she’s got some hormones goin’ on, probably a false pregnancy


but anyway she’s really sweet and I STILL don’t know what I wanna name her, she’s sassy and when she wants pets she hops up to me and lays down once I start ;v;


…so many onions.

this isnt a v good picture bc she kept MOVING (she was really excited to see me usually shes very chill i think she was just bored+likes me a little) but!!!! look at this kitten that me and domino mmmmight be able to adopt B))))