things i need:

- more smart hanna

- more of mona!

- more of mona and aria

- more of mona and spencer

- more mike and mona and mona and her mom

- more of spencer and caleb working together

- more of the girls questioning alison 

- more of ezra/ caleb/ toby/ and ali working together

- more of sleuthing ezria

- alison revealing more things, b/c lets be honest she knows more than she lets on

- more spalison

- more spencer and jason

- more jason and alison

- more of the girls questioning sara



Jason and Spencer 6b

In the time jump all I want is a Spoby wedding and Jason comes in and sees Spencer and gets all big brother on her on her wedding day and is all proud of her and tells her she looks beautiful and warns Toby not to hurt her and to be honest him giving her away would be the icing on the cake but I’m not gonna be greedy and then if they have children for Jason to just be all happy and proud and have some serious sibling bonding moments with Spencer is that too much to ask