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Who Bill Cipher is (Theory/Cracked) by Nightmarenoise & G-alaxiez

This theory has been one that @nightmarenoise and I have been trying to crack for nearly a year and after a year, we finally have some serious shit that might explain Bill’s dimension, past, and what happened.

Bill’s Origin Theory:

After a long, LONG time of discussions and brain storming and drinking to our heart’s contents could no longer take it:
We finally found something reliable that might explain who he is and his origin.

SOURCE before we begin Bill Cipher AMA April 1st, 2015 :
Do you know what spawned your existence?
The author of Flatland. Beautiful.

*Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott:

(Spoiler Bar if you actually read this book and understand, props to you.)

The story describes a two-dimensional world occupied by geometric figures, whereof women are simple line-segments, while men are polygons with various numbers of sides. The narrator is a square named A Square, a member of the caste of gentlemen and professionals, who guides the readers through some of the implications of life in two dimensions. The first half of the story goes through the practicalities of existing in a two-dimensional universe as well as a history leading up to the year 1999 on the eve of the 3rd Millennium.

On New Year’s Eve, the Square dreams about a visit to a one-dimensional world (Lineland) inhabited by “lustrous points”, in which he attempts to convince the realm’s monarch of a second dimension; but is unable to do so. In the end, the monarch of Lineland tries to kill A Square rather than tolerate his nonsense any further.

Following this vision, he is himself visited by a three-dimensional sphere named A Sphere, which he cannot comprehend until he sees Spaceland (a tridimensional world) for himself. This Sphere visits Flatland at the turn of each millennium to introduce a new apostle to the idea of a third dimension in the hopes of eventually educating the population of Flatland. From the safety of Spaceland, they are able to observe the leaders of Flatland secretly acknowledging the existence of the sphere and prescribing the silencing of anyone found preaching the truth of Spaceland and the third dimension. After this proclamation is made, many witnesses are massacred or imprisoned (according to caste), including A Square’s brother, B.

After the Square’s mind is opened to new dimensions, he tries to convince the Sphere of the theoretical possibility of the existence of a fourth (and fifth, and sixth …) spatial dimension; but the Sphere returns his student to Flatland in disgrace.

The Square then has a dream in which the Sphere visits him again, this time to introduce him to Pointland, whereof the point (sole inhabitant, monarch, and universe in one) perceives any communication as a thought originating in his own mind (cf. Solipsism):

“You see,” said my Teacher, “how little your words have done. So far as the Monarch understands them at all, he accepts them as his own – for he cannot conceive of any other except himself – and plumes himself upon the variety of Its Thought as an instance of creative Power. Let us leave this God of Pointland to the ignorant fruition of his omnipresence and omniscience: nothing that you or I can do can rescue him from his self-satisfaction.”[4]

— the Sphere
The Square recognizes the identity of the ignorance of the monarchs of Pointland and Lineland with his own (and the Sphere’s) previous ignorance of the existence of higher dimensions. Once returned to Flatland, the Square cannot convince anyone of Spaceland’s existence, especially after official decrees are announced that anyone preaching the existence of three dimensions will be imprisoned (or executed, depending on caste). Eventually the Square himself is imprisoned for just this reason, with only occasional contact with his brother who is imprisoned in the same facility. He does not manage to convince his brother, even after all they have both seen. Seven years after being imprisoned, A Square writes out the book Flatland in the form of a memoir, hoping to keep it as posterity for a future generation that can see beyond their two-dimensional existence.
Source: Wikipedia.Org

Theory Time:
Bill Cipher AMA Bill said that book came pretty close to his home dimension or along the lines of what it might be.

First, the book is rather sexist if you didn’t know;
Men are portrayed as polygons whose social status is determined by their regularity and the number of their sides, with a Circle considered the “perfect” shape. On the other hand, females consist only of lines and are required by law to sound a “peace-cry” as they walk, lest she be mistaken face-to-face for a point. The Square evinces accounts of cases where women have accidentally or deliberately stabbed men to death, as evidence of the need for separate doors for women and men in buildings.
But, that kinda plays a small role in the understandings of the dimension.

Second, if we actually go by that, Bill’s mom is a literal line. And his dad is a triangle. Chances are, Bill’s actual parents were scalenes and he was taken away from them and given to a family of equilaterals right after birth. Scalene triangles are the lowest in the food chain of Flatland and are used as soldiers.Sometimes, they have children that are more acute than them, however and in that case, the kids, being in a higher caste, so to speak, are given away to be raised by people of the same caste.

According to Wikipedia: An Equilateral Triangle is a member of the craftsman class. Squares and Pentagons are the “gentlemen” class, as doctors, lawyers, and other professions. Hexagons are the lowest rank of nobility, all the way up to (near) Circles, who make up the priest class. The higher-order Polygons have much less of a chance of producing sons, preventing Flatland from being overcrowded with noblemen.
The more angles, the higher up you are, up to the priest caste of polygons that have so many angles, they look like circles.It would explain why Bill got so pissy at someone questioning his equilterality. Because he hails from a dimension where that would be very important to him.

He’s an irregular polygon and in the book, it’s considered ‘weird’ at birth, which is why Weirdmageddon is possibly ceasing to exist.

Regular Polygons were considered in isolation until chapter seven of the book when the issue of irregularity, or physical deformity, became considered. In a two dimensional world a regular polygon can be identified by a single angle and/or vertex. In order to maintain social cohesion, irregularity is to be abhorred, with moral irregularity and criminality cited, “by some” (in the book), as inevitable additional deformities, a sentiment with which the Square concurs. If the error of deviation is above a stated amount, the irregular Polygon faces euthanasia; if below, he becomes the lowest rank of civil servant. An irregular Polygon is not destroyed at birth, but allowed to develop to see if the irregularity can be “cured” or reduced. If the deformity remains, the irregular is “painlessly and mercifully consumed

It’s possible Bill’s parents were disappointed because he was an unusual shape and was irregular and there’s a possibility if you go by the book that Bill may have had some angles removed and everything. The brutality of his dimension is rather..Ugly.