I could honestly read stories about the same cute idiots falling in love in 1000 different universes, 1000 different scenarios, 1000 different times, 1000 different ways and never get tired of it.

#NationalGirlfriendDay (ft. soft gays)

Clarke & Lexa - The 100

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Kelly & Yorkie - Black Mirror (San Junipero)

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Root & Shaw - Person of Intrest

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Alex & Maggie - Supergirl

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Waverly & Nicole - Wynonna Earp

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Dee & Rachel - Couple-ish

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Carmilla & Laura - Carmilla

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Camille & Amanda - Stitchers

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Dorothy & Connie - All For One

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Alex & Piper - Orange Is The New Black

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Cosima & Delphine - Orphan Black

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Nomi & Amanita - Sense8

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Cal & Dee - Couple-ish

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Spencer & Ashley - South of Nowhere

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Bill & Heather - Doctor Who

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Willow & Tara - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Zoë & Rasha - Degrassi: Next Class

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I used to do this thing when I would find myself so far gone into a ship that it was probably unhealthy so I would basically decide that I will read every piece of fanfic that exists and look at every piece of fanart and rewatch every scene 29384792019 times

When i say EVERY i fucking mean it

But its cool everyone does that


I just wanna say I’m really fucking grateful to the tumblr w/w community for making me feel normal. 

I used to think I was the only one who would watch w/w compilation videos on youtube for hours from shows I didn’t even watch. 

I thought I was so freaking weird for wanting to just spend my time watching shows with w/w couples in them to escape all the heteronormativity around me. 

Thank you for making me feel less alone. 

Shout out to the special people who put together supercuts and playlists of wlw ship scenes. Yall really out here doing God’s work

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