spatial turn

On the spatial turn - processes of circulation

“There are no doubt many reasons to believe that the spatial turn will prove to be of lasting significance. But, in the final analysis, or so I would claim, the ‘spatial turn’ has proved to be a move of extraordinary consequence because it questions categories like ‘material’, ‘life’ and ‘intelligence’ through an emphasis on the unremitting materiality of a world where there are no pre-existing objects. Rather, all kinds of hybrids are being continually recast by processes of circulation within and between particular spaces. The world is made up of all kinds of things brought in to relation with one another by this universe of spaces through a continuous and largely involuntary process of encounter and the often violent training that the encounter forces.“

Nigel Thrift - ”Space” in Theory, Culture & Society 2006, Vol. 23: pp. 139–155.