Jason and Spencer 6b

In the time jump all I want is a Spoby wedding and Jason comes in and sees Spencer and gets all big brother on her on her wedding day and is all proud of her and tells her she looks beautiful and warns Toby not to hurt her and to be honest him giving her away would be the icing on the cake but I’m not gonna be greedy and then if they have children for Jason to just be all happy and proud and have some serious sibling bonding moments with Spencer is that too much to ask

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Spence has a dangerous plan to catch --A, once and for all but toby's protective instincts kick in and he doesnt think its a good idea so he goes with her. Toby and spencer together on a 'mission'

A/N: So, I’m trying really hard to write this from a perspective that won’t interfere too much with my Season 4 story that I started writing.  I really don’t want to crossover into that territory and ruin the course of that plot for myself.  So this is sort of an AU of the end of 3B, but it will still accomplish what the prompt asks for.  It is going to be a two-shot or a three-shot or something.  I’m not entirely sure yet.  But I needed to lay some AU groundwork before I could begin.  This first part starts off with Spason sibling stuff, but there will be Spoby later.

I also feel the need to disclaim that I am TERRIBLE at mystery type plot lines.  So hopefully I’ll be able to manage this to some degree.

* * * 

Jason DiLaurentis had never been very good at playing the role of the older brother.  He’d teased Alison mercilessly throughout the entire course of their childhood and her short-lived teenage years, unable – or perhaps just unwilling – to truly appreciate the concept of family and its subsequent meaning of looking out for one another.

If only he had paid more heed to the sort of trouble she was getting into.  If he had opened his goddamn blood-shot stoner eyes for two seconds, perhaps he would have seen a silent cry for help.

Instead he pushed her and taunted her just as badly as whoever had chosen to ultimately end her life.

But he had something of a clean slate when it came to Spencer.  Though he had only known about their true relation for a short time, he had found himself unwittingly clinging to the only family that was viably in his reach.  His parents were off doing God-knows-what.  He rarely spoke to them these days, and had positively no idea what they were doing or even what country they were in.  Not that it mattered much, anyway.  They hadn’t had a true, authentic conversation since Ali’s disappearance.  Every exchange was superficially succinct, and oftentimes was more painful than simply ignoring one another.

But Spencer was here, in Rosewood.  She had grown up over the years and somehow branched away from the family tree, denouncing most of the qualities that made a Hastings a Hastings.  She’d been one of the only people to bother reaching out to him when he needed it most, and it was his turn to repay the favor.

So when Emily had tipped him off in a text that Spencer had just finished spending the better part of the past two weeks in Radley Sanatorium on a volunteer basis, he did not even think twice.  He had packed his bags with what little he had to fill them, and his own safety be damned, had immediately hopped on 476 North to return to the tiny town with which he had developed the notoriously intense love-hate relationship.


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