spatial drawings

“Matter, color and sound in motion are the phenomena whose simultaneous development makes up the new art.”

Lucio Fontana was born on this day in 1899. He is the father of the Italian postwar movement Spazialismo, which aimed to bring art and science together. Portrait of Antonin Artaud is on view in our 4th floor Collection Galleries. It is an “illustration” for a book by Otto Hahn, for which Fontana created punctured sheets of steel, brass, and plexiglass and kept them in a sculptural container.

[Lucio Fontana. Portrait of Antonin Artaud. 1968. Multiple of wood and enamel with one copper die-cut plate, one steel die-cut plate, two plexiglas die-cut plates and one artist’s book. Monroe Wheeler Fund. © 2017 Foundation Lucio Fontana]

Some concepts homework. Made some edits based on classmates’ feedback, but I think I can push it a bit more. 

We were supposed to draw something related somehow to a word we were given. I got “exchange”, so I started thinking about trade, movement, and cultural exchange, and consequently about our sort of fascination with/idealization of the otherness of foreign objects, foreign places.