spat is the best

Wayne boys at gala parties...


“Can we leave now?” 


“I’m warning you Grayson, I’ll stab the next person who calls me cute or dares to pinch my cheeks”


“I’m supposed to be dead for fuck’s sake why the fuck do I still have to put up with this shit!?”


***He’s trying his best to not spat at anyone***


“No complaining, If Alfred forced me to stay then you sure as hell are staying as well”
Mystery Work
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
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Relationships: Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson
Characters: Klaus Mikaelson, Caroline Forbes, Katherine Pierce, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson

Klaus let’s his emotions get the best of him, causing a spat between him and Caroline. Rebekah, Katherine, and Kol, lend a hand. Human AU, set in a Boarding School. Angst.

Silent Treatment - Stiles Stilinski


Y/N sat on her boyfriend Stiles’ bed. She was still as she heard Stiles yell down at her. He was hovering over her, yelling because apparently she has been texting half the boys on the lacrosse team. Obviously Y/N would never do that, causing her to wonder why Stiles would think of such a thing.

“Who else am I missing? Huh? Besides me, your boyfriend!” He spat, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. “What about Scott? My best friend! Have you been texting him too?”

“Stiles!” Y/N cried. “How could you think that? Do you really think I’d do that?” She asked, her voice cracking slightly. Stiles’ eyes softened at the sight of her crying, but he still had his doubts.

“I don’t really know what to believe anymore Y/N.” He hissed. Y/N looked down, biting her lip. She couldn’t let Stiles treat her this way when she had done absolutely nothing wrong.

“Why are you so damn paranoid? If you really think I would text all those boys, why don’t you ask them Stiles? Tell me why you’re making up these accusations for no reason?” She screamed.

“I have my reasons Y/N.” Stiles said simply.

“Like what?” Y/N laughed sarcastically. “Come on Stiles, keep yelling at your girlfriend like a real man!”

“Y/N-” Stiles started, beginning to regret his awful words. “I-”

“Don’t even Stiles, don’t tell me you’re sorry. Don’t tell me you love me and you were stupid to ever think I was cheating on you. Don’t plead for my forgiveness because you won’t get it. Not this time Stiles.” Y/N choked down her sob.

“Don’t do this Y/N!” Stiles begged. Y/N didn’t say anything, she quickly gathered her stuff and headed for the door. “Don’t leave.” Stiles said, grabbing her hand. Y/N pulled away from his grip and left his house.

The next day at school was quite eventful. In history, Stiles kept trying to get Y/N’s attention. He would call her name, clear his throat, or even attempt to answer the questions on the board, just to walk past Y/N. She refused to pay any attention to him, everything he had said the night before kept echoing in her head when she tried to sleep.

Stiles pulled out his phone and sent Y/N a text. Her phone lit up with a notification. she checked it quickly, before rolling her eyes and shoving it back into her pocket. Never had Y/N ignored a text, even in class. She felt it was always mandatory to text back, but not this time, making Stiles’ heart drop, he knew now how much he had screwed up.


After the bell had rang, everyone piled out of the class. Stiles walked glumly to his locker, which happened to be across from Y/N’s. He heard her laughing with her best friend Lydia. He wanted her to come over like usual and spark an interesting conversation about absolutely nothing. Sighing, Stiles walked over to the girls and smiled nervously. Y/N’s face fell once she noticed his presence.

“Y/N please, can we talk?” Stiles pleaded. Y/N didn’t answer.

“She’s not talking to you Stiles.” Lydia piped in. “Like ever again.” She added.

“Fully understandable.” Stiles nodded. “Um, you still need a ride home though. Lydia lives on the other side of town so-”

“I’ll drive her.” Lydia cut him off.

“Oh um yeah, okay. Have a good night.” He looked down, walking back across to his locker.

“Stiles wait.” Y/N gave in. “I don’t want Lydia to drive longer than she has to.” She said. Sure, that was part of the reason, but she also really wanted to talk to Stiles.

“Yeah, of course.” Stiles smiled lightly. They walked quietly to Stiles’ jeep. Once they were in, Stiles started to talk. “Y/N, you don’t know how sorry I am. I don’t know why I thought you were cheating on me. I guess it’s just weird that someone like you is dating someone like me.” Stiles mumbled, starting the car.

“Stiles, I love you. I’ll always love you no matter what. It just sucked to know that you thought I would do that to you.” Y/N grabbed his hand.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” He told her. Y/N smiled.

“I love you Stiles.” She cooed.

“I love you Y/N.”   

“What if you step out to deliver your coronation speech and are met with a thousand citizens calling you a tyrant?”

“Then I will be tyrannical.”

Adriana refused to let her eyes leave the gaze of the queen. “You won’t kill me. If you do, my guard will retaliate without a second thought.”

Marchesa shrugged and returned to applying rings. “Unfortunately, your deduction is correct. It is in my best interest to allow you to live,” she said, her eyes shifting up. “It is in your best interest to stay in line.”

Adriana spat in the Queen’s face.

This time, the spit hit its target.

The Black Rose, for once in her life, did not see it coming. She sat in stunned horror, a shaking hand wiping saliva from her eye as Adriana grabbed the new armor from the chest and left.

The Sun - 7 May 2015

IT’S not only ZAYN MALIK who’s cheesed off with LOUIS TOMLINSON.

I’ve learned ONE DIRECTION heart-throb HARRY STYLES has been giving his bandmate the cold shoulder over his recent behaviour, including his Twitter spat with Zayn’s best pal NAUGHTY BOY, which Harry believes has damaged the band.

Harry and Louis were once best friends and they even lived together when they first moved to London.

But relations have become strained in recent months, with Harry not enjoying some of Lou’s more controversial antics.

My 1D source revealed: “Harry is very aware of 1D’s reputation and doesn’t like getting into any public scrapes, especially with other members of the band.

“It’s fair to say his relationship with Louis has been strained for some time and the last couple of weeks hasn’t helped matters.”

But a band insider insisted: “Harry and Louis are working together in the studio in Los Angeles on 1D’s next album. They’re fine.”

On Wednesday evening Zayn intervened in a growing Twitter spat between Louis and super producer Naughty Boy, aka SHAHID KHAN.

He wrote: “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”

As ever, the role of peacemaker was left to NIALL HORAN.

He was quizzed about Zayn’s departure during the filming of ITV sports panel show Play to the Whistle, screened tomorrow.

Asked by host HOLLY WILLOUGHBY how the band are getting on as a four-piece, Niall said: “It’s been good. We’re in the studio writing for the next album.”

He also commented for the first time on his embarrassing slip while caddying for golf ace RORY McILROYat the Masters last month, saying: “I did eight really good holes than just f***ed it up.”

Meanwhile, NOEL GALLAGHER has continued spouting off about 1D during a US press tour, this time ribbing Harry for driving his own car to a party.

He said: “He drove a f***ing car and he was like ‘I am not drinking I am driving’. F***ing idiot.

“What do you mean you’re driving? What are you driving for? Have you not got a chauffeur?”

Noel also teased LIAM PAYNE for saying the band’s new material sounds like his old band OASIS.

He said: “I cannot wait to hear what they might think Oasis-y means.”

But he was taken down a peg by his brother LIAM GALLAGHER, who tweeted: “Hey NG leave those 1D kids alone … ”

BTW BFF // CrabPie

Felix was starting to feel more and more stressed between the spats with Shane, and lack of help, and the best man just being Unreachable all the time! Fanny only helped so much from across the world. He started feeling lonely again. His pulse started to race in anxiety and blood pressure rising. He had to kick this. He did have one extended invite stopped with “any time” and “I’m never busy”.
With good timing of entering as someone left, Felix went right into Chris’s prat and up to his room, knocking but also walking in. “I have some free time, wanna hang? Great! I gotta get some shit off my chest. Okay first of fucking all! Who would hire a fucking band to play at a reception? Like et limits your music!”

The Old Base

Zaffre awoke with a loud, probably unnecessary groan. His entire body hurt, and he had absolutely no idea why. It felt like there was a throbbing, cramping, pain in his gut. It felt like a bad leg cramp, like what he got after exercising without stretching, when he was a kid. But worse. 

He groaned and rolled over, towards Nikita, and pulled her in for a cuddle.

“Niiiiki!” He complained, and hugged her tighter, “Wake up. I’m dying… pay attention to me!”

They had set up camp somewhere nearby the Secret Base, off in a small clearing in the woods nearby. They had set up their tents, and prepared a small campfire and everything. 

Last night, after their spat, they decided the best course of action was to text the number back, and ask Pasha’s kidnappers where too meet. If possible, it would be nice to try and find out where they were keeping Pasha, and even better if they can set up a ‘meeting’ to exchange her for the Jirachi Twins, which of course, they didn’t intend to do… but if the enemy thought they were going to make the trade, they would bring Pasha. 

Either way, they were stuck waiting until they got a message back. 

It became painfully apparent that everyone inside the base had heard their little spat, so Zaffre had kept to himself. He avoided Nilos and Take more than the girls, and therefore, wasn’t much help in setting up the camp. 

Eventually, Nikita sent him back to Mauville to inform Zol about the situation, and he ended up bringing Aura back with him. The baby Jirachi refused to stay behind, and threw a temper tantrum when her Dad tried to leave her, so in the end, Zaffre agreed, as long as she promised to ride in a Pokeball when things got dangerous. 

Kai was a different story though. He wanted to bring his baby with him more than anything, and Kai started screaming when he tried to leave him behind… but the youngest kid was different than Aura or Koma. He can’t just go inside a Pokeball when things got dangerous… So, he ended up just refueling the Life Stone Thing, and left Zol with a screaming infant.