‘Unprecedented’ for kidnapper to return boy, expert says
As the days of Kienan Hebert’s abduction wore on, Canadians braced themselves for the worst — that the three-year-old’s ordeal at the hands of his kidnapper had ended tragically.

The happy news early Sunday that the abductor, believed to be a sex offender, had apparently returned the boy unharmed to his home in Sparwood, B.C., surprised even the experts, with one prominent U.S. advocate for missing children saying he cannot remember a similar outcome in the past.

While the majority of child sex offenders do actually release their victims alive, it is unheard of for a culprit with clearly serious criminal intentions to go to such lengths to ensure a child’s safe return, said Ernie Allen, president of the Virginia-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“For an abductor to take a child in this manner — to penetrate the home, to come into the home, to take the child — and then return the child back to the home is in many ways unprecedented,” he said. “We’ve worked thousands of these cases and I don’t remember one like it.”

Photo: Kienan Hebert tosses a frisbee with his father Paul Hebert in Sparwood, British Columbia, Sept. 11, 2011. (Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald)
Amber Alert issued for 3 year old Kienan Hebert

Elk Valley RCMP have issued an AMBER ALERT in its efforts to locate 3 year old Kienan Hebert of Sparwood BC, reported missing from the family home this morning, Wednesday September 7, 2011.

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Kienan Hebert is described as:
Age: 3 years old
Hair: red
Race: Caucasian
Descriptors: He was last seen wearing a blue pair of “Scooby Doo” boxer shorts

Police are also looking for Randall Peter Hopley

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Age: 46
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Race: Caucasian
Descriptors: He has a birthmark along his hairline