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His Demons//Stiles Stilinski

(A/N): It can be so hard to notice when other keep their feelings locked away. Reader learns that their loving boyfriend might not be as unbreakable as he seems.


Insecurities. We all have them, but some of us are just better at hiding them. Stiles, the spastic, sarcastic, adorable human that you’ve come to love, was a perfect example of this. He always seemed to keep a level head even when everything seemed to be going wrong. Sure, there was the occasional slip-up, but that’s to be expected when you’re constantly being threatened by the supernatural world. Even when things looked rough, it always seemed like he had a backup plan or something make things better. He was someone that you could rely on for anything and everything. Someone who had everything figured out. Of course, you can’t always see what’s happening behind closed doors.

You made an awful habit of dropping by the Stilinski residence more often than not. So, it wasn’t unusual for you to show up without any warning or even a knock, which was something you probably need to start working on. You carelessly walk up the stairs, not bothering to make your entrance known quite yet. A familiar muffled voice came from the depths of Stiles’ room, causing a smile to curl at your lips.  

“How does Scott even flex like that?” you hear a strained voice say from within the room. Your smile vanished as you looked through the small crack, watching Stiles fumble with himself in front of the mirror. His hair is wild, looking as if he had been pulling at it for hours, and his disheveled clothing hung loosely around his body.

“I should start lifting,” he mumbles softly, poking at his undefined muscles. You peak further through the cracked door as he pulls at his cheeks, making them jiggle. Your heart ached from your silent observations. How could someone so incredibly amazing be so hard on themselves?

“Its be a miracle if I could even find a jawline under all this,” he speaks, his voice muffled by his odd gestures. “Isaac doesn’t even have to try.”

Your stomach dropped to your feet. How could you not notice this before? You had not realised how much pressure had been placed on Stiles to keep up with his supernatural hottie friends. Behind all those sarcastic comebacks and cocky jokes was just a boy trying to make it day-by-day with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

“You’re beautiful,” you murmur happily, pushing the door open the rest of the way. As it creaked, Stiles spun around, nearly tripping from the intense speed.  

“(Y/N)? How have you been standing there?” he exclaims, jumping from the mirror. His flushed cheeks darkened as he whipped his sleeve along his nose.

“You’re beautiful,” you repeat, taking a few steps towards him.

“No. No, I’m not,” he chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck gingerly.

“Stiles Stilinski, you are the most amazing human being I have ever met,” you announce proudly, wrapping your arms around his waist to rest your head upon his shoulder. You look at the reflection in the mirror as he rolls his eyes, huffing dramatically.

“(Y/N),” he sighs, turning around to face you. “You’re just–”

“And before you say that I’m just saying this… Well, I’m not. I love you. Not Scott’s arms or Isaac’s jawline, you. And I hope you can love yourself too,” you murmur softly, looking into his bloodshot eyes. His lips trembled as they formed into a sad smile. Before you could say another word, you were pulled into his warm arms.

“I love you so much, (Y/N),” he whispers into you hair, his voice cracking as he squeezes you tightly.  


I just want to remind you all that you are incredible, beautiful beings! I know it can be tough and seemingly near impossible some of the time, but stay strong. You can do it, I believe in you :)

Also more one shots will be up shortly, so stay tuned.


Maybe In A Different Universe| Stiles Stilinski Imagine

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Hii! So this is my very first imagine, like ever, and I really hope it doesn’t totally blow. I apologize if it has some errors, it wasn’t really proofread for mistakes. Also, requests are open, so feel free to ask anything or just talk to me! Any ways, I hope you all enjoy and have an amazing rest of your day/night :)

Warning/Triggers; Contains swearing, and a couple (verbally) fighting. If there are other triggers, please let me know, and I’ll also list it as well. 

You were in love with Stiles Stilisnki. God, were you in love with that boy. The hyperactive, overly sarcastic, spastic boy that sometimes could be a little overbearing and a complete asshole. So much so, that even when the boy just wouldn’t keep his mouth shut and constantly brought up a subject he knew would cause an unnecessary argument, you didn’t blow up or add to the mess.   

It was amazing, really, how Stiles could continuously bicker with you about something that didn’t even make any sense. Well, maybe it did to him, but not to you. Never to you. And no matter how many times he would bring it up, he couldn’t change your aspect on the situation. But yet here you were again, like many times before that week and the week before and so forth, being scolded at like you were some five year old that colored all over the wall.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stay back, (y/n)? How many times?”, Stiles had yelled at you degradingly from across the room. His eyebrows were furrowed, and if looks could kill? Heck, you’d be dead and buried in less than half a second.

You kept quiet, already knowing full well that before you could even begin to get a single word in, Stiles would have already started a new rant. 

It’s not like you wanted to be fighting with him, quite frankly you’d rather be doing anything but. But apparently the heavens were against you today, just like all the other days Stiles decided to act like a prick.

“Don’t you understand english? I mean, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say it in Spanish. Don’t you realize that you’re just human and that you’re not capable of protecting yourself? Gosh (y/n), sometimes I swear you’re actually stupid,” Stiles practically growled. If anyone didn’t know any better they’d probably think he was the werewolf and Scott was the lanky human. 

You knew Stiles could be a grade A douche sometimes, but as you processed his words, it felt like a ton of bricks had been dropped onto your chest. Did he basically just call you useless? You were just trying to help, after all.

 I mean, sure you were human, and sure you weren’t as strong and swift as Allison or as good with a sword as Kira was, or as fierce and brave as Malia, but you didn’t think you were completely useless. And you most certainly weren’t stupid, you were just as smart as Lydia, if not more. 

Usually you would have kept quiet, and let Stiles be. I mean, the boy had such a stressful life, and lots on his plate. But speaking to you like that was unacceptable. You had problems too, and believe it or not-words do actually hurt. Especially coming from the person you’re in love with.

 So you did something you normally never did… You fired back.

“Excuse me, remind me again who you think you’re speaking to? Do I look like a child to you, Stiles? You are not my father and you certainly do not get to put me down like that. I didn’t realize I was so utterly useless! You know, maybe if you weren’t such a fucking asshole more than half the time, I would actually consider listening to you!”, You practically spat, with such a venom that Stiles had almost been stunned to silence. 

But Stiles never knew when to keep his mouth shut, and it was as if everything that came out of his mouth was bullets and he could only make the wound worse

I’m an asshole?”, He laughed dryly and ridiculously, as if it never occured to him that the words that came out of his mouth were hurtful and downright ignorant. 

“Funny coming from the liability case, huh? You never seem to realize how much trouble you put us in, not everything is about you! If you haven’t noticed already, which I guess is normal for you, you cause us more harm than good! Maybe I wouldn’t be such an ass if you would open your eyes and realize we would be much better off without you!”, Stiles screamed, steam practically pooling out of his ears. You swore you were seeing the devil standing before you, not Stiles. This was not your Stiles

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