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2.14 Spas & Spices

2.15 Solos & Stray Kitties

2.16 Boy Songs & Badges

2.17 Tracks & Troubles

2.18 Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

2.19 Tunes & Trials

2.20 Future Sounds & Festival Songs

2.21 Sports & Sprains

2.22 Beach Bums & Bling

2.23 Family & Feuds

2.24 Moon Week & Mentors

2.25 Real Life & Reel Life

2.26 Fresh Starts & Farewells

Season 3

3.1 Road Trips & Reunions

3.2 What Ifs & Where’s Austin

3.3 Presidents & Problems

3.4 Beach Clubs & BFFs

3.5 Mix Ups & Mistletoes

3.6 Glee Clubs & Glory

3.7 Austin & Alias

3.8 Princesses & Prizes

3.9 Cupids & Cuties

3.10 Critics & Confidence

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Spoilers (Again)

Are you serious guys? Posting episodes before they even air on, on demand?! This is a new low. Whoever posted those clips…please stop. They posted some of the most important parts of the episodes. I mean, seriously everyone? I’m sorry for the rant, but I get a little upset when important episodes, or any episodes in general, get ruined for everyone else.

Auslly Oneshot: Trip to Grandmas

So how did the conversation between Ally’s grandma and Austin go? Set during Spas and Spices.


Austin Moon was so excited when he found out he was going to Ally”s grandma’s house. She was a sweet old lady, but he mainly went for the cookies, and to earn more of Ally’s trust.

Grandma Dawson’s house was not far where Austin lived, only about 20 minutes. She lived in a gated neighborhood, but since Austin visited many times with Ally, the gatekeeper lets him go through without questioning him.

Austin eagerly stood at the familiar mahogany door, waiting for the the old lady. And after two minutes and three “Im coming!“, she finally answered the door.

Grandma Dawson was ecstatic when she saw Austin visiting and let him inside the two story house. Grandma Dawson led him into the kitchen where Austin smelled the delicious aroma of her famous cookies. The old lady excused herself to go get the necklace from her room, while Austin sneaked a few fresh cookies from the oven.

"Here you go Austin, please do take good care of it.”

“Of course Mrs.Dawson.”, Austin said as he carefully took the small brown box from her.

“ So Austin, tell me how the whole singing career is going?”, Grandma Dawson said as she passed a plate of soft fresh cookies to him.

“Completely awesome! Everything has been amazing.”

“Oh im so proud! So hows Ally been doing?I haven’t seen her in the longest time!”

“Its only been two weeks.”

“Well that’s a very long time for somebody my age Austin.”

“I suppose. Anyway, Allys been fine. She has her magazine shoot today. She’s starting up her career soon, and im going to support her through the whole time!.”

Grandma Dawson smiled and replied,“Oh that’s wonderful! I forgot that was today. And its wonderful how Ally has a boyfriend to support her.”

Austin almost choked the cookie he was eating and questioned her “What?“

"I always knew you guys were together. The first day she met you she called me and complained about how two weirdos were causing a mess in the store.”

“And you think me and Ally were together just from that phone call?” Austin questioned.

“Well, yes. She described your friend as a multi-colored wearing guy and you in so much more detail. So I had a feeling.”

“Well me and Ally aren’t together.”

“And why not?”

Austin moon had that question floating around his head. Since him and Ally broke up a few weeks ago, he only had two reasons. One, it was awkward. And two, it would ruin their friendship. But other than that, it was no problem. So Austin just gave her a stupid reason.

“We just dont feel that way about each other.”

“ Well that’s a fake answer obviously. You see, Ally doesn’t give people a second chance often. It’s kinda rare. When somebody does something wrong, she always thinks them as that person. Im surprised she gave a you a second chance, after the way you guys got off the wrong foot. I can’t blame her really, I was the same way when I was younger. Actually me and my husband, Phil, got off the wrong foot in the beginning.”

Austin was surely surprised but he never knew he was one of the rare people Ally gave a second chance to.

“Many, many years ago I was preparing an apple pie for a county state fair contest. I had my apple pie cooling off the windowsill the afternoon before, but it was soon ruined when Phil’s dog ran out of it’s collar and ate the pie. Phil apologized but I was so furious that I couldn’t accept it. But he refused to give up and stayed up all night with me to bake a new pie. I surely was surprised and developed a little crush after we won.”

Austin was surprised how similiar her story and his and Ally’s story was.

“But after that, how did you and Phil start a relationship?”

“It was very awkward at first, but we got used to it.”

“Other than that, wasn’t it scary? I mean, you guys could’ve ruined your friendship”

“Oh of course.That was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to go further, but most great things start or become scary. But the outcome is wonderful.”

Austin thought to himself the words she just said. He started imagining a longer relationship with Ally. He had a big grin planted on his face, but a clock brought him out of his thoughts.

Its been almost an hour, and surely Ally would be out of the spa by now. It was time to say goodbye.Grandma Dawson led him out the door and they say their goodbyes.

“Oh by the way Austin, please take good care of Ally.”

Austin smiled to himself and said “Don’t worry, I will" before walking out the down and going back to the mall.

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